Chapter 17 – The one wearing a bracelet is my, Qi Yun’s person.

Chapter 17 – The one wearing a bracelet is my, Qi Yun’s person.


It turns out that Qi Yun was still the same Qi Yun. The servant who came in for cleaning moved the chair a bit harshly. The sound made Qi Yun open his eyes and coldly told them to get out. The servant crawled out with the mop. If it was still the original person who could sit up, if he recovered, then will the person that has offended him still have anything good left in their life?


Xing Zhongwan held his head, it was all an illusion. What little hedgehog with its thorns removed? He was simply a sleeping tiger, and with a roar, it can scare people away.


Xing Zhongwan called and got through to the number that Qi Yun gave him. The other person quickly replied and agreed on a meeting time. There were no extra words exchanged.


At the same time, Xing Zhongwan received a text message from Cheng Zhengzhe that it has been done, and someone will come over with Xue Qing.


Xing Zhongwan covered his forehead, why would Xue Qing come over to make trouble? He didn’t need to think to know that this dominatrix was coming here to watch a comedy! Xing Zhongwan burst into flames and took out the card in his pocket. You asked me to use this, Qi Yun, and I’ll have it maxed out in minutes.


Angry, he drove out in a hurry and went out for a long time not knowing how to use it. In the end. He went to the bank. Qi Yun, you were so bold. I want to see how much money there is. Xing Zhongwan went to the bank and was invited into the VIP lounge as soon as he took out the card. The receptionist did not have low-level aesthetics and Xing Zhongwan blew a whistle. I really can’t underestimate you, Qi Yun. He threw the card over, “How much is in it?”


The reception manager took it cautiously, “Wait a minute.” After a while, the reception manager came out from the inside, “Excuse me, sir, I don’t have the clearance. Please wait a moment.”


With a lollipop in his mouth, Xing Zhongwan raised his hand and glanced at the watch. Five minutes later, a man in a straight suit walked up hurriedly, “How would you like to be addressed sir?”


Xing Zhongwan said lightly, “Xing. “


The man was taken aback. He then invited Xing Zhongwan to go upstairs politely. Xing Zhongwan threw the stick in his hand into the ashtray nearby, “No need, return the card to me and I will go.” After leaving, the man hurriedly stopped and laughed, “You have misunderstood.” He then reported the amount. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but laugh. Qi Yun, is this fvcking pocket money? You aren’t giving me all your old account books, are you? But thinking about the stack of cards in the safe, Xing Zhongwan thought, if he was a woman, would this be considered as being provided for?


Taking the card in the man’s hand, Xing Zhongwan left without looking back. The man lifted his glasses on the bridge of his nose. His calm composure was gone and his face was full of disbelief. The manager on one side asked carefully, “Deputy, what is this person’s background?  That card…”


“You shut up! You better keep your lips tightly sealed about today’s affairs!” 


The man looked at the car taking off at the entrance at full speed. He couldn’t help but rub his eyebrows. Was this supposed to be the young madam in the future? He didn’t see it wrong? It was a man!?


Xing Zhongwan sat at the table and ate with many pauses in between. His eyes were still not at ease, watching Qi Yun slowly move the food with his chopsticks, though it was much better than yesterday.


“Did you go check up that bank card?” Qi Yun suddenly talked about the card and Xing Zhongwan almost choked on the food in his mouth.


“Did you grow your eyes on my body?” He felt like something was wrong after he said it.


“Even if they did grow on you, I still can’t see. I think, following your attitude, you will definitely go to the bank.” Qi Yun didn’t care at all, he put the food in his mouth gracefully.


His voice was much better than before. It was not so hoarse and was gradually recovering. His original voice was not that crisp and a little baritone.


“Why did you give me so much money? Aren’t you afraid that I will run away with it?”


Xing Zhongwan poked the vegetables in front of him. The feeling of being stuffed with a lot of money without any reason was really amazing.


Qi Yun put down his chopsticks and turned his head to Xing Zhongwan, “The money is not mine. My grandma left it for her future grandson and daughter-in-law.”


Ptui- Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but spit out the rice in his mouth. The corners of Qi Yun’s eyebrows twitched and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up.


“It couldn’t possibly be that this little bit of money scared you? When you officially marry me, you can take over the rest of the inheritance left by my grandma.”


Xing Zhongwan took a serviette on one side and wiped his face. He really wanted to fvcking cry without tears. Do you think Lao Tzu has no money? I was shocked about the grandson and daughter-in-law part. Dear god, when will this come to an end?


Qi Yun, this can’t go on. I have to find a way to let you know that I am a man, and when you notice this yourself, it will have nothing to do with me.




Xing Zhongwan deliberately rubbed his chest against his back when supporting Qi Yun to the bathroom.


Qi Yun: Did the Xing family treat you badly when you were a kid? Your upbringing doesn’t seem to be very good, but I don’t mind.


Xing Zhongwan: …


Xing Zhongwan read the news to Qi Yun, using his own original voice, even deliberately deepening it a little bit.


Qi Yun: Is your throat uncomfortable today? Let the doctor come over and have a look, your voice as a girl is already pretty deep, don’t delay any longer…


Xing Zhongwan: …


Xing Zhongwan went to see the gym and when he came back, he asked Qi Yun to touch his muscles on his arms.


Qi Yun: Physical exercise is a good thing, but girls don’t need to train their muscles too much. It’s cuter if they are soft.


Xing Zhongwan was about to vomit blood…


After the shower, Xing Zhongwan stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at himself. Where did Lao Tzu resemble a woman? Did I have to show my bird in front of Qi Yun to prove that I am a man?


He felt really depressed, and Xing Zhongwan threw the towel in his hand towards the sink annoyedly, accidentally bumping the shower gel above. Several bottles fell down with a loud sound.


After a while, Qi Yun’s voice came from outside. “Wanwan, what’s wrong?”


Xing Zhongwan was annoyed. Suddenly there was a muffled noise. Xing Zhongwan hurriedly opened the door and rushed out. Half of Qi Yun’s body fell out of bed. Xing Zhongwan quickly helped him up, “Just don’t give me any more trouble, will you?”


When he lowered his head, he found that Qi Yun’s neck was red again as his arm was around his shoulder. Xing Zhongwan realized that he was not wearing any clothes.


“Although I can’t see it, it’s not good for you as a girl to be seen without clothes.”


The hand on the shoulder slowly retracted and Qi Yun turned his head awkwardly.


Xing Zhongwan: …


He doesn’t want to live this kind of life anymore…


At night, Xing Zhongwan tossed and turned but couldn’t fall asleep. Things went in a very strange direction and he couldn’t stop the car. Qi Yun believed that he was a woman, and he didn’t know how his brain assumed that. Was there a woman’s voice like his’? Was his body too stiff? How could Qi Yun’s mind not process it?


Actually, Qi Yun was not to blame. Everyone in the house called him Miss Xing.


Moreover, the Xing family wanted to reap some benefit from Qi Yun and would never send a man over. A daughter from the Xing family would be the best choice.


There was nothing wrong with Qi Yun’s assumption. The fault lies in the group of people in this house who kept speaking nonsense with their eyes open, and Xing Zhengping’s twisted ideas.


“Can’t sleep?” Qi Yun’s voice suddenly sounded. Xing Zhongwan replied with an ‘en’.


“You speak with a southern accent. Did you grow up in the south?”


Xing Zhongwan readjusted his head on the pillow. “My mother is from the south, and so is my grandfather. I didn’t tell you before but I grew up with him and he liked to teach me the southern dialect. I don’t like the way your people here speak in a serious tone.”


Qi Yun replied. “Very good, it sounds soft, like the spring rain in the south of the Yangtze River.”


“Have you ever been there?” Some curiosity was sparked up in Xing Zhongwan.


“When I was young, I lived with grandma in Jiangnan for a while. It was a wonderful period of time. Grandma took me to the theater. Although I didn’t understand it, I liked the melodies.”


Qi Yun’s voice was less hostile at night and Xing Zhongwan nodded, “I haven’t listened to it for a long time but I can still sing it. I will sing for you. “


Xing Zhongwan sat up and hummed a bit, “I haven’t sung for a long time. You’re not allowed to laugh if I don’t sing it well. “


Xing Zhongwan sang《The West Chamber》.

    The horseshoe left prints in the frosty street,


    He came back to relieve the expectations placed upon him,


    The official returned to bring honor to his wife.




After he finished singing, Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but smile.”I haven’t sang for a long time, I couldn’t remember the lyrics. If my grandfather heard this, he would beat me with a stick.” Thinking of his grandfather, Xing Zhongwan’s chest felt a little sour.


A hand touched Xing Zhongwan’s shoulder. It moved to his head and gently rubbed it. Xing Zhongwan was startled. “Aiyah, you don’t have to comfort me, I’m not a kid. “


“You’re very good, and you can sing very well. “


Xing Zhongwan turned his head and the dim light hit Qi Yun’s face. Qi Yun has eaten normally these days so he has some meat on his face, which looks more pleasing to the eyes.


“Go open the safe now, there is a red box. Bring it to me. “


Xing Zhongwan wondered what was in the safe that needed to be opened in the middle of the night?


“Leave it until tomorrow if there’s no rush.”


“Wanwan, be good and go get it.” Qi Yun’s words successfully gave Xing Zhongwan goosebumps.


Qi Yun, you are really not suited for saying such things.


He took the box out and handed it to Qi Yun. Qi Yun felt around before opening the box and took out a bracelet from the inside.


“Extend your left hand.”


Xing Zhongwan stretched out his hand and saw Qi Yun unfasten the concealed clasp on the bracelet. The bracelet opened up and Qi Yun’s warm hand felt up Xing Zhongwan’s wrist before putting it on his hand. He then closed the concealed buckle. It was a little tight, but it could be worn.


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t figure out why Qi Yun did this. He raised his hand and found that the bracelet was inlaid with gold and jade. The jade inside was shining with dim light, and the jade inlaid with gold on the outside was wrapped in emerald green. The workmanship was very exquisite. It seemed to be a carving of a phoenix.


“This. Is this a gift for me?”


Xing Zhongwan was confused.


Qi Yun nodded, “This is what my grandmother left for her granddaughter-in-law.”


Xing Zhongwan suddenly raised his head. He pulled on the bracelet on his hand for a long time but couldn’t get it to open.


“It can’t be pulled open. This bracelet has a hidden clasp. The workmanship is very exquisite and only I know how to open it.”


Brother, what are you trying to do?


Qi Yun held Xing Zhongwan’s hand. “The one wearing a bracelet is my… Is Qi Yun’s person.”


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