Chapter 15 – Sleep well, my darling


Xing Zhongwan, who had reddened eyes, vomited in the bathroom. He then turned on the faucet and washed his face when his stomach felt better. After drinking all that alcohol without eating dinner and being so flustered by Qi Yun, he couldn’t help but throw up after taking a bite out of the sour plum.


When Xing Zhongwan came out of the bathroom, he saw Qi Yun lying flatly on the bed and didn’t know what to think. However, he already knew at first glance that the other was sulking. Xing Zhongwan tutted. I’m not even angry, but instead, you’re the one that’s angry. After so many years, you might’ve grown in age, but the rest of you have not.


Xing Zhongwan glanced at his watch. It was 3:20 in the morning. He yawned just as Qi Yun’s secretary came in, Xing Zhongwan was about to open his mouth again but the secretary spoke first, “Young madam, I can be rest assured now that you are here. This private matter of the master entering the hospital under special circumstances cannot be known by the media so I have to leave to deal with it first. Thank you for your hard work!”


Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth again slightly only to see the secretary quickly open the door and go out without giving him a chance to speak.


With no other options left, he took out his mobile phone and called Shen Congxin. However, Shen Congxin started to cry about how he was suffering before he could say anything. This incident had happened after he took Xing Zhongwan out to play, so he felt too ashamed to face his big cousin and his bro, Zhongwan. He said he’s decided to stand facing the wall to think about his own behavior and so on before mentioning the main point in the end. Zhongwan bro, I’m leave my elder cousin to you. He is unlovable, unpleasant and no one likes him, but he only listens to you, so take care of him.


Xing Zhongwan’s mouth twitched. You summed it up well, I admit. But you know that I don’t like Qi Yun either, right?


He turned his head to look at Qi Yun lying on the bed alone who had his eyes wide open, lost in thought. This person became thinner after he left, Xing Zhongwan thought to himself. Forget it. Since he was the one who held the knife in his hands, it was his fault. It’s not like spending the night with Qi Yun would cause him to lose much.


Xing Zhongwan sat on the sofa opposite the hospital bed. Before he could sit himself down, Zhong Gang’s secretary arrived to bring Xing Zhongwan a change of clothes and a computer. Xing Zhongwan breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly went to the bathroom. He took off his bloody sweater to put on clean clothes. He was then in a better mood to open the computer and start his meeting with the secretary far away in country X.


The secretary routinely reported important matters to Xing Zhongwan as he languidly leaned on the sofa and listened. Before the meeting ended, the secretary asked if he would come back to attend the royal dinner at the end of the month. Xing Zhongwan calculated the time he would be spending here and included the time Zhong Gang would be discharged from the hospital ward before quickly coming to a conclusion that he would indeed be able to go back.


Speaking of which, he absolutely disliked these kinds of gatherings but he had to attend them in order to show some courtesy. He doesn’t know why he has to show up despite being a distantly-related royal.


An hour has passed since he shut his computer and it was approaching 6 o’clock. Xing Zhongwan got up and stretched. Qi Yun was almost done with his IV infusion. He yawned and called the nurse to detach the needle for Qi Yun. He then walked to Qi Yun’s side before glancing at him twice. Qi Yun’s face was pale and his eyes were bloodshot, it seemed like he never blinked.


Xing Zhongwan was speechless as he looked at the black bruise on the back of his pale and thin hand caused by the needle. He simply pulled a chair over before sitting beside the bed. The action was a little too familiar to him. In the past, Qi Yun was lying down most of the time, while Xing Zhongwan was always sitting beside his bed. This familiar feeling made him a little bit nostalgic.


Qi Yun turned his head to look at Xing Zhongwan who was yawning repeatedly. Although he seldom spoke on the conference call for more than an hour, judging from what his secretary reported, he should be very busy in his daily work. For some reason, he remembered the young idol’s words on the day they were reunited again. It sounded ridiculous at the time, but now that he thought about it, he felt a little sad. Wanwan must be very tired.


“Go back and rest, I feel much better now.”


Qi Yun’s words roused Xing Zhongwan, who was in deep thought. He immediately patted his shoulders, stood up and said, “Then I’m leaving.”


Qi Yun didn’t expect him to answer so enthusiastically. Some bitterness roused from his chest and stung his eyes. Sure enough, Qi Yun’s strong will was always shaken whenever he was in front of Xing Zhongwan.


Xing Zhongwan walked towards the exit. Apart from bodyguards, there was no one else in the corridor. After holding onto the doorknob for a while, he finally opened the door and walked out.


Upon arriving at the elevator entrance, he looked at the flickering red numbers as his feet tapped the ground anxiously. The elevator door opened and there was an old mother carrying a thermos box in her hand. She was probably coming to visit a patient. She looked at the beautiful man at the elevator entrance who was staring at the thermos box in her hand and couldn’t help but laugh, “Child, are you coming in?”


Xing Zhongwan waved his hand apologetically as he realised his gaffe before watching the elevator door close again. He took out the phone in his pocket and called Zhong Gang’s secretary to bring some food, telling her to make sure that it was easy to digest.


After he finished giving out the instructions, Xing Zhongwan leaned against the wall and wanted to smoke. He took out the cigarette case before remembering that he was inside a hospital before stuffing the cigarette case back into his pocket. He tried taking a deep breath but was instead choked by the smell of hospital disinfectant. Rubbing his face, he strode towards Qi Yun’s ward.


When he opened the door and went in, he saw Qi Yun sitting on the bed with an expression as dark as charcoal while pushing away the bodyguard’s hand who was trying to help him. The bodyguard on the other side looked embarrassed. Xing Zhongwan knew at a glance that he was throwing another tantrum. He pointed to the bodyguard who looked as strong as an iron tower, “You, don’t worry about him, step aside.”


The bodyguards who served Qi Yun had all worked for the Shen family from very early on, so they’ve all heard about this young madam countless times. When they heard what he said, they quickly hurried to the side before he was done speaking. Xing Zhongwan pointed at Qi Yun, “You, don’t you just need to go to the bathroom? Go by yourself! Quickly!”


As soon as Qi Yun saw Xing Zhongwan coming back, the discomfort and regret he felt disappeared quickly. He knew that he asked Xing Zhongwan to go back to rest, but he regretted it as soon as he was finished speaking. He’s probably not going to come back after he leaves. Thinking of this, he became sad and subjected his worsening temper to the people around him. The wound started hurting again so I couldn’t go to the bathroom and I didn’t want to be seen by outsiders. I’m in pain, please come back Wanwan.


Qi Yun suddenly felt that nothing else was important. Covering his stomach, he got out of bed and walked slowly to the bathroom. The eyes of the bodyguards who were stationed on the other side were about to fall out of their sockets. Xing Zhongwan waved to them and signaled for them to go out. The bodyguard walked out of the door in a trance and told himself one thing. In the future, even if offended the master, he must not offend the young madam.


When Qi Yun came out of the bathroom, Xing Zhongwan had already put some breakfast on the small table. When he saw Qi Yun, he gave him a sideways glance without greeting him. Qi Yun obediently walked over to bed and picked up the spoon on his side to eat up. Xing Zhongwan sat beside the bed and ate two steamed buns in one go. Qi Yun looked at him carefully and saw Xing Zhongwan take out his computer. He then quickly moved his hands on the keyboard, all while having the steamed buns in his bulging cheeks. Looking at this, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but start to rise. Xing Zhongwan knew that Qi Yun was looking at him, but he didn’t have time to scold him. Even as a boss, he had no right to slack off.


Qi Yun couldn’t finish the bowl of porridge after eating half of it. He put down the spoon but didn’t know that Xing Zhongwan had started to raise his own head to look at him, “Are you just going to eat this little?”


Qi Yun paused before quickly picking up the bowl and gulped down the other half of the porridge.


When the secretary entered, he happened to see this scene and hurriedly closed the door in fright. What did he just see? What did he just witness? His master was drinking porridge straight from a bowl? It was just a hallucination, right?


Xing Zhongwan raised his brows and went to the opposite sofa with the computer in his arms.


The secretary pushed open the door again before walking in. He stood beside Qi Yun. As Qi Yun retracted his gaze from Xing Zhongwan, the warmth between his brows dissipated, “Speak.” 


The secretary glanced at Xing Zhongwan who was typing on the keyboard beside the sofa and lowered his voice, “The person in charge of the hotel behind-the-scenes is Minister Lin’s niece. She personally came to your office this morning. You and her have always had a good relationship. I’m afraid it would be inappropriate to make a move at this time.”


Qi Yun was in a good mood, so his eyebrows moved to signal him to continue, “As for the two men yesterday, they did have some ulterior motive. However… they were connected to Old General Chen, do you think…”


“The master of their household is not a fool. As he is making trouble outside under the guise of the Chen family, if I help them remove this scourge, they won’t say anything. It’s okay to make him a little upset. He’s too old to stay in that position for long.”


Don’t even think about crossing Xing Zhongwan. Qi Yun couldn’t wait to dig out the eyes of the two who saw Xing Zhongwan’s bare chest.


The secretary understood and replied that he knew what to do.


“There are some rumours about you not showing up to the meeting, you should consider…”


Qi Yun got up and pulled his blanket off, “Let’s get out of the hospital.”


The secretary frowned. “What about your injury?”


Qi Yun bent down slightly and walked slowly to the sofa. He didn’t know when Xing Zhongwan fell asleep with the computer in his arms. The other was exhausted and didn’t get a wink of sleep all night, so now there were dark blue circles around his eyes.


Qi Yun was struggling to bend down as he stretched out his hand towards his secretary, who passed him the blanket with great discernment. Qi Yun picked up the computer that Xing Zhongwan put on his stomach and tucked in the blanket.


Xing Zhongwan was sleeping soundly with his mouth slightly open. He was so beautiful even as his brows were slightly wrinkled and his face looked a little reluctant. Qi Yun reached out to rub Xing Zhongwan’s tangled brows and took care of his messy bangs as he turned his head irritably. Qi Yun didn’t care that his secretary was still standing there. No matter how painful his abdominal wound was, he still bent over and kissed Xing Zhongwan’s mouth. The gentle sound of their lips separating made the secretary unable to look directly at them.


This Qi Yun was definitely not the same as the one anyone else knew.


The warm touch of Qi Yun’s forehead gently against Xing Zhongwan’s filled him with warmth.


The corner of Qi Yun curved up as his long eyelashes trembled, “Sleep well, my darling.”


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