Chapter 18 – Only his beauty does not disappoint


Xing Zhongwan was irritable ever since he got in the car. His two secretaries have also been looking at him with a strange expression.


The cause of the incident was that No. 3 and No. 4, who came to look for him early in the morning, saw their boss lying in bed while someone who was supposedly having a fever, was sitting on the ground. When they came in, Qi Yun was looking at him and only whispered to them that they should let Xing Zhongwan sleep a while longer.


Of course, the beauty’s request will not be rejected, so they adjusted the meeting time. Xing Zhongwan didn’t wake up until after nine o’clock. The man who was looking at him with an affectionate expression had long since disappeared.


The two secretaries used unskilled Chinese to describe Qi Yun’s eyes looking at their boss. ‘He always had stars in his pure, maiden-like eyes, so it must be love.’


The more Xing Zhongwan thought about it, the angrier he became. “The two of you, enough is enough!”


No. 3 turned back from the passenger seat, “Boss, Mister Qi looks at you as if you will fly away if he is not careful.”


Xing Zhongwan: …


“He really likes you.” No. 3 summed up this sentence with a few Chinese words.


Xing Zhongwan looked at the dense files on the computer. Like him? What’s the point?

Will liking him be able to solve all the problems they faced?


“Notify all departments about the video conference at 9 pm.”


No. 3 responded with an ‘en’ before turning on her computer to start working.


Xing Zhongwan had been busy all day. After the video conference at 9 o’clock, it was already midnight. Rubbing his aching lower back, he leaned against the chair to relieve his tense nerves. It’s only been a week, but it seems like Zhong Gang can really bear the pressure. He knew what Xue Qing and the others were thinking. Xing Zhongwan understood it very well too. They wanted to give him some time to sort out his relationship with Qi Yun, but this was only their assumption. The matter between him and Qi Yun had been sorted out five years ago.


Xing Zhongwan asked No. 4 to drive him home. This was the fourth place he had moved to. There was no familiar figure downstairs and Xing Zhongwan breathed a sigh of relief.


The next morning, Xing Zhongwan followed Emma to the TV station to record a program. Xing Zhongwan wore a pair of large sunglasses to cover half of his face. He was also wearing a black and white iconic shirt of a certain brand, paired with high-waisted wide-legged pants of the same color, making him look 2.8m high, compared to his actual 1.86m.


Emma has always known about her boss’s dressing style. Xing Zhongwan has never known what it meant to be low-key. He has to look good and dress well. Most of his quotes are about how one cannot fall short on food and fashion.


Emma followed behind him with a computer and watched the swaying figure of her boss. Was her boss here to sign contracts with the new kids or was he here to sign himself in? Very few entertainment company bosses in the country are as public as he was. After all, this country’s culture is different. Country X’s culture has always been open, so Xing Zhongwan’s style of doing things has always been bold.


Xing Zhongwan walked halfway and suddenly looked back at Emma, ​​”10cm high heels?”


Emma nodded. Xing Zhongwan then told No.4 Emma’s shoe size, “Give her a pair of 5cm ones.”


Emma was puzzled, “Boss, the employee code stipulates that one must not wear high heels shorter than 10cm when going out with you.” 


Xing Zhongwan waved to her lazily, “I heard that you have to follow the audience for today’s recording. If your heels are too high, you will get tired easily. This is not the head office, so don’t worry about it so much.”


Emma’s heart was warm. Boss, you really mean it?! Aren’t you just a small ray of sunshine!


Sure enough, the producer of the show almost lost his mind when he saw Xing Zhongwan. In private he couldn’t help asking Emma if he was the newly signed artist and wanted to approach him to make the live announcement.


Emma didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she left him a meaningful sentence, “You can’t afford him. He’s our big boss.”


Qi Yun wanted to find Wanwan, but his fever didn’t go away and was ordered by the doctor to lie in bed and rest up. There was a TV interview today, so Qi Yun decided to pick Wanwan up after this interview. There were several buildings in the TV station, and some were linked by sheltered bridges in the middle. It happened that the elevator in the news building broke down, so the person in charge embarrassedly asked Qi Yun if he could cross the bridge from the other building to the entertainment department.


If Qi Yun didn’t speak, it could be considered that he agreed. He was in a good mood these days although he was still ignored by his Wanwan.


The person in charge of the entertainment department had already received the news and cleared the room. Qi Yun’s bodyguards were lined up on both sides as he walked in the middle followed by his secretary.


The floor connected to the bridge had the largest studio in the entire entertainment department. The entrance of the half-closed studio was surrounded by a few staff members who were excited. It was unknown what they were chattering about.


Just as the person in charge was about to reprimand them, Qi Yun waved his hand to indicate that it was okay. However, when he walked past them…


“He looks so handsome and beautiful.”


“How can you tell with those big sunglasses covering his face?”


“You… Didn’t you see the arch of his nose? It’s really good.”


“Which artist’s boss is he?”


“I heard that it’s an entertainment company invested in by Qingyuan Capital.”


“Wow, that’s a big company. Hey, isn’t their boss Zhong Gang?”


Qi Yun stopped and looked in through a small gap before he saw Xing Zhongwan, who was sitting by the door, yawning.


“Wow, he even looks good yawning. My legs are weak.”


The person in charge of the entertainment department couldn’t listen anymore and coughed twice.


Several staff members turned around and saw their boss’s and Qi Yun’s cold face. They almost knelt down in fright.


At this time, Xing Zhongwan was bored so he looked down at his phone. He then raised his head and stretched his neck for a while before yawning. His face under the big sunglasses was fair and radiant. Due to his mixed heritage, Xing Zhongwan had a constitution that prevented him from getting sunburned. He’s the kind that doesn’t need a lighting plate when shooting magazines and stands out a lot in a crowd.


Qi Yun looked constantly at his little movements and counted that he had yawned five or six times in a short period of time. He must be sleepy.


Qi Yun couldn’t help smiling. His stern face turning in a smile was like a light that dissipated all the chilly haze from before. The person in charge of the entertainment department became dumbfounded before his phone started ringing and someone from the news department called to ask if the V.I.P had arrived.


What could he reply? Should he say that Congressman Qi was standing at the entrance of the studio with a gentle smile on his face, so he could not continue escorting him because he did not have the courage to make him leave?


Qi Yun’s secretary whispered behind him, reminding him that he had to leave.


No. 3 told Xing Zhongwan that there would be a camera sweeping over, so he should smile. Xing Zhongwan resisted the urge to roll his eyes and looked ahead. His face appeared on the huge display screen in front of him. Xing Zhongwan pulled the corner of his mouth into a faint smile and the whole studio burst into flames.


Xing Zhongwan shrugged helplessly. What can be done? It’s not his fault that he looks too good, right?


His smile not only pleased the audience in the studio, but also stunned Qi Yun who was standing outside. Qi Yun’s heart was beating fast. It would be great if his Wanwan could smile at him. Just smiling at him, Wanwan became so lovable. It was this Wanwan that he wanted to hide away from the eyes of others.


Qi Yun’s face sank as the secretary asked him if he wanted to continue today’s visit.


Qi Yun was silent. The secretary understood and called the head of the news department to cancel the interview. The other end was worried because Qi Yun was not an easy person to make an appointment with. After he finally agreed to come over, there was an inconvenience caused by the broken elevator. However, luckily even though they said they wanted to cancel, they said they will make another appointment.


Xing Zhongwan’s completed his task, so after only taking a few shots, he wanted to return to the company office. Emma stared at him as he took No. 3 back with him. 


While walking out of the studio, Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but stretch, “These children are no good. Just what kind of people did Zhong Gang’s choose?”


No. 3 has a dignified and glamorous expression, “It’s not the same as before. Nowadays, these types become very popular very quickly in China.”


Xing Zhongwan ‘tsk’-ed and when he turned around, he saw a row of people standing in the corridor. Qi Yun stood by the door and was watching him. Xing Zhongwan cursed inwardly, he somehow bumped into him everywhere.


“Wanwan, let’s go have dinner.”


Xing Zhongwan blinked twice as No. 3 looked at the schedule dutifully, “Boss, you have three hours to spare for lunch.”


At this time, don’t make a sound!


Xing Zhongwan didn’t want to waste time, “I don’t think we need to make an appointment.”


Qi Yun calmly said, “You said we can be ordinary friends, but can’t we have dinner as friends?”


Yes, he has indeed said this, and it was too late to regret it. Moreso, it seems he owes Qi Yun a favor.


Xing Zhongwan took the car key from No. 3 and said, “Let’s go.” He walked to the elevator entrance without turning his head. Qi Yun lowered his head and his eyelashes trembled slightly from joy, “Change my itinerary.”


His secretary was about to cry. If he changed the itinerary, they would be in trouble, but he dared not say that. After all, the happiness of his boss was also very important. They will have a better life if they manage to win the young madam back earlier.


No. 3 looked at the two men in front of her as Qi Yun followed carefully behind Xing Zhongwan. The slouchy proud one wearing long trousers and a lake blue coat looked like a flamboyant peac0ck, while the other who wore an elegant suit was indifferent like a proud swan. At first glance, these two people seemed incompatible and discordant, but they are both great beauties, aren’t they? Two mythical creatures together would be very pleasing to the eye, right? No, Mister Qi is a fairy, and as for the boss… he is probably a demon…


Although their big boss, who has always looked haughty and treated Mister Qi curtly in public, was actually the one who compromised a lot in private. Boss, are we about to have an in-law in the company?


T/N: Flashy peac0ck vs proud swan… Who will win?

*Flashy peac0ck is angery.*

*Proud swan uses act pitiful.*

*Flashy peac0ck’s heart is deeply affected! It was super effective!*


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