Chapter 22 – Hard to defend against


Qi Yun was sitting in a wheelchair, struggling to put on his clothes as he put his arms through the arm-holes. He looked at his wrapped abdomen. This year, he was really stabbed by many knives, but this time the knife almost killed him. He buttoned his shirt as the door of the ward opened. Xue Qing closed the door before sitting on the sofa not far away from him.


Qi Yun stopped his movements and looked at her, “Thank you.”


The corner of Xue Qing’s mouth was raised, “I’m not helping you, I’m helping Laoxing. Speaking of which, we’ve only met two times, but it was both in the hospital. You have a very bad track record. At that time, Laoxing liked you. To tell you the truth, in so many years, I have never seen him care about a person so much. I was really angry to know that you were using your illness to keep him by your side. Xing Zhongwan may look like he gets along well with many people and has always been frank, but after his heart is hardened, no one can get close to him.”


Qi Yun touched the beads on his wrist sadly, “I know.” 


Xue Qing took a deep breath.


She didn’t want to say these words, but seeing that Xing Zhongwan was about to get involved in Qi Yun’s mess again, Xue Qing couldn’t bear it, “I installed a bug in your ward back then. I think you should know in hindsight that he overheard your conversation with your grandfather. I am an outsider who thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous, but he has never doubted you at all. From the beginning to the end, he understood the rules of the game in this circle too well. Do you think he didn’t know that you, Qi Yun, had the intention of taking advantage of him from the very beginning? Your background is complicated, while his upbringing environment was much cleaner than yours. Everyone all struggled out of the mud, so who is cleaner than the other and how difficult it is for such a person to believe in another person, Qi Yun, you shouldn’t lie to him. Even more so, you should not use that reason to make him stay. Do you know how headstrong Xing Zhongwan is? Just because Guan Yang drugged you, he used the secret connections buried in the country from so many years ago. Due to this, all his efforts for decades were in vain, but he didn’t feel any loss at all, just doing it all for you. He didn’t think about himself at that time. Did you know how broken he was the moment he knew the truth? That you drugged yourself? Qi Yun, you not only stomped on his heart using your own feet. You smashed it multiple times and broke it ruthlessly.”


Qi Yun lowered his shoulders. His face was pale and he didn’t know how much this matter had hurt Xing Zhongwan.


“After returning to Country X, he flew to various other countries for a year and a half without coming back, and without a word. He said he did it to take a break and have a vacation, but in fact, I know that he left to let go of the resentment towards you in his heart. He gave you all the kindness in his heart, Qi Yun. Don’t blame him for being so cruel to you, everything he did was for you. Even if he still harbors resentment towards you, he would rather bury it in his heart and give in slowly every time you approach him because staying away from you is the best way he could protect you.”


The corners of Qi Yun’s eyes were red and the tip of his nose was sour, “I know, I know.” He covered his face with his hands, how could he not know, it was all for him.


Xue Qing turned her face away, the corners of his eyes flushed. She took a deep breath, “Don’t worry. Laoxing will guard the Shen family, you can do what you want to fearlessly. Qi Yun, don’t let him down again.”


Xue Qing wiped her nose and opened the door to go out.


Qi Yun opened his hands, the scars on his palms overlapped each other. His eyes were blood red. He clenched his teeth tightly and trembled. His body that had not recovered was covered in cold sweat.


In recent years, he has really been doing some ‘good deeds’, and it has gone on for far too long. He doesn’t want to add any negative karma anymore. He is afraid that he will not be worthy of such a good person when he himself is full of sins. He had to kill the messenger behind the scenes, before it was too late.


Wanwan was his weakness five years ago. It was even more so five years later. If it’s like that,  then let’s go to hell together.


At the Qi family’s old house, in Qi Zongcheng’s bedroom… 


Back then, he got a stroke and has been paralyzed on the bed by Qi Yun ever since getting angered. Looking at Qi Yun who was being pushed in a wheelchair, Qi Zongcheng raised his still-mobile left hand and pointed at him, “I knew you wouldn’t die so easily.” 


Qi Yun moved his own wheelchair expressionlessly and came beside his bed, “Grandpa, you can’t look down on me like that. If I die, the Qi family will really have no successor. Are you willing to end it with your hands?”


Qi Zongcheng’s eyes widened, “My Qi family doesn’t need an heir like you. I feel disgusted just thinking about the matter between you and that man from the Xing family. The Qi family doesn’t have such a shameless descendant like you!”


Qi Yun held Qi Zongcheng’s stiff hand, “Grandpa, when I threatened you with the files. Why didn’t you throw the stack of documents back in my face and tell me to scram? Oh… I guess it was because at that time, the little bastard son you hid was not an adult yet, right?”


Qi Yun’s face was pale and his lips were pale. He looked like death was at his doorstep. 

“What’s the matter now? You think that now’s the best time to get rid of me? You want to give everything you have now to your little son?”


Qi Zongcheng’s face turned dark and there was terror in his eyes, “You! You! What are you doing? That’s your blood-related, dear uncle!”


Qi Yun laughed, “Uncle? It turns out that I still have relatives. So he is my blood-relative. My grandfather sent someone to stab me with a knife and my uncle can’t wait to trample over me under his feet, coveting the power in my hands. The both of you really are so dear to me.”


Qi Zongcheng’s eyes widened, “Qi Yun! You bastard! What kind of sins did my Qi family commit in our past life to raise such a wolf-hearted thing like you!”


Qi Yun backed away, hiding the sneer on his face, “Your beloved little son will be able to go to hell and accompany you soon. Didn’t you think about this when you started it? Either you will kill me, or… ah, you still can’t die. You have to watch how the Qi family will be crushed by my hands. I’m getting tired of playing after so many years.”


Qi Zongcheng pointed at Qi Yun. His eyes were wide open and he couldn’t catch his breath for a while before he passed out. The air left him like an old bellows box and his body became like a lifeless plastic bag leaking air.


Qi Yun turned around, moved his wheelchair to the door and watched Qi Zongcheng’s rosy complexion slowly fade away. Qi Yun’s face was expressionless as he watched the old man lying on the bed rot like an old tree slowly.


With a sigh, he turned the door handle and walked out of Qi Zongcheng’s bedroom. The bodyguard came over with a man who was covered in injuries. Qi Yun looked at his personal secretary who was beaten, his bruised face finally showed a hint of movement.


The secretary raised his face with difficulty, “Sir, why…I…never told anyone…”


Qi Yun asked the bodyguard to take the person to the hospital for treatment.


When he turned around, he found himself in the middle of the long corridor with no end in sight. Back then, it was his grandma who led his little self to walk out of this dark corridor. Within it was a demon that devoured people’s hearts. Everyone in this house had their hearts devoured by the demon and soon became disgusting monsters themselves.


Qi Yun opened the palms of his hands. He couldn’t even remember how many people were killed by him and how much blood there was on his hands. He was also a sinful monster and he too, could not be redeemed.


He slid his wheelchair alone, out of in this corridor, slowly disappearing into the darkness…


Shen Congxin came to pick up Qi Yun to send him to the hospital. Qi Yun was in so much pain that he couldn’t even get into the car, so Shen Congxin held back his tears and helped him up and into the car. Qi Yun glanced sideways at him, “You should grow up, you have to learn to pick up important matters in the future.”


Shen Congxin opened the door on the other side and sat down, “Big cousin, let’s go to the hospital first. Don’t think about it. I will grow up, I don’t want to be so useless. Do you blame me for telling cousin-in-law?”


Qi Yun covered his wound and did not answer Shen Congxin. Shen Congxin held the handkerchief and little by little, wiped his forehead for him.


“He probably doesn’t feel any better than I do now.”


“Let’s go to the hospital. I’ll be busy tomorrow. I have to get dressed and put up a front to those who are waiting to see my disgraced self. We have to let them know that Qi Yun is not dead yet.”


Shen Congxin was stunned, “But your body…”


Qi Yun turned his head and looked tired, “Don’t look at the me who is standing on a high place now. I don’t know when I will fall, but it will hurt as much as when I rose up. If that day comes, the Shen family will be the first to be dragged along into the mud. I promised Shen Qinghong to take care of you. If something happens to me, go to Wanwan. He will meet you and he will help you to keep the last living semblance of the Shen family alive because of the friendship our two ancestors had. Though this is all up to you now.”


It was as if Qi Yun were saying his final words. It completely frightened Shen Congxin, “Don’t scare me big cousin. Things haven’t gone bad to such a degree yet.”


Qi Yun coughed a few times. Before the accident, he received a photo of him standing downstairs at Zhong Gang’s house. Xing Zhongwan was not in the photo but it was just a warning to him. This person knew him and Wanwan’s history. This was a threat to him. They had something to use against Qi Yun, and this piece of information could ruin him forever. However, not directly posting photos of Xing Zhongwan means that his identity was still somewhat protected.


There was only one person who hated him and knew that he and Wanwan had been involved with each other. Besides that woman, Qi Yun couldn’t think of anyone else. How preposterous of a crazy bitch in a sanatorium! He’s afraid that the Guan family behind her had already joined forces with his enemies to push him towards death.


Qi Yun wasn’t afraid of fighting with others, but no matter how difficult it was, he couldn’t involve Wanwan. He suddenly felt a little regretful of his cruel way of settling things after meeting Wanwan. It only gave people a chance to take advantage of his weakness.


Things are going to be hard to control, but in any case, he has to wait until Wanwan returns to Country X.


In the Shen family, No. 4 reported the current situation to Xing Zhongwan who was standing on the balcony smoking. This afternoon, the Supervisory Committee had sent someone to the Shen family.


“Mr. Xue called and said that Mr. Qi returned to the Qi family’s house. This afternoon Qi Zongcheng died. The publically reported cause of death was a sudden heart attack.”


Xing Zhongwan smoked a cigarette. Half of his face was hidden by the shadows of the setting sun. It was really fitting of his personality, even dragging his injured body to directly settle the issue.


Xing Zhongwan turned around and entered the room, excusing No. 4. He lay on the sofa with one hand covering half of his face. Qi Zongcheng did not do this alone. He hated Qi Yun for ending him, but he would never put the Qi family in danger. It wasn’t his intention to invite a Supervisory Committee to investigate the Shen family, but someone wanted to mess with Qi Yun. The Shen family was interconnected with the Qi family. If there was something wrong, the Qi family would not be able to escape it too, Qi Zongcheng was not stupid.


Who was this person? Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath, put his hands in his hair and stared at the ceiling.


If the Shen family managed to get through this supervision and review, what should he do next? How are they planning to pull Qi Yun down? Xing Zhongwan suddenly sat up from the sofa, raised his hands to look at the scars on his wrists. Qi Yun was acting too fast. This was a warning to the other party, but it was not the best time. Why was he doing this?


Xing Zhongwan’s slender eyes suddenly looked forward, and his pale blue pupils glowed under the cold light… unless someone threatened Qi Yun using his name.


Xing Zhongwan’s knuckles cracked. Seems like what he hoped would not happen was still going to occur.


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