During this six months period, Xi Feng fell in love with a pretty and smart young girl from another department of the company. Xi Feng pursued her eagerly, but he had not taken the initiative to confess his feelings. He just buys her breakfast, gives her some small things or something, so the other party has been ambiguous and did not give him a clear response.

       It was until later, Xi Feng discovered that she had a boyfriend.

       Xi Feng is a straightforward person, and he felt very angry about this, and even went to the girl and asked her what she meant. The girl said directly that Xi Feng had never confessed, so she didn’t know how to refuse. If Xi Feng had confessed at the beginning, she would not accept it from the start.

       Xi Feng felt that he was holding a mouthful of blood in his heart, but he didn’t want to appear too petty to be endlessly nagging the other party, so he swallowed the mouthful of blood up to his throat.

       But the company is a place where there’s no soundproof wall. This matter soon becomes known to the whole company, but no one mentions it in front of Xi Feng.

       Just a week after Xi Feng was ruthlessly rejected, the vice president of the company in charge of both their department and the financial department invited the staff to dinner. That night He Yunsheng also arrived.

       Nothing unusual happened during the meal, and after the meal, everyone went to sing together. Xi Feng had a good voice and sang a few sad love songs in succession with the microphone. Everyone clapped at the table and applauded. Every time he finished a song, someone came to him to toast.

       Xi Feng drank a lot, and when no one poured him, he drank by himself.

       He Yunsheng refused to drink at the beginning because he had to drive. He had a relatively quiet personality. When he refused to drink, no one would pester him to drink. In the end, he was the most sober person in the room.

      They sing late into the night, and finally everyone disperses in twos and threes.

       He Yunsheng went out and remembered that he had left his coat in the KTV room, and then went back to get it. When he picked up the coat, he heard the noise of the small bathroom in the private room, so he walked over and knocked on the door.

  There was no response inside, but He Yunsheng clearly heard the sound of clothes rustling. So he raised his hand and tried to turn the door handle, but the bathroom door was not locked, and it opened as soon as he turned the handle.

  He saw Xi Feng look confused, his clothes were crumpled and he was sitting on the ground, obviously he had been left here after drinking too much.

  He Yunsheng glanced back and found that the people in the private room had all gone, and he couldn’t call the colleague from Xi Feng’s department back, so he had to ask him, “Are you okay? Can you still stand up?”

  Xi Feng didn’t lose consciousness completely, he raised his head and looked at He Yunsheng.

  He Yunsheng put on his coat and squatted down to support Xi Feng. But Xi Feng is tall, and if he didn’t exerted all of his strength, He Yunsheng will have a hard time trying to support him entirely on his own.

  He Yunsheng panted, and said to Xi Feng: “Try to stand up by yourself, I can’t help you.”

  Xi Feng seemed to understand what he was saying, reached out his hand to support the sink next to him, and stood up with difficulty with He Yunsheng’s help, and then leaned his whole body to He Yunsheng.

  He Yunsheng put his arm on his shoulder and helped him to walk outside.

  When they arrived at the KTV door, He Yunsheng found that the other colleagues had already all gone, because everyone drank a lot, and people left one after another during the singing, so no one knew who was left behind in the end. He and Xi Feng were also forgotten by people.

  He Yunsheng had no choice but to help Xi Feng go to the parking place first and stuff him into his car.

  He once sent Xi Feng off before and remembered where Xi Feng’s home was. However, after driving Xi Feng to his place, He Yunsheng found that Xi Feng, who was in the back seat, had fallen asleep and started snoring.

  He had no way to wake Xi Feng up, and he didn’t know which unit and which floor Xi Feng lived.

  Finally, he had no choice but to take Xi Feng to a nearby hotel, opened a room with Xi Feng’s ID card, and finally carried Xi Feng to the room upstairs on his back and with a half hug.

  He threw Xi Feng on the bed, took off his shoes, adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner, and covered him with a quilt.

  He Yunsheng felt that he had done his best, and then he opened the door and left.

  The next day, Xi Feng woke up in the hotel with a blank head. He didn’t even know who brought him here. He drank too much last night, and he didn’t know what happened afterwards.

  It wasn’t until later that he saw the name of the hotel that he realized that it was a hotel near his home, but he didn’t know which colleague from his department brought him here.

  He went back to the company and asked for a while, but no one noticed that Xi Feng was left in the KTV bathroom after drinking too much that day. And so, he didn’t know who sent him home.

  Someone said to him: “It’s not in our department. Did anyone else know where you lived that day?”

  Upon hearing this, Xi Feng suddenly remembered He Yunsheng.

  As he was thinking about this, when Xi Feng finished working in the morning, he immediately searched the company phone book, and found He Yunsheng office number, and called him.

  He Yunsheng’s voice was still a bit hoarse and low, and he answered the phone and gave a soft “Hello”.

  Xi Feng said quickly, “Manager He? Was it you who sent me to the hotel last night?”

  He Yunsheng was silent for a moment, and said, “Are you okay?”

  Hearing his question, Xi Feng was immediately sure of it. He quickly said, “Thank you so much. I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble.”

  He Yunsheng was a little embarrassed by his series of thanks, and replied, “It’s nothing. It’s not too much of a trouble, we are colleagues after all.”

  Xi Feng said, “I don’t know if you are free tonight, but I’d like to invite you to dinner.”

  He Yunsheng subconsciously refused, “I have something to do tonight, it’s fine. Let’s talk about it later.”

  Unexpectedly, Xi Feng immediately said, “If you are not free tonight, how about tomorrow? Will you be free tomorrow night?”

  The way things developed, if He Yunsheng continues to refuse, he was afraid Xi Feng will directly ask him the night after. He Yunsheng felt a little helpless about this, and with his personality, he couldn’t reject him so blatantly, so in the end he had to say, “Then tomorrow night.”

  From the afternoon on the next day, the sky was cloudy, and there was a light rain when they got off work. Because of the rain, Xi Feng got into He Yunsheng’s car and showed him the directions to the dinner place

  The place to eat at night is a small Chinese restaurant that is not very expensive but looks very sophisticated.

  Xi Feng ordered a few dishes and asked for another bottle of wine.

  He Yunsheng saw that he was going to pour himself alcohol, and he quickly refused, “I will have to drive later, and I can’t drink.”

  Xi Feng waved his hand and said, “What does it matter? Just find a driver.”

  After that, no matter how He Yunsheng refused, Xi Feng would pour him wine. He Yunsheng was not good at socializing with people like Xi Feng and it was really hard for him to refuse being persuaded to drink in this way, so he finally picked up the glass and reluctantly sipped a little.

  Xi Feng sighed as he put down the wine glass, “Manager He, you are really nice.”

  He Yunsheng’s feeling is also a little complicated hearing Xi Feng say something about him like this.

  ”Please eat some,” Xi Feng used his chopsticks to put a small piece of beef in the bowl in front of He Yunsheng, “Don’t be polite to me.”

  He Yunsheng nodded to express his gratitude.

  At the beginning of the meal, Xi Feng’s topic was still a bit restrained. He chatted with He Yunsheng about work and the company’s recent situation. After he drank more and more, it was difficult to avoid talking about his colleagues in the company.

  He Yunsheng has always been controlling himself a lot, and he drank very little. Except for Xi Feng who insisted on toasting him, he always lifted the wine glass and touched it next to his lips, but did not drink it in.

  Later, Xi Feng drank a little too much, and asked He Yun, “Do you know Lu Xiaomei?”

  He Yunsheng nodded slightly, because she was a pretty girl in the company, so he had heard people mention it more or less.

  Xi Feng stretched out his hand and slapped the table, feeling a little agitated, “She is playing tricks on me!”

  He Yunsheng was taken aback, looked around, and when no one noticed them, he whispered, “Don’t be so emotional.”

  When Xi Feng mentioned Lu Xiaomei, he couldn’t restrain his emotions at all. The resentment that had been suppressed in his heart for a long time, he somehow spilled it all out to He Yunsheng.

  He Yunsheng felt very awkward, but he didn’t know how to stop Xi Feng from speaking.

  After eating, Xi Feng kept talking, while He Yunsheng listened silently.

  After Xi Feng told He Yunsheng all his thoughts at once, he suddenly felt refreshed.

  Coming out of the restaurant, He Yunsheng called to find a driver.

  Xi Feng’s arm rested on He Yunsheng’s shoulder and said, “I’ll take you home.”

  He Yunsheng saw that Xi Feng was so drunk that he could not let him take him home, so he could only call for a chauffeur, and before he went back, he also sent Xi Feng back.

  However, from that day onward, Xi Feng liked to find He Yunsheng out to eat.

  In the beginning, He Yunsheng would always find all kinds of excuses to refuse, but Xi Feng happens to be a person with a lot of perseverance. If something happens today, then tomorrow will be fine. Is something going to happen tomorrow? It’s okay, but how about the day after tomorrow?

  After several times, He Yunsheng knew that he couldn’t get rid of it, so he simply stopped refusing.

  Because he often went out to eat with Xi Feng, He Yunsheng gradually became familiar with the other party, and sometimes not only Xi Feng complained one sidedly, He Yunsheng would also explain to him a few words from the standpoint of a senior.

  They have maintained this relationship for half a year, during which time Xi Feng would invite He Yunsheng out for a meal almost every week.

  Until one day, a colleague in a department with Xi Feng asked him curiously, “You seem to be very close to He Yunsheng recently?”

  That colleague usually has a good relationship with Xi Feng. So he didn’t think much of it when he asked him about it and responded, “Yes, we’re making appointments to have dinner together, and I feel that we’re getting along.”

  ”I never knew that about you,” the colleague smiled and bumped Xi Feng’s shoulder.

  Xi Feng was inexplicable, “What you don’t know about?”

  A colleague said, “You never said that you like men, no wonder you have never had a girlfriend.”

  Xi Feng didn’t understand his meaning at all, he just felt that he was talking in a strange way, and he was a little upset, “What the hell are you talking about?”

  The colleague lowered his voice and said, “He Yunsheng is a gay, don’t tell me you don’t know?”

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