Chapter 11

       Before their tennis game started, everyone sat in the living room on the first floor and chatted for a while.

       In any case, no one could touch Li Zhenruo’s place. He watched the people in a room saying meaningless compliments to each other and yawned boredly.

       But if he could sit among these people, he would probably do the same thing.

       The only person who was silent was Li Zhenran. He was holding the phone and no one knew what he was looking at.

       Li Zhenruo felt curious and jumped onto the back of the single sofa where Li Zhenran was sitting. He looked at his phone and saw that Li Zhenran was playing a brainless minigame.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help rolling his eyes. His foot then slipped from the back of the chair and he fell into Li Zhenran’s arms.

       At this moment, Yue Zijia, who was sitting opposite, looked over and said, “When did you have a cat in your house? Who is in the mood to take care of it?”

       Li Zhenzi rushed to say, “My second brother raised it. Didn’t you see how much that cat sticks to him?”

       Wen Chun smiled and said, “How come I heard that you are the one raising it? Has the injury on your face healed?”

       The scratch on Li Zhenzi’s face was originally shallow, and now only a faint trace is left. He chuckled and said, “My second brother likes it, so I gave it away.”

       Li Zhenran didn’t say anything, and just brushed Li Zhenruo’s hair.

       Li Zhenruo rested his head on Li Zhenran’s arm.

       The so-called match was actually the Li brothers playing a game on their own. There was no official referee, and Su Yao would be their referee.

       Li Zhenzi and Yue Zijia on one side, while Li Zhentai and Wen Chun on the other.

       Li Zhenran and Hua Yibang sat under the sun umbrella and watched them play while sipping their drinks.

       Li Zhenruo, on the other hand, regarded Li Zhenran’s lap as his throne and sits comfortably.

       There were handsome men and beauties on both sides. The tennis skirts of the two beauties especially showed long white and thin legs, which could dazzle people’s eyes when they run.

       Li Zhenruo’s head couldn’t help but sway left and right with the tennis ball. He couldn’t control it at all!

       Su Yao wore a sun hat and was also dressed quite refreshingly. She stood next to Li Zhenran and saw Li Zhenruo shaking his head from side to side. She found it very interesting. After a while, she laughed and stretched out her hand to hold Li Zhenruo’s big face and shook it hard.

       Li Zhenruo was dizzy because of her, and when he saw the tennis court again, he couldn’t help swaying his head left and right. He felt embarrassed and turned to face Li Zhenran to look up at him.

       It just so happened that Li Zhenran was also looking at him. Li Zhenran reached out and rubbed the top of Li Zhenruo’s head.

       Li Zhenruo immediately felt comfortable, and his heart was coaxed into warmth by Li Zhenran’s gentle movements, so he lay his forelimbs on Li Zhenran’s chest, stretched his neck and tried to touch Li Zhenran’s nose with his nose.

       But to his surprise, Li Zhenran turned his head slightly to avoid it.

       Li Zhenruo felt hurt in an instant, and he was taken aback. He jumped off Li Zhenran’s leg, walked two steps aside and hid at Hua Yibang’s feet to continue watching them play.

       The skills of Li Zhentai’s couple are obviously far inferior to Li Zhenzi and Yue Zijia.

       In order not to let a game be too one-sided, after Li Zhenzi exchanged a few words with Yue Zijia, they obviously slowed down and played more gently.

       Li Zhentai’s 32 years old physical strength seems to be somewhat different from that of 25 years old Li Zhenzi. He was panting shortly after the game, and sweats kept slipping from his forehead.

       Wen Chun waved her tennis racket and pointed at the two people on the opposite side, “Looking down on us, huh? Give me all you got!”

       Li Zhenzi laughed when he heard that, and said, “We wouldn’t dare!”

       After saying that, he made a heavy spike and hit the opponent’s court.

       After Li Zhenruo found out that he had become a cat, his dynamic visual ability had obviously become stronger. He felt that from the angle of the ball, it might hit Li Zhentai.

       Sure enough, after the ball passed, Wen Chun’s cry of surprise was heard, and the ball happened to hit Li Zhentai’s ankle. When Li Zhentai saw the ball coming, he subconsciously wanted to dodge. As a result, he took a step back in a panic but still couldn’t escape. Not only was he hit on the fragile joint, but he also sprained his back part and sat on the ground.

       “Zhentai!” Wen Chun said in a panic.

       Li Zhenzi dropped his racket and ran over to this side of the court, “Eldest brother?”

       Li Zhenran and Hua Yibang, who was sitting on the sidelines watching the game, also got up and walked towards the middle of the field.

       Li Zhentai’s face was full of sweat. As he sat on the ground and moved his ankles, his face changed suddenly. He raised his head and said, “It hurts badly.”

       Li Zhenzi squatted beside him, held Li Zhentai’s ankle and moved lightly, and heard him letting a cry of pain.

       Wen Chun helped Li Zhentai wipe the sweat from his forehead, and said, “Should we call a doctor to take a look?”

       Li Zhenran stood by and said, “It’s best to go to the hospital, I’m afraid the bones might be injured.”

       Li Zhenzi looked regretful when he heard that. He said, “Eldest brother, can you get up? I’ll take you to the hospital, okay?”

       Li Zhentai patted him on the shoulder, “It’s okay, just let old Chen come. Don’t you have a barbecue banquet later?”

       Li Zhenzi said, “It’s all my fault.”

       Li Zhentai smiled, “What silly things to say. It’s an exercise, it’s inevitable to avoid a little injury, don’t take it to heart.”

       Li Zhenzi blamed himself, while Li Zhentai was beside to comfort him.

       In the end, Li Zhenzi personally carried Li Zhentai on his back, and at the same time ordered the driver to prepare a car to send Li Zhentai to the hospital. Today’s barbecue banquet was naturally cancelled.

       Li Zhentai went to the hospital, and Wen Chun definitely wanted to follow him. Li Zhenzi went with him because he was the one who accidentally injured Li Zhentai. Before leaving, he instructed Su Yao to send Yue Zijia back, and apologize to Yue Zijia that he would invite her to dinner next time.

       Yue Zijia smiled and said to him, “It doesn’t matter, Tai ge’s health is more important.”

       In the end, Li Zhenran and Hua Yibang were the only two left.

       They walked unhurriedly towards the front yard, while Li Zhenruo followed not far behind them.

       Hua Yibang, who had been quiet, suddenly said to Li Zhenran, “Are you saying that Mr Li the third is deliberately targeting Mr Li the first?”

       Li Zhenruo was taken aback and looked up at Hua Yibang. Hua Yibang had always been a rigid and serious honest person when he came into contact with him in the past. He had never thought that this honest person actually had this kind of thought for such an accident today.

       This was probably the difference between Hua Yibang in front of him and Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenruo’s heart was beating fast, and he wanted to hear what Li Zhenran thought.

       However, Li Zhenran just groaned and smiled and did not express his opinion. He was dressed in casual clothes with his hands in his trouser pockets, and walked forward unhurriedly. When Hua Yibang saw that he was silent, he did not continue to question.

       Li Zhenruo stopped at this moment. He looked back at the empty tennis court and recalled the angle from which Li Zhenzi had hit the ball just now.

       If it were him, would he also have thought that Li Zhenzhi was deliberately targeting Li Zhentai?

       But when he thought about it carefully, it’s not like Li Zhenzi could hit Li Zhentai to death with a tennis ball. So there was no meaning in embarrassing Li Zhentai. If he were Li Zhenzi, he would not do such meaningless things.

       Thus, it must be accidental.

       The planned barbecue party was cancelled.

       Li Zhenruo felt a bit regretful. He originally thought that he could ask Li Zhenran for something to eat at night, so he didn’t need to continue eating cat food. As a result of this incident, the Li family had a very simple dinner, and he had to chew dry cat food.

       After dinner, Li Zhenran went out for a walk. Before leaving, he glanced at Li Zhenruo, but Li Zhenruo ignored him.

       Li Zhenruo was still holding a grudge. He rarely wanted to show intimacy to Li Zhenran, but he was relentlessly rejected. As expected, his second brother was indeed cold and detached.

       Li Zhenran went for a walk and came back. Li Zhenruo was grinding his claws on the carpet in the living room.

       Wang Ma took a look and said quickly, “Oh my! You scratched the carpet! You bad cat, go away!”

       She drove Li Zhenruo away.

       Li Zhenruo felt a bit wronged, he didn’t mean to scratch the carpet, but his paws felt uncomfortable if he didn’t scratch something.

       Wang Ma had never raised a cat and didn’t understand this. She only thought that he was making trouble. Later, she took a closer look in the living room and saw that he had also scratched the sofa. So she went to get a stick and didn’t even let him climb on the sofa, and chased him away when she saw him coming.

       Li Zhenruo went up to the third floor with his tail dropped.

       Li Zhenran also went back upstairs. Instead of going to the room, he went to the study to get a book, then went up to the top floor and sat down on the swing chair, reading a book while swaying.

       Li Zhenruo swung around on the third floor and went to the top floor. He jumped to the pool table and scratched it casually. He knew that Li Zhenran was there, but did not want to go over.

       The swing chair under Li Zhenran kept swaying back and forth.

       A scent floating in the air suddenly attracted Li Zhenruo. He stood up on the pool table, raised his head and sniffed the air, and distinguished that it was the smell of dried small fish.

       The smell of dried fish came from Li Zhenran’s direction.

       Li Zhenruo was quiet for a few seconds, and couldn’t help but jump down and walk towards Li Zhenran. He walked around from the side of the swing chair, tried his best to look, and saw that Li Zhenran really had a bag of dried fish in his hand.

       The package of dried fish had been opened, Li Zhenran took one out and shook it in front of Li Zhenruo.

       Li Zhenruo looked up for a while, closed his eyes hard, and finally jumped up hopelessly. He approached Li Zhenran and saw Li Zhenran put the dried fish in front of him.

       When he opened his mouth to bite, Li Zhenran actually retracted his hand.

       Li Zhenruo was biting the air.

       He suddenly became a little unhappy. He saw Li Zhenran about to tease him again with dried fish, and he stopped biting this time. He jumped up and gnawed at Li Zhenran’s neck, but it was a pity that his mouth was short, so he didn’t bite anything. He just rubbed Li Zhenran all over with his saliva.

       Li Zhenran let out a muffled laugh.

       Li Zhenruo felt Li Zhenran’s chest tremble, stopped his movements, and looked up at Li Zhenran.

       This time, Li Zhenran brought the dried fish to his mouth, and when Li Zhenruo took a bite, Li Zhenran raised his hand and touched the top of Li Zhenruo’s head.

       Li Zhenruo felt that he was not so angry anymore.


So fvcking cute ( ꒪Д꒪)
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