Chapter 12

       Li Zhentai’s ankle bone was cracked by Li Zhenzhi’s ball.

       When he heard the news, Li Zhenruo thought to himself that the third child was really ruthless, Why should he do things heavy-handedly?

       But in the past few days, Li Zhenzi has run back and forth a lot because of Li Zhentai’s foot injury, which could be considered as doing so much for him.

       The injured Li Zhentai did not go to the company for a short time but stayed at home to recuperate.

       Wen Chun came to see him every night, and would leave after sitting with him for a while, but never stayed at Li’s house overnight.

       Li Zhentai was not like Li Zhenran. Even if he stayed at home, Li Zhenruo didn’t stick to him. He just liked to eavesdropped on what Li Zhentai and Wen Chun were saying.

       But one afternoon, the family had a guest visiting.

       Li Zhentai limped on one foot, and also hopped down from the second floor.

       Li Zhenruo heard the movement and also followed down from upstairs.

       It was not rare guests who came here, but it was Gao Qi, Li Zhentai’s assistant. After seeing Gao Qi, Li Zhentai led him into the study on the first floor to talk, and at the same time reached out and closed the study door.

       Li Zhenruo was a step too slow to follow in. After much regret, he simply went out from the gate and walked around the back of the villa, rushing to the window sill to eavesdrop.

       No one would pay attention to a cat.

       The study on the first floor was actually Li Jianglin’s study. After he left, it had been left empty and unused. Usually, the Li family brothers would never enter his study at home without authorization.

       Perhaps because Li Zhentai’s legs were uncomfortable, he walked inside directly with Gao Qi. But Li Zhenruo felt that it was mainly because there was no one else in the house, and only Li Zhentai was there, so he couldn’t help being reckless.

       Gao Qi came here mainly to bring a piece of document for Li Zhentai to sign. It was too far away, and Li Zhenruo could not see what document it was. But seeing where he signed it, it looked like a business contract.

       After signing, Gao Qi reported to Li Zhentai about the recent situation in the company.

       Li Zhenruo got down, his tail casually flapping on the edge of the window sill. Li Zhenruo didn’t have much interest in the company’s current situation reported by Gao Qi to Li Zhentai. He had no idea about Li family’s activity up until now.

       Even if he had the ability to sit down on his ass and kill the person who harmed him, he would not have the ability to take down the Li family’s property with the body of a cat.

       Besides, what did he even need to take them down for? A top-notch cat food? Or to have cat climbing frames in every corner of the house?

       It’s just that the company was controlled by Li Zhenran. Li Zhentai was not the only one who was unhappy, he too was more or less unhappy.

       Li Zhentai was also quite calm, and expressionless after listening to Gao Qi’s report. He didn’t say anything, but finally suddenly said, “I plan to go to the coastal hotel project to see the progress of the project.”

       Li Zhenruo felt a little strange. He obviously heard Li Zhentai and Wen Chun talk last time and knew that Li Zhentai was not very concerned about coastal hotel projects. Now that he has injured his feet, why did he suddenly plan to go there?

       Subsequently, Li Zhentai said to Gao Qi, “I planned to see Dad later.”

       Li Zhenruo’s tail slowly flicked from the left to the right. He knew it. Li Jianglin was recuperating on the coast now, and his sons were usually out of contact with him, and rashly going there in the past can easily attract the attention of other brothers.

       Li Zhentai took advantage of his injury to inspect the project first and then dropped in to Li Jianglin to show off his performance.

       Of course, it was hard to say whether it would be to Li Jianglin’s liking. Li Zhenruo has always felt that Li Jianglin’s personality was very unpredictable. Even Li Zhenran, whom he liked, sometimes Li Jianglin didn’t necessarily have much to support. In regards to his four sons, Li Jianglin really treated them equally, and only looked at their abilities.

       But no matter what, Li Zhenran also understood that Li Zhentai was going there to test his mood. After all, Li Zhentai was now the least valued one, even worse than Li Zhenzi.

       Gao Qi obviously understood Li Zhentai’s plan, and asked, “Does Miss Wen want to come along?”

       Li Zhentai shook his head, “She doesn’t have that time.”

       Gao Qi said, “I just think the chairman likes Miss Wen. If he sees Miss Wen go with you, he will be in a better mood.”

       It was true that Li Jianglin liked Wen Chun, otherwise, he would not have stepped in to let Li Zhentai and Wen Chun be together.

       Li Zhentai thought for a while and finally said, “Let me ask her, wait until I call you and book the plane ticket. You don’t have to go, I will find someone to accompany me.”

       Gao Qi responded, “Okay.”

       Li Zhentai got up from the seat, and Gao Qi came to help him. Li Zhentai smiled and patted Gao Qi on the shoulder, and walked out with his help.

       Gao Qi moved quickly. Li Zhentai with his one limped foot the next day asked the driver to drive him to the airport.

       It’s impossible for Li Zhenruo to keep an eye on him, so he didn’t know if he could persuade Wen Chun to accompany him in the end.

       In fact, Li Zhenruo felt rather than saying that Li Zhentai didn’t want to go with Wen Chun, it was better to say that Wen Chun was the one that was not willing to accompany Li Zhentai. Li Zhentai himself understood Wen Chun’s thoughts.

       To put it bluntly, Wen Chun and Li Zhentai were like an arranged marriage in ancient times. Although they were given time to fall in love first, only they knew how much they loved each other.

       Li Zhenruo thought this kind of relationship was also very exhausting.

       Because he was thinking of Li Zhentai and Wen Chun, he unconsciously thought of Li Zhenran. Is Li Zhenran also waiting to marry a woman he doesn’t love?

       What is Li Zhenran thinking about? Li Zhenruo found that he was really unpredictable.

       Two days later, when Li Zhenran came back, he brought Li Zhenruo a claw scratching pad and a cat climbing frame, all of which were placed on the third floor.

       And Li Zhenruo found that he was really overjoyed. After the cat climbing frame was placed, he couldn’t wait to climb up and stay.

       If he was really just a cat, he might have fallen in love with Li Zhenran a long time ago.

       At night, Li Zhenran sat on his bed reading a book, Li Zhenruo walked over and rubbed his leg.

       Li Zhenran raised his eyes to look at him, and then scratched Li Zhenruo’s neck with his toes.

       Li Zhenruo yelled in his heart, “Take off the smelly feet!” But his body honestly felt very comfortable, and he finally lay down on the side of Li Zhenran’s feet.

       Li Zhenran poked Li Zhenruo in the nose with his toe.

       Li Zhenruo was furious, but he was too lazy to move. After Li Zhenran fiddled with him a few times, Li Zhenruo grabbed Li Zhenran’s feet with his two paws and bit the toes.

       Of course he didn’t bite, but Li Zhenruo suddenly realized what he was doing. He got up from the ground and ran out quickly. He thought that he really started to become a cat.

       Feeling a little gloomy, Li Zhenruo planned to go to the first floor to give himself a meal and chew some cat food.

       He had just walked down the stairs to the first floor when he saw Li Zhenzi opening the door to come in from outside.

       Li Zhenruo subconsciously wanted to hide, but when he turned around, he thought again, What am I afraid of? Then he continued to run towards the dining room.

       Since Li Zhen didn’t drink today, he naturally wouldn’t go crazy. Li Zhenzi clearly saw that the stupid cat stopped for a while and ran towards the dining room when he saw him. He felt it was a little funny, and then followed.

       Li Zhenruo lay down in front of his rice bowl to eat, with his round hairy buttocks leaning forward, causing Li Zhenzi to reach out and pinched it.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly jumped up and hid in the corner looking at Li Zhenzi in horror, cursing a series of swear words in his heart.

       Li Zhenzi looked at him with a smile and then reached out to grab him.

       Li Zhenruo was already hiding in the corner, and there was nowhere to hide. He wanted to get out by taking advantage of the space from under Li Zhenzi’s arm when he stretched out his hand. But Li Zhenruo suddenly caught a smell on Li Zhenzi’s sleeve, and he couldn’t help but be caught after walking a few steps.

       “Fat cat,” Li Zhenzi said.

       Li Zhenruo had no intention to correct Li Zhenzi since he was just puffy. And he was too focused on sniffing the smell on Li Zhenzi. It was a perfume, and it was a lady’s perfume.

       After Li Zhenruo became a cat, his sense of smell has been enhanced a lot. He could clearly distinguish the scent he recently smelled on a woman, but which woman was it?

       Li Zhenzi saw the cat in his hand suddenly became silly and didn’t respond. So he lost his interest in teasing and put him back on the ground.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly remembered that the smell of this perfume was exactly the same as that on Wen Chun’s body. He was sure of it.

       He lifted his hand and stared at Li Zhenzi in surprise with his round cat eyes.

       Li Zhentai has gone to the coast. How could Li Zhenzi see Wen Chun today, and was still tainted with Wen Chun’s perfume? He knows that Li Zhenzi loved to play around, and have countless women outside. Even though Wen Chun hasn’t married Li Zhentai yet, she could very well be their future sister-in-law.

       Li Zhenzi dared to touch Wen Chun?

       Li Zhenzi didn’t understand what Li Zhenruo’s expression meant, but felt that he looked dumbfounded. So he stood up and said to him, “Eat slowly,” and then walked towards the stairs.

       Li Zhenruo was overwhelmed, thinking that if Li Zhenzi really hooked up with Wen Chun, he couldn’t help to feel that it was too disgusting. Even a rabbit doesn’t eat the grass around its burrow1it means that even a villain doesn’t usually harm their neighbour, let alone its eldest brother’s woman?

       The unforeseen incident was so great that Li Zhenruo felt that he was full and didn’t want to continue eating supper.

       He followed Li Zhenzi to the second floor and wanted to follow to his room to have a look, but Li Zhenzi saw him walking past but did not slow down, and closed the door in front of him.

       Li Zhenruo stood there hesitating for a while, and finally did not go around the window, but chose to go back to the third floor to sleep.

       However, when he arrived on the third floor, he found that Li Zhenran’s door still had a gap. Li Zhenruo dawdled for a while, walked over and used his head to open the crack to get in, and ran to Li Zhenran’s tatami.

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