Chapter 13

       Li Zhenruo woke up next to Li Zhenran’s pillow in the morning.

       He clearly remembered that he was still lying on Li Zhenran’s tatami when he fell asleep, but at this time he was so close to Li Zhenran that he could count Li Zhenran’s eyelashes one by one.

       Li Zhenran’s eyelashes are really long and dense. He was sleeping on his back with his head tilted to the outside of the bed and his hair was in a mess. His arms stretched out from the quilt, and a section of his shoulders was exposed. You could clearly see the lines of his muscles, it looked sexy and alluring.

       Li Zhenruo thought that if he were a woman, he would have fallen in love with Li Zhenran. That’s right… He seemed to have thought yesterday that if he was really a cat, he would definitely fall in love with Li Zhenran. It’s a pity that he was not a woman nor a cat, but a man who lived in a cat’s body, and was Li Zhenran’s former brother who was kicked out by the Li family.

       When he tried to get up from next to Li Zhenran’s pillow, Li Zhenran was awakened.

       But he was obviously not awake enough, so he reached out and grabbed Li Zhenruo, dragged him into his arms and hugged him to sleep.

       Li Zhenruo was pulled into the bed and breathed in all Li Zhenran’s scent. He was nearly suffocated. After struggling for a while, he got out from under his arm.

       Li Zhenran rolled over and rubbed his eyes.

       Li Zhenruo rolled out of the bed and stood by the bed shaking his fur.

       The first thing he did when he woke up in the morning was that he recalled the gentle and pure perfume smell that he smelled on Li Zhenzi last night. It was really unforgivable for Li Zhenzi to seduce his sister-in-law, Li Zhenruo thought angrily.

       However, no matter how angry he was, it was useless.

       Now Li Zhentai is on a business trip. No matter what Li Zhenzi and Wen Chun were doing outside, he was afraid it would be difficult for others to discover. He may be the only one who found the traces—no, it was a cat who did it. But he was trapped in Li’s house and couldn’t go anywhere.

       If the Li family has become a big cage for him, then this cat’s body is his little cage, and as long as he remains locked up here, he couldn’t go anywhere.

       As he thought of this, Li Zhenruo felt a little depressed.

       Li Zhenran was still lying in bed, and Li Zhenruo was too lazy to wait for him to get up to open the door, so he went straight out the window.

       In the morning, only Li Zhenran and Li Zhenzi had a meal together. It was rare for Li Zhenruo to not stick to Li Zhenran. He sneaked out after hearing Li Zhenzi’s driver outside prepared a car for him. He wanted to slip into Li Zhenzi’s car and followed when he went out.

       Although he also knew that Li Zhenzi would not necessarily go to see Wen Chun, his curiosity was really overwhelming, and he couldn’t suppress it no matter what.

       The driver opened the door of the back seat but didn’t notice Li Zhenruo jumping in. After going up, he tried to put himself under the front seat, hoping that he would not attract Li Zhenzi’s attention.

       In the end, he overlooked one thing.

       Before Li Zhenzi stepped into the car door, he noticed a fluffy tail dragging out from under the front seat. He sat up and said to the driver, “Wait a minute.” Then he reached out and grabbed Li Zhenruo by the tail, and pulled him out.

       The moment Li Zhenruo felt his tail being grabbed, he thought, “Oh no! I forgot about the tail!”

       As Li Zhenzi picked him out, he struggled desperately to escape from Li Zhenzi by himself.

       Li Zhenzi put him on the seat and asked, “What are you doing?”

       Li Zhenruo could not do anything, and could only pretend to be pitiful and look at Li Zhenzi.

       Of course, Li Zhenzi wouldn’t really care much about a cat. He scared Li Zhenruo, and finally squeezed his tail and threw him out.

       Li Zhenruo rolled on the ground and stood up, helplessly watching Li Zhenzi’s car drive away. He sighed heavily, and when he turned around, he saw Li Zhenran standing at the door of the room looking at him.

       Not wanting to act too strange, Li Zhenruo calmly walked past Li Zhenran and went back to the house.

       Time passed by with Li Zhenruo eating and sleeping every day. Before he knew it, it had been half a month since Li’s family big brother, Li Zhentai, who had gone on a business trip to the coast, had returned.

       His feet had not fully recovered, but he didn’t have any serious walking problems, and he no longer continued to stay at home every day.

       Li Zhentai should have gone to see Li Jianglin, but as for what Li Jianglin said to him, it was not clear.

       But after Li Zhentai came back, Wen Chun came over.

       Wen Chun had dinner at Li’s house that day. Li Zhenran and Li Zhenzi brothers were also at home.

       Li Zhentai suddenly mentioned to Wen Chun, “Dad asked when we plan to get married.”

       Li Zhenruo sat on the chair next to Li Zhenran and noticed that both Li Zhenzi and Li Zhenran looked up at Wen Chun at the same time.

       Wen Chun was quite calm. She put down her chopsticks and asked Li Zhentai, “What does Uncle Li mean?”

       Li Zhentai smiled and said to her, “From what Dad said, it means that he is rushing us.”

       Wen Chun then followed suit and smiled as she said, “Then let’s discuss it when Uncle Li will come back.”

       Li Zhentai’s expression was a little subtle for a moment. His initial intention was for them to discuss the decision first and directly notify Li Jianglin when he came back; but Wen Chun took advantage of the situation for her own benefit and told him to wait for Li Jianglin to come back to discuss.

       No one knows when Li Jianglin will come back. Li Zhentai also was unable to call Li Jianglin to come back for this kind of thing. When that happened, Li Jianglin would look down on him because he couldn’t even handle his girlfriend.

       Li Zhenruo licked the beef that Li Zhenran gave him, and thought it meant that Wen Chun didn’t want to get married, and he couldn’t help but look at Li Zhenzi again. He found that Li Zhenzi didn’t have much expression on his face. From beginning to end, neither Li Zhenzi nor Wen Chun’s eyes met.

       Everything was still a mystery.

       What shitty little brother! Li Zhenruo lay on the swing chair on the top floor, thinking thoughtlessly; if he hadn’t died at that time, and if he was still in Li’s house, he probably wouldn’t know the current situation.

       What’s the use of thinking about these? After all, he was not even Li Jianglin’s son anymore. The fight between the Li family brothers has nothing to do with him. The only thing he wanted to know was who was the murderer who framed him.

       There were footsteps coming towards the top floor, and the people who would come up at this time are usually the cleaning auntie Wu.

       Li Zhenruo jumped off the swing chair and rushed out of the building door. He went all the way from the top floor to the first floor, planning to go to the dining room to drink some water.

       When passing the second floor, Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but slow down. He vaguely noticed at the end of the corridor, it turned out that there was light from the direction of his room. He couldn’t help but walk over and take a look, and found that the door to his room was not closed.

       Maybe the auntie forgot to close it after cleaning.

       Li Zhenruo walked to the door of the room and suddenly had an idea. His heart was pounding. If this plan was to be implemented, he must act fast! The auntie went upstairs to clean, and maybe it would take about half an hour for her to come down. She would come and close the door if she found that the door was not closed. He might not have this chance tomorrow.

       Li Zhenruo turned around and ran back to the third floor, pulling a piece of toilet paper out of the bathroom. There was a fruit knife in the drawer of the bar counter in the recreation room. Although he didn’t want to make a cut on his body, the time was too short for him to make more preparations.

       He jumped onto the bar, opened the drawer with his paws and mouth, and then took out the fruit knife inside the drawer.

       Li Zhenruo at this time deeply realized the inconvenience of not having hands. His movements seemed very awkward, and he almost scratched his neck when he pulled the knife out.

       His eyes widened in amazement, but he didn’t feel the pain. Only then did he realize that the hair was too thick, and as a result, only a lot of hair was cut by the knife.

      One paw pressed on the hilt, and Li Zhenruo took a deep breath. The wrist of the other side of the foreleg near the paw was swiped on the blade. He didn’t need to do it too deeply, because he didn’t need much blood.

       But this action still hurts to the point of tears. Why is a cat unable to endure this much pain?

       He rubbed a little blood on the toilet paper, and was careful not to get the cat’s hair on it, then used his paws to crumple the paper to a ball, and ran towards his room on the second floor carefully.

       At this time, the aunt was still cleaning the roof of the building.

       He limped along the way, and the wound on his left forelimb hurt when he exerted some force. Fortunately, the cut was shallow and he didn’t continue to bleed.

       He threw the blood-stained paper ball into the trash can in the bathroom. Perhaps she won’t notice it today, but she will definitely find it after cleaning up tomorrow.

       When the time came, he wanted to observe the auntie’s reaction carefully.

       He went back to the third floor, endured the pain, jumped onto the bar, and cleaned the fruit knife.

       After that Li Zhenruo lay down on the bar and miserably licked the wound for a long time.

       After cleaning the top floor, the auntie went straight down to the first floor. After passing through the second floor, she found that she had forgotten to close the door of Li Zhenruo’s room. She walked over and closed the door again, but she hadn’t found the toilet paper ball.

       In the afternoon, Li Zhenran was the one who first discovered that Li Zhenruo had injured a leg.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t really want him to notice, but Li Zhenran still reached out and grabbed his paw and found the wound on his wrist.

       “What happened?”

       Li Zhenruo pretended to be pitiful and cried out. Anyway, he was a cat, so he didn’t have to reply to any embarrassing questions.

       Li Zhenran thought that Li Zhenruo was not careful and was scratched somewhere, so he asked Wang Ma to find iodine and wipe it on him a little.

       By the time of cleaning the next day, Li Zhenruo quietly lay on the corner of the stairs on the second floor, waiting for the auntie’s response.

       Less than five minutes after cleaning Aunt Wu entered his room, Li Zhenruo heard a scream from inside.

       Li Zhenruo thought: Here it comes! and stood up immediately.

       Wang Ma heard the scream and came from the first floor with a frown, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

       Auntie Wu came out of the room with a look of horror, and her breath was a little uneven. She saw Wang Ma on the stairs, and hurriedly took her hand and said, “There is… ghost!”

       Li Zhenruo stood right at his feet, but no one would pay attention to a cat at this time.

       When Wang Ma saw that Auntie Wu was in a state of shock and had run out of Li Zhenruo’s room, she was not too happy and said, “What’s with all the noise? Where did the ghost come from in broad daylight?”

       But Auntie Wu still had a pale face, and pulled Wang Ma’s wrist, “Wang Ma, you come over with me to see.”

       With that, Auntie Wu took Wang Ma towards Li Zhenruo’s room.

       Li Zhenruo followed. He felt that Auntie Wu’s reaction was a little too excessive. Linking a bloody tissue to a haunting, indicating that she had noticed the tissue he had thrown in the trash at that time, was very likely the same tissue that was handed over from her and was sent for identification.

I bet this is what Zhenruo was doing:

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