Chapter 16

       On the way to Yunlin, Li Zhenran kept leaning back and closed his eyes to doze off. Only until the driver stopped the car and called him, he slowly opened his eyes.

   Li Zhenran stretched out a hand to Li Zhenruo.

   Li Zhenruo was very good at reading people. He knew that Li Zhenran was rushing to work and had no time to delay with him, so he obediently walked over and let him carry him.

   Li Zhenran carried Li Zhenruo directly through the gate of Yunlin.

   He was not as approachable as Li Zhenzi. When Yunlin’s employees saw the second son of the Li family carrying a cat to work, they froze on both sides, but no one dared to ask him.

   It wasn’t until Li Zhenran walked and entered the elevator that the employees started talking.

   “Why did the Second Young Master carry a cat to work today?”

   “That cat looks a lot like his brother’s last time.”

   “It seems to be just one.”

   “Why take a cat to work? No one at home to take care of it?”

   “That cat looks so stupid, hahahaha.”

   Until the elevator door closed, Li Zhenruo still felt a lot of pressure and buried his head in Li Zhenran’s arms. Even if the Fourth Young Master Li appeared in Yunlin himself, he had never tried to capture the eyes of so many people.

   Li Zhenran didn’t know why Li Zhenruo buried his head, and just scratched his ear with his finger.

   Li Zhenruo’s ears wiggled, and he felt very comfortable.

   When Li Zhenran arrived at the office, Hua Yibang had already arrived. He was surprised that Li Zhenran brought the cat to work, but he didn’t ask anything.

  As he was just helping Li Zhenran bring coffee into the office, Hua Yibang asked, “Will it peed and poop anywhere?”

   Li Zhenruo gave him an angry look: You are the one who will pee and poo anywhere!

   Li Zhenran said, “No, the driver will bring his toilet and rice bowl up later.”

   “Oh,” Hua Yibang replied and said to Li Zhenran, “I have asked someone to prepare a small meeting room for the morning meeting.”

   Li Zhenran heard the words and glanced at the time.

   Hua Yibang said, “There is still half an hour.”

   Li Zhenran nodded, “Call me later.”

   Hua Yibang responded “Okay” and walked out. However, less than two minutes after going out, he knocked on the door again and brought in Li Zhenruo’s toilet and lunch, which had been brought up by the driver.

   Li Zhenruo really didn’t want to equate these two different things.

   There was a short break before the meeting. Li Zhenran was drinking coffee while flipping through the documents on the desk.

   Li Zhenruo walked to the window and looked outside. For a while, a multitude of feelings surged up. He wondered what would he do if one day he found the murderer and a way to avenge him? Be a cat quietly until the end of life more than ten years later?

   Ugh? It was always unpleasant to think of this.

   After half an hour, Hua Yibang knocked on the door and asked Li Zhenran to have a meeting.

   Li Zhenran closed the document, picked it up, and walked out.

   Li Zhenruo immediately followed after seeing this.

   Until he followed out of the office, Hua Yibang stood beside Li Zhenran, hesitated for a moment and asked, “You are not locking up the cat?”

   Li Zhenran looked down at Li Zhenruo and said, “Don’t worry about it.”


   Li Zhenruo followed Li Zhenran at his feet and waited for the elevator.

   Hua Yibang couldn’t help asking again, “Won’t it run away?”

   Li Zhenran replied blankly, “If it ran away, I don’t need it.”

   Li Zhenruo’s fur stood on end in an instant. He always felt that Li Zhenran was saying this to him. How could he dare to run? Besides, where could he run to?

   They walked into the elevator, and when the elevator door was about to close, Li Zhenzi who had come out of the office shouted, “Second brother, wait for me.”

   Hua Yibang quickly pressed the elevator.

   Li Zhenzi hurriedly walked into the elevator with Su Yao. He was holding a stack of documents under his arm, and it seemed that he was also going to a meeting.

   Just now he heard Hua Yibang say that a small meeting room was used, and Li Zhenruo thought that they were probably the relevant people of the project of the western part team meeting.

   “Dumpling?” Su Yao yelled in surprise when she saw Li Zhenruo.

   Li Zhenzi looked down at Li Zhenruo and asked Li Zhenran weirdly, “Second brother, do you also take the cat to the meeting?”

   Li Zhenran responded, “It followed me on its own.”

   Su Yao couldn’t help but said, “Second Young Master, you are too awesome.”

   Li Zhenran turned his head to look at her, “What’s too awesome?”

   Su Yao smiled and said, “I have never seen a cat so well-behaved. I am afraid that Dumpling has forgotten who its owner really is.”

   As he heard Su Yao mention this, Li Zhenzi remembered it, and said to Li Zhenran, “I called Weiwei and she said that she has time tonight. Let’s have a meal together. Where do you want to go? I’ll book it.”

   Li Zhenran said, “I’m the one who invited Miss Yu, it’s better if I made the reservation to appear sincere.”

   While they were talking, Li Zhenruo kept looking up at them.

   Li Zhenzi suddenly looked down at Li Zhenruo, and said with a smile, “I don’t think the cat wants to go back anymore even if it sees Weiwei.”

   In Li Zhenzi’s opinion, Li Zhenruo has become a dog under Li Zhenran. So why did Yu Bingwei want to come? He would also persuade Yu Bingwei not to ask for it, and it was better to buy another one again.

   When the two brothers arrived at the conference room, the other people in the meeting had already arrived.

   Li Zhenran rarely made small talk, and as soon as he sat down, he said, “Let’s have a meeting, and spare me the useless talk.”

   As soon as he sat down, Li Zhenruo jumped onto his lap and sat, causing the mid-level officers of the company attending the small conference room to look at each other.

   But Li Zhenran himself didn’t feel there was something wrong. He reached out and put his hand on Li Zhenruo’s back, and also scratched his chin.

   Li Zhenruo instantly had the illusion that he was acting in a Hong Kong film in the 1990s. The mafia godfather sat in front of his brothers with a serious look and was playing with a Persian cat in his hand. It’s a pity that Li Zhenran lacked a trench coat and sunglasses and he was also a fat-faced Garfield instead of a beautiful Persian cat.

   Today, it was a remote video conference. The project manager who was now in the west reports the recent work through synchronized video.

   The work report process should have been boring, but after all, it was a project he had been responsible for, and Li Zhenruo listened with great interest.

   Later, the project manager said that there was a problem with the demolition and was coordinating with the local government, but there was some resistance.

   Li Zhenran lowered his head, his right thumb and index finger bent against his chin, and he frowned slightly.

   Li Zhenruo raised his head to look at Li Zhenran’s expression, and he felt he was a bit sexy. His cat’s eyes were really blind.

   After the video report was over, the participants on this side of the meeting again reported the progress of their work.

   At the end, Li Zhenran suddenly said to Li Zhenzi, “Daniel.”

   Li Zhenzi has been a little inattentive throughout the meeting. He looked up at Li Zhenran in a daze when he heard that he was named, “Hmm?”

   Li Zhenran said, “You take a trip to Qijiang.”

   Li Zhenzi pouted, and Li Zhenruo knew that he wanted to refuse by looking at his expression, and was now trying to find excuses.

   Sure enough, Li Zhenzi said quickly, “I’d like to go, but there’s a big investment movie to be made on Yunyi side, and my schedule is pretty full these days.”

   Yunyi was a film and television culture company under Yunlin. Li Zhenzi’s main focus was still on that side. As for Yunlin’s side, if it was not related to the project on the western part, he didn’t care much.

   Li Zhenruo was in charge of the project on the western part at the beginning. Because it was handed over to Li Zhenran at the last moment, Li Jianglin was afraid that Li Zhenran would not be able to handle it, so he appointed Li Zhenzi to help him.

   According to Li Jianglin, the project on the western part was Yunlin’s major project for the next few years. If completed, it would be a new type of cultural tourism model that would be developed in various parts of the country. That was the business opportunity Li Jianglin had already seen so far.

   In terms of film and television art, although the development under Li Zhenzi was also very good, Li Jianglin was getting older after all, and what he valued ​​more was the old business of the Li family.

   Li Zhenran heard the words and said calmly, “I’ll provide you the airfare, come back anytime you have something on your side.”

   That one sentence blocked all Li Zhenzi’s excuses. Of course he could say that he was too busy and tired, but it didn’t sound like a decent excuse.

   Li Zhenzi was silent for a moment and nodded helplessly.

   At the end of the meeting, Li Zhenran said to Li Zhenzi, “Third child, stay and give me two minutes of your time.”

   Li Zhenzi spread his hands and nodded.

   Hua Yibang and Su Yao both consciously got up and went out of the conference room and helped them close the door.

   At this moment, Li Zhenruo felt that he was lucky to be a cat so he didn’t have to exit the room because he was likely to hear Li Zhenran talk to Li Zhenzi sincerely. How rare were Li Zhenran’s sincere words? He thought he would never hear it in his life.

   Li Zhenran reached out and put Li Zhenruo on the conference table, got up and walked to Li Zhenzi himself, patted his shoulder, “I know what you’re up to.”

   Li Zhenzi shook a cigarette out of the cigarette case, and just held it to his mouth. Li Zhenran personally picked up the lighter and helped him light the fire.

   Li Zhenzi looked up at him, smiled and said, “Second brother, you are too modest.”

   Li Zhenran put aside the lighter on the table, “Third child, you should think about it. Could the development of Yunyi be so smooth without Yunlin?”

   This was a very simple truth.

   It was true that Yunyi developed very quickly and smoothly, but if it weren’t for Yunlin, there would be no such good development. The two complemented each other and prospered together.

   Li Zhenzi sucked in a mouthful of smoke and said to Li Zhenran, “Second brother, I understand. But you know me, I’m just lazy, I really don’t want to care about Yunlin’s affairs.”

   The hand that Li Zhenran put on Li Zhen’s shoulder suddenly exerted some strength, “But you have to understand that some things are not something you can afford to not want to take care of. Your surname is Li, and you are Li Jianglin’s son.”

   Li Zhenzi’s face changed slightly

   Li Zhenran said softly, “How do you think the fourth child died?”

   Li Zhenruo had been lying on the table listening to their conversation, but at this moment he couldn’t help standing up too. He felt a bit alarmed.

   Li Zhenzi’s face became even more unsightly as he asked rhetorically, “What do you think, Second brother?”

   Li Zhenran leaned to Li Zhenzi’s ear and said something in a low voice, which seemed to be a very long sentence.

   His voice was so low that Li Zhenruo didn’t even hear clearly, and couldn’t help but walk two steps in their direction.

   But at this time Li Zhenran had stood up straight, patted Li Zhenzi on the shoulder, and said, “You went there last time, didn’t you have a good time with the mayor’s son?”

   Li Zhenzhi responded, “Not bad.”

   Li Zhenran said, “Bring two actresses over, and then have fun with him, and settle the demolition matter as soon as possible.”

   Li Zhenzhi took a puff of smoke, then heavily nodded his head and said, “Okay.”

   Li Zhenran pressed his shoulder with satisfaction, turned around and stretched out his hand to Li Zhenruo, “Come here, we’re going back.”

   Li Zhenruo looked at Li Zhenran hesitantly and did not move.

   He felt very complicated. He repeatedly looked at the frowning Li Zhenzi and Li Zhenran usual expressions, but he couldn’t tell what they were thinking.

   Li Zhenruo was a little scared.

The author has something to say:

How can it took forty chapters for him to become a person? Doesn’t that mean second brother have to hold back very hard… But it’s true that I can’t stop writing about lovely animals

Do you know why I have so many drafts? Because I don’t want to be affected by comments and follow my own pace, otherwise I will definitely think: Oh oh, hurry up and change him to a person, hurry up and change him to a person!

Lmao, author didn’t want to be pressured by readers

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