Chapter 17

   “Dumpling,” Li Zhenran suddenly called his name. His tone was a bit stiff and cold.

   Li Zhenruo came back to his senses and knew that Li Zhenran was about to be angry, and he should not shrink down at this time, so he reluctantly walked towards Li Zhenran, but was unwilling to let Li Zhenran hold him. He jumped straight off the conference table and followed Li Zhenran’s leg.

   Li Zhenran ignored him and walked out directly.

   Li Zhenruo quickly followed. When he left, he looked back at Li Zhenzi and saw that he was still sitting in his place, and smoked silently.

   As he went back to Li Zhenran’s office, Li Zhenruo hid under his large desk, because from this angle, Li Zhenran could not see him at all.

   Even so, Li Zhenruo still felt terrified.

   He was wondering if he had gotten too close to Li Zhenran. At that moment just now, when he began to suspect Li Zhenran, his heart instantly felt like it had plunged into a bottomless abyss.

   In fact, he has to admit that his suspicion of Li Zhenran was already not too strong after just one month of getting along. How could a person who was full of love for small animals so cruelly kill his brother who grew up together?

   So what did Li Zhenran say to Li Zhenzi just now?

   Li Zhenran probably said, “Look, I killed the Fourth child. If you don’t listen to me, do you want to follow in the footsteps of the Fourth child?”

  … Li Zhenran was probably crazy.

   Or, “Did you kill the fourth child? I have something against you in my hand, and you have to do things for me.”

   It still sounds like Li Zhenran was crazy.

       Or, “Look, the Fourth child is not from the Li family anymore, and some people hunted him down and killed him. Do you think you can really stay out of the matter if you don’t care? Your right to hold the power is the most important thing. You should understand this truth, Yunlin has always been the foundation of the Li family.”

   Hmm… This makes more sense.

   So here came the question again, who killed Li’s fourth child in the end?

   Li Zhenruo painfully covered his head with his paws, So annoyed, so annoyed!

   He struggled for a long time and suddenly raised his head to see Li Zhenran standing in front of him looking at him. His heart suddenly skipped a beat. He completely didn’t notice when Li Zhenran came around the desk.

   Li Zhenran stretched out his hand to him, “Come here.”

   Li Zhenruo looked at his white and slender fingers. He slowly stood up and walked towards him, and then was picked up by Li Zhenran.

   Li Zhenran picked him up and did nothing. He just returned to his office chair and sat down, scratching Li Zhenruo’s big face with his fingers casually.

   Li Zhenruo felt very comfortable and scared witless at the same time. He couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Li Zhenran. From this angle, Li Zhenran’s jawline looked a bit sharp. Li Zhenruo always felt that his character was cold, and now he just feels uncertain about him.

   He was obviously being touched gently, but Li Zhenruo always had doubts that Li Zhenran would suddenly go crazy in the next second, biting his veins open with one bite, causing his blood to surge everywhere, and then let out a crazy laugh.

   What a way to go crazy!

   At noon, Li Zhenran had Hua Yibang call to book him a dinner appointment for the evening.

   Li Zhenruo has been extremely well-behaved since then, so well-behaved to the point of lying motionless on the sofa until the afternoon. When Li Zhenran came over and grabbed him by one foot and lifted him upside down, he didn’t react at all.

   The place where they have dinner in the evening was where Li Zhenran often goes.

   Li Zhenzi and Li Zhenruo didn’t like this place, Li Zhenzi felt the place is lifeless, and Li Zhenruo feels that this place is too pretentious.

   Li Zhenran carried the cat in and no one stopped him. The beautiful waiter in cheongsam in front of him led him to a small secluded private room.

   An antique Chinese decoration filled the room, the dining table and dining chairs were in mahogany. Outside the carved windows, there are rockeries, ponds, small bridges and flowing water.

   Li Zhenran took off his coat and asked the waiter to help him hang it up, and sat on the mahogany armchair. He lifted his long leg up to the other leg, reached out and picked up a teacup gently and elegantly sip a mouthful of tea.

   The handsome features are perfectly reflected in the elegant scenery outside the window, just like a young master of an old society.

   Having said so much, Li Zhenruo thought it could still be described in two words: pretentious prick.

   He was placed on the next chair by Li Zhenran.

   This was a small private room with a square table by the window and only four seats.

   Now that Li Zhenruo occupied a position alone, he couldn’t help but lift his upper body and lay his front paws on the table to reach for the melon seed dish above.

   It was just a little distance away, but Li Zhenran didn’t place it in front of him, and just grabbed a melon seed and brought it to his mouth.

   He opened his mouth to hold the melon seeds, followed the panda’s way of extending their paws to fix the melon seeds, and simply peeled off the shell.

   Li Zhenzi went to pick up Yu Bingwei, so he arrived more than ten minutes later than Li Zhenran.

   When they came in, Li Zhenran put down his long legs, stood up and shook hands with Yu Bingwei, with a very polite manner, “Hello, Miss Yu.”

   And when Li Zhenruo saw Yu Bingwei, she knew that she was very dressed up.

   He has always liked Yu Bingwei. This girl was beautiful and gentle, but the pivotal point was her attractive figure. Today she was wearing a dress. The colours and styles look simple, but the design was excellent. One look and you would know that it was not an ordinary brand. The makeup on her face was also very delicate, and her hair was carefully taken care of. She should have made a special trip to do her hair.

   Although Li Zhenran was not interested in the entertainment industry and has never made an investment, no one has never heard of the name of the Li family. Moreover, the second son of the Li family was half of the topic people talk about when they talk about the Li family nowadays.

   Compared to Li Zhenzi, it was obviously much harder to see Li Zhenran, let alone to have such a private meal.

   When she received the phone invitation from Li Zhenzhi, Yu Bingwei instantly felt a little flattered.

   “Dumpling!” After being separated for more than a month, Yu Bingwei was a little excited to see Li Zhenruo again. But with Li Zhenran present, she acted with restraint and just reached out to touch Li Zhenruo’s head.

   Li Zhenruo wanted to be picked up by her and be rubbed on her soft chest in her arms. Li Zhenran’s chest was hard, and it was not comfortable to lie down.

   Li Zhenran said, “Miss Yu, please sit down.”

   Yu Bingwei and Li Zhenzi sat down opposite them.

   Li Zhenran called the waiter to serve the dishes.

   Actually, Yu Bingwei already knew the purpose of Li Zhenran’s inviting her to eat this meal. When she first received a call from Li Zhenzi, she felt a little angry and said without thinking, “Why?”

   Of course, her anger was directed at Li Zhenzi. She was the one who left the cat to him for a period of time, but she didn’t expect that the other party would refuse to give it back.

   Li Zhenzi coaxed her and said, “It’s not me, it’s my second brother who likes your cat. What can I do?”

   When Yu Bingwei heard that it was Li Zhenran who wanted it, she was not so angry anymore. After all, for someone like Li Zhenran, even if you just wanted to give him a gift to build a relationship, he may not be willing to accept it.

   But still some reluctance, she said, “Do you Li family like to bully others?”

   Li Zhenzi promptly tried to show his innocence, “Where did I take advantage of you? You go talk to my second brother, and if you are dissatisfied, splash a cup of tea on his face, and tell him not to bully others. Wouldn’t that be good?”

   Yu Bingwei couldn’t help feeling it was somewhat a little funny when she heard this and finally sighed.

   Li Zhenzi said, “Don’t be angry, it’s just a cat. You haven’t raised it for a few days. I’ll buy a new one.”

   Yu Bingwei knew that she probably couldn’t refuse the other party’s request. In the end, she could only say, “Okay, let me go and see Dumpling.”

   As she sat here now, Yu Bingwei didn’t hear Li Zhenran didn’t mention the matter, and so she didn’t take the initiative to ask.

   Li Zhenran asked Yu Bingwei something about her recent filming.

   Yu Bingwei answered with a smile.

   While talking, Li Zhenran peeled a melon seed with his hand, and said to Li Zhenruo beside him, “Open your mouth.”

   Li Zhenruo cursed in his heart, Damn it, this great me is a cat and not a dog! But his mouth opened very honestly.

   Li Zhenran fed him the melon seeds.

   Yu Bingwei was a little startled for a while, and then came back to her senses after a while and said, “I didn’t expect Mr. Li to raise Dumpling so well.”

   Li Zhenruo chewed melon seeds blankly.

   Li Zhenran reached out and touched his head without saying anything.

   Yu Bingwei looked a little melancholy, “It didn’t behave this good when it was at my house. It slipped out once and scared my mother.”

   Li Zhenruo’s heart said, I also quite like you, come over and let me be buried on your chest.

   Li Zhenran said, “You must already know the purpose of my invitation to Miss Yu. I hope Miss Yu can sell this cat to me.”

   Yu Bingwei did not immediately agree, she looked a little bit distressed, and stretched out her hand to Li Zhenruo, “Dumpling, do you still recognize me?”

   Li Zhenruo wanted to go there. As soon as he moved his legs, he felt that Li Zhenran’s hands touching his head became heavier. He was pressed so hard he couldn’t lift his head up.

   After Li Zhenran lifted his hand, Li Zhenruo decided not to go over to Yu Bingwei. Instead, he climbed onto Li Zhenran’s lap and sat, rubbing his face against his chest, and making a cute cry of “meow”.

   Yu Bingwei showed some disappointment.

   At this time, Li Zhenzi said next to him, “Now he only listens to my second brother. Who asked you to keep it for only a month and throw it to me? It’s better not to keep pets if you don’t have time.”

   Yu Bingwei sighed and said, “Yes, I shouldn’t have brought Dumpling back in the first place. I don’t have time to take care of it.”

   Li Zhenran’s palm was placed on Li Zhenruo’s neck. Li Zhenruo felt a little uncomfortable being held tightly by him. He wanted to move but the grip felt tighter, so he could only stay still.

   Li Zhenran said, “Miss Yu, make an offer. I’m willing to pay double or give you a better kitten.”

   Li Zhenruo looked up at Li Zhenran and wanted to roll his eyes

   Yu Bingwei said sensibly, “No need. Since Mr. Li likes it so much, I will give it to you. Just like Daniel said, I don’t have time to keep pets. I also wronged them when I bought them. It’s better to give Dumpling to those who like it better to take care of it.”

   Li Zhenran said, “How can I receive such kindness?”

   Li Zhenruo was so embarrassed to hear him.

  Yu Bingwei smiled and said, “Just take it as Mr. Li takes care of Dumpling for me, and I will often visit it if I have the opportunity in the future. As long as it can grow healthily, it is better than anything else.”

   Li Zhenran looked down at Li Zhenruo and said, “That’s good, thank you Miss Yu.”

I couldn’t find that Chinese restaurant layout, but I once went a Chinese restaurant like that and indeed it felt so stiff there XD
Li Zhenruo is a healthy man, huh. Still liking Weiwei’s chest

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