Chapter 30

       They stayed in Qijiang for three days, after which Li Zhenran fulfilled his promise and went back to the provincial hotel where he set up a few tables to entertain a few experts.

       Li Zhenruo sat in the corner and watched Li Zhenran socialize.

       To be honest, Li Zhenran was not very good at socializing.

       Li Zhenruo used to think that he was a little introverted, at least not the kind of person who was smooth and slick. However, Li Zhenran was a capable person, so even if he ignored people with a cold face, there would naturally be people leaning on him and continuing to take advantage of his capability.

       Although from the survey at the Qijiang construction site a formal report has not yet been formed, the preliminary results were quite good.

       For this reason, Li Zhenran was actually in a good mood, but he didn’t show it on his face.

       In the evening, Li Zhenran drank a little too much wine.

       He didn’t look good when he drank. The more he drank, the whiter his face became. When they went back to the hotel room after dinner, his footsteps were still very steady, but when they returned to the room and sat down on the sofa, Hua Yibang said to Li Zhenruo, “He drank too much, watch him for a bit.”

       Li Zhenruo went around to look at Li Zhenran’s face, and said strangely, “It doesn’t look like it.”

       In Li’s house, Li Zhenran would go back to the room silently after drinking too much. Unlike Li Zhenzi, who would make a scene when he was drunk until the whole family know. So until now, Li Zhenruo didn’t know what Li Zhenran’s state was when he drank too much.

       After Hua Yibang warned him repeatedly, he left first.

       Li Zhenran and Li Zhenruo were left in the room, Li Zhenruo reached out and touched Li Zhenran’s shoulder, “Are you going to take a shower?”

       Li Zhenran didn’t say anything. After a while, he stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

       Li Zhenruo heard him enter for five or six minutes, but there was no movement. So he couldn’t help knocking on the door, “Ran ge?”

       No one responded.

       Li Zhenruo softly called out to Li Zhenran. He opened the door of the bathroom and probed in, and saw that Li Zhenran didn’t take off his clothes and sat motionless in the bathtub.

       Li Zhenruo felt a little exasperated. He walked in and asked Li Zhenran, “Would you like to take a bath?”

       Unexpectedly, Li Zhenran looked up at him and asked, “Who are you?”

       Li Zhenruo squatted down in front of him, took a deep breath, and said, “I’m your cat.”

       “My… cat?” Li Zhenran’s eyes were calm, and Li Zhenruo had no way of knowing what he was thinking. After a while, he asked Li Zhenruo, “How can you be a cat?”

       Li Zhenruo propped his face with his hands, “I’m a cat that can transform, have you seen Black Cat Detective1”

       Li Zhenran nodded.

       Li Zhenruo said, “I am also the same. I can change into a human.”

       Li Zhenran simply couldn’t think about the connection between the black cat detective and him being able to become a human right now. He suddenly reached out and touched Li Zhenruo’s face.

       Li Zhenruo strangely asked, “What?”

       The next thing he felt was Li Zhenran’s hand cupping his face and pulling him over, kissing him hard on the lips.

       Li Zhenruo’s eyes widened. He still didn’t understand what had happened, to the extent that he forgot to resist. He didn’t understand how the fact that he was a cat ignited Li Zhenran and made him suddenly do such a strange thing.

       After a while, Li Zhenran released him and gently stroked his lips with his fingers.

       Li Zhenruo maintained his wide-eyed posture. He found that his face was hot and his head was in total confusion.

       Li Zhenran put his forehead on his forehead and said in a low voice, “Do you like it?”

       Li Zhenruo felt that his head exploded, What did he mean by like? Why should I like it? First of all, regardless of whether he was Li Zhenruo or Li Zhenran’s brother in name, at least Li Zhenran has to remember that he was a man, right? It doesn’t matter if he was a man, but Li Zhenran suddenly kissed him after hearing that he was his cat. To start with, how much did Li Zhenran like his cat?!

       But although he couldn’t say he like it, Li Zhenruo knew that he didn’t hate it.

       His feelings for Li Zhenran were a bit special. After having such a dream next to the construction site that day, Li Zhenruo found that he had been with Li Zhenran for less than half a year, but his relationship was much deeper than the past 20 years.

       All this time, Li Zhenruo jokingly said to Li Zhenran that he was his master. And such a person fed you every day, tickled you, bathed you, and looked the whole world for you when you were wandering outside. Li Zhenruo feels that if he was really a cat, as a cat, he would at least be moved. What’s more, he was not a cat.

       Since he was a child, he had no mother, and his father and brothers did not love him. With Li Zhenran suddenly treating him so well, of course, it was impossible not to feel touched.

       Although Li Zhenruo sometimes has a twisted idea that Li Zhenran was actually good to cats in general, not to Li Zhenruo, his heart still became soft day by day.

       At this moment, Li Zhenruo, who was in a soft mood, was startled when he saw that Li Zhenran came over to kiss him again, and hurriedly tilted his head back, but he did not expect Li Zhenran to reach out and hold the back of his neck to prevent him from hiding and kissed him again on his lips.

       And this time it wasn’t a simple lip touching lips, but Li Zhenran was prying open his jaw with his tongue.

       fvck, fvck, fvck! Li Zhenruo’s heart churned. There were no other words better to express his inner feelings than these words.

       He was tongue-kissing Li Zhenran!

       He has lived for more than 20 years. Although he had messed around before, now he kissed a man with a tongue, and the other party was Li Zhenran. Li Zhenruo felt like he was struck by thunder.

       Moreover, Li Zhenran usually seemed to live a simple and disciplined life. Li Zhenruo also knew that Li Zhenran’s private life was very clean. How could he kiss so well? Li Zhenruo was a little dazed for a moment. In addition to being held down by Li Zhenran by his neck and unable to avoid it, he also felt that his brain could not respond due to the lack of oxygen.

       A few days ago, he went into heat when he was touched, and if he didn’t respond to being kissed today, he would suspect that he was really castrated.

       Li Zhenran grabbed one of Li Zhenruo’s arms and forcefully pulled him into the bathtub.

       Li Zhenruo’s head almost hit the edge of the bathtub. Then he was turned over and pressed under Li Zhenran’s body.

       Fortunately, the hotel’s bathtub was big enough for two people to lie inside and it was spacious.

       Li Zhenran continued to kiss Li Zhenruo, bit his lip and sucked it gently. Li Zhenran even made an obscene gesture with the purpose of conquering him and pressed his crotch on him.

       Li Zhenruo’s face was flushed, and he was short of breath. He hesitated between pushing Li Zhenran away or simply fighting back to let him see his own kissing skills.

       At this time, Li Zhenran’s kiss had already landed on his neck, and he ripped open his shirt with his teeth.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly felt that if he didn’t stop the other party, something would definitely happen, but at this time, where did he get the strength to stop it? He had spent almost all his strength, in order not to yield to him, not to hug Li Zhenran back and rub against him.

       He was a cat! And he was a cat in a rut. He didn’t urinate anywhere, and he didn’t run after seeing the female cat. He was already subdued enough. Now that he was hugged, kissed and rubbed like this, how could he bear it? What’s more, this person was his dear master, who accompanied him to eat and sleep with him every day.

       Li Zhenruo thought about other things in his head. If he didn’t think about it, he would be completely be drowned in this abyss of desire.

       However, Li Zhenruo’s body has tightened so much that he had to open his mouth to breathe. He felt like he was taking drugs, with uncontrollable excitement and happiness. The breath and gasping voice of the person pressing him seemed to be drugging his body. He didn’t even understand what was wrong with him. It was even more difficult to hold back than the first time he had done it with a woman in his teens.

       Later, when Li Zhenran reached under him with one hand, and just touched the place that was stirred up, a white light flashed in front of him, and he couldn’t believe it came out like this!

       Li Zhenruo was completely shocked. Today, he was like a teenager who had eaten the forbidden fruit for the first time. When he was teased by Li Zhenran, he was defeated and surrendered.

       The white light flashed was not vulgar fiction writing, but a real flash of white light. Have you seen an animated movie? No matter what, the transformation would always have a “bang” sound, and then a burst of dazzling light, and the beautiful girl would become a Sailor Moon or pig or something else……

       And so, Li Zhenran was knocked back by the white light that rose to the top, and changed the person into a Garfield pressed into the bathtub. All of Li Zhenruo’s clothes fell off his body and were scattered in the bathtub, leaving only the collar around his neck.

       The cat was so small that Li Zhenran pressed an empty space underneath him and stuck to the bathtub, only to look face to face with a pair of frightened eyes.

       The reason why Li Zhenruo was frightened was that he realized that he had turned back into a cat, and at the same time, he saw the strong desire in Li Zhenran’s drunk eyes. He thought that if Li Zhenran continued to do anything to a cat today, he was really shameless and should be sent to chemical castration.

       Li Zhenran seemed to be stunned for a few seconds, and then let go of his grip on Li Zhenruo’s hand.

       Li Zhenruo slid into the bathtub from the smooth edge of the bathtub. He saw Li Zhenran stand up, pulled on his clothes with one hand, and turn on the showerhead with the other.

       The cold water came out from the nozzle at once, and Li Zhenruo felt the cold water wash over him and immediately tumbled out of the bathtub. He stood outside the bathtub, and his breathing was still uneven. And when he turned around, he saw that Li Zhenran was already taking off his pants. So he didn’t dare to look any longer. Li Zhenruo swiftly rushed out of the bathroom, leaning his back against the wall and gasping for breath.

       Li Zhenruo thought to himself: This is really an absurd story.

       The sound of water in the bathroom continued, Li Zhenran didn’t speak from beginning to end, and just took a bath in silence. He then silently turned off the water to dry his body, and silently came out of the bathroom to lay directly on the bed.

       Li Zhenruo was still close to the wall at first and didn’t dare to move, but after he saw Li Zhenran lying down, he couldn’t help but slowly approach him. He jumped on the bed, stood on the edge of the pillow, and stretched out his front paw to gently touch Li Zhenran’s shoulder.

       Li Zhenran didn’t respond.

       Li Zhenruo hesitated a little, then stretched out his paw to nudged him lightly.

       This time Li Zhenran gave him a response, but he didn’t speak. He just raised an arm and shook it, as if trying to drive him away, but because the movement was too big, Li Zhenruo was pushed out of the bed when he waved his arm over.

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment. His first reaction was to think that Li Zhenran was turning his back on him since he had finished having fun with him. Later, he felt that it was wrong. It’s obvious that he transformed after he finished while not giving the other party a chance to have fun.

       But he still felt hurt. In an instant, the Sweetie in the past has become the present-day Mrs Bull again2reference to Chinese Odyssey. Li Zhenruo’s mouth flattened, and he went out of the room. He jumped on the sofa in the living room, rolled his body into a ball and lay down.

       He felt a little sad at first. Li Zhenruo kept staring at the bedroom door and couldn’t fall asleep. Later, in the middle of the night, after all, his body was too tired, and he fell asleep unconsciously.

       This time, he slept until the morning. He was woken up by the sound of the door opening. When he opened his eyes, he saw that it was already bright outside, so the time should already be late.

       The person who opened the door and came in was Hua Yibang because Li Zhenran was going back on the plane this morning, but he never got up. Hua Yibang called him and but the phone was not turned on, so he took the room card and came to open the door.

       In the beginning, Hua Yibang was a little cautious. He was afraid that he would see some inappropriate scene when he broke into the bedroom. He originally planned to call Li Zhenran in the living room, but instead, he saw the cat lying on the sofa.

       Li Zhenruo woke up and remained motionless, with his head resting on his paws, and only opened his eyes to look at him.

       Hua Yibang couldn’t hide his surprise anymore, because he saw the collar on Li Zhenruo’s neck.

       Li Zhenruo guessed that Hua Yibang was thoroughly confused.

       But as expected of Hua Yibang, who has been with Li Zhenran for so many years, he quickly get over his surprise and walked to the bedroom door and knocked lightly, “Zhenran, get up.”

       The only person on the bed was Li Zhenran, so it was clear at a glance that there was no need to look any further.

       Li Zhenran slept on his stomach all night, and now he raised his head and rubbed his forehead in pain.

       Hua Yibang reminded him, “If you’re late, you’ll have to change your ticket.”

       Li Zhenran nodded, turned over and sat up. But it was obvious that he was not fully awake, so he raised his hands to cover his face for a while.

       When Li Zhenran put on his trousers and walked outside while putting on his clothes, Hua Yibang finally couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s your cat?”

       Li Zhenran had already walked to the living room at that time, glanced at him inexplicably, pointed to Li Zhenruo on the sofa and said, “Isn’t that a cat?”

       Hua Yibang said, “I’m not talking about—” At this point, he seemed a little discouraged and said, “Forget it, it’s nothing.”

       Li Zhenran walked towards the bathroom and said to Hua Yibang, “By the way, help me with the pet check. I want to take it back.”

       Hua Yibang replied with “OK” and left the room first.

       Li Zhenruo lay on the sofa and didn’t want to move. Although he slept for a while, he still didn’t feel much better, especially when he remembered what happened last night. A word popped into his head inexplicably: forsaken after being dallied with.

       But Li Zhenran seemed to be the same as he was countless mornings. After getting up, he went to the bathroom to wash and tidy up and didn’t give Li Zhenruo a second look.

       Not to mention what happened last night, it was as if he didn’t even remember when Li Zhenruo once became a person.

       After he came out of the bathroom, Li Zhenran saw Li Zhenruo looking at him with a straight face.

       Although it’s not easy to say how the cat has a straight face, he just knows that his cat was staring with a straight face.

       Li Zhenran still ignored him and went back to the room to pack up.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly felt that he wanted to go to the toilet at this moment, but he didn’t bring out the cat toilet, so he could only run to the toilet, jumped on the toilet, and struggled to find a position where he could urinate while standing on the toilet seat.

       At this time, Li Zhenran suddenly came in.

       Li Zhenruo felt that this posture was really unsightly, and he didn’t want to be seen by Li Zhenran, but when he was nervous, his whole cat body almost slipped into the toilet, but fortunately, Li Zhenran reached out and caught it.

       Li Zhenran lifted his two front paws and said, “Hurry up.”

       Li Zhenruo looked up at him. Although he was reluctant, he was even more reluctant to go out and urinate on the street. In the end, he was helped by Li Zhenran to urinate.

       There was some sadness and anger and some sorrow.

       After urinating, Li Zhenruo didn’t want to move and lay on the living room carpet to pretend to be dead. Later, Li Zhenran packed his luggage, picked him up with one hand and walked outside.

I feel really bad Hua Yibang have to go through all this (´Д `)
Zhenran better give him a raise!

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  1. Sadie Woods

    Yeah, Hua Yibang is the real MVP. Able to keep a straight face when presented with both the human and cat “pets” and roll with the situation. I feel a bit bad for Zhenran, though I sense bad things for Zhenruo’s future if the trigger to turn back into a cat is him “finishing” during his rutting period. RIP in advance, I think you’ll have a rough go of it. 😅

    Thanks for your hard work translating!


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