Chapter 38

       When he had breakfast in the morning, Li Zhenran asked Wang Ma to serve him a bowl of porridge.

       Li Zhenzi sat opposite him, and when he looked up, he saw the ambiguous red marks under Li Zhenran’s slightly open collar. He laughed and said, “Second brother, I remember you came back very early last night.”

       At this time, Li Jianglin had already finished breakfast and gone out for a walk.

       In the dining room, besides Li Zhenran and Li Zhenzi, there was also Wen Chun who just got up and went downstairs. As she heard Li Zhenzi’s words, Wen Chun raised her eyes and looked in the direction of Li Zhenran. She then smiled and lowered her head to drink coffee.

       Li Zhenran heard the words and said, “Yes.”

       Li Zhenzi was really curious, “Then don’t tell me you were bitten by a mosquito on your neck?”

       Li Zhenran picked up a chopstick and pickled vegetables and said, “There were a lot of mosquitoes last night, didn’t you feel it?”

       Li Zhenzi didn’t believe what he said and just smiled. He didn’t continue to ask.

       Li Zhenruo was also in the dining room, but his cat-self was still in a trance as he was lying in front of his small food bowl to drink milk.

       He felt puzzled. Although Li Zhenruo didn’t have relationships with countless women like Li Zhenzi, he was also a veteran in love scenes. In the past, he always thought that Li Zhenran was too serious, and thought that when he was with a woman, he would have no flirting skills. But this morning, the other side whispered in his ear a few words, and he almost lost his soul.

       Until now, Li Zhenruo can’t help but blush when he thought of the word master he shouted, as if it had some kind of erotic meaning.

       After breakfast, Li Zhenran wanted to take Li Zhenruo out.

       Wen Chun felt very strange, “Zhenran, are you taking the cat to work? Won’t it make trouble?”

       Li Zhenzi hurriedly said, “Second brother loves his cat so much. He can hold it when he sleeps, what could the difference be going to work with it?”

       Wen Chun smiled a little at his words.

       Li Zhenran was too lazy to take part in his nonsense and carried Li Zhenruo by his collar into the car.

       There was a driver in the car, and it was inconvenient for one person and one cat to say or do something.

       When he arrived at the company’s office, Hua Yibang was not very surprised to see Li Zhenran bringing the cat to work again, and only said, “Zhenran, did you only bring the cat and no toilet for him?”

       Li Zhenran said, “He will use the toilet himself.”

       Hua Yibang was baffled.

       After he closed the door of the office and locked it, Li Zhenran said to Li Zhenruo, “That’ll do.”

       Li Zhenruo also glanced at the door lock alertly. Then, under Li Zhenran’s gaze, he stretched out and transformed into a naked young man.

       “Clothes, clothes.” Li Zhenruo said quickly to Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran fetched him a set of casual clothes from the lounge cupboard, and then said, “I’ll ask Yibang to buy you two sets of clothes.”

       Li Zhenruo was sitting naked on the edge of the big bed in his lounge, playing with his clothes and saying, “Where are the underwear?”

       Li Zhenran rummaged through the drawer to find a pair of underwear for him.

       Li Zhenruo took it in his hand and said, “This is worn.”

       Li Zhenran said to him, “There are no new ones here. Wear them or don’t.”

       Li Zhenruo was silent, and finally, put on his underwear. Why does it matter to wear Li Zhenran’s old underwear? He let Li Zhenran do whatever he wanted, and didn’t care about it.

       Li Zhenran looked at him neatly dressed and asked him, “Are you going out?”

       The purpose of Li Zhenruo following Li Zhenran out was of course to be able to move freely instead of being trapped in Li’s house all day. He still had a lot of things to do, although there was no way to rush the moment for fear of being noticed by Li Zhenran. But it didn’t feel good to be kept in captivity for such a long time. Even if he wasn’t going to do anything, it was better to go shopping freely.

       He said to Li Zhenran, “I’m going to take a stroll down the street and buy some clothes to wear.”

       Li Zhenran said, “Wait until I get off work to go with you.”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at him with a pitiful look, “Let me go.”

       Li Zhenran looked at him coldly and said nothing.

       At this time, Li Zhenruo already knew exactly how to deal with Li Zhenran. He took a deep breath, reached out and pulled Li Zhenran’s belt buckle around his waist, pulling him to himself, his face almost pressed to the small of his back, tilting his head up to look at him, “Master, please ……”

       Li Zhenran grabbed Li Zhenruo’s face with one hand and pulled it so hard that the shape of Li Zhenruo’s face was deformed, and he cried out “It’s painful” before Li Zhenran let go and said, “The old rules, remember?”

       Li Zhenruo said quickly, “The collar will not be taken off, and back before five o’clock in the afternoon.”

       Li Zhenran patted his face, took out a secondary credit card from his body, and put it in his jacket pocket.

       Li Zhenruo touched the credit card on his chest, licked his face and said, “Just give me some more cash.”

       Li Zhenran looked at him coldly, “How much?”

       Li Zhenruo felt that his request was too much, so he grabbed Li Zhenran’s hand, put his palm on his face, and said, “Five thousand.”

       Li Zhenran heard the words, and grabbed his face with his fingers, “What for?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Ouch, ouch,” twice. “I owe someone money. It was just five thousand yuan. Don’t pull it. It’s going to be swollen.”

       Li Zhenran let go of his hand and saw that Li Zhenruo’s cheeks were really red. If he pulled it further, it would be difficult to reduce the swelling, and said, “Wait a while.”

       As he left the lounge, Li Zhenran called Hua Yibang in.

       When Hua Yibang came in, he saw Li Zhenruo standing at the door of the lounge straightening up his clothes. He then stopped in his tracks with a bewildered face. He remembered that there was no one else here for Li Zhenran just now, and wasn’t this young man the one Li Zhenran took to Qijiang last time?

       He felt like he hadn’t seen him for quite a long time, so why did the man suddenly appear again?

       Also, where’s the cat?

       “Yibang,” Li Zhenran called to him.

       Hua Yibang was distracted and did not respond.

       Li Zhenran then knocked on the table and called again, “Hua Yibang.”

       Only then did Hua Yibang turn his head towards him in shock, “Zhenran?”

       Li Zhenran said, “You help me to get 5,000 yuan in cash.”

       Hua Yibang nodded and said, “Do you want it now?”

       Li Zhenran replied, “I want it now.”

       Hua Yibang turned around to go out, but after taking two steps, he couldn’t help turning his head and asked, “Zhenran, where’s the cat?”

       Li Zhenran glanced in the direction of Li Zhenruo and said, “Isn’t it here?”

       Hua Yibang also looked at Li Zhenruo, his expression became profound and bewildered as if he wanted to say something. In the end, he endured it and turned to leave Li Zhenran’s office.

       Li Zhenruo rolled up his long sleeves and thought that he had to buy a few sets of clothes. Li Zhenran’s clothes were always a bit ill-fitting to wear.

       Li Zhenran sat on the office chair and hooked his finger at him, “Come here.”

       Li Zhenruo walked over and was hugged by Li Zhenran. He then sat on his lap, and Li Zhenran bent down to help him roll up his trousers.

       As he looked at the hair on top of Li Zhenran’s head, Li Zhenruo suddenly felt that his heart was beating a little faster for some reason as if his heart was slowly being filled with something, and he could feel his heart aching with a little touch.

       So when Li Zhenran raised his head, he reached out and hugged Li Zhenran’s neck and kissed him on the mouth.

       Li Zhenruo was also a man himself, and he has seen too many women to know what kind of behaviour makes a man’s heart flutter the most. He seduced Li Zhenran deliberately. Anyway, he had done everything, and he didn’t care about losing. His heart was always fluttering, and it made no sense to see Li Zhenran calm and unaffected.

       At the end of the kiss, Li Zhenruo saw that Li Zhenran was looking at him.

       Growing up together in Li’s family since childhood, Li Zhenruo had never seen Li Zhenran look at a person like this. He felt a little happy, and the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up. He felt embarrassed, so he put his head on Li Zhenran’s shoulder and lowered his head and snickered alone.

       After a while, he heard Hua Yibang knocking on the door outside to come in. Li Zhenruo immediately got up from Li Zhenran’s arms and stood next to him to organize his clothes.

       Hua Yibang handed 5,000 yuan in cash to Li Zhenran. After Li Zhenran took it, he handed it to Li Zhenruo, and then give a few hundred-yuan bills from himself to Li Zhenruo and said, “Go and take a taxi.”

       Li Zhenruo smiled and said, “Thank you.”

       Hua Yibang stood silently, without looking away.

       “Also,” Li Zhenran sat down and opened the drawer of his desk. There was an almost brand-new mobile phone in it. It was the one that Li Zhenruo had used the last time he happened to take human form, and there was his ID card named Li Tuanzi next to it.

       Li Zhenran gave him his cell phone, but he didn’t take out his ID card.

       Li Zhenruo approached him and asked, “Can you give me the ID card?”

       “No,” Li Zhenran replied dryly.

       So Li Zhenruo didn’t push. He put away the money and mobile phone, kissed Li Zhenran’s face, and said, “I’m leaving.”

       Li Zhenran nodded.

       When Li Zhenruo passed by Hua Yibang, he waved to him, “Bye.”

       Hua Yibang politely responded, “Take care.”

       Li Zhenruo came out of Li Zhenran’s office and familiarly went to the elevator. When he saw that the VIP elevator was still on the basement floor, he reached out and pressed the public elevator.

       At this time, it was already working hours, and there were not many people going up and down the elevator. When the elevator went down to the tenth floor, a young man in a suit came in.

       When he saw the man’s appearance clearly, Li Zhenruo was slightly startled.

       This young man was his former assistant, and his name was Yan Xiujie. Yan Xiujie had a very good relationship with Li Zhenruo in the past, and he really followed Li Zhenruo with all his heart and soul even when Li Zhenruo had just encountered an unforeseen misfortune and was in the most depressing time. Yan Xiujie once also carried large and small bags of food to visit him at the place where Li Zhenruo lived.

       After Li Zhenruo was killed, there was no news of Yan Xiujie, and he didn’t plan to look for him when he came back as a cat, because his identity was too peculiar. But he didn’t expect to meet him in Yunlin’s elevator today.

       Yan Xiujie just glanced at him from the corner of his eye and didn’t look at him again. Li Zhenruo knew that it was a bit strange for him to be dressed up here, and he looked like someone brought his son who was on vacation from middle school to the company to play.

       When the elevator went down to the fifth floor, Yan Xiujie walked out. Li Zhenruo hesitated for a while, but didn’t call him, and silently took the elevator to the ground floor.

       He came out of Yunlin’s building, took out his mobile phone and looked at the time. He planned to call Feng Junyuan first, and then go to Xia Hongshen. He still remembered that he owed the other party 5,000 yuan, and now he was in a hurry to repay the money first.

       He knows that Xia Hongshen was not an ordinary person. He not only wanted to pay him back the money but also hoped that Xia Hong Shen could be impressed by the money to help him do something more, although the possibility of this was very slim.

       As expected, Xia Hongshen refused his other requests after charging him five thousand yuan, the reason was “no time”.

       “Xia laoshi1may refer to teacher or an honorific title used for a highly venerated senior teacher in Zen Buddhism.?” Li Zhenruo tried to impress him with sincerity.

       Xia Hongshen pointed to the autopsy room, “There are still corpses waiting for me, do you want to go in with me?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Leave it at that. Please…”

       Li Zhenruo thought it was expected to be rejected by Xia Hongshen and was not very disappointed.

       When he came out of the school, he really went shopping with the card Li Zhenran gave him, as he and Li Zhenran already discussed. In fact, he still had one thing in mind, that was, he wanted to find a locksmith and go to unlock the house where his mother once lived to see if there was anything.

       But he was always worried that if he made too much movement, Li Zhenran would be alarmed.

       Li Zhenruo has not planned to tell Li Zhenran his identity until now. He always felt that the future was very vague. Even before yesterday, he was not sure what kind of attitude he could live in in the future.

       Wait a little longer, Li Zhenruo told himself that he had waited for so long, and he needed to calm down and take it one step at a time.

       So he went to the shopping mall, visited several casual wear brands that he liked in the past, bought a few sets of casual clothes with simple and elegant styles, suitable for young people, and also went to the sports brand store to buy himself two pairs of sports shoes and a duckbill cap.

       Before five o’clock in the afternoon, Li Zhenruo returned to Yunlin with a large bag and a small bag but was stopped by the security downstairs.

       Showing the handsome face under the cap, Li Zhenruo asked the front desk to call Hua Yibang, and only after confirming his identity did the front desk let him go.

       Taking the elevator to the 23rd floor, the elevator door just opened, and Li Zhenruo saw Li Zhentai who was standing outside the door waiting for the elevator.

       Li Zhenruo was a little surprised, and Li Zhentai was stunned for a moment, looking at him up and down.

       Li Zhenruo simply pretended to not know Li Zhentai and walked out of the elevator towards Li Zhenran’s office. Li Zhentai watched his back for a while before entering the elevator.

       As he saw Li Zhenran, Li Zhenruo first put his large and small bags on his desk and asked, “What’s your eldest brother doing here?”

       Li Zhenran picked up the paper bag with his fingers and glanced at the clothes inside, and said casually, “Something came up for me.”

       Having that said was tantamount to not saying it. Li Zhenruo just thought that Li Zhentai was busy with marriage affairs recently and would not have time to see Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenruo stood at the edge of the desk, thought for a while, and moved all the clothes and shoes he bought into Li Zhenran’s lounge, carefully hanging them in the cabinet.

       Li Zhenran stood at the door, crossed his arms and asked him, “What are you planning to do by putting them here?”

       Li Zhenruo turned around and said, “It’s only natural. I come to work with you every morning and go home with you in the afternoon.”

       Li Zhenran said, “People will think I’m sick.”

       In his heart, Li Zhenruo said everyone thought you were sick for a long time, it’s just that no one told you. As he thought of this, he suddenly thought that Li Zhenran was a little pitiful. He walked over to him and pulled him to sit beside the bed, and said, “No one will think you are sick, only that you love cats.”

       Li Zhenran suddenly reached out to clamp Li Zhenruo’s jaw, and said coldly, “Really? How much do I love you?”

       Li Zhenruo decided to take back the pity on him, pretended to be pitiful and said, “I’m wrong. I beg you to bring me out every day. I’m bored as a cat in the Li family, and you can’t accompany me at home.”

       Li Zhenran snorted and let go.

       Li Zhenruo rolled on the bed, and his body shrank back to the shape of a cat. He walked to Li Zhenran’s side, rubbed his body against his arm, and raised his tail to hook his fingers.

       Li Zhenran picked him up and threw him on the big desk outside, sat down and rang the bell to call Hua Yibang to come in.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t pay attention to what he was doing, but saw a plain invitation letter on the table, and couldn’t help but curiously opened it and saw that it turned out to be an invitation letter for a charity dinner.

       The sponsor of this charity dinner was the Ren’ai Charity Foundation. Li Zhenruo had some impressions of this foundation because he was invited to attend the charity dinner the previous year. He remembered that Yue Zijia was one of the directors of this foundation, and Li Zhenzi was the honorary president of the foundation because he once donated all the profits of a film on behalf of Yunyi.

       Li Zhenruo immediately wanted to know whether Li Zhenzi and Yue Zijia would attend this dinner. He stretched out his body and turned into a naked youth, knelt on the desk, and asked, “Is it…”

       “Zhenran?” Before he finished speaking, Hua Yibang opened the office door from outside and saw this scene.

       Everything happened in an instant, and Li Zhenran didn’t have time to react at all.

       Hua Yibang exited quickly and closed the door, while Li Zhenruo was a little silly and asked Li Zhenran, “Did he see it?”

       Li Zhenran was sitting on the seat in front of the desk. From this angle, the scenery was just right. With a gloomy face, he said, “Get in.”

       Li Zhenruo saw that he was angry and hurriedly got down from the desk, hid in the lounge, and closed the door.

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