Li Zhenruo reacted quickly, and when he saw Yue Zijia hanging up the phone, he stretched his body out and yawned loudly.

       So when Yue Zijia turned around, she saw that Li Zhenruo had already stretched halfway. At the same time, he threw his body forward on the fence of the balcony, as if he had just walked over.

       As he saw Yue Zijia looking at him, Li Zhenruo turned his head. He politely smiled first, then looked a little puzzled before he came to a realization, “We’ve met before, right?”

       When Li Zhenran took him to the private restaurant for the first time in his human form, he met Yue Zijia. But he didn’t know if Yue Zijia was still remembered.

       Yue Zijia smiled, “You still remember me, you are a friend of Second Young Master Li, right?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “I am his assistant.”

       Yue Zijia didn’t know whether to believe it or not and just maintained a gentle smile. She extended a hand, “My name is Yue Zijia.”

       Li Zhenruo secretly cursed Li Zhenran for giving him the name of Li Tuanzi on his ID card. He had no way to say that name, so he could only say, “My name is Jason.”

       Yue Zijia’s smile remained unchanged, but her eyes flickered, “Jason? Did Zhenran tell you that you and his brother have the same English name?”

       Li Zhenruo nodded, “Yes, I am still considering if I should change it or not so that he doesn’t think of his brother when he calls my name.”

       Yue Zijia smiled and said, “You’re nothing like his brother. You shouldn’t.”

       At this time, a staff member of the foundation asked Yue Zijia to come over in front of the banquet hall, and Yue Zijia could only say goodbye to Li Zhenruo, “I still have some things to do. Let’s get together with Zhenran when we have a chance in the future.”

       Li Zhenruo nodded, “Okay, beautiful jiejie.”

       Yue Zijia bowed her head slightly, and smiled a little shyly, “I’ll go first.”

       When Yue Zijia walked past Li Zhenruo and walked towards the banquet hall, Li Zhenruo looked at her back, and his smile slowly faded, who was she calling?

       When he heard Yue Zijia say “you Li family” just now, his first reaction was that she was calling Li Zhentai because it couldn’t have been Li Zhenzi or Li Zhenran. But later, Li Zhenruo suddenly had an idea, could it be Li Jianglin?

       Could everything be self-directed by Li Jianglin? After knowing that he was not his own son, he asked someone to do the appraisal, and then put on a show to show him that he was not his own son?

       But why does he need to do that?

       Li Jianglin could personally come out and throw the appraisal document in front of him and tell him to get out of the Li family. There was no need to cower and hide behind people like this. In contrast, it was Li Zhentai who was much more suspicious.

       Li Zhenruo felt that his heart was beating so fast. He had been focusing on Li Zhenzi, but now it seemed that he was probably wrong. Maybe Yue Zijia was not Li Zhenzi’s mistress but was simply Li Zhentai’s mistress.

       He originally made an excuse to follow Li Zhenzi and Yue Zijia, but now he really didn’t want to go in. He leaned forward slightly against the railing of the balcony and looked into the distance, but his mind was full of Li Zhentai.

       Li Zhentai had a lukewarm personality since he was a child, his grades were average, and his appearance was not as outstanding as his three younger brothers. This kind of eldest son did not please his father, but Li Zhenruo felt that he could get along well because there was no sense of aggression.

       The relationship between him and Li Zhentai was not good, but it was not as cold as Li Zhenran, and there was less conflict as it was with Li Zhenzi. He knew that Li Zhentai was also unhappy with the situation, and he didn’t expect Li Zhentai to be on his side, but to be so cruel to him like this. To be honest, Li Zhenruo felt a little uncomfortable.

       With his palms on the metal railings, he could feel a touch of coldness even on a midsummer night. There was air conditioning in the banquet hall, but the heat outside was unbearable. Li Zhenruo stretched out his hand to pull on his clothes and bow tie, trying to loosen it up to relieve his inner suffocation.

       An arm suddenly went around his side and grasped the railing, and he felt someone behind him.

       Before turning his head, Li Zhenruo was keenly aware that it was Li Zhenran’s scent.

       “What are you looking at?” Li Zhenran asked him.

       Li Zhenruo was silent for a while. He rested his elbows on the railing and propped his face with his hands. He said, “It’s so boring, when will it be over?”

       Li Zhenran said, “You’re the one who wants to come.”

       Li Zhenruo said truthfully, “I was wrong.”

       Li Zhenran patted his head, “Let’s go first.”

       That evening, Li Zhenran donated 200,000 yuan to Ren’ai Charity Foundation’s charity project to help abducted and trafficked children and left with Li Zhenruo first.

       In the car, Li Zhenruo was somewhat in a bad mood.

       He rested his head on Li Zhenran’s shoulder.

       Li Zhenran sat with his back on the seat and didn’t move. After a while, he raised his hand and stroked his hair.

       Li Zhenruo put his hands around Li Zhenran’s waist and leaned himself completely in his arms.

       The driver glanced at them from the rearview mirror and asked Li Zhenran in a low voice where he was going now.

       Li Zhenran said, “Home.”

       The driver hesitated, “Back to the Li residence?”

       Li Zhenran answered “Um”.

       The driver obviously found it strange. He didn’t understand how Li Zhenran dared to bring a boy home so blatantly, but he always listened to orders and didn’t ask questions. He didn’t ask any more questions and sent Li Zhenran home in silence.

       Back home, the driver parked the car in front of the fountain, waited for the two to get out of the car, and drove to the garage.

       Li Zhenruo grabbed Li Zhenran’s arm and saw that the living room light was still on. He whispered, “Wang Ma is still awake.”

       At this time, even if Li Jianglin was not asleep, he would definitely be in his room or in his study, and Wang Ma would be the only one watching TV with the lights on in the living room.

       Li Zhenran turned his head and asked him, “How are you going to get in?”

       If Li Zhenruo went in now, he would definitely be seen by Wang Ma. He didn’t want to be exposed to the Li family like this.

       Li Zhenran’s question meant that he should change back into his cat form and go back, but Li Zhenruo was a bit reluctant and said, “I’ll climb in through the window from the back.”

       Li Zhenran smiled when he heard the words, “Go ahead.”

       After he finished speaking, he even ignored Li Zhenruo and walked toward the house by himself.

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment and thought that Li Zhenran was not afraid of him running away, so he just left him alone, it was really annoying! But no matter how much he complained in his heart, he still obediently walked to the side of the villa, raised his head and looked up. And after a while, he saw the light coming from the window of Li Zhenran’s room.

       Li Zhenran opened the window, stuck his head out and hooked his fingers.

       Li Zhenruo took off his jacket, tied the sleeves around his waist, rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, pressed his hands on the windowsill on the first floor, and climbed up.

       Sure enough, a person’s ability to climb a wall was far worse than a cat’s, Li Zhenruo thought to himself as he reached for the pipe next to him, and tried to climb the pipe to the second floor.

       Suddenly, there was a fierce barking sound from downstairs.

       Li Zhenruo slipped his foot on the fixed area of the pipe and almost fell. He turned his head and saw a big golden retriever running in his direction.

       Zhu Kai was at home from time to time, and he lived outside with his dog from time to time. No one was there this morning, and Li Zhenruo didn’t know why he came back with the dog at this time.

       When Erhuang saw someone climbing the window, he dutifully barked and ran over to catch the thief.

       Because it was very well-behaved on weekdays and never barks indiscriminately. Today, when Erhuang made such an anxious call, it could only mean there was some special situation at home.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly became flustered. At the same time, he heard the sound of someone walking out as the door of the front living room opened.

       As soon as he closed his eyes, holding the water pipe, he changed back to the appearance of a cat and quickly ran off the fence. It was just that the clothes all over his body were scattered in an instant, and the coat fall over Erhuang’s head at once. Erhuang turned around twice in horror in the sudden darkness, and its scream became even more miserable.

       “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Wang Ma had already run over, and the person who followed closely behind her was Zhu Kai.

       Li Zhenruo rushed to the third floor and carefully looked out from the windowsill, only to see his clothes on the ground, and even a pair of underwear hanging on the water pipe. Li Zhenruo was a little dumbfounded for a moment.

       Zhu Kai raised his head and looked upstairs. He also saw the underwear hanging on the water pipe. He looked puzzled, looked in the direction of the second floor, and then tilted his head to look at the third floor.

       Li Zhenran’s room was under Li Zhentai’s room. Li Zhentai and Wen Chun went to Saipan to take wedding photos during this period of time, and there was no one in the room at all.

       Wang Ma was still startled, “Who is this? Throwing clothes all over the place?”

       Zhu Kai said, “Zhentai is not here, is Zhenran drunk?”

       Li Zhenruo hurriedly turned back to find Li Zhenran but found that the window was still open, but Li Zhenran was not in the room at all.

       “It’s mine,” Li Zhenran’s voice suddenly came from downstairs.

       It turned out that after seeing Li Zhenruo causing trouble, he had already gone downstairs, ready to clean up the mess for him.

       Zhu Kai laughed twice, “Ran ge, are you a heavenly maiden scattering flower in the middle of the night? Your underwear is still hanging on the water pipe.”

       Li Zhenran heard the words and glanced upstairs, and saw Li Zhenruo who had retracted his head.

       He said, “I put my dirty laundry in a basket on the windowsill and it was overturned by the cat,”

       Wang Ma replied, “So that’s how it is. I’d say since it was already late at night, it shocked me.”

       Li Zhenran smiled and said, “I’m sorry, it seems that Erhuang was also frightened.”

       After he finished speaking, he squatted down and started picking up clothes. Wang Ma quickly helped him and said, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll pick it up and wash it.”

       Li Zhenran handed the clothes he picked up to Wang Ma.

       Zhu Kai was still wearing pyjamas. At this time, he patted Erhuang on the head and said, “Go to sleep now and don’t make a fuss about nothing.”

       It was a pity that Erhuang couldn’t speak. It was still in a trance and didn’t understand how a person suddenly turned into a cat just now.

       Wang Ma packed up Li Zhenran’s clothes, raised her head and looked at the panties hanging on the second floor, and wondered, “What should I do? I’ll ask someone to take it with the ladder tomorrow morning, it’s too late today.”

       Li Zhenran said, “It’s alright, I’ll clean it up, you can go and rest.”

       Zhu Kai yawned, waved to Li Zhenran, and left with the dog.

       Wang Ma also left with his clothes in her arms. Before leaving, she told Li Zhenran to go to bed early.

       Li Zhenran returned to his room on the third floor. After he entered the door, Li Zhenruo was still standing by the window sill, looking at him. He came over and patted the cat’s butt, “Go and pick up your panties.”

       Li Zhenruo himself felt embarrassed. He climbed out and went down the pipe, hooked his panties off with his claws, and returned to Li Zhenran’s room with the panties in his mouth.

       That night, Li Zhenruo felt a little tired. What should he say, it was the feeling of exhaustion both physically and mentally after going through a major event. His entire self couldn’t lift his spirits, but he really couldn’t fall asleep even if he lay down.

       He was too lazy to take a bath, so he maintained his cat form and asked Li Zhenran to take him to the bathroom to wash him.

       After he took a shower, he had his hair dried with a hairdryer. The wind was soft and warm, and the soft fluff was lazily brushed, and his entire body couldn’t help but relax.

       When it was time to sleep, Li Zhenruo lay beside Li Zhenran’s neck. After a while, he rolled over on his back, stretched his tail out from under his butt, raised his paws and looked in the dark.

       It was not that it was more difficult to replace Li Zhenzi with Li Zhentai, but this feeling of doubting his past brothers one by one was too uncomfortable. If he was to redo it all over again, if he choose not to fight, not be greedy, and be a dandy young master peacefully, would he encounter these things?

       The cat’s claws were small and cute, but the nails were sharp.

       Li Zhenruo sometimes felt that there was nothing wrong with this kind of life, and he was very happy because he was content with the status quo. But he just couldn’t forget and let it go, and his revenge could only be avenged by himself.

       He was in a depressed mood when Li Zhenran who was lying besides him suddenly grabbed Li Zhenruo by his cat ear.

       Because he was too focused on being melancholy that he didn’t notice when Li Zhenran woke up, and was taken aback.

       Li Zhenran’s voice was drowsy, “What are you doing? Do you know that your ears keep moving and sweeping around my face and it’s very annoying?”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t say a word and raised his paw to try to snatch the ear back from Li Zhenran’s hand.

       Li Zhenran released his hand and turned his back to him and continued to sleep. Li Zhenruo tugged at his ears, followed Li Zhenran and put his head on his shoulders. He then closed his eyes to sleep.

       The next day was the weekend.

       During a rare holiday, Li Zhenran slept in bed with his cat in his arms.

       And Li Zhenruo also didn’t want to get up because he was in a bad mood. He woke up long ago, but seeing that Li Zhenran was still asleep, he put away his sharp claws and touched Li Zhenran’s lips with his toe beans.

       He moved very lightly, touched Li Zhenran’s lips and immediately retracted his claws, and then lightly touched the bridge of his nose.

       Under Li Zhenruo’s repeated harassment, Li Zhenran grabbed Li Zhenruo and threw him out of bed. He then turned over and continued to sleep.

       Li Zhenruo crawled back immediately, this time crawling on his shoulders, pressing his tail with his paws, and scratching his nose.

       Li Zhenran slowly opened his eyes and gave him a cold look.

       Li Zhenruo immediately turned around and jumped out of bed, and ran to the windowsill before looking back at Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran sat up, but instead of chasing after him to settle the account, he raised his hand and covered his face for a while before getting out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

       Li Zhenruo stared at the bathroom door for a while and suddenly heard someone talking loudly from downstairs. He couldn’t help turning his head to look and saw Zhu Kai standing by the swimming pool, instructing two workers at home to clean the swimming pool.

       Unbeknownst to him, it was already the hottest time of the summer. Because Li Zhenran and his brothers had been out most of the time, and no one asked to clean up the swimming pool. Today, Zhu Kai was probably interested and asked Wang Ma to call someone to clean it up early in the morning, so that in the afternoon, he could swim in the water.

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