Chapter 18 – How old is Lu Shifeng

Chapter 18 – How old is Lu Shifeng


Jian Luo turned around stiffly and sure enough, not far away, Lu Shifeng was standing there.


Lu Shifeng stood at the entrance of the potato base. The man leaned lazily against the door, his slender legs overlapped and his posture was languid. He slightly raised his phoenix eyes and those distant eyes met Jian Luo’s.


Jian Luo was ashamed.


His face was blushing and his neck was thick. He was so embarrassed that he could not wait to find a hole to hide in.


Wu Qiang was prideful. He finally found something to fight about and hurriedly walked in front of Lu Shifeng; “Sir, as you heard just now, that human being was really bold and dared to slander your reputation. I can’t listen to it anymore, please take it seriously!”


Jian Luo fell into a panic.


He never thought of this! Turns out that Wu Qiang was baiting him here this whole time!


Jian Luo hurriedly took a few steps forward towards Lu Shifeng. Before he could speak, he heard Lu Shifeng say, “Was this your urgent household matter?”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment before he nodded stupidly: “Yes, yes.”


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes: “You stood me up for this person?”




Don’t make trouble without reason!


I was just here to work!


Wu Qiang was even more confused when he heard this standing next to him. He originally wanted to fight, but after hearing what he said, does this mean that it was really possible that Jian Luo knew this lord?


Thinking of this, he panicked a little.


Wu Qiang stammered: “Sir, I…”


Lu Shifeng’s eyes sharpened as he glanced at him condescendingly, his voice cold: “Did I let you speak?”


Wu Qiang was stunned, Lu Shifeng’s aura was too strong. Just his eyes were so shocking that others would freeze on the spot and dare not speak.


Jian Luo was also standing frozen by his side.


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids to look at him: “You should speak up.”


“Well, my lord. I had no intention of standing you up. I came here in the first place to deal with some matters.” Jian Luo tried to reason with him: “Have you forgotten?”


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a sneer: “Are you saying that it was my fault?”


Jian Luo quickly corrected himself: “No no no, it’s my fault, my fault.”


Wu Qiang was still stunned, not knowing the truth.


Lu Shifeng finally turned his attention to him: “Earlier, what did you say he slandered me for?”


Wu Qiang could feel it.


In fact, the relationship between Jian Luo and the lord was not good. Otherwise, with Jian Luo’s character, why didn’t he complain to the lord as soon as he came up, but was being so polite?


Besides, if Jian Luo really had such a big shot supporting him, why didn’t he say it before?


To sum it up, the relationship between Jian Luo and this person couldn’t be a couple’s relationship at all.


Thinking of this, Wu Qiang became more courageous: “Sir, Jian Luo just said he is in an intimate relationship with you, but I realised that he was just using your name to gain some privileges for himself.”


There seemed to be a moment of silence in the air.


After a long time


Lu Shifeng raised his eyes and looked at Jian Luo: “Was that what you said?”




For a moment, Jian Luo thought about refusing to admit it, but after thinking about it, Lu Shifeng must have heard it from the door just now, so if he doesn’t admit it now, wouldn’t he be extra guilty?


Thinking of this, Jian Luo had to bite the bullet: “Well, that’s what I said.”


Wu Qiang hurriedly followed up: “Sir, you see he just admitted it. You must deal with such dishonest people who spread false rumors.”


Lu Shifeng stood up a little bit. The man’s body was tall and straight, and he was more than half a head taller than Wuqiang. He raised his eyebrows: “I’ll use you to demonstrate to them how it should be done?”


Wu Qiang was stunned.


In the back, Lin Ze, the manager of the human base has also arrived at this moment. He found Lu Shifeng and was chasing after him in a panic. As soon as he came, he saw this embarrassing scene, especially after seeing that Wu Qiang was also here. It gave him an ominous feeling.


Lin Ze hurriedly said, “What’s the matter?”


With a shallow smile on Lu Shifeng’s elegant face, “Mr. Lin, you sure have some remarkable talent here.”


Lin Ze glared at Jian Luo immediately: “What’s going on!?”


Jian Luo’s eyes widened innocently: “Are you asking me?”


Lin Ze originally just wanted to find someone to teach him a lesson and show Lu Shifeng his power, but what he never expected was that he picked the wrong person.


Almost as soon as he spoke the words, Lu Shifeng’s brows furrowed and the temperature in the entire garden dropped by one degree.


Lu Shifeng looked at Lin Ze with a cold voice: “What are you calling his name for?”


Lin Ze shuddered and was so frightened: “I…I…”


Wu Qiang also saw the problem. It turns out that this Lu Shifeng really was Jian Luo’s big backer, so wasn’t he basically screwed now?


Thinking of this, he hurriedly admitted his mistake: “Sir, you have misunderstood. In fact, there were just some small problems between me and Jian Luo. Just now I was too blind to know know my place and didn’t know the relationship between you and him. I know that I’m wrong now, I know now.”


As he was talking, Wu Qiang faced Jian Luo again: “Jian Luo, Jian Luo, forgive me. I didn’t mean it, okay?”


Because Lin Ze came here, almost half of the people in the cultivation base gradually gathered around. Before, Wu Qiang had done a lot of bad things here, and they all didn’t expect him to be in such a pinch now. Almost everyone had been bullied by him before, and they all rejoiced in their hearts.


Jian Luo took a step back: “You don’t have to apologize to me, the person you wronged is my mother.”


Wu Qiang quickly looked at Su Liang.


Su Liang turned her face away and didn’t want to look at him again.




Wu Qiang actually knelt down. He kowtowed to Su Liang, raised his hand and slapped himself: “I’m sorry, I know I was wrong, please forgive me. I shouldn’t have tried to r4p3 you before and I shouldn’t have framed you for stealing things, let alone use power to suppress you, please forgive me.”


Crisp-sounding slaps resounded in the air. (T/N: The sound of Lin Ze – the manager slapping Wu Qiang)


Everyone was stunned.


As a manager, Lin Ze even reprimanded himself in his heart. It was not easy to have someone of Lu Shifeng’s level come to inspect the base. It was a great opportunity, but it was all ruined by a fool like Wu Qiang!


“That, my lord.” Lin Ze carefully considered: “Consider this…”


Lu Shifeng glanced at Wu Qiang indifferently, he didn’t even occupy a small space in his mind at all and he just said indifferently: “Don’t let me see him again.”


Lin Ze breathed a sigh of relief: “Yes, yes.”


Even Wu Qiang breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that Lu Shifeng was a cruel and violent person. The person who offended him basically never lived till the next day. Just now, he almost thought he was going to die, but now he could still survive!


The farce was finally coming to an end.


Lin Ze wanted to continue to show Lu Shifeng around. When Lu Shifeng just passed by Jian Luo and Jian Luo bit the bullet, saying, “I may have to stay and go through with some formalities.”


Lu Shifeng left without saying a word.


Lin Ze also gave Jian Luo a meaningful look before leaving.


Afterwards, Jian Luo stayed behind to handle the resignation procedures for his mother. He knew that even if his mother resigned from here, the group of people in Peace Paradise who witnessed the scene with Lu Shifeng would feel hard-pressed not to share it.


After returning home at night, the first thing Su Liang did was: “Luoluo! Are you really a couple with him?”


Jian Luo confessed: “No, no, Mom. Do I have the capability?”


“Tell the truth!” Su Liang pulled him into the room and closed the door before raising her voice: “Do you know who he is? He is Lu Shifeng. What I told you before, have you forgotten? You, you… Did you really have sex with Lu Shifeng!?”


Lu, Lu Shifeng?


Jian Luo’s eyes widened and he laughed: “Mom, don’t make fun of me. Do you know how old Lu Shifeng is? He is six or seven hundred years old and has half a foot in the coffin. Look at the lord today, I think he is 30 at most.”


Su Liang was silent for a while: “Luoluo, the life expectancy of the dragon family is tens of thousands of years. If they are six or seven hundred years old in terms of human age, they are about the same age as you.”




There was a dead silence in the air.


Jian Luo recalled the conversation with Lu Shifeng on the battleship today and said slowly, “It seems that it’s me who’s got half of my foot in the coffin.”

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