Chapter 44

       They came out of Li Jianglin’s ward. Li Zhenran walked in front, and Li Zhenruo followed him closely.

       After they entered the elevator, Li Zhenran said, “You act innocent enough in front of your grandfather.”

       Li Zhenruo thought at first that the “your grandfather” Li Zhenran said was referring to himself but later realized that he was referring to Li Jianglin. He couldn’t help but say, “Enough, I just accidentally said the wrong thing, you really want me to regard you as a father, huh?”

       Li Zhenran laughed and raised his hand to touch Li Zhenruo’s head.

       In order to facilitate Li Zhenruo to change his form and changed his clothes, Li Zhenran still did not let the driver drive but chose to drive himself.

       As they sat in the car, Li Zhenruo thought about it and said, “Then, have you gotten in touch with Luo Fei?”

       Li Zhenran looked calm, “Luo Fei’s side is good.”

       After a moment of silence, Li Zhenruo said, “How long will your father stay in the hospital?”

       Li Zhenran said, “He won’t stay for more than two days, eldest brother’s wedding is less than two weeks away.”

       Li Zhenruo counted the time after hearing the words, only to find that the wedding of Li Zhentai and Wen Chun was really less than two weeks. He couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. He didn’t expect Li Zhentai to be married. Perhaps he would have his children in a blink of an eye.

       His brothers have grown up, but he was the only one who stayed at the age of twenty-three forever.

       When he found that his cat was suddenly silent, Li Zhenran reached out and rubbed his head, “What?”

       Li Zhenruo shook his head.

       As Li Zhenran expected, Li Jianglin insisted on being discharged after staying in the hospital for less than a week. He said that he just had some old man problems. Anyway, as long as he was careful not to have an attack in the future, there would be no major problems.

       After he visited Li Jianglin, Li Zhenruo suddenly felt that he could enter and leave Li Zhenran’s office justifiably. From time to time, he followed Li Zhenran to the company for a walk, and most of the time he stayed at Li’s house.

       Because the wedding was about to be held, Wen Chun and Li Zhentai were often at home, and Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but want to keep an eye on them.

       One day, Li Zhentai accidentally dropped his phone on the sofa in the living room. When Li Zhenruo saw his phone screen flicker, he couldn’t help but look closer and saw that someone sent a text message.

       The content of the text message was: See you tonight.

       It didn’t say the time or place, and Li Zhenruo didn’t know if there was a summary of the previous situation.

       The sender’s name was: Y.

       Y? Who? Yue Zijia?

       When Li Zhenruo heard Li Zhentai’s footsteps going downstairs, he quickly ran to the sofa’s armrest to plop down and put his face back on his paws.

       That night, sure enough, Li Zhentai didn’t go home for dinner.

       Wen Chun was at home, and Li Zhenran asked her, “Eldest brother went out alone?”

       She smiled and said, “Yeah, he said there was something going on, I don’t know where he went.”

       Li Zhenruo rolled the cat foods into his mouth with his tongue. He felt that Li Zhentai must be going to meet his mistress. The husband and wife were unexpectedly both adulterous couples.

       Even so, the wedding of Li Zhentai and Wen Chun was held as scheduled.

       Wen Chun’s parents were very traditional. All wedding procedures must follow traditional rules. The best time to join both families was also calculated by someone.

       As a cat, of course, Li Zhenruo couldn’t attend the wedding, but as Li Zhenran’s assistant Li Tuan, he could show up at the wedding in an open and fair manner.

       Because Li Zhenran wanted to accompany Li Zhentai to pick up the relatives, he got into Li Zhenran’s car early in the morning and hid in the back seat and transformed into a human figure, putting on the clothes prepared in advance. Anyway, even if he come and go like a shadow, the Li family couldn’t care less about him today. They were all busy with the wedding.

       Li Zhenran and Li Zhenzi accompanied their eldest brother to pick up the in-laws, while Zhu Kai directly accompanied Li Jianglin to the restaurant.

       The best man was Li Zhentai’s friend and a son of a big entrepreneur. This convoy drove in a grandiose way to pick up the in-laws, and Li Zhenran also drove a car behind to help support the scene.

       Li Zhenruo sat on the passenger seat, lowering his head and wearing socks. After putting on his shoes, he yawned and turned his head to look out the car window.

       It was a lively morning. He didn’t know if Wen Chun really wanted to marry Li Zhentai. Anyway, when she was being hugged in her wedding dress, Li Zhenruo still saw some tears of excitement flashing in Wen Chun’s eyes.

       Li Zhenzi joined the crowd and laughed happily, without pretending.

       Wanfulai was decorated in antique Chinese style, but the wedding of Li Zhentai and Wen Chun was a Western-style wedding.

       Li Zhenruo thought it was really boring. If it were up to him, he would have a Chinese wedding, with a big red flower tied to his chest, standing at the door of the restaurant and greeting guests with a salute1, “Welcome! Welcome!”

       He kept walking forward absentmindedly, and suddenly bumped into Li Zhenran’s back.

       Li Zhenran turned to look at him, and Li Zhenruo complained, “Why did you stop suddenly?”

       Li Zhenran raised a hand and grabbed his face, pulling him in front of him.

       Li Zhenruo said in a low voice, “Let go! Let go!” He didn’t want his swollen face to be seen by everyone later.

       At this wedding banquet, Li Zhenruo met a lot of acquaintances. Most of them were relatives and friends of the Li family and most of Li Zhentai’s friends that he knew.

       Li Jianglin was also in a suit and leather shoes today. His white hair was meticulously combed, he was leaning on a crutch in his hand, and had a smile on his face. He stood with Wen Chun’s parents, and when all the guests arrived, they greet Li Jianglin first.

       Zhu Kai stood not far behind Li Jianglin and was looking left and right when he suddenly saw Li Zhenruo next to Li Zhenran. He walked in this direction and said with a smile, “Zhenran, are you not going to introduce him to me?”

       Li Zhenran then said to Zhu Kai, “This is my new intern assistant, Jason; this is my little uncle, called Zhu Kai.”

       Li Zhenruo shook hands with Zhu Kai and said, “What a young uncle.”

       Zhu Kai laughed out loud at his words, and Li Zhenruo didn’t know what he was happy about.

       Fortunately, Li Zhenruo was familiar with him, so he ignored him and treated him as a lunatic.

       At this time, the music played by the band gradually became quieter, and the wedding host took the microphone to the stage. Today, a well-known TV host, who hosts entertainment programs that was extraordinarily funny and humorous was invited.

       He came to the stage and said a few words to shift the atmosphere and announced that the wedding was about to start.

       So Li Zhenran and Li Zhenruo sat down at the nearest table, and Zhu Kai just sat next to Li Zhenruo.

       For today’s wedding, although the preparations were a little rushed, the Li family spent a lot of money. Li Zhentai was Li Jianglin’s eldest son, and he was the first among the other children in the generation line to get married, which was naturally a big deal for the Li family, and at the same time, Li Jianglin also wants to give more reputation to his old friend.

       Although Wen Chun’s family conditions were superior, compared to the Li family, there was still a big gap. Her parents pay attention to their reputation, and Li Jianglin has instructed his sons to give the Wen family this honour so that they could feel that their daughter was married in a graceful manner.

       So not only was the whole wedding scene luxuriously decorated, but the wedding steps were also a bit complicated and lengthy.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t make himself really excited for Li Zhentai. When the host pulled Li Zhentai to chat, he began to get distracted.

       At this moment, Zhu Kai suddenly leaned into his ear and whispered, “Today’s wedding will be very exciting, please pay attention.”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned, he looked at Zhu Kai vigilantly, and a thought suddenly popped up in his heart: Did he recognize me? It was just that after Zhu Kai finished saying this, he turned back to look at the front with great interest, and Li Zhenruo thought that maybe he thought too much.

       So what’s the point of Zhu Kai saying that to him?

       Looking at Zhu Kai’s expression, according to Li Zhenruo’s understanding of him for many years, he felt that Zhu Kai was looking forward to something. But what is he looking forward to? Everyone knew the steps of this wedding in advance. There was nothing that Zhu Kai could look forward to. Could it be that he did something in the middle, and then he was excited to show off to people that he grabbed Li Zhenruo who happened to be sitting next to him and said that?

       What will Zhu Kai do?

       At that time, Li Zhenruo thought it was a little prank, and Zhu Kai was sometimes keen on these meaningless things. But it was really inappropriate for this occasion today, right?

       As a result of what he said just now, Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but get nervous.

       The wedding went on in order. Wen Chun, who was wearing a wedding dress, entered the area holding his father’s hand, and then was handed over to Li Zhentai.

       Li Zhenruo’s eyes followed Wen Chun’s slow pace and accidentally noticed Yue Zijia sitting opposite.

       Yue Zijia also wore a beautiful little dress, with delicate and decent makeup, and her expression was normal.

       Not far from Yue Zijia’s side, he saw Li Zhenzi, and with Li Zhenzi was Yu Bingwei. When the bride entered, Li Zhenzi turned his head and whispered to Yu Bingwei, and Yu Bingwei showed a gentle smile.

       Li Zhenruo picked up his cup of tea and took a shallow sip.

       The wedding has reached the most sensational stage. The huge projection screen began to display a group photo of Li Zhentai and Wen Chun, including a wedding photo and a daily photo of the two of them. Words from acquaintance to acquaintance, promises to love each other. There was even a photo of the two of them when they were children. What an enviable couple.

       Beside him, Zhu Kai rested one elbow on the table, and lightly rubbed his lips with his fingers.

       Li Zhenruo felt that his whole body was a little tense, so he couldn’t help but start to pay attention to the stage nervously.

       Suddenly, the large screen, which had always been warm tones, suddenly dimmed. In order to show the slideshow, the lights in the entire banquet hall were dimmed. When the screen went dark, everyone was a little strange, and the place started to be a little restless.

       Soon everyone noticed that it was only because the photo was changed to a dim tone, and the photo was blurred because of the magnification, but it could be seen that in the dark night, a man in pyjamas hugged a woman in suspender pyjamas from behind.

       The photo flashed by like other photos, because it was just the back, many people didn’t see it clearly, they just thought it was a photo of Li Zhentai and Wen Chun. At most, people just found it strange why such a blurry photo was chosen.

       But the Li family members at the scene, especially the parties involved, could see it clearly. Although the photo just now was very dark, it could still be seen clearly by the ambiguous light. The background of the photo was the dining room on the first floor of the Li family’s house. It was definitely true that the woman was Wen Chun, and the man, even if he was only seen from the back and pyjamas, they could clearly tell that it was Li Zhenzi.

       The photo disappeared in a flash, but the expressions of everyone in the Li family changed.

       Li Zhenruo noticed that even Li Zhenran frowned, not to mention Li Zhentai and Wen Chun on stage.

       Only Zhu Kai beside him covered his mouth and lowered his head with a muffled laugh, then let go of his hand and made a serious expression. Li Zhenran glanced at him, stood up and walked towards Li Jianglin.

       Li Zhenruo was a little confused. He still remembered what happened that night. He saw Li Zhenzi and Wen Chun cheating in the dining room on the first floor. He also remembered that Zhu Kai found out and took pictures at that time.

       But after a long time, Zhu Kai has not exposed this matter. He thought that Zhu Kai just told Li Jianglin privately, but he did not expect such a thing to be done on such an occasion today.

       He knew that Zhu Kai had always desired to see the world be plunged into chaos, but he still felt that Zhu Kai had done too much, and Li Jianglin might not let it go.

       Li Zhenruo turned to look at Li Jianglin and saw that although Li Jianglin still maintained his expression, the hand holding the crutch was obviously very tightened, and even trembled slightly.

       He whispered a few words to Li Zhenran who walked over. Li Zhenran nodded and turned around to walk towards the side of the ceremonial platform where the wedding was held.

       Li Zhentai was also about to lose his composure. Li Zhenruo guessed that he was in a complicated mood, and he must have wanted to slap Wen Chun hard, but at the same time, he was worried about his reputation and didn’t want others to see it.

       Li Zhenran walked to the ceremony table, called Li Zhentai over, and then whispered a few words in his ear. Li Zhentai heard the words and looked in the direction of Li Jianglin.

       The host was somewhat baffled, waiting for the groom to come on stage to kiss the bride. Even though the bride kept silent, she raised her head slightly and straightened her back.

       When Li Zhentai returned to the stage, under the guidance of the host, he pulled Wen Chun’s shoulder and kissed her on the cheek.

       Wen Chun reluctantly curled the corners of her mouth, not even showing a smile.

       At this time, there was another person with an ugly face. Li Zhenruo looked toward Li Zhenzi and saw that his face was slightly pale. Everyone on the stage noticed the strangeness, but not many could relate to that one photo just now. Some people thought that Li Zhentai lost his temper because of the wrong photo.

       But Li Zhenzi had two people who were familiar with him, one was Su Yao, who was looking at Li Zhenzi with a frown; the other was Yu Bingwei. Li Zhenruo saw Yu Bingwei smiling bitterly to herself. She suddenly stood up and wanted to leave.

       Li Zhenzi grabbed her wrist, “Weiwei?”

       Yu Bingwei smiled at him, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

       Only then did Li Zhenzi let go of his hand.

       The wedding continued.

       Li Zhenran returned to the seat and sat down, leaned back slightly and raised one of his long legs.

       Li Zhenruo asked him in a low voice, “Is that Li Zhenzi just now? How is your eldest brother?”

       Li Zhenran said plainly, “Dad said the wedding will continue.”

       Li Jianglin has spoken, and with Li Zhentai’s character, he would definitely not disobey him. But it was a bit hard for him to continue to pretend to hold the wedding as if nothing was wrong when he just found that he was wearing a big green hat2a figurative symbol of a husband who was cheated by his wife.

       Zhu Kai had been in a happy mood from the beginning. He didn’t care even when he saw Li Zhenran was looking at him, he raised his glass and said, “What a wonderful wedding.”

       Even if he didn’t admit it, Li Jianglin would definitely ask someone to check, and in the end, it would always be found on his head.

       As soon as the wedding ceremony ended, Li Zhenran got up and walked toward the lounge next to the banquet hall, and Li Zhenruo quickly followed. He saw Li Zhenzi stand up and walk in the direction of Li Jianglin, it seemed that he was going to surrender himself first and strived for leniency.

       At this time, the banquet had already started. Wen Chun should have gone to change a set of clothes along with Li Zhentai to toast the guests, but after she came into the restroom from outside, she had been sitting in silence.

       Li Zhentai walked in behind and pushed everything on the dressing table to the ground.

       The bridesmaids and the makeup artist were all taken aback. Li Zhenran followed closely and said to the bridesmaids and makeup artists, “Please go out first.” He then asked the best man to leave, including Li Zhenran’s assistant, Gao Qi, to go out.

       Gao Qi was a little unhappy, but seeing that Li Zhentai was silent and did not speak, he had to go out silently.

       Li Zhenruo wanted to follow up, but Li Zhenran said to him, “Wait for me outside.”

       He was a stranger to Li Zhentai and Wen Chun, and it was not suitable for him to appear on such an occasion, so he could only obey Li Zhenran’s instructions and wait at the door.

       The bridesmaids and groomsmen were whispering, not knowing exactly what happened, but there were guesses in their hearts.

       After a while, Li Jianglin also came over with the help of Li Zhenzi.

       Li Jianglin opened the door of the lounge and went in. Before entering, he said to Li Zhenzi, “Don’t go in.” At this time, Li Zhenzi’s entry would only make Li Zhentai furious, so it was better not to show his face.

       Li Zhenzi nodded.

       After Li Jianglin entered, Li Zhenzi seemed to feel a little embarrassed when he saw the group of people surrounding him. He took out a cigarette, hesitated when he wanted to light it, and finally turned around and walked outside.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t hear what was said inside, but he guessed that Li Jianglin must be persuading the two of them to continue the wedding. With so many people on such a big occasion, the Li family couldn’t afford to lose face.

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