Chapter 25 – Only pregnant women eat this

Chapter 25 – Only pregnant women eat this


After a long silence


Jiang Jiang suddenly rushed into the master bedroom, shoving an information bracelet into Jian Luo’s hands very hurriedly: “The marshal asked you to call him back. Hurry up and don’t delay!”


Jian Luo was stunned and he said, “But didn’t you say…”


“What’s the matter? It’s going to be too late soon!” Jiang Jiang was drenched in cold sweat: “Hurry up, Luoluo. In any case, the marshal will come for you if you don’t return anyway. Do you have the heart to watch your brother get into an unexplained accident? Will you have the heart to bear it?!”




You changed your mind too fast.


Jian Luo took the bracelet and really didn’t want to call Lu Shifeng. He really had nothing to say to that old dragon who wasn’t human. He felt that this was nothing for Lu Shifeng to be proud of! Obviously it was him who couldn’t be sorry enough!


Seeing his hesitation, Jiang Jiang was about to cry: “Luoluo, you have to leave a way out for your brother. If the marshal pursues me, you may never see me again.”


Jian Luo sighed: “How long has it been since you hung up?”


Jiang Jiang nodded frantically: “Luoluo, it’s all up to you now.”


Jian Luo walked into the master bedroom, closed the door and tapped the dial button. The line connected almost immediately.


Lu Shifeng’s voice was calm and leisurely, but also magnetic: “Hello?”


Jian Luo originally thought that Jiang Jiang was too cowardly, but now that he was in his shoes… 


At the beginning, he was very angry, but now he was afraid in a matter of seconds: “Lu Shifeng? It’s me.”


Lu Shifeng: “Well, have you finished taking a shower?”


“I’ve just washed up.” Jian Luo decided to make a quick decision: “Is there something wrong?”


He should hold steady.


As long as he is steady, he will not be afraid!


Lu Shifeng’s voice was a little cold: “Can you still move your body?”




Jian Luo gritted his teeth: “Thanks to you, it’s okay.”


“Well.” Lu Shifeng finally said, “I’ll ask Secretary Jin to pick you up.”


Jian Luo hurriedly replied, “No need!”


He was so stubborn and smooth, but finally the heated Lu Shifeng was a little unhappy. The man narrowed his eyes: “Why?”


It is rare for men to understand.


He has already hinted it so clearly, and Jian Luo doesn’t look stupid. Doesn’t he understand what he meant?


Jian Luo was surprised: “I have my own home to go back to. Moreover, I have already resigned from the military.”


Lu Shifeng frowned: “Why? Was our treatment towards you not good?”




It was not a question of being treated poorly.


This was……


Is it a matter of ethics?


Jian Luo simply couldn’t communicate with this man, he tried to reason a little: “Marshal, what happened last night, I think, um, since it happened, I’m not unvirtuous so you must be calling to take responsibility or compensate, but we’ll be fine. We’ve already gotten together, so now, let’s just break up. I know that you must’ve called me to discuss compensation or something, but you don’t have to, I can handle myself!”


There was an eerie silence on the other end of the phone.


After quite a while


Lu Shifeng said, “You don’t want to move out of Peace Paradise?”


There is no human who does not dream of leaving Peace Paradise, where it is crowded and cramped, the technology is backward, and life is inconvenient.


Jian Luo pursed his lips, and his brows furrowed: “Master Marshal, I am working for you by cooking. I sell meals, not myself. I don’t need to get anything through my body. I can understand that the accident happened because you had some physical discomfort or something. Let’s just leave it at that. Don’t contact me, I’m hanging up.”


The line was cut off


Jian Luo threw the phone aside.


Jiang Jiang next to him could be said to be stunned, he hesitated: “Luoluo, I have something to say, but I don’t know if I should say it or not.”


Jian Luo was suspicious: “What?”


“Well, that, you probably don’t know this but.” Jiang Jiang explained to him: “The price of land on Dark Star is 500,000 per square meter. If you want to buy a three-bedroom house, you may need about seven or eight million. Plus, you are a human being, so you’re not qualified to buy a house yet.”




Jian Luo widened his eyes.


“But I heard what the marshal just said and he wanted to give you a house to reside in.” Jiang Jiang started his calculations: “The property under the marshal must be a large property right within the first ring of the palace, starting at 100 million credits.”




Jian Luo trembled as he searched it up using the information bracelet, his eyes were red with anger: “Why didn’t you say this earlier?”


Jiang Jiang felt very wronged: “You didn’t give me a chance, plus you were so firm, I thought you wouldn’t have cared.”


I do care!


The f-ck?! He’s already ridden him. If he knew there would be this much money, he’d definitely gotten some as compensation!


Jian Luo’s expression looked like he was in deep thought. He was now regretting it. Incomparably regretful and full of regret. It was as though he had just lost a hundred million!


Jiang Jiang comforted him: “Forget it, maybe there is no such fate in life.”


Jian Luo laid down blankly on the sofa.


Jiang Jiang saw that he was so uncomfortable and offered a suggestion: “Okay, just take a break and watch TV. I just have some newly imported fruits in my refrigerator. I’ll give you a taste. Most of them are alien, but some are from the Spirit Valley.”


Jian Luo was interested: “Really? Thank you.”


Jiang Jiang said you’re welcome: “Although you are my employee, you are also my good brother, so let’s not be so polite.”


Jian Luo smiled slightly.


After a while, Jiang Jiang brought the fruit. Among them, there was a soft and sweet fruit that looked like cotton candy. Jian Luo took a bite: “Well, it’s a little sour.”


Jiang Jiang smiled: “This is abundant in the Dark Star’s Dragon Valley, where every year during this season, the dragon tree will grow a lot of this holy dragon fruit.”


Jian Luo thought for a while: “Why this season?”


“Because this season is the estrus period of the dragon clan. If a female is pregnant, she will like to eat the holy dragon fruit very much. It is also because the little dragon needs the nutrition provided by the dragon clan’s mother tree.” Jiang Jiang explained to him: “Some people in the Dark Star are orcs who can also transform into human beings, while others are just monoracial like me.”


Jian Luo didn’t know much about the world: “It turns out that not everyone can transform into an animal.”


Jiang Jiang was shocked by his ignorance: “Of course not. The status of the orcs are very high. For example, the military boss is a dragon, the high priest is a phoenix and the richest man in our country is Pixiu1A legendary winged lion in Chinese folklore., while the royal family has all their blood.”


Jian Luo held the holy dragon fruit as he ate it: “Those Dark Stars are really powerful.”


“In the past, the holy dragon fruit was in short supply, so only pregnant women could eat it.” Jiang Jiang took one for himself: “But now, we have not had any cubs for thousands of years so the holy dragon fruit is no longer in short supply. “


Jian Luo nodded understandingly.


There were only two holy dragon fruits on the table and they were gone now. Jian Luo thought it was delicious: “They should be cheap, right?”


Jiang Jiang smiled: “I don’t know what’s going on but originally, the sacred dragon fruit tree has not blossomed much since we had no cubs, but last night, a large area of ​​the sacred dragon fruit forest suddenly bloomed. Because many fruits came out, it now also easy to buy.”


Jian Luo asked, “How much is it?”


“Five thousand for one.” Jiang Jiang pushed his glasses up: “Do you think it’s delicious? I think it’s alright. Maybe our personal tastes are different. If you want to eat it, you can go to the official website to buy it.”




Five thousand?


Why don’t you just go rob someone for money?


Jian Luo waved his hand: “Forget it, forget it. I won’t eat it.”


In fact, he was quite tired and couldn’t eat anything. Now, he was even more lazy and couldn’t even move a finger.


After eating, he went straight to the master bedroom to rest.



The next day


Jian Luo returned to his house in Peace Paradise. Before, he was annoyed and too tired so he forgot to call home. Who knew that Su Liang said: “Secretary Jin called me and said that you had work to do so you won’t be back in the next two days.”


Jian Luo was very grateful to Secretary Jin.


In fact, the military is pretty good, except for Lu Shifeng who eats people.


“Jian Luo!”


A voice called to him came from the yard.


Jian Luo came out of the house: “Mom, what’s the matter?”


Su Liang turned around, still holding a letter in her hand. She said to Jian Luo, “This seems to be Moonlight’s admission letter. It probably means that you seem to have passed their vocational assessment and can officially start working at Moonlight.”


Jian Luo was overjoyed: “Really!?”


Su Liang smiled and nodded: “I’m not wrong.”


“Great.” Jian Luo came over and took the letter: “Did they say how much the monthly salary is?”




Su Liang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Mom hasn’t read it yet.”


Jian Luo went back with the letter by himself. Since he resigned from the military, he has been idle. Lu Shifeng has never looked for him again, and he was too busy taking care of himself and had too much free time.


Sitting on the sofa, he read up on Moonlight’s salary. It was 100,000 a month, which was not bad. Jian Luo was also very satisfied. The key point is that the last of the letter reads:

[The qualification for becoming a cultivator has been submitted for review]


A smile spread across Jian Luo’s face. This meant that he may soon have the right to grow vegetables and fruits on his own!




His younger brother and Su Liang were sitting on the sofa outside, watching the news on TV.


The Dark Star Channel was reporting: The production of holy dragon fruit in Dragon Valley has increased, so the marketing department has decided to open the purchase of holy dragon fruit after research. The high priest has also predicted that this year may break the Dark Star’s thousand-year-old curse of having no cubs. The blossoming of the dragon fruit tree is the best sign for.. 】


His younger brother was very puzzled: “Mom, is the holy dragon fruit so delicious?”


“It seems that only people who are pregnant with cubs will find it delicious.” Su Liang also heard people say: “Most people don’t like its taste very much. Overlooking the Dark Star’s birth rate, because Dark Star people have not had children, when they are not pregnant, most will feel that it is sour and unbearable, after eating the holy dragon fruit. As such, it is basically not usually eaten unless it’s for those ladies with cubs to enjoy. We, the local people basically can’t eat it, but there is no chance that anyone would want to eat that stuff, as it is expensive and unpalatable.”


The younger brother nodded in understanding.


Just after nodding, Jian Luo in the room pushed open the door and walked out: “Mom, I just bought two boxes of holy dragon fruit online. Did you receive the bill?”




The room suddenly fell silent


T/N: Yay! Chapter 25! Which means… we’re about 1/8 of the way through the novel~ That’s still a pretty long way to go… When do you think I will be able to finish this translation project? Or… How long do you think you’re willing to read this for?

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