Chapter 62

       When he got up the next morning, Li Zhenruo was lying on the window sill and looked down early in the morning. He saw Li Jianglin walking in the garden. After a while, Zhu Kai walked to Li Jianglin’s side and Li Zhenruo didn’t know what Zhu Kai said to him.

       Li Jianglin seemed to be very angry and waved his hand to tell him to go.

       As he looked at Li Jianglin’s attitude towards Zhu Kai now, Li Zhenruo found it intriguing.

       Zhu Kai sneaked back last night to steal the dog, but today Li Jianglin chased him away, but he didn’t go. Li Zhenruo felt that Zhu Kai was shameless, and perhaps he was not the only one who thought of that. The whole Li family felt that he was shameless this time.

       However, there was nothing to be done since Zhu Kai was shameless anyway, so naturally, he didn’t care what the Li family thought of him.

       Li Zhenruo followed Li Zhenran and went down to the first floor to prepare for eating breakfast. From a distance, he saw Zhu Kai sitting at the dining table with a Band-Aid on his neck. He waved at them with a pretty bitchy smile.

       Li Zhenran just sat down when Li Jianglin asked, “Why didn’t xiao Chun come to eat?”

       Wang Ma said with difficulty, “I called, but she said she wouldn’t eat.”

       After a while, they heard footsteps on the stairs, and they saw Wen Chun coming down from the second floor with a suitcase in hand.

       Li Jianglin frowned tightly, “What is this for?”

       Wen Chun lowered his head and forced a smile, and said, “Dad, I want to go out to take a break.”

       “Take a break?” Li Jianglin stood up, “Where?”

       Wen Chun hesitated for a moment, and then said, “To be honest, at first I wanted to go home, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it from my parents if I went home, so I want to go out and travel, not necessarily just to one place, more to walk and see more.”

       Li Jianglin asked her, “What about your workplace?”

       Wen Chun said, “I’ve taken a long vacation, it may not take long. I’ll be back in two or three weeks. Don’t worry.”

       Li Jianglin sighed. He knew that Wen Chun was unhappy at home every day, and it might not be a bad thing if she had the opportunity to go out for a walk, but thinking of her going out alone would inevitably make him uneasy.

       Li Zhenran then voiced out Li Jianglin’s concern at this time, “Sister-in-law, it’s not safe on your own.”

       Wen Chun smiled and said, “It’s okay, I won’t go to any dangerous places, and maybe I’ll invite some friends. You don’t need to worry about me, thank you.”

       Li Jianglin said, “Since you’ve made up your mind, I won’t stop you. Pay attention to safety on the road, and call home if you have anything.”

       Wen Chun replied, “I know.”

       Li Jianglin instructed Wang Ma, “Tell the driver to drive her off.”

       Wang Ma nodded and hurriedly walked outside.

       Li Zhenran got up and walked to Wen Chun’s side, and took the initiative to help her pick up the suitcase.

       Wen Chun repeatedly thanked him.

       Li Zhenran kept walking her outside, helped her put the suitcase in the trunk, and said, “Be careful on the road.”

       Wen Chun nodded, “I will. Go and have breakfast.”

       After he walked Wen Chun away, Li Zhenran came back and sat down at the dining table. At this time, Li Jianglin had put down his chopsticks, and said, “I’ll go out later.”

       Zhu Kai bit his chopsticks and asked, “Where to?”

       But Li Jianglin didn’t pay any attention to him.

       Wang Ma said quickly, “I’ll go call a driver for you.”

       Li Zhenruo raised his head and glanced at Li Zhenran. When he saw that Li Zhenran didn’t say anything, he lay down silently again.

       Except for Yunlin’s board meeting, Li Jianglin rarely went out so early. He was used to a lazy life when he was resting at the beach. He got up every morning to take a walk and exercise, and sometimes he didn’t eat breakfast with them.

       If he went out so early, Li Jianglin must have something to do today.

       Li Zhenruo thought about it and felt that it was possible that it was for Li Zhentai’s matter. In any case, Li Jianglin somewhat owed him for insisting that he should marry Wen Chun.

       And since Li Jianglin caught an adultery act in Li Zhenran’s office yesterday, he had been a little cold to Li Zhenran. Li Zhenruo began to think, did Li Jianglin have some other plans to appease Li Zhentai and knock Li Zhenran off at the same time?

       When Li Jianglin left, Zhu Kai was still eating breakfast slowly, and at the same time glaring at Li Zhenruo with fierce eyes.

       Drat! Li Zhenruo thought to himself. His paws grabbed Li Zhenran’s trouser legs and climbed onto his lap, sitting down, while sticking to Li Zhenran’s arms, he glared back at Zhu Kai.

       Although it was just a vague thought, Li Zhenruo didn’t expect his thoughts became a reality the next day.

       Yunlin held an emergency board meeting that morning and decided on several matters, one of which was to hand over all the key projects currently in charge of Li Zhenran to Li Zhentai.

       Before the meeting, Li Zhenruo wanted to follow up but was blocked when he was about to enter the door of the conference room. He thought that he could sneak in as a cat if he walked quietly, but he failed.

       He sat outside the heavy wooden door and waited, Li Zhenruo put his ears on the door panel, but the sound inside was dull. There were a few faint sounds, but he couldn’t hear what was said.

       After the meeting, he hadn’t come back to his senses. Someone pushed open the wooden door from the inside and pushed his whole cat behind the door, almost crushing his paws.

       Li Zhenran came out of the conference room first. Li Zhenzi chased after him and shouted, “Second brother!”

       After Li Zhenran stopped to look at him, Li Zhentai suddenly took two steps forward and patted Li Zhenran on the back, “I’ll go to your side to hand over the work later.”

       When Li Zhenzi saw Li Zhentai coming, he swallowed what he wanted to say and walked toward the elevator.

       Li Zhenran turned around and smiled at Li Zhentai, “Okay, I’ll go to your office later.”

       Li Zhentai nodded. When he was about to speak, a director came out of the conference room and tapped him on the shoulder to chat with him, so Li Zhentai didn’t pay attention to Li Zhenran anymore.

       Only then did Li Zhenruo get out from behind the door with a gloomy face.

       Li Zhenran glanced at him and walked towards the elevator. Li Zhenruo followed closely at his feet and looked up at him suspiciously. From what they said just now, Li Zhenruo knew that things might be going in a bad direction.

       However, there were still people coming and going outside this large conference room, and it was not easy to communicate with Li Zhenran, so he went straight to the elevator.

       Li Zhenruo kept looking up at Li Zhenran but didn’t notice that he bumped his head into the trash can, knocking down the trash can in the corridor, making a crisp sound.

       Many people looked over from the direction of the conference room.

       Li Zhenruo was a little confused by the collision.

       Li Zhenran squatted down and picked him up. When he reached out to pick up the trash can, the staff of the logistics department hurriedly ran over from the conference room and hurriedly helped him up.

       Li Zhenran then carried Li Zhenruo and walked toward the elevator. After entering the elevator, they found that Li Zhenzi was actually still waiting for them.

       When the elevator door slowly closed, Li Zhenzi said, “Is Dad getting old and confused?”

       Li Zhenran rubbed the top of Li Zhenruo’s hurting head and said calmly, “He has his plans.”

       After that, the elevator also reached the floor of their office. The two brothers did not continue to communicate and walked out one after the other.

       Going back to Li Zhenran’s office, Li Zhenruo couldn’t wait to talk to him. He lay in front of Li Zhenran’s big desk with a naked human body, and asked, “What’s going on?”

       Li Zhenran sat behind the desk and wanted to smoke, but hesitantly put it down after picking up the cigarette case, and said, “I have to hand over all my work to Li Zhentai.”

       Li Zhenruo’s eyes widened, “Is Dad crazy? How could Li Zhentai handle it?”

       Li Zhenran was calm and said, “You can ask him.”

       Li Zhenruo felt a little exasperated, “Is he threatening you? But has he seriously considered whether it is worth it to use Yunlin’s business to intimidate you?”

       Li Zhenran said, “He is not so confused. He is now using the pretext that Li Zhentai is not familiar with his work, and has placed a work team to be directly responsible to him, including Hua Yibang.”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned, “Even Hua Yibang has been drawn in, so what are you going to do?”

       Li Zhenran spread out his hands, “I’ve been given a leave of absence. Do you have any place you want to go? I can accompany you.”

       However, Li Zhenruo was still analyzing Li Jianglin’s thoughts, and said, “Li Jianglin is angry with you because of the matter of you and me. The only thing he can use to threaten you is his inheritance of Yunlin. In addition, this time he feels owed to the eldest for Wen Chun’s business, so he took advantage of the situation for his own benefit and asks you to give him all the work at hand. But has he never thought about who sent those photos to him? Li Zhentai played tricks against his brother again and again, and finally, he could taste the sweet victory. Is Li Jianglin not afraid that Li Zhentai will become more aggressive?”

       After he listened to Li Zhenruo, Li Zhenran nodded and said, “It makes sense, so what do you think Dad thinks?”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned, “I don’t know.”

       Li Zhenran said, “If you don’t know, don’t think about it. You also know what Yunlin means to him. Since he dares to make such a decision, he must bear the consequences.”

       When he heard what Li Zhenran said, Li Zhenruo also calmed down and thought that Yunlin has nothing to do with him anyway. Whatever Li Jianglin wanted to do, what should he be nervous about? Now that he had this time, it was better to think about his own affairs.

       As he thought of this, Li Zhenruo said to Li Zhenran, “Can you go through Gao Qi and find out how Li Zhentai knew that I was not Li Jianglin’s own son?”

       Li Zhenran asked him, “Why Gao Qi?”

       Li Zhenruo was almost lying on his desk, trying to get close to his ear, and whispered, “I heard Gao Qi on the phone that day, I don’t know if his relatives or friends owe him money, and Li Zhentai doesn’t seem to be willing to help him.”

       Li Zhenran reached out and touched his face, “Okay, I’ll find someone to contact him.”

       In the past two days, Li Zhenran has been busy handing over his work to Li Zhentai. The part of the work in his hands was very complicated, and it couldn’t be handed over clearly in just a few words.

       This may be the reason why Li Jianglin also transferred Hua Yibang. In fact, not only Hua Yibang but also several directly managed departments under Li Zhenran.

       All the work was on track, and it was impossible to replace the original staff, so only the top management was changed, and all the things that were originally decided by Li Zhenran were handed over to Li Zhentai. No, it couldn’t be said to Li Zhentai, because Li Zhentai need Li Jianglin’s sign and approval before making a final decision.

       So this was to return all power to Li Jianglin.

       Li Zhenran had too many things to do at the company that Li Zhenruo was bored. So he took a bag of cat food he stole from the house to visit his Master. Later, Wang Ma suddenly found out that a bag of cat food was missing, and made a fuss.

       Xia Hongshen was at work that day, and Li Zhenruo found Xia Hongshen in his office. Before anyone went in, he put the cat food in and shook it.

       He felt a sudden force, and before Li Zhenruo could react, his hand was already empty. When he looked inside, he saw Xia Hongshen sitting at the desk, looking down at the bag of cat food.

       “Master,” Li Zhenruo showed a pleasing smile on his face.

       Xia Hongshen didn’t even look at him, just said “um”, and then gnawed the bag with his sharp teeth.

       Li Zhenruo walked over to sit in front of him, put his arms on the desk, and asked him, “Is it delicious?”

       Xia Hongshen grabbed a handful and put it in his mouth, chewed it for a while with a complicated expression, and told Li Zhenruo, “Not bad.” Then he looked at the bag, “Too little.”

       Li Zhenruo said quickly, “I’ll bring more to you next time.”

       Xia Hongshen did not respond to him.

       Li Zhenruo looked at him, hesitated and said, “Master, I want to ask a question.”

       Xia Hongshen then responded to him, “Say.”

       Li Zhenruo was a little distressed, “The last time I tried to transform, together with clothes, but only a pair of thongs came out.” He was silent for a while, and added, “It’s black with lace.”

       Xia Hongshen, who had been indifferent all along, looked up at him and asked, “Black lace thong?”

       Li Zhenruo also felt embarrassed but nodded honestly.

       Xia Hongshen suddenly became interested, “Let me see.”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned, “Master, are you serious?”

       Not only was Xia Hongshen serious, he immediately picked up the office landline and made a call, “Come and see my apprentice transform.”

       Li Zhenruo asked in surprise, “Who did you call?”

       Xia Hongshen said to him, “Nothing, I just called Song Jun to come.”

       Even if he said it was nothing, Li Zhenruo didn’t think it was really nothing, “You just call Song Jun to come and see my lace thong?”

       Xia Hongshen was very excited, “Quick, take a look.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Song Jun hurried in from outside the office without even taking a breath. As he closed the door, Song Jun looked curiously, “What? Show me, little Garfield.”

       Li Zhenruo glanced at the locked office door. He hesitated and said, “Just the two of you, don’t tell anyone else.”

       Afterwards, he first turned into a cat and watched his clothes fall to the ground. He then took a deep breath and imagined the lace thong that day. He then transformed into a human under the gaze of two people, and at the same time trying to make the spiritual power to wrap himself up into clothes with substance.

       However, when he finished his transformation, Song Jun, who stood in front of him and looked at him, opened his mouth into an “O” shape.

       Li Zhenruo looked down and saw that this time it was indeed black panties, but without the lace trim, the style was also ordinary panties. He didn’t understand why Song Jun was surprised.

       Song Jun motioned for him to reach out and touch the back of his butt.

       Li Zhenruo reached out to touch it for no reason, and then cursed “fvck!” He just touched a small fluffy ball behind his butt, which clearly looked like a rabbit’s tail.

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