Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

The dormitories of the Imperial Navy University were divided into three areas according to Alphas, Betas and Omegas.


Omega students live in the south-western part of the school by the artificial lake, separated from the nearest Beta dormitory by a whole training ground, and further away from the Alpha dormitory area.


The number of Omega’s in the military school is very small, but it is easy to see that the school authorities still took good care of this group, both in terms of accommodation and location.


It’s like being pampered with everything in the palm of your hands.


Even the school rules, which have always been strict, are much more lenient to Omega students, and many of them were specifically designed to protect them, with the intention of making school life better for them.


When he arrived, his roommate was looking at the LCD panel. It was not known what he was studying, but he didn’t even raise his head when the door was pushed open.


The first thing Lu Jingning saw when he walked in was the meticulous back of his head.


It was meticulous because of the delicacy of his hair. He highly doubted that this man had spent an unimaginable amount of time combing his hair.


Each strand of hair was arranged in an incomparably neat and smooth position. In comparison, Lu Jingning’s recklessly flying blonde hair could only be described as wild.


The vacant bed was by the window. Some stellar lighting fell in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, enveloping it in a warm atmosphere.


Lu Jingning set up his suitcase. After that, he went over to greet his new roommate, “Hello, fellow student?”


He gently tapped on his shoulder and the other person sitting at the heel of the table snapped back as he removed his two earplugs, “Ah, hello.”


He had gold-rimmed glasses and a showy look that belongs exclusively to Omegas, as well as dark blue eyes that are rarely seen. It was impossible to tell which planet he was from but he had the overall impression of a high, arrogant cat which appeared alongside ancient books, his every movement carried out with a sense of detachment to the world.


Lu Jingning briefly observed him and smiled as he extended his hand towards him, “My name is Lu Jingning.”


The other party gently shook back, “Yan Hebin.”


The temperature of Yan Hebin’s hand was cold and his entire person gave off an icy cold feeling.


It was clear that Yan Hebin was not the warmest of people, and as for Lu Jingning, he was so sleepy that he didn’t even bother to pack up his things. Instead, he went to bed and slept first.


Before he could sleep for long, there was a knock on the door of his room.


Lu Jingning pulled the covers trying to pretend he didn’t hear it. As a result, Yan Hebin opened the door and the weak voice of the person standing outside came through, squeaking incessantly into his ears, “Um… hello, we are from the dormitory next door. We came to say hello.”


After introducing themselves to each other, Yan Hebin saw the other party glancing inside from time to time, so he turned sideways slightly and pointed to the person who was on the bed: “Are you looking for him?”


The shorter one at the door was Ren Jin, and the taller one was Su Jianian.


Su Jianian sniffed and said in a slightly excited tone, “That …… should be the expert student who beat two seniors in the challenge, right?”


Yan Hebin wrinkled his brows, clearly not quite understanding the meaning of their words.


Ren Jin took his communicator out and quickly pulled up the campus forum posts, introducing him with an adoring face, “It’s him! That’s him! The Omega who completed the 1vs2 at the Freshmen’s Challenge today! Now, the whole campus forum has spread the word! It’s a shame I wasn’t there, he was simply too strong!”


After being spoon-fed new information one after another, Lu Jingning finally couldn’t sleep anymore and sat up sleepily after rubbing his hair, “What campus forum?”


When the two men at the door met his gaze. They subconsciously straightened their backs as their faces suddenly turned red as they bowed in unison, “Hello, how are you? It’s our first time meeting, please enlighten us!”


Lu Jingning: “…?”


He’s not an Alpha, what’s the point of blushing at the drop of a hat?


He climbed out of bed with a yawn. After listening to the two guys, Lu Jingning finally got a general idea.


Not surprisingly, after word got out about his 1vs2 feat at the Freshmen’s Challenge, the entire campus forum of Imperial Navy University exploded.


With the graphic analysis and the videos uploaded one after another, the whole school now knews that this year’s freshmen had an Alpha-killer Omega, who not only outclassed all the other Alphas, but also had first-class combat skills and has directly taken out two of them in the challenge.


And to top it all off, this Omega freshman’s face was also a big hit!


The popularity of the post developed to the point where students who were present at the time and took more photos of the scene realized that no matter which angle he was looked at from, every outline of his face was nearly perfectly proportioned, matching almost everyone’s imagination of the top Omega.


What kind of divine Omega was this to have a pretty face and could also fight at the same time?


Many Alpha users just about went crazy online.


Ouch, ouch, ouch! They were really about to go nuts!


When Lu Jingning reached the end of the page, his expression did not look too good.


What happened to his aspirations of making those Alphas feel the fear of being dominated by Omega? What the hell was going on behind all this?


F-ck, what a pretentious species who only knew how to think using their third leg!


He exited the thread and scrolled up and down the campus forum again, wrinkling his brow in confusion as he asked, “Where’s that Wen Xingchen?”


Ren Jin was puzzled, “Who?”


Lu Jingning: “It’s the Alpha who also completed the 1vs2 and ended up losing at the third station for the sake of …… ahem.”


“Oh oh, you mean him?!” Ren Jin suddenly realized, “I heard about him. There was an Alpha who did complete the 1vs2, but how can he compete with you? Of course everyone’s attention is on you! You’re the first Omega ever to pass the challenge! God, I didn’t even know an Omega could be that good before this! Lu Jingning, how in the world did you do it?”


Lu Jingning listened to him start to sprout nonsense again. He looked out of the window as the words entered his left ear and exited the right, slightly distracted.


Both Ren Jin and Su Jianian could see that he was a little distracted and very sagely sighed before finding an excuse to leave.


After sending the people away, Yan Hebin glanced at Lu Jingning’s expression and asked, “What’s on your mind?”


Lu Jingning was silent for a moment and asked tentatively, “If someone didn’t want to participate in the 1vs3 challenge, what would you say would be the reason?”


Yan Hebin pondered for a moment, “Probably because they don’t want to join the Imperial Sea Patrol.”


Lu Jingning: “The Imperial Sea Patrol?”


Yan Hebin: “You don’t know?”


Lu Jingning shook his head.


“The Imperial Sea Union consists of unique troop members in our school, with influencing power on par to the student council. It is one of the three most powerful organisations on campus, with absolute power of speech. Due to this power, naturally, they are not that easy to join. Strictly speaking, the requirements to join the Union are even more demanding than those to enter the student council.”


He explained patiently, “However, according to the tradition of the Imperial Navy University, any freshman who successfully completes 1vs3 is allowed to become one of them without any conditions.”


“Just because of that?” Lu Jingning only felt more confused as he listened, “Can’t you just refuse after winning the challenge?”


Yan Hebin gave him a faint glance and did not explain, but only said in a calm tone, “The Imperial Sea Union, although it is said to be an internal organization of the Imperial Navy University, the establishment is still subordinate to the Imperial Military Department. To use an analogy, if there is a confrontation or battle in the nearby airspace, the union will be the first group of soldiers from our school to go to the front line.”


When Lu Jingning heard this, he finally understood.


All the students who came to the military university have the ultimate goal of going to war, and when such a great opportunity is presented to them by the Imperial Sea Union, he’s afraid that there is really only one option, and that is to accept it. If they refused, in the eyes of the public, they would be no different from deserters.


But from what he had seen of Wen Xingchen, no matter how he looked at him, he did not look like a coward who was afraid to go into battle.


But this message also made Lu Jingning think of something else – did that old headmaster stop him from fighting in the third round, did it also have this reason behind it?


A sudden invitation to join a group chat popped up on his communicator, causing him to come back from his thoughts.


Lu Jingning casually clicked on the confirmation and by the next second, he was completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of messages.


His entire face was filled with black lines after looking at the group name – Ninety-nine sisters and a single flower.


What the hell?



Although it was only the first day of school, the Omega and Alpha freshmen were very efficient in coming together to form a collective group.


In terms of group chat names alone, the Alpha side of the freshman group were much more rigid, with names like “4A Handsomes”, fearing that others might not know that their goal is to be the most alpha Alphas.


And at this time, the topic of discussion in the group was unsurprisingly, still revolving around today’s Freshmen’s Challenge.


More and more live photos were posted on the fly, and there were a number of private collections that are just much more comprehensive than the ones on the campus forum.


Some people even had the photos pre-processed, and under the light effects, Lu Jingning standing on the field dazzled even brighter than Nakeheng, the brightest star in the galaxy.


All the Alphas felt their feral blood boiling just by looking at his face.


“fvck, guys, don’t stop me, I’m in love!”


“Who’s this and what’s his name? Crap, so alpha. I feel like I can’t hold it!”


“Any more photos? Keep posting, don’t stop. I’m going to build my own private archive!”


“I don’t suppose an Omega of this alpha-ness has a mate yet? Heh heh heh.”


“Don’t hehe, you’re not the only one who likes him. I like him too. The question is, will he even pay attention to you?”


“He’s going to be assigned to a faculty soon, right? I wonder how many campuses he’ll go to, maybe he’ll be my classmate?”


“Stop grabbing him, all of you! He’s mine! Stamped!”


“Geez, you can’t do that! We need to compete based on merit, understand?”


Wen Xingchen was sitting in his dormitory flipping through the latest interstellar magazine. He had already blocked the freshman group the moment he entered it, but his best friend Jiang Luan, who happened to be assigned to the same dormitory as him, was chatting feverishly on the communicator. He suddenly looked up at him and said in a flirtatious tone, “Wen Xingchen, why do you think the other person is so popular while you are unpopular when you also completed the 1vs2??”


Wen Xingchen lifted his eyes from the top of the magazine and glanced over, asking another question instead of answering him, “What do you think?”’


Jiang Luan burst out laughing.


He certainly knews the reason for this.


If you want to blame anyone, you can only blame Wen Xingchen for having a big handsome face that can be called the public enemy of all Alphas.


He was such a perfect and somewhat excessive being that even if he did nothing, he would still be excessively threatening in the eyes of the other Alphas.


In an event like the Challenge, where there was hardly any Omega present, it would be nice if the Alphas didn’t want him to disappear from the scene, not to mention the unwarranted publicity it gave him.


After all, the pressure of being with an Alpha like Wen Xingchen is a little too much and it is something that Jiang Luan, a dear friend who has known him for a long time, obviously experienced more deeply than anyone else.


But what could be done about it? A man like Wen Xingchen was often a deadly poison to the Omegas. An existence destined to make all Alphas envious and jealous.


With that in mind, Jiang Luan fanned the flames and asked with a smile, “How about I go and improve your reputation?”


Wen Xingchen raised his eyelashes lazily, “I can also help spread the word to the Omegas about your glorious feat of having an average of one mate per week.”


Jiang Luan raised his white flag: “I’ll shut up!”


“I’m glad you made the wiser choice.”


Wen Xingchen gave a light smile of approval, opened his communicator and looked at the contents of the group chat that was frantically scrolling down on its own. His eyes narrowed slightly as his eyes finally fell on the name that appeared frequently. A hint of recognition flashed between his eyebrows.


Oh, so his name was Lu Jingning.


Author’s Note: Wen Xingduan: Still want to grab him? Oh, it’s mine now.


T/N: Before I forget, happy pride month!~ I’m a little burnt out from life, but I will cheer myself on! I hope you are having a good month so far though, see you again tomorrow~


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