Yu Bingwei’s gaze slowly swept over everyone’s face and finally landed on Li Zhenzi. Her expression was somewhat complicated.

       You Bo waved to her, “Miss Yu, please come in and sit.”

       Yu Bingwei took a deep breath and slowly walked into the private room. She was forcibly invited, and she didn’t even know what was going on at first, but it was only when she saw Li Zhenzi and You Bo that she suddenly understood.

       Li Zhenruo frowned tightly. He was very disgusted with You Bo’s behaviour in involving Yu Bingwei. If at first, he thought that Li Zhenzi owed You Bo, now he no longer felt that You Bo had anything to be sympathetic about.

       Yu Bingwei walked over to the round table and looked around blankly.

       You Bo pulled a chair aside and said to her, “Please sit down.”

       Only then Yu Bingwei sit down, but her eyes kept staring at Li Zhenzi.

       Li Zhenzi finally couldn’t help it, and said to You Bo, “I broke up with her long ago. Is it interesting to involve innocent people?”

       You Bo just smiled and looked at Yu Bingwei.

       “You Bo,” Li Zhenzi’s voice became cold and hard, “I can let you off the hook for what happened before, but don’t think that I’m really afraid of you. Try moving one of her fingers today? I promise you won’t just break a leg.”

       You Bo snorted in disbelief.

       At this time, Li Zhenran said, “Boss You, you seem to be insincere. Is the purpose of your coming here today to have everyone fight to the death  and hurt both sides?”

       You Bo tilted his head, “I’m not sincere? Why would I invite Miss Yu to sit down and talk then? I could just ask someone to take her to me.”

       Without warning, Li Zhenzi grabbed the water cup from the table and threw the water in the cup at You Bo.

       You Bo moved quickly to dodge, but his shoulders were still wet with water.

       Yu Bingwei became nervous and looked at them.

       You Bo’s face was cold, he reached out and wiped the water stains on his shoulders, while looking at Li Zhenzi fiercely, he wiped the tissue from the table.

       Li Zhenran just called out calmly, “Third child,” and tried to stop Li Zhenzi from continuing to provoke You Bo. He then said to You Bo, “Then Boss You might as well talk about the conditions you want?”

       You Bo said, “I know that you, Yunlin, have acquired land for two old factories in the south of the city, let me have that land at the original price.”

       The land-use rights of the two pieces of land were in Yunlin’s hands, but they have not been developed yet.

       Li Zhenran smiled, “Boss You know that a subway is going to be opened there, right?”

       You Bo said, “Of course I do, otherwise why am I here?”

       The price of these two pieces of land were not expensive, and it was operated by Li Zhenran at the time. He also heard inside information that it was near the new subway line and that a subway station will be built. As soon as the subway route was planned, the land price on that piece of land went up. At this time, if the land was given at the original price to You Bo, Yunlin would naturally lose a lot of money.

       Before Li Zhenran could speak, Li Zhenzi mocked, “Have you been daydreaming too much? Let’s say that you are worth the money we pay you, even if I wanted to, Yunlin is now in my eldest brother and my father’s hand. Li Zhenran and I have both been kicked out of the house. You are looking for us to ask for Yunlin’s land, what kind of joke is that?”

       You Bo was not annoyed when he heard the words. He pretended to think about it, and said, “You are right, so I just asked someone to invite your eldest brother. Let’s sit down and talk together.”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t like You Bo right now. He wanted to pounce on him and scratch his face and suddenly felt that his fingers were a little itchy. He stretched out his hand and scratched it, stunned to touch the hair on one hand, and immediately lowered his head to look in surprise, and saw that his hands had turned into cat claws.

       The people at the table were still bargaining, and no one noticed him.

       He lowered his head and touched the hands with his left and right hands, and tried to control his spiritual power to turn it back into the appearance of a human hand. Then he found that he had succeeded.

       When he thought about it, he hadn’t changed back to a cat form for a long time, and he hadn’t tried to change his body parts into a cat shape, but he didn’t expect it to be so easy now.

       Song Jun told him that cultivating was a long process, and cultivators must endure loneliness. Before they know it, quantitative changes can lead to qualitative changes. When he cultivates slowly without rushing, one day the change in his ability will be visible to the naked eye.

       Li Zhenruo looked at Yu Bingwei without caring about the others at the dinner table.

       Yu Bingwei lowered her head and looked at the water glass on the table. She didn’t say a word from beginning to end. She was innocently involved. This situation was very contradictory to her. Of course, she didn’t want to go to help Li Zhenzi by sleeping with You Bo, but she couldn’t bear to see Li Zhenzi get hurt. And it’s embarrassing enough that she was brought here by You Bo’s people. Outside she was a female star and had always been beautiful, but here she was like cargo. She didn’t even have the freedom to stand up and leave here.

       When he saw Yu Bingwei’s pitiful appearance, Li Zhenruo felt that his paws were itchy again.

       At this moment, someone knocked on the private room door and then opened the private room door from the outside.

       Several people turned their heads to look at the same time and saw that Li Zhentai came in with the waiter leading the way, and the atmosphere was a little delicate for a while.

       You Bo stood up and greeted Li Zhentai with a smile, “The eldest son of the Li family is finally here.” After speaking, he said to Li Zhenran, “Since the second son has no right to speak, then I will invite the people who have the right to speak in the Li family.”

       Li Zhentai nodded politely to You Bo, and then his eyes fell on Li Zhenzi, shaking his head as if he was angry with him.

       Li Zhenzi frowned.

       Li Zhenruo on the other hand exchanged glances with Li Zhenran. He was a little puzzled. He didn’t understand why Li Zhentai was willing to accept You Bo’s invitation.

       Until he saw Li Zhentai and You Bo shaking hands politely, then sat down and sighed and said, “Boss You, I apologize to you for my brother.”

       Li Zhenzi lined up on the table with one hand and looked at Li Zhentai. He couldn’t be polite, “Eldest brother, what do you mean?”

       Li Zhentai said to him, “We are here to solve the problem today. Since you can’t solve it, then naturally I, the eldest brother, can’t just sit back and watch.”

       After he finished speaking, he looked at Li Zhenran again, “Zhenran, it is inconvenient to say some things here, but since you are back, you should go home early to see your father, and don’t just fool around outside.”

       When he said the word ‘fooling around’, he glanced toward Li Zhenruo, not hiding the disgust in his eyes in the slightest.

       Since Li Zhentai took over the power of Yunlin, he could clearly feel that his overall demeanor had changed. In the past, in Li Zhenruo’s heart, he had always been a mediocre and meek person, but now he was becoming more and more imposing, and in front of his two younger brothers, he also began to put up a big brother’s front.

       Also, by now he was the only good son left by Li Jianglin’s side, since the other two were not reassuring.

       Li Zhenran didn’t answer Li Zhentai’s words. In fact, after Li Zhentai came in, he didn’t say a word, quietly and honestly being an obedient second brother.

       Li Zhenzi on the other hand, went back and forth with Li Zhentai for a few moments before Li Zhentai finally yelled at him, “If you didn’t cause so much trouble, would we need to sit here now? If you could solve it, why would you get into this mess now?”

       Li Zhenzi took a deep breath and fell silent.

       Li Zhentai handed You Bo a cigarette, then lit it for him with his own hands, and then began to apologize to him again and again sincerely.

       Li Zhenruo’s fingernail suddenly became sharp, he touched the tip of the sharp fingernail, thinking to himself, what the hell does Li Zhentai mean?

       It was true that You Bo was not easy to mess with, but the Li family was not afraid of him.

       You Bo knew that Li Zhenzi cared about Yu Bingwei, and took Yu Bingwei as a threat. If it was a big deal, Li Zhenzi would’ve spent money to send Yu Bingwei away to hide, and then spend more money to find a few people to protect her, and let her come back when things developed in a better direction.

       As for Li Zhenzi, if you give You Bo ten guts, he will not dare to do anything to Li Zhenzi. Li Zhenzi was not stupid. After this incident, he found people to protect himself in the dark and keep an eye on You Bo. If You Bo really wanted to hit hard, Li Zhenzhi would have fought him to the end, and in the end, it would have been a lose-lose situation.

       You Bo must also feel that it was not worth it.

       Li Zhentai would not be so concerned about Li Zhenzi’s safety. If You Bo could really kill Li Zhenzi, Li Zhentai would have one less big trouble, and he didn’t need to do it himself, how good was that?

       So who is this show for?

       He couldn’t help but glance at Li Zhenran. Li Zhenran stared at Li Zhentai and You Bo without saying a word as if he was distracted.

       At this time, You Bo once again brought up the matter of land transfer.

       All eyes fell on Li Zhentai.

       Li Zhentai smiled calmly, picked up the cup and took a slow sip of water, then said, “Boss You, it’s too much.”

       You Bo was not in a hurry, changed his words, and said, “Well, I have a project in hand now, but I need capital funds, you won’t let me have the land that I want. I just hope you can help me with your land. How does Mr. Li feel about making a guarantee and taking out a loan from the bank?”

       Li Zhentai frowned tightly.

       You Bo said, “Don’t be in a hurry to answer, I will give you a detailed plan report about the project. It was definitely worth investing in. Wait until Mr. Li Senior has read it.”

       After speaking, You Bo stood up and said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

       In the old restaurant, there was no bathroom in the private room, so You Bo had to open the private room door and walked outside.

       Li Zhenruo also stood up at this time and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom too.”

       He came out of the private room and saw You Bo’s back walking around the corner of the corridor as if he was in a good mood and was humming a song. Li Zhenruo followed. There was no waiter in the long corridor around the corner, and there was no surveillance camera when he looked up, and at this time You Bo had already entered the bathroom.

       So Li Zhenruo turned into a cat while advancing, squatted at the door of the bathroom, and licked his paws.

       Just over a minute later, when You Bo opened the door from the inside and just stepped out, Li Zhenruo jumped up and flashed his sharp claws to scratch at his face.

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