(Vol.2) Chapter 10 – Long time no see, Qi Yun

Chapter 10 – Long time no see, Qi Yun


Gao Qiao came over and asked curiously, “So lively? Saying it out loud makes me happy too.” 


Xue Qing took the noodles from his hand.


“When we came, we made a bet that you would definitely make noodles for Laoxing. If Laoxing loses, he needs to go up and sing a song for you.”


Gao Qiaoyi heard this with interest, “Sure thing! Walk right up Laoxing and show us what you’ve got.”


Xing Zhongwan was leaning lazily on the sofa, but the familiar aroma made him sit up slowly, “When I finish eating the noodles, I’ll entertain you. Each one of you will get to see?”


He picked up the chopsticks and scooped the noodles up before taking a big mouthful. As he was about to swallow it, he gave Gao Qiao a thumbs up. Gao Qiao happily sat aside, “Eat slowly, I’ll make more for you if it’s not enough.”


Gao Qiao really liked Xing Zhongwan. Previously, he was two levels higher than Xing Zhongwan. At that time, he didn’t know Xing Zhongwan’s identity, but he just liked this beautiful and surprisingly good-tempered Chinese junior. The two became friends soon after conversing with one another about their similar interests. Later, when he learned about his true identity, Gao Qiao couldn’t shake it off for a while. He couldn’t believe that Xing Zhongwan, who drank with him with his sleeves rolled up, had such an identity. But he didn’t have any self-consciousness as the heir of the X country’s media giant, nor did he have a sense of superiority because of his identity. On the contrary, he was very down-to-earth. Gao Qiao felt that this friend was worth making. After returning to China for two years, although they have not been in contact, their friendship has always been there.


“I’ll go after I finish eating.” Xing Zhongwan took a sip of the soup with a smile and suddenly a clean handkerchief was stretched out in front of him. Xing Zhongwan raised his head slightly, took it and said thank you.


A flash of red flashed across Xiao Ying’s handsome face.


“Boss, shall I sing you a song?”


Xing Zhongwan swallowed the noodles and wiped the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief, “Okay.”


Xiao Ying looked overjoyed. He got up and walked towards the middle of the stage.


Xue Qing pointed to Zhong Gang, “You’re breaking the rules.”


Zhong Gang took a sip of wine, “He begged me for a long time, so I couldn’t help it. Plus, the boss said that we should always give special care to our cash cow.”


Xing Zhongwan recently just finished his bowl of noodles, “This child became more mature than he was two years ago. He is a good seedling to cultivate well.”


“Obviously he wants to get your heart. You said you like ambitious people. Isn’t his ambition big enough?”


Xue Qing lit a cigarette and took a puff.


“Can you blame me for looking good?” Xing Zhongwan shrugged.


Xue Qing looked at him with unamused disbelief in her eyes as she pushed Cheng Zhengzhe who was close to her in disgust. Cheng Zhengzhe held his wine glass indifferently, ignoring Zhong Gang’s fiery gaze.


Gao Qiao said with a smile, “Xiao Ying has been really popular in the past two years and my wife likes him very much. Laoxing, you’re really good at judging people.”


Xing Zhongwan squinted. When Xiao Ying started to sing “When Can I Enter Your Heart”, Xing Zhongwan got goosebumps all over.


Xue Qing couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Let’s see how you will perform the finale.”


Xing Zhongwan disagreed. He was a little sleepy after he was full and he was actually a little tired due to the jet lag from flying back here.


Gao Qiao looked at the very handsome boy in the stands, “You are still so likable, regardless by which gender.”


Xing Zhongwan was a little uncomfortable when Xiao Ying’s straightforward gaze looked at him, so he got up and moved his aching waist. When he turned his head casually, he turned to the left rear corner. It was very dark and he could not see if anyone was there, but he just felt that someone was looking at him. Xing Zhongwan rubbed the back of his neck. Was it because he was too tired that he was this antsy?


Just as he was thinking about it, the singing onstage stopped. A clear male voice said, “Boss, at the annual meeting of the head office last year, you said that your New Year’s wish is to find someone who can take good care of you. I… Can I take care of you?”


His face was shy but he was unusually solemn.


Xing Zhongwan stood still, what kind of confession was this?


Cheng Zhengzhe couldn’t bear it anymore, he got up and hugged Xing Zhongwan, “The current generation is terrifying! In this lifetime, I just heard someone want to take care of you. Laoxing, you should accept, hahaha.”


Xing Zhongwan felt a headache. He did not make the brat obsessed after not outrightly rejecting his flowers, did he?


Xue Qing was already laughing, and it took her a long time to recover.


Xing Zhongwan leaned against Cheng Zhengzhe lazily, “Son, I’ll consider it if you change your gender. Work hard and if you sing well, we can make an album. I’ll let Zhong Gang arrange it.”


Xiao Ying froze on the stage and pursed his lips tightly. His face was pale.


Zhong Gang stretched out his long legs and led him down.


Gao Qiao poured wine for Xing Zhongwan, “Who doesn’t know that Lao Xing likes beautiful women? After so long, no one looks as good as him. If their figures are as good as his’, they won’t be able to catch his eye. I’m worried, will you forever be single? It’s too difficult to look better than you. When are you going to find someone to show me, my brother?”


Xing Zhongwan looked at him, “You see, this married man is different. With traces of happiness all over his body, he is starting to worry about us single dogs. I have to change the topic. Come come come, let me sing for you. I didn’t attend your marriage ceremony so I have to sing this song for you, otherwise I’ll be sorry for all the times we fought alongside each other.”


Gao Qiao smiled and took Xing Zhongwan’s glass, “Then you have to think about what to sing. If you can’t sing well, you won’t be allowed to leave today .


Xing Zhongwan walked towards the center of the stage with a smile as Xue Qing coaxed him, “Xing Zhongwan, among the thousands of people in the media, you must be the best singer among them. I will videotape this and post it on for the new employees to watch online so they won’t accidentally miss you and pass you by.”


Xing Zhongwan dragged the high stool to one side and tested the sound on the microphone, “You can do it. Just make sure they are not distracted during working hours, I’m recording this so they will make money for me.”


Xing Zhongwan adjusted the height of the stool so that it was tall. Those long legs that had nowhere to rest could only step on the edge of the pedal.


Xue Qing whistled, “Xing Zhongwan, I absolutely believe that if our group collapses one day, you can definitely make it come back to life with your appearance.”


Xing Zhongwan adjusted the microphone and threw a wink in Xue Qing’s direction, “You have vision.”


“Tell me, Laogao. What song do you want to hear?”


Xing Zhongwan smiled in Gao Qiao’s direction, his long and narrow eyes slightly slanted. The DJ standing not far away took a long deep breath.


Gao Qiao was also overjoyed and had long forgotten that there were other people present on this occasion. “The Moon Represents My Heart1https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v%3DIiFm7AWP9n4&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1656765397013986&usg=AOvVaw1rve8yD5kX9X1NSYCBi5gR.”


Xing Zhongwan nodded and smiled at the waiter on the side, “Sister, bring me a guitar.” 


The lady suddenly blushed and quickly got him a guitar. Xing Zhongwan smiled and tuned the instrument, “It’s been a long time since I sang. Gao Qiao, I wish you happiness all the time.”


It was very lively over there, but it was dead silent on Shen Congxin’s side ever since he heard Xing Zhongwan’s name. He didn’t dare to speak, and only quietly observed Qi Yun.


Qi Yun clenched his glass tightly, his eyes staring at the booth in front of him as he was reluctant to blink. When the young man went up to sing, his straightforward words were obviously a confession. Shen Congxin secretly glanced at Qi Yun, and was frightened by the shadow in his eyes. A cold sweat broke out on his back as the cup that was held tightly by Qi Yun suddenly cracked.


Shen Congxin watched as the transparent fragments fell with blood onto the thick carpeted floor. Shen Congxin wanted to go up to check Qi Yun’s injury, but when Xing Zhongwan who was in front suddenly got up, Qi Yun’s body moved a bit. Suddenly, Xing Zhongwan turned his head and glanced at their corner. The light was a little dim, so it was not very clear. Shen Congxin took a breath at the vague outline, so this was his cousin-in-law. He was so… so tall.


Xing Zhongwan turned around quickly and that brief glance made Qi Yun tremble uncontrollably, Wanwan, Wanwan…


When Xing Zhongwan walked to the middle of the stage, Shen Congxin couldn’t help but cover his own mouth.


Xing Zhongwan’s hair was shaved very short and his short bangs were very close to his forehead, with the ends of his fringe all shaved. This hairstyle can’t be pulled off by ordinary people. Shen Congxin can no longer describe his appearance, other than that he was really beautiful and that his whole body glowed white. Especially those eyes, which are long and narrow and slightly raised upwards, with light blue pupils that looked at you with a hint of light and an unspeakable temptation. Shen Congxin felt his nose heating up. He thought that after getting used to seeing the face of his big cousin, he was immune to pretty faces, but he didn’t expect to see his cousin-in-law.


Qi Yun’s beauty was one that was cold and hard to approach while Xing Zhongwan was beautiful and stunning. His flamboyance and charisma was unforgettable.


And his body, his body was also in very good shape. Those legs…even the high stool wasn’t tall enough for them…


Shen Congxin covered his nose, he didn’t dare to look at Qi Yun. His heart was pounding and he was nervous for Qi Yun. The person who he had been thinking about night and day actually appeared in front of him. Shen Congxin felt that the other person would faint in anticipation.


Qi Yun’s hand was injured. The broken glass pierced into his open wound, but he felt no pain. The moment he saw Xing Zhongwan, his whole world seemed to stop and his world became quiet. He was afraid that he was dreaming, a very beautiful dream. He didn’t dare to move and even breathed carefully. He was afraid that if he breathed hard, he would wake up from the dream and Wanwan would disappear.


That was until the singing sounded in his ears. That crisp, delightful voice with a soft Jiangnan accent suddenly made Qi Yun regain some sense of clarity.


The man sitting on the high stool in the middle of the stage, holding the guitar and turning his face slightly with a smile on his lips, glanced in his direction inadvertently. Qi Yun’s heart tightened, his brows couldn’t help wrinkling. It hurt. It hurt so much, but this pain made his heart that has been dead for a long time come back to life.


That was his Wanwan. He had thought about his appearance for countless nights, but none of them could be compared with the real deal at this moment. Under the illumination of the stage lights, Xing Zhongwan’s appearance was clearly displayed in front of Qi Yun’s eyes.


His Wanwan turned out to be like this. The dirty little boy from before flashed in his mind. Those eyes unexpectedly coincided with the appearance from his memory.


Unfamiliar and familiar, that was his Wanwan.


Qi Yun’s eyes were hot, sore and a little blurry. He closed his eyes to calm down, but quickly opened them again. He was afraid that in the blink of an eye, the person on the stage would suddenly disappear.


Cheng Zhengzhe got up to go to the bathroom, but was suddenly stopped after passing by a booth. Shen Congxin quickly stood up, “Hello.”


Cheng Zhengzhe blinked, “Qi Yun?”


Qi Yun stood up and put his injured left hand behind him as he nodded to him. Beneath his calm exterior, his body trembled slightly while his legs ached from the tension.


Cheng Zhengzhe looked at him and couldn’t help but look back at Xing Zhongwan on the stand. His mouth was slightly agape, not knowing what to say.


At this time, Xing Zhongwan just finished singing and wanted to come down. Cheng Zhengzhe walked over quickly and pointed to Xue Qing in the direction of Qi Yun and the others.


Xue Qing was puzzled, “Why?” 


Turning to look, Qi Yun and Shen Congxin had already come out of the booth. Xue Qing sighed and looked back at Xing Zhongwan. It was obvious that Xing Zhongwan hadn’t seen Qi Yun yet.


Xue Qing took a breath and signaled Cheng Zhengzhe to leave it alone.


Cheng Zhengzhe pointed to this and that before finally choosing to look up at the sky.


Xing Zhongwan saw them all standing up and walked over with a smile, “What’s the matter?”


Xue Qing pulled Cheng Zhengzhe aside as Xing Zhongwan looked at the tall and straight man who was slowly approaching his front. The smile at the corners of his mouth faded a little.


Qi Yun was wearing a khaki sweater and pants of the same color, and was very thin. His back was very straight, as it has always been, even in those awkward days in a wheelchair.


Xing Zhongwan didn’t expect to see him again, let alone meet him without a hint of preparation under such circumstances.


Qi Yun walked very slowly, getting closer and closer to Xing Zhongwan. Seeing the corners of his curved mouth collapse little by little, Qi Yun became very sad. However, he was also glad that Xing Zhongwan didn’t hide, and that his eyes were fixed to his own.


When he came to him and stopped, Qi Yun was a little afraid. It was ridiculous for him to be scared. He thought about Wanwan for a long time but he couldn’t say it.


Suddenly, Xing Zhongwan in front of him smiled, although the smile did not reach his eyes.


“Long time no see, Qi Yun.”

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