Side Story 2

       Li Zhenruo was terrified because of his own thoughts, and the anger on Garfield’s face became more and more obvious.

       At this time, Li Zhenruo’s cell phone suddenly rang, he reached out to answer it and saw that it was a call from Song Jun.

       When the call was connected, Song Jun said to Li Zhenruo, “Happy New Year!”

       Li Zhenruo believed that Song Jun was definitely not calling early in the morning to pay respect for the New Year, but still said, “Happy New Year, what’s up so early?”

       Song Jun said, “Oh, I found the giant panda after you left last night and asked him why he gave you something. Guess what he said?”

       Li Zhenruo is actually not too in the mood to chat with Song Jun now, but she still asks, “What?”

       There was a smile in Song Jun’s tone, “He said he likes you.”

       “He likes me?” Li Zhenruo exclaimed in surprise.

       After he finished speaking, he felt the Garfield raise a paw on his waist, turned his head to see that the other party’s face had fallen down, and suddenly lowered his voice and said, “What does he like about me? We are of different species.”

       Song Jun seemed to be in a good mood, “He said that he had never seen a cat with such a round face, like a silver plate with a full moon, radiant.”

       Li Zhenruo raised his hand to cover his face, “I am thankful for his words…..”

       Song Jun’s voice over there holding in laughter was obvious, “So he said that he seemed to fall in love with you at first sight, but he wasn’t sure, after all, he still prefers pandas, and the things from last night were given to you as a gift, so you don’t have to be too concerned.”

       Li Zhenruo moved his mouth and found that he didn’t know what to say.

       Song Jun continued, “You really don’t need to worry too much, that little money is nothing to a giant panda, not to mention he has such a rich senior brother.”

       “Senior brother?” Li Zhenruo was distracted.

       Song Jun said, “You don’t know he is Luo Fei’s junior brother? Aren’t you working with Luo Fei?”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned, “I’ve never heard of this. Could it be that Luo Fei is also a giant panda?”

       Song Jun denied it, “He’s not. I haven’t seen Luo Fei’s real body, so I don’t know what he is.”

       “Anyway,” Li Zhenruo wanted to tell Song Jun about feeding his second brother the elixir last night, but Song Jun also said at the same time, “Anyway, I’m calling to tell you something.”

       So Li Zhenruo had to ask, “What’s the matter?”

       Song Jun’s tone was a little more serious, “Don’t take that elixir from last night just yet.”

       “Ah?” Li Zhenruo became nervous, straightened his back and knelt on the bed, “Is there a problem?”

       Song Jun said, “The auction ended last night, and Senior Brother Xia caught the person who brought the elixir to the auction. He admitted that this is not an elixir to improve cultivation at all.”

       Li Zhenruo hurriedly asked, “Then what is it? Will there be a problem with eating it?”

       Song Jun said to him, “I don’t know yet. It is said that the medicinal pill was indeed leaked from Taishang Laojun’s pill furnace, but the specific function is unknown for the time being. Senior brother said you had better bring it to let him find someone to look at.”

       “Ah—” Li Zhenruo exclaimed.

       Song Jun was taken aback, “What’s wrong?”

       Li Zhenruo turned her head and stared at Garfield lying beside the pillow, “It’s too late!”

       Song Jun couldn’t help but hurriedly ask, “Did you eat it? Did something happen?”

       Li Zhenruo swallowed hard, “I gave it to my second brother, and then—he seems to have turned into a cat…”

       The Garfield by the pillow looked at him coldly.

       Song Jun was silent for a moment, unable to hold back the “wow”, then took off his phone and seemed to say something to the person next to him.

       Li Zhenruo asked impatiently, “What should I do?”

       After a while, Song Jun answered him from the other side of the phone, “Are you serious?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Of course I’m serious!”

       Song Jun said, “Then you’d better bring your second brother here, maybe Senior Brother Xia has a solution.”

       Li Zhenruo could only answer, “Okay, I’ll be right here.”

       He hung up the phone, and Li Zhenruo timidly looked at his second brother.

       Most of the Garfield’s face was black as if it was used to brush the bottom of a pot, and his expression was extremely difficult to see.

       Li Zhenruo cautiously and tentatively called out, “Li Zhenran?”

       Garfield frowned slightly.

       In the cold winter, the doors and windows were closed. It was impossible for a wild cat to get in from the outside, and his second brother wouldn’t get up and go out so quietly and still hadn’t come back. If he looked at the door of the room, wasn’t it still locked at this time?

       Although the Garfield’s expression couldn’t be as rich as that of a human being, his second brother’s expression was not rich at all, and that frowning expression was clearly an expression of trying his best to endure.

       Li Zhenruo rushed towards him at once, “Second brother?”

       Li Zhenran nimbly dodged and ran to the end of the bed.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t give up and rushed over again, this time pressing Li Zhenran on the bed, but when his head was approaching, Li Zhenran raised a paw against his forehead, preventing him from getting close.

       But how does a cat’s strength compare to that of a human being? Li Zhenruo buried his face in Li Zhenran’s belly and rubbed it back and forth.

       Ah, so soft and warm!

       In the middle of the rub, Li Zhenruo also turned back into a cat, pressing Li Zhenran under him with force, hugging his neck with his paws, and licking his chin back and forth.

       Li Zhenran pulled him away and just wanted to get out of bed when Li Zhenruo rushed over and hugged him again.

       Although it was a little mean, Li Zhenruo thought that Li Zhenran was so cute, help!

       Li Zhenran disappeared early in the morning on the first day of the New Year, and Li Zhenruo still didn’t know how to explain it to the Li family.

       He found a sports shoulder bag from the cabinet in Li Zhenran’s room, stuffed Li Zhenran in it, and opened the door to go out.

       When he went down from the third floor to the second floor, Li Zhenruo met Li Zhenzi who had just come out of the room.

       Li Zhenzi’s hair was still dishevelled. He was wearing slippers, had sleepy eyes, and said to him, “Morning, Happy New Year.”

       Li Zhenruo lifted the backpack strap, nodded and said, “Morning.”

       Li Zhenzi saw that he had even put on his coat, so he asked, “Are you going out so early on the first day of the New Year?”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t want to say more, just “Um.”

       Li Zhenzi followed him downstairs, always felt that he was a little weird, and asked, “Where’s my second brother?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “He has already gone out.”

       Li Zhen stood on the last stairway and stopped, “So early?”

       Li Zhenruo replied, “En, he was still waiting for me. If there is a delay outside, he might not be back in the next two days. Please tell Uncle Li for me.”

       Li Zhenzi looked at him strangely, “If it wasn’t so long ago, I would have suspected that you had killed my second brother and split up with him.”

       Li Zhenruo turned his head and gave him a blank look. Without saying anything, he walked to the entrance hall to change his shoes.

       On the first day of the New Year, the school was as deserted as the streets. The guard outside the school was almost reluctant to let Li Zhenruo in. Later, Li Zhenruo called Song Jun so the guard would open the door.

       After they got in the car, Li Zhenruo put Li Zhenran out of the sports bag.

       Li Zhenran had been very unhappy and was not even willing to exchange a few words with Li Zhenruo.

       Li Zhenruo wanted to tease him, and when he went out, he pulled a piece of grass and stretched it out in front of Li Zhenran’s eyes, but Li Zhenran pressed down the grass with a paw and looked at him blankly.

       Li Zhenruo felt that he could see Li Zhenran’s implicitly saying: Drive well!

       He parked the car under Xia Hongshen’s small building, Li Zhenruo wanted to get off the car with Li Zhenran in his arms, but Li Zhenran jumped off when he opened the car door.

       The Garfield’s entire face was originally slumped downwards, but now Li Zhenran’s face slumped even more, with a look of imposing manner that no strangers should approach.

       Li Zhenruo had no choice but to follow behind him.

       They went up to the second floor of the small building, and the door to the room on the right side of the stairs opened first. Long Xing came out wearing pyjamas and slippers and was surprised to see Li Zhenruo bringing a cat over.

       He trotted over and shouted, “Little Garfield, you brought a Garfield over here?”

       Li Zhenruo was powerless to correct him that his own name was not Garfield.

       Long Xing bent down, put his hands on his knees, looked down at Li Zhenran, and said in surprise, “You look just like you, but the fur colour is different, it’s not your brother, right?”

       Li Zhenruo whispered, “It’s my second brother.”

       “Your second brother?” Long Xing had heard of Li Zhenran, and his head was a little confused, “Isn’t your second brother…?”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t dare to say too much in front of Li Zhenran, and could only say, “It’s too complicated to explain it clearly for now. I’ll go to the master first and talk to you later.”

       “Okay,” Long Xing nodded obediently, “Go ahead.”

       As soon as they finished speaking, Song Jun had already opened the door of the room and greeted Li Zhenruo, “Come here, your master is already up.”

       When Li Zhenran heard this, he walked ahead in the direction of Song Jun’s room without looking back.

       Li Zhenruo hurriedly followed, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw Xia Hongshen sitting by the bed in a coat and playing games.

       Song Jun squatted in front of Li Zhenran and said “wow”. He seemed to want to touch Li Zhenran’s head, but he felt it was not good, so he just said, “Garfield, your second brother looks exactly like you.”

       When he heard Song Jun’s words, Li Zhenruo also squatted down and looked at Li Zhenran carefully. It seemed that except for the colour of his coat, everything else looked exactly the same as him. Even then the colour of his coat and also the yellow parts of his body fur were all replaced with black fur.

       Li Zhenran looked at them blankly, trying to suppress his emotions.

       Li Zhenruo knew that he was in trouble, and felt sorry in his heart. He reached out to touch the top of Li Zhenran’s head, but Li Zhenran avoided him. Li Zhenruo didn’t give up and continued to reach out and touch, this time Li Zhenran raised his paw and opened his hand.

       The third time, Li Zhenruo turned into a cat and rushed up, pressing Li Zhenran to the ground and rubbing it, Li Zhenran was slapped by him indifferently, and when Li Zhenruo licked his lips at the end, he couldn’t help sticking out his tongue back. After licking it, Li Zhenruo suddenly looked at him with light.

       Song Jun hurriedly picked up his mobile phone from the bed, took more than ten photos of them, and planned to post them on Weibo.

       “Okay,” Xia Hongshen tapped on the bed with his cell phone at this time, “Show him to me.”

       Li Zhenruo turned back into a human form, grabbed Li Zhenran quickly, picked him up by the neck, and handed him to Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen didn’t reach out to pick it up, but just put the phone aside, looked at Li Zhenran carefully, and pondered, “It’s exactly the same.”

       Li Zhenruo put Li Zhenran on the ground, sat beside the bed and asked Xia Hongshen, “Master, what’s going on?”

       Xia Hongshen looked at him, “Why did you give it to him to eat?”

       Li Zhenruo was a little embarrassed to say it, but Xia Hongshen didn’t have to guess to know his little thought.

       Li Zhenran felt a little itchy on his back, but he didn’t want to really lift one leg to scratch the itch like a cat, so he jumped on Li Zhenruo’s leg and rubbed his stomach.

       This was the first time that Li Zhenran has been so close to him since he turned into a cat. Li Zhenruo was immediately flattered and scratched Li Zhenran’s chin, but he turned his head to avoid him and then saw his back rubbing against him, and quickly reached out to help him scratch the itch.

       While scratching, Li Zhenruo asked Xia Hongshen, “Master, what kind of medicine is this? Why is he like this?”

       Xia Hongshen touched his chin, “I don’t know either. There are so many things in Taishang Laojun’s pill furnace, and sometimes even he can’t tell them apart, do you think others can?”

       Li Zhenruo was a little anxious, “Then what should I do? It’s okay because it’s New Year’s holiday these few days. After the New Year, how can my second brother go back to work?”

       Xia Hongshen said casually, “Can’t you communicate with him? Can you be his secretary and listen to his orders?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Master, don’t joke.”

       At this time, Song Jun took Xia Hongshen’s cat biscuit and came to tease Li Zhenran, but Li Zhenran didn’t even look at it.

       Song Jun lamented, “What a determined cat.”

       Then Xia Hongshen grabbed his hand and fed it into his mouth to eat.

       When he saw this, Li Zhenruo said, “I have canned tuna imported from Norway over there. Master, do you want it?”

       Xia Hongshen folded his hands on his chest, pondered for a long time, and said, “I’ll make a call and ask an old friend to come over, he may be able to know.”

       Li Zhenruo said loudly, “Thank you, Master!”

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    I didn’t expect this sort of side story! Is it bad if I want Li Zhenran to sell more meng…? I need some cat fluff here. Thanks for translating!


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