Xia Hongshen made a phone call and hung up after a couple of brief explanations.

       Song Jun approached and asked him, “Is it Master Yun Po?”

       Xia Hongshen replied “En” and turned his head to see that Li Zhenruo was still scratching the cat, and suddenly felt that his back seemed to be itching as well.

       “Master?” Li Zhenruo picked up the funny cat stick beside the bed and didn’t ask where it came from. He shook in front of Li Zhenran and asked Xia Hongshen, “When will your friend arrive?”

       Li Zhenran turned his head and closed his eyes.

       Xia Hongshen watched the funny cat stick dangling in front of his eyes and said casually, “It can be as soon as a day or two or a month or two later.”

       “Ah?” Li Zhenruo stopped, “Then what should we do?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “What can we do?”

       Li Zhenruo combed Li Zhenran’s hair with her fingers, “Does that friend of yours have a solution?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “If you give enough money, there is usually a way.”

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help sighing, “If it’s just about money, that’s the best solution.”

       After speaking, he couldn’t help burying his face on Li Zhenran’s back again and then giggled twice.

       It was useless to delay time here in Xia Hongshen, but Li Zhenran definitely had no way to return to Li’s house like this. Li Zhenruo considered whether to take him out for a walk or go back to Li Zhenran’s apartment to live in the world of two cats.

       Before he made up his mind, Li Zhenruo heard the sound of the closing and locking of a car from downstairs. He carried Li Zhenran and walked to the window to have a look. He saw his boss’ Hummer parked on the roadside. Luo Fei and Feng Junyuan were walking toward the small building.

       Today was the first day of the New Year, and Li Zhenruo suddenly felt it was like Luo Fei was accompanying his wife back to her mother’s house.

       Suddenly, Li Zhenruo felt Li Zhenran pulling him in his arms.

       He lowered his head and saw that Li Zhenran was looking up at him, his eyes were dark and translucent, and after a while, he reluctantly made a “meow”. This was the first sound of Li Zhenran’s meow after he became a cat. Li Zhenruo understood it; Li Zhenran told him to go.

       “Let’s go?” Li Zhenruo was a little unsure, but he quickly realised that Li Zhenran probably didn’t want to be seen by Luo Fei.

       He then carried Li Zhenran and said to Xia Hongshen, “Master, I’ll go first. Let me know if there is any news.”

       Xia Hongshen didn’t mean to stop them and waved his hand to let him go. Li Zhenruo was thinking about sending a can of canned food to Xia Hongshen first. If he liked it and he hurried up, he would then bring him the rest of the canned food.

       Just as he walked out of Xia Hongshen’s room with Li Zhenran in his arms, he met Luo Fei and Feng Junyuan who were approaching.

       When Feng Junyuan saw that he was carrying a cat, he asked him curiously, “Where did the cat come from?”

       “Oh,” Li Zhenruo said with a smile, “My friend’s cat.”

       Feng Junyuan saw that he was going to leave, “Are you leaving?”

       Li Zhenruo replied, “I come to say New Year’s greetings to Master and leave after I’m done.”

       However, as soon as he finished saying that, Luo Fei suddenly said, “Wait.”

       Li Zhenran raised his head from Li Zhenruo’s arms and looked at Luo Fei vigilantly. Luo Fei looked at Li Zhenran repeatedly for a moment, and said to Li Zhenruo, “This cat looks very much like you.”

       Li Zhenruo replied casually, “All Garfield looks the same.”

       Luo Fei frowned slightly, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. He only said to Li Zhenruo, “Say hello to Zhenran for me and wish him a happy new year.”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Thank you, and I wish you a happy new year, boss.”

       When Li Zhenruo left with the cat in his arms, Feng Junyuan saw Luo Fei’s thoughtful look and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

       Luo Fei shook his head and said, “There’s something familiar about that cat’s scent.”

       Feng Junyuan’s face turned red suspiciously, and said, “It’s so cute, I want to touch it.”

       Luo Fei said with a smile, “If you want to touch it, then touch it.”

       Feng Junyuan shook his head, “When I was about to reach out, the cat was unhappy when I saw it.”

       Luo Fei said with a smile, “Its temper not bad for a small one.”

       Li Zhenruo came out of the small building with Li Zhenran in his arms and thought with a sigh of relief that fortunately, Luo Fei didn’t see him. Otherwise, Li Zhenran would definitely be angry.

       He opened the driver’s door, put Li Zhenran in the passenger seat, and asked with a sigh, “What now?”

       Li Zhenran stared coldly ahead.

       Li Zhenruo knew he was still unhappy, so he could only say, “It’s useless for you to be upset. I didn’t mean to. I thought that was really an elixir of immortality and wanted you to live longer…”

       Li Zhenran finally turned to look at him.

       Li Zhenruo said, “I will try my best to find a way; you won’t be like this forever. Even if it is the elixir of Taishang Laojun, it is impossible to turn a person into a cat directly, right? It’s faster than reincarnation.”

       At this time, Li Zhenran finally reluctantly made a “meow”.

       Li Zhenruo asked him, “Let’s go home?”

       Li Zhenran nodded.

       There was no way for them to return to the Li family. The apartment in the city was being cleaned all the time, and there was no problem going there at any time.

       Back at home, Li Zhenruo put Li Zhenran on the ground and went over to open the window for ventilation.

       Li Zhenran turned on the TV with his paw and then jumped to the coffee table to press the remote control. Li Zhenruo opened the window and came back to see that he was having a hard time pressing it, so he walked over and bent down and picked up the remote control to help him press it.

       As a result, he looked down and saw Li Zhenran staring at him coldly, silently put the remote control back under his paws, and couldn’t help but whisper, “How come you’ve turned into a cat and gotten grumpy?”

       Li Zhenran pressed the remote control with his paw to change channels.

       Li Zhenruo sat on the sofa and reached out and poked Li Zhenran’s tail, but Li Zhenran immediately swung his tail to the other side.

       “Second brother…” Li Zhenruo called him.

       Li Zhenran pretended not to hear it.

       Li Zhenruo knew that Li Zhenran would not pay attention to him. The most important thing at this time was to have thick skin, so he turned into a cat and jumped on the coffee table, sitting right next to Li Zhenran who was watching TV. After a while, he stretched out his paws and pulled him.

       Li Zhenran moved away a bit.

       Li Zhenruo stretched out his tail slowly and hooked his tail in a circle.

       Li Zhenran pulled his tail out calmly.

       Unwilling to give up, Li Zhenruo stretched out his tail again, hooked the tip of his tail, and then moved his butt over to sit next to him.

       This time, Li Zhenran raised his paw and pressed his head to push him away.

       “Meow~” Li Zhenruo began to call her brother pitifully.

       However, Li Zhenran ignored him.

       He raised his claws and scratched his head, and Li Zhenruo felt he had to do something to attract Li Zhenran’s attention. He was a little confused about this and finally went to Li Zhenran and lay down and raised his tail.

       Li Zhenran looked at the hairy buttocks in front of him and the small hole in the middle and couldn’t help raising one leg and kicking it.

       Li Zhenruo was kicked forward by him and almost fell off the coffee table. When he turned his head and was about to get angry, he heard his mobile phone ringing, so he ignored Li Zhenran’s side and turned into a human form to answer the phone.

       The call was from Song Jun. When he saw the name, Li Zhenruo thought Xia Hongshen’s friend had arrived. However, when the call was answered, Song Jun asked if he wanted to go to the zoo.

       “Zoo?” Li Zhenruo was inexplicable. He sat on the ground next to the coffee table and stretched out his fingers to tease Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran turned his head coldly.

       Song Jun said, “The giant panda asked Luo Fei to send tickets, saying that the zoo has activities and inviting us to play.”

       Li Zhenruo asked him strangely, “Are you and the giant panda very close?”

       Song Jun replied, “Not bad, but he seems to want to meet you.”

       Li Zhenruo said, “See me? Why did he want to see me?”

       Song Jun said, “It seems he knows about the elixir, and he felt a little sorry. He said he want to see if he could be of any help.”

       Li Zhenruo reached out and grabbed Li Zhenran’s tail and wagged it. He pondered and asked, “The giant panda is very powerful, isn’t it?”

       Song Jun thought for a while, “How can I put it? He should have a good background, after all, he is a national treasure, but I don’t know to what extent. Of course, if he is rich, he should not be as rich as his senior brother. “

       Li Zhenruo hesitated for a moment and felt that he should go see the giant panda. The matter of why the giant panda gave him this thing and why Li Zhenran turned black and white, he should ask clearly.

       He asked Song Jun, “Are you going?”

       Song Jun said, “Senior Brother Xia doesn’t want to go, but if you need it, I can accompany you.”

       Li Zhenruo said quickly, “Come with me. I’m not familiar with giant pandas.”

       Song Jun agreed, “Okay.”

       He hung up the phone, and Li Zhenruo squatted in front of Li Zhenran, “Come on, let’s go see the giant panda.”

       Li Zhenran looked at him this time and made a soft “meow”.

       Li Zhenruo said, “I’ve got nothing to do with him…”

       Li Zhenran obviously didn’t believe it, and he asked Li Zhenruo: Does he like you?

       Li Zhenruo shook his head, “We’ve only met once.”

       Love at first sight?

       “He’s a giant panda, right? The species are different.”

       What does he mean by giving you something?

       Li Zhenruo reached out and grabbed his beard and pulled it, and Li Zhenran almost bit him.

       “I just didn’t understand what he meant by giving me something, so I wanted to find out. I’m bringing you with me; why are you jealous.”

       After speaking, Li Zhenruo stretched a hand to Li Zhenran, “Let’s go?”

       Li Zhenran looked at him for a moment, then slowly raised a paw and placed it on his palm.

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