Zhan Weiyang sat down and continued to write a love letter to Xie Ling. He was always thinking about the deduction of points in his mind and wrote a little absent-mindedly.

       Pei Qing noticed it and saw that he was stumbling every word as he wrote, so he said, “If you’re not in a hurry, just write it tomorrow.”

       Zhan Weiyang said immediately, “There is no rush.”

       Pei Qing stood up and said to Zhan Weiyang, “Then I’m going back to the room; you go to bed early.”

       Zhan Weiyang also stood up and watched Pei Qing return to the bedside to pick up his book. He waited until he walked to the door and said, “Thank you, Qing ge.”

       Pei Qing smiled and said, “You’re welcome. Good night.” After that, he walked out and closed the door for him.

       Zhan Weiyang immediately sat down and saw that he had almost written more than half of the homework paper. He hesitated for a while and added the words Xie Ling at the beginning, and then added, “I like you. Can you be my boyfriend?” in the last row. My mobile phone number is: 138XXXXXXXX, you can add me on WeChat.” Then, he completed the first love letter in his life with a perfunctory attitude.

       After he took a shower, he lay on the bed, getting ready to go to bed. Zhan Weiyang stared at the ceiling with his eyes open and whispered, “Are you there?”

       No respond.

       He added, “Can you not deduct points from me? I was joking.”

       Still no response.

       Zhan Weiyang turned over and reached out to turn off the lamp on the bedside table. At the same time, he heard the voice telling him, “The user’s score today: 48 points.”

       The light in the room suddenly went out and fell into darkness. Zhan Weiyang simultaneously pulled the quilt over his head, buried his whole body under the quilt, and sighed softly.

       When he went to school the next day, Zhan Weiyang got off the bus and ran to the stationery store opposite the school to buy an envelope.

       He looked at the stationery store for a long time and found that there were so many colourful envelopes with various laces and patterns. Seeing that there were no other students in the store, he secretly chose a pink one with a small heart on it. He went to the boss to check out sheepishly, then stuffed the envelope into his schoolbag and ran towards the school gate.

       While studying in the morning, Zhan Weiyang stuffed the love letter he had written into the envelope. He found that he had no glue, so he borrowed correction tape from the girl at the same table to seal the envelope.

       His deskmate, Zhou Hanyi, usually didn’t talk to him very much, but today, she couldn’t help but come over and ask him what he was doing.

       Zhan Weiyang quickly stuffed the envelope into the desk drawer to prevent Zhou Hanyi from seeing it.

       When the self-study class was over, Zhan Weiyang kicked the chair in front of him, trying to get Chen Youyou’s attention.

       Chen Youyou turned around with an unhappy look on his face and asked him, “What are you doing?”

       Zhan Weiyang lay on the desk, approached Chen Youyou, lowered his voice and said to him, “I have written a love letter to Xie Ling. Will you help me give it to him?”

       Chen Youyou refused without thinking, “I won’t.” After saying that, he turned back and rummaged through the drawer for his new physics question book.

       Zhan Weiyang kicked his chair again.

       Chen Youyou ignored him.

       Zhan Weiyang continued to play.

       Chen Youyou turned around suddenly this time and said in an impatient tone, “What, what are you doing?”

       His voice was a little loud, and many people in the classroom heard it. Immediately, some boys laughed, imitated him, and said, “No, no what not.”

       Chen Youyou’s expression immediately turned a bit unpleasant. He remained silent, burying his head without saying a word. Zhan Weiyang dared not speak either, and the two sat in silence, facing each other for a while.

       The class bell rang at this time, and Chen Youyou stretched out his hand to Zhan Weiyang before the teacher entered the classroom, “Bring it here.”

       Zhan Weiyang immediately handed him the envelope.

       Chen Youyou said, “Go at noon.” After saying that, he turned around, looked down at the pink envelope, and stuffed it into his drawer.

       At noon, most students had lunch in the school cafeteria. After eating, students who lived in the school could return to the dormitory to nap. Day students go back to the classroom to rest on their desks. Some very energetic students would go to the playground to play ball at noon.

       During lunch, Chen Youyou asked Zhan Weiyang, “Why can’t, you give it to him, yourself?”

       Zhan Weiyang was opposite Chen Youyou, and the two of them were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria against the wall. The tables in the cafeteria were all four-person tables with fixed tables and chairs. There was an eight-person table with two tables put together in the middle. Zhan Weiyang and Chen Youyou always liked to sit near the wall because the two seats against the wall were inconvenient to enter, so as long as they sat down, no one would usually come to share a table with them.

       Zhan Weiyang’s situation was slightly better. Chen Youyou was often laughed at because of his stutter, so he never liked to associate with other boys in the class.

       Hearing Chen Youyou’s question at this time, Zhan Weiyang mixed the tomato scrambled eggs and rice with a spoon on the dinner plate and said, “I’m a little scared.”

       Chen Youyou said, “Scared of what?”

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t answer.

       Chen Youyou said of him, “You dare to chase a man, but don’t dare to send a love letter?”

       Zhan Weiyang still didn’t speak, silently scooping up a spoonful of rice and putting it into his mouth.

       After a while, Chen Youyou suddenly said to Zhan Weiyang, “Xie Ling.”

       Zhan Weiyang turned around and saw Xie Ling walking towards the cafeteria door from the aisle next to their dining table. The two of them looked up at Xie Ling at the same time, but Xie Ling did not turn his head to look at them until he passed by them.

       He was also wearing a school uniform, a white T-shirt with a blue collar, and a pair of blue trousers on her legs. Xie Ling looked better than others when he wore it, and he had a sassy youthful atmosphere.

       There were two boys and one girl walking with Xie Ling.

       The girl was small in stature and cute in appearance. When she passed by their table, she glanced at Zhan Weiyang and saw that Zhan Weiyang was also looking at her. She also smiled and winked at Zhan Weiyang.

       When they passed by, Chen Youyou said, “Let’s go, stop eating, let’s see where, they go.” After that, he asked Zhan Weiyang to take the dinner plate to the recycling place and hurriedly chased Xie Ling and the others away.

       After Xie Ling finished lunch, he went to the playground with the two boys to play ball for a while.

       Zhan Weiyang and Chen Youyou hid in a dark corner where the sun couldn’t shine, watching him from a distance. Chen Youyou folded the envelope and put it in the pocket of his school uniform. When he was folding it, Zhan Weiyang opened his mouth and held back without stopping him. Now, when he took it out, except for the creases, the pink envelope paper was soaked with Chen Youyou’s sweat.

       Zhan Weiyang glanced at the envelope and then at Chen Youyou.

       Chen Youyou wiped the sweat on his face with his hand and said with some embarrassment, “It’s too hot.”

       Zhan Weiyang thought about it, felt that he was right, and nodded.

       Xie Ling probably just wanted to do some exercise after dinner. After lazily shooting basketballs for a while, he threw the ball to his classmates and walked towards the direction of the school building by himself.

       Zhan Weiyang saw Xie Ling coming over and stretched out his hand to push Chen Youyou.

       Chen Youyou hurriedly ran in the direction of Xie Ling until he stood in front of Xie Ling, blocking Xie Ling’s way.

       Zhan Weiyang saw the two of them talking but couldn’t hear what they were saying. He only saw Xie Ling shaking his head, bypassing Chen Youyou and trying to continue walking forward.

       Chen Youyou refused to give up, forced the envelope into Xie Ling’s hand, then turned around and ran away.

       Xie Ling frowned and looked down at the envelope in his hand for a while, then continued walking forward.

       Chen Youyou had already run back to Zhan Weiyang, and the two of them looked at Xie Ling’s back under the tree.

       Xie Ling walked to the exit of the playground, casually tossing the envelope into the nearby trash bin. Without looking back, he continued walking forward.

       Chen Youyou was startled and turned his head to look at Zhan Weiyang.

       Zhan Weiyang was stunned and asked Chen Youyou, “Did you tell him it was me?”

       Chen Youyou said, “Y-you didn’t say what was written in the letter, I didn’t, say anything, just said, it was a friend of mine.” He was really embarrassed to tell Xie Ling in person that it was a love letter from a boy, so he thought that it was okay to let Xie Ling misunderstand that it was a girl for the time being.

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t say anything anymore and walked forward alone until he walked to the trash can, opened the lid, and picked up the pink envelope that fell on top.

       The envelope was soaked with Chen Youyou’s sweat, and part of the pale pink was turned into rose red, and Xie Ling’s name on it was also blurred.

       Zhan Weiyang took the bad-looking love letter and looked back at Chen Youyou, who was following him. In fact, there was no expression on his face, except that the corners of his eyes and mouth were slightly drooped, and a drop of sweat fell down just past the corners of his eyes.

       Chen Youyou suddenly felt that he was aggrieved and felt uncomfortable in his heart, and said, “Forget it, X-Xie Ling didn’t have a good taste. Let’s next, let’s chase a girl next time, I-I will help you write a love letter, o-okay?”

       Zhan Weiyang said ‘En’ softly, folded the envelopes and put them into the pocket of his school uniform pants.

       After school in the afternoon, Zhan Weiyang bought a lighter at the small supermarket in front of the school. He rode his bicycle home, squatted down by the flower stand in front of his home, lit the lighter and burned the letter.

       When it was halfway burning, Zhan Weiyang heard Pei Qing’s voice behind him, “What are you burning?”

       He turned around suddenly and glanced at Pei Qing in panic. He then turned back and saw that even the writing on the envelope was not burned. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Scrap paper.”

       Pei Qing clearly saw the remaining half of the envelope but said nothing. After Zhan Weiyang burned the entire envelope, he deliberately asked, “It’s not a report card, right?”

       Zhan Weiyang stood up, patted the dust on his hands, and said, “No, there are no exams yet. The school has just started.” He looked up at Pei Qing and asked, “Qing ge is done with work?”

       Pei Qing nodded, “Yeah, I just came back.”

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