After the gauze on Chen Youyou’s forehead was removed, a scar was left. The doctor sutured it very carefully, but it still looked a little hideous before the swelling subsided.

       Zhan Weiyang stared at Chen Youyou’s scar, feeling anxious. He tapped it with his finger through the air and asked him, “Will it leave a scar?”

       “Who cares?” When he was first injured, Chen Youyou asked the doctor with a pale face whether he would be disfigured. Now he had almost forgotten the pain, and his tone had become indifferent.

       Zhan Weiyang lay on the table listlessly and said, “It’s all my fault.”

       Chen Youyou couldn’t help but persuade him, “Don’t blame yourself, blame Xie Ling.”

       Zhan Weiyang sat up straight, “Don’t blame him, blame me.”

       Chen Youyou was not very happy, “Why do you protect Xie Ling so much…”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Because I am pursuing him.”

       Chen Youyou pouted in disdain.

       Zhan Weiyang reached out and pulled his sleeve, “I’ll treat you to milk tea at noon.”

       Chen Youyou said, “Starbucks.”

       Zhan Weiyang quickly said: “Okay, let’s go for Starbucks.”

       At noon, Zhan Weiyang ordered Starbucks takeout and had it delivered directly to the school gate. He ordered it before lunch, and just after lunch, he received a call that his drinks had been delivered.

       Chen Youyou went to the school gate with him to get the takeout. When he walked by, he saw Zhan Weiyang ordered three cups of coffee.

       “There’s another cup. Who is it for?” Chen Youyou felt strange.

       Zhan Weiyang said in a low voice, a little embarrassed, “For Xie Ling.” As he spoke, he took the bag from the delivery boy and said thank you politely.

       When he turned to leave, Chen Youyou asked him unhappily, “You, if you had to choose, between me and Xie Ling, who would you choose?”

       Zhan Weiyang panicked and said, “Why do I have to choose?”

       Chen Youyou said, “N-no matter what, you have to choose!”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at Chen Youyou and almost blurted out that he would choose him, but suddenly remembered that his points would be deducted, so he was so nervous that he stuttered, “C-choose Xie Ling.”

       Chen Youyou was originally standing side by side with him, but when he heard this, he turned his head hard and glared at him, saying, “I am, not, drinking!” After that, he ran towards the direction of the teaching building.

       Zhan Weiyang hurriedly wanted to chase him, but as soon as he ran faster, the coffee in the bag in his hand shook violently. He was afraid that it would spill out, so he didn’t dare to continue chasing.

       He walked to the stairs of the teaching building with a Starbucks paper bag, and when he was about to go upstairs, he ran into Xie Ling, who was coming back from the playground after playing basketball and was about to go back to the classroom to rest.

       Xie Ling was not alone. There were three boys and two girls with him. They were all his classmates. One of the girls had been with Xie Ling since the beginning of the school term. Zhan Weiyang and the others had seen him many times.

       Xie Ling stopped when he saw Zhan Weiyang. The others were about to pass by, but when they saw Xie Ling stop, they all stopped and looked at them.

       A girl came to another girl and whispered, probably talking about Zhan Weiyang.

       Zhan Weiyang had been the target of many girls’ inquiries since he entered the school. He was quite famous in the school, but no girl had ever shown any interest in him.

       The two girls said something unknown, covered their mouths and started laughing softly.

       Zhan Weiyang glanced at them, then looked at Xie Ling.

       Xie Ling asked him, “That friend of yours, the little stutterer, is okay?” Xie Ling didn’t think Zhan Weiyang and Chen Youyou were his seniors at all.

       Zhan Weiyang wanted to say it was okay, but then he thought he shouldn’t say it for Chen Youyou, so he just said, “There’s a scar this long.”

       He compared it with his fingers, and when he put his hand down, he looked at Xie Ling and took a deep breath to ease his nervousness. He then mustered up the courage to ask, “Do you want some coffee?”

       Xie Ling said, “Don’t want any.”

       Zhan Weiyang clenched the paper bag in his hand, and the courage he had mustered up was completely gone, and he said, “Oh.”

       Xie Ling passed by him sideways.

       A tall boy saw the Starbucks bag Zhan Weiyang was carrying, smiled, and said, “Senior, why don’t you treat me a drink?”

       Zhan Weiyang looked up at him, stunned momentarily, not knowing whether to hand him the coffee.

       In the end, Xie Ling turned around and said coldly, “Let’s go, don’t bully him.”

       The boy shrugged at Zhan Weiyang, smiled and left with Xie Ling.

       Zhan Weiyang went upstairs to his classroom with three cups of coffee in his hand, dejected. Most people in the classroom were lying down to take a nap, and a few girls gathered together to chat in a low voice.

       Chen Youyou lay on his seat, looking like he had fallen asleep.

       Zhan Weiyang put a cup of coffee on Chen Youyou’s desk, and he drank the remaining two cups of coffee listlessly.

       The consequence was that he ran to the toilet after every class in the afternoon and couldn’t sleep that night.

       He lay flat on the bed, staring at the ceiling with his round glasses wide open, not feeling like sleeping at all.

       So Zhan Weiyang wanted to lift the quilt and sneak out of bed, only to have Pei Qing grab his arm just as he moved.

       Pei Qing’s voice was tired and unclear, low and deep, and he asked him, “Where are you going?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I can’t sleep.”

       Pei Qing turned over and faced the direction of Zhan Weiyang, “You are not allowed to go to the balcony even if you can’t sleep.”

       Zhan Weiyang asked him, “Why?”

       Pei Qing said, “You will catch a cold.”

       Zhan Weiyang thought for a while and said, “Can you hold me to sleep?” Ever since Zhan Weiyang asked Pei Qing if he wanted to like him on Sunday afternoon, he had been clinging to Pei Qing very much.

       Pei Qing didn’t answer for a long time.

       Zhan Weiyang thought Pei Qing was asleep, so he reached out to touch his eyes, but before he touched them, he heard Pei Qing say, “No.”

       “Why?” Zhan Weiyang was very disappointed.

       Pei Qing said, “You are almost an adult, not a child.”

       Zhan Weiyang lay on the bed, tilting his head to look out the window.

       Pei Qing heard that he stopped talking and asked, “Why can’t you sleep?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I drank two cups of coffee at noon.”

       “Why did you drink two cups of coffee?”

       “Because I bought it for others, but they refused to drink it.”

       Perhaps Pei Qing was sleepy, and his voice was a little unclear, “Who could be so mean? To refuse to drink the coffee bought by Yangyang?”

       Zhan Weiyang couldn’t help but get close to him when he heard what he said. He lay face to face with him, blinking, and asked, “Do you want to drink it? I’ll buy it for you next time.”

       They were so close that they could feel each other’s breathing. Pei Qing couldn’t help but step back, lie on his back on the pillow, and say, “What do you want to drink? I’ll buy it for you.”

       Zhan Weiyang put his face on Pei Qing’s neck and said, “Drink Oreo Boba.”

       Pei Qing suddenly couldn’t help but chuckle. He put his hands under his head, looked at the ceiling and repeated, “Oreo Boba?”

       Zhan Weiyang supported his upper body with one hand, raised his head, looked down at Pei Qing, and said, “It’s really delicious. Let’s go drink it together next time.”

       Pei Qing said, “Okay.”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at Pei Qing for a while, and suddenly remembered the topic just now, and said, “Why can’t you hold me to sleep?”

       Pei Qing asked him, “Will you let your brother hold you to sleep?”

       Zhan Weiyang thought about it and said, “Yes.”

       Pei Qing was a little surprised, “You will let Zhan Weiguang hold you to sleep?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I don’t want Zhan Weiguang, I only want you, you are also my brother.”

       Pei Qing looked at him silently for a while and found that Zhan Weiyang did not avoid his eyes at this time. Perhaps it was too dim, and many emotions could not be seen clearly. He could only see a pair of shining eyes in the dark.

       “An older brother can’t hold their seventeen-year-old younger brothers to sleep either,” Pei Qing told him.

       Zhan Weiyang instantly lowered his head in disappointment. He turned away from Pei Qing and lifted the quilt to get out of bed.

       Pei Qing grabbed him and asked, “Where are you going now?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I can’t sleep, I want to go check on my flower pots.”

       Pei Qing was a little helpless, silent for a while, opened her arms to him, and said, “Come here, gege will hold you to sleep.”

       Zhan Weiyang was overjoyed and threw himself into Pei Qing’s arms, hugging him tightly.

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