Chapter 10

       Shen Huiming also wondered, what exactly was the evidence of liking a person or rather, falling in love with a person?

       Your eyes always followed the other person at all times?

       Getting attracted to every single action of the other person?

       Unconsciously trying to interpret every look and every word of the other person?

       Or, when you were just thinking about the other person, the most primitive desire to possess all of them rise up?

       Shen Huiming actually didn’t like being in this state of putting too much of his mind on another person. This kind of situation consumes his mind too much, and his life was already busy enough that his time off was constantly squeezed and he didn’t have time to rest. So when emotional matters come into play, it would only makes him more exhausted.

       But things had not turned out as he had expected. Instead of being tired, paying attention and trying to get a glimpse of Suo Yang’s matters had sparked his enthusiasm for life.

       When he sat back next to Suo Yang, and the two were so close that Jiang Tongyan, who was one step late, could not squeeze himself between the two, he felt that this state was like someone had dropped a bomb into the pool of his life, which was as unchanging as it was, and the splashed everywhere in an instant. It was dangerous and exciting.

       In the past 30 years, most of his challenges and self-challenges had come from his studies and career. Now he had finally stepped into another field.

       Zhou Mo said, “Ming ge, what are you doing here?”

       He narrowed his eyes at Shen Huiming, “Tongyan’s nose was on the verge of wrinkling.”

       Shen Huiming smiled and picked up the cup comfortably, “Have a drink?”

       “Let’s have a drink!” Zhou Mo and Shen Huiming lightly clinked glasses, then took a big gulp.

       Zhou Mo was a smart person. He didn’t need Suo Yang to tell him anything when he sat down here. He could tell from the look in the other two people’s eyes that they had created a love triangle.

       He especially wanted to roast Shen Huiming, who had said he would not consider a relationship before. Why was he so excited now?

       But Zhou Mo was one of those people who didn’t think it was a big deal to watch the bustling scenes. He was still curious about how Shen Huiming and Jiang Tongyan would pursue Yang.

       Suo Yang was more difficult to kick than an iron plate, who could overtake him would really be based on their true ability.

       Zhou Mo stood up and twisted his waist happily.

       When Shen Huiming turned to Suo Yang, he found that his face had turned a little red, and he knew it was because of Zhou Mo.

       This man sat firmly in the corner of the room, with no expression on his face, but his eyes were slightly misty. A state that blurred the line between cold and seductive, making one wonder if he was rejecting you or seducing you.

       Shen Huiming asked, “Too much drink?”

       Suo Yang’s drinking capacity was actually quite average, especially today, all the wine Zhou Mo brought was strong with the purpose to intoxicate everyone.

       But he was also very sensible and would not allow himself to get drunk on any occasion. He has a skill that once made Zhou Mo amazed—even if he had drunk too much, far beyond his limit, as long as he had not returned home, Suo Yang was able to stay awake and even made it impossible for anyone to see that he was extremely drunk. However, once he got home and entered the door, he couldn’t walk a single step and would collapse directly at the door and fall asleep.

       Zhou Mo had only seen him in that state once before when Zhou Mo and he were roommates and they were both new to the company.

       They were both new to the company, handsome, and were sure to be pestered at the annual meeting.

       Zhou Mo was good at drinking, and no one could get him drunk. As a newcomer, Suo Yang certainly couldn’t refuse his seniors’ drink, so they both drank a lot. When the scene was over, the two of them seemed to be in a similar state. Suo Yang’s eyes and face were slightly red, and he was blinking less frequent, but his speech and actions didn’t show that he was drunk at all.

       They both took a taxi home together and were chatting normally before they walked in the door. As soon as they entered the door, Suo Yang sat on the stool at the entrance to change his shoes and fell asleep.

       That was the only time.

       Zhou Mo didn’t know how many people had seen Suo Yang like this, but he felt that it was pretty awesome anyway.

       This man, Suo Yang was very tense even when drinking, and Zhou Mo really didn’t know how to make him relax.

       Facing Shen Huiming’s concern, Suo Yang smiled, “It’s okay.”

       He looked at the wine glass in front of him, felt a little thirsty, picked it up and took another sip.

       “Have something to eat.” Shen Huiming put the pastries on the table in front of Suo Yang, “Your stomach can’t take it if you just drink.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Thank you.”

       Shen Huiming wanted to chat with him as much as possible, but he found that it was too difficult. Unless Suo Yang was willing to take the initiative to tell him some deep stories, no one could pry his mouth open.

       Suo Yang stretched out his hand and picked up a pineapple cake. He hesitated when he opened his mouth to bite, and finally took a bite.

       The pineapple cake tasted good, but the crumbs fell on him in all directions with this bite.

       He lowered his head and frowned.

       Shen Huiming smiled.

       Suo Yang looked at him uncertainly, his eyes were full of questions: What are you laughing at?

       Shen Huiming said, “I think your expression just now was a little cute.”


       It was the first time anyone had used the word to describe him.

       “Take a tissue with you.” Shen Huiming handed him the tissue, “Or, I’ll help you take it.”

       Suo Yang chuckled lightly, took the tissue and thanked him.

       Next to them, on Shen Huiming’s left, Jiang Tongyan was being forced to drink with the dance partner he just met.

       “Gege, I’m telling you, I’m really too miserable.” The young man who had danced with him was forcibly holding Jiang Tongyan’s arm, and was already drunk at this moment, “How come nobody loves me? I counted yesterday, in twenty-three years, I’ve been rejected twenty-three times, How come I’m so miserable? Am I not good-looking?”

       Jiang Tongyan’s head hurt from his noises and he kept dodging back.

       He ducked back and could only crowd in Shen Huiming.

       The more he squeezed Shen Huiming, the more Shen Huiming had to get closer to Suo Yang in order to avoid him.

       Shen Huiming reluctantly said to Suo Yang, “Sorry, these two are really… Shall we change places?”

       At this moment, Suo Yang had been pushed into the corner, and as long as he relaxed, he and Shen Huiming’s legs would stick together.

       That was too ambiguous.

       Of course, he knew that Shen Huiming didn’t do it on purpose, and he also saw the drunken scene between the two behind him.

       “It’s a little stuffy here,” Suo Yang said, “I want to go out and get some air.”

       “I’ll accompany you.” Shen Huiming and Suo Yang stood up together.

       As soon as he stood up, Jiang Tongyan, who was leaning on him, fell directly on the sofa, and the “poor little man” who was so drunk and burst into tears threw himself on Jiang Tongyan.

       Suo Yang couldn’t hold back and laugh.

       Jiang Tongyan felt that this was the end, and he had already been executed before the love rival battle with Shen Huiming had even begun.

       He watched the two of them walk out of the room together, and he could only helplessly take a tissue and wipe the tears of the little drunk who was bawling in his arms.

       He felt that his life was really bitter. Wasn’t Sou Yang his blind date? Why had he left with someone else?

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