Suo Yang couldn’t help but laugh as he listened to Shen Huiming’s words, thinking that this person was really fussing over minor matters.

       “I know.” Suo Yang said, “I’ll come to see you tomorrow morning if it doesn’t bother you.”

       “Of course not,” Shen Huiming’s fingers gently turned the page of the book and put a soft tone on his voice, “I’d be honoured.”

       The two made an appointment for tomorrow and hung up together.

       Suo Yang put his phone back in its original position, and next to him lay the book “On Love”. He flipped to the page number sent by Shen Huiming before, and there was a paragraph on that page—being loved made people realise that others were as dependent on another as much as themselves, and it was because they sought this dependence that people love in the first place.

       Suo Yang was too lazy to analyze whether the author’s statement made any sense or not, but from his own point of view, he didn’t entirely agree.

       The first half of the sentence was correct. When Shen Huiming expressed his wish to visit him, he suddenly felt that he and the other party needed to be cared for. He felt that being invited to visit a doctor was also a kind of “being cared for”, which proved that he was needed.

       As for the second half of the sentence, whether the decision to love was a result of seeking such dependence or not, he felt that this was not quite the case.

       There were many reasons for deciding to love, and presumably, this feeling was just one of them.

       But there was no denying that it was not a bad feeling to be needed.

       After he contacted Shen Huiming, Suo Yang sat at the table and read a book for a while before going back to bed at almost four o’clock.

       He was not sleepy at first, but he still lay down and pondered. He thought that he would have to go to the hospital at dawn and work in the afternoon, so he should get some sleep if he could.

       Suo Yang woke up after only two hours of sleep, and it was already bright at six o’clock.

       He got up from the bed and drank a glass of warm water.

       As he drank the water, he flipped through the book again and suddenly wondered where Shen Huiming had read last night.

       He sent a message to the other party, imitating the other party’s example, and only sent a page number progress: 96/248.

       After that, he opened Weibo and flipped through it, and saw Zhou Mo taking a selfie with a quilt in his arms in the early morning. With the text: Enjoying yourself with eating, drinking and playing are sensible things to do, but without a husband, eating, drinking and playing is no longer fun.

       Suo Yang smiled and gave him a like.

       Suo Yang’s Weibo was originally registered by Zhou Mo. At that time, they had just started working. Zhou Mo said that every time he flew to a city, he would do a check-in in the place there. When he retired, it would be very meaningful to look back at it.

       Suo Yang felt that what he said was not unreasonable, so he signed up with him.

       Suo Yang’s Weibo ID, which was laughed at by Zhou Mo was called “Sky Mirror”, and his avatar was a picture of the sky taken before his first flight.

       Zhou Mo, who originally said that he would use Weibo to check-in in different cities, later changed his career, and his Weibo content became all sorts of exciting pieces of life or funny rant posts, while Suo Yang still kept his habit of checking in. His entire Weibo account had no other content; it was all about the location of each city in each country, not even a single descriptive word.

       Zhou Mo has tens of thousands of followers on Weibo. After he posted this, the comments were very lively, while Suo Yang was the opposite, with only single-digit followers, except for Zhou Mo, the rest were either zombie fans or “newbie guides1bot to guide new accounts in Weibo“.

       Before, Zhou Mo said, “I’ll give you a like with my fingers, and if you can post a selfie, you’ll become an instant internet celebrity.”

       Suo Yang quickly refused. Unlike Zhou Mo, he really couldn’t enjoy being followed by so many people.

       When he was about to close the Weibo, Suo Yang glanced at Zhou Mo’s “Following” and suddenly thought that there might be interesting people among the 300+ followings.

       His so-called “interesting people” were in fact targeted at Shen Huiming.

       But when he opened Zhou Mo’s follow list, Suo Yang also knew that his voyeuristic desire was very shameful, and Shen Huiming couldn’t have the time to do this.

       He stood there drinking water and scrolled through Zhou Mo’s following list. After he finished drinking, he also finished scrolling through the list, and as expected, there was no one he was looking for.

       Suo Yang put down his phone and went into the bathroom.

       He took a shower, ate, and read a book for a while.

       It was 8:10 am when Suo Yang went out, and he had arranged to visit Shen Huiming at 9:00 am.

       It was actually a bit early to visit at 9:00 am, but considering the flight assignment in the afternoon, Suo Yang had to go to the hospital early.

       He was really unfamiliar with places like hospitals. He had never been to a big hospital after graduating from elementary school. Small fevers and colds were basically cured by the clinics outside the community, and the company’s regular medical check-ups were also held at the medical check-up centre every year. He and his family were in good health and had hardly ever been to the hospital.

       He drove over and saw that he was about to arrive at the hospital, only to get stuck in traffic.

       He sent a message to Shen Huiming as if he was reporting on his work: Mr. Shen, I will be there soon, but there is a traffic jam nearby, so I may be a few minutes late.

       Shen Huiming had already eaten some liquid food under the care of the nurse, and his condition was much better than the previous days. If that were not the case, he would not dare to contact Suo Yang easily.

       When he saw Suo Yang’s message, he called him directly.

       “It’s like this near the hospital,” Shen Huiming said. “You may not be able to park in a while. I have a car parked a little south of the main entrance of the hospital, and I’ll send you the license plate number. Someone is waiting there, he’ll give you the parking space when you get there.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “That thoughtful?”

       “Of course, you can come to see me, and shouldn’t I need to make it as convenient as possible?” Shen Huiming said with a smile.

       Because of the convenience provided by Shen Huiming, Suo Yang successfully parked the car, followed the directions of the security guard at the entrance of the hospital, and found the hospital admission office.

       Suo Yang actually thought about what gift he would bring here. After all, it was something that needed to be done when visiting a sick person.

       But Shen Huiming had stomach surgery, so food was definitely not an option.

       Suo Yang didn’t think it was appropriate to give flowers.

       It was not right to visit a patient empty-handed, so out of courtesy, he had to prepare something.

       Suo Yang racked his brains at home, and he really thought of an idea.

       He found Shen Huiming’s ward and saw the patient’s name pasted on the door, and the words Shen Huiming stood out.

       Visiting a sick person could be a romantic and heartwarming scene in a film or TV drama, but in fact, no matter how romantic and heartwarming it was, it was not as good as being healthy and safe.

       He knocked lightly on the door, heard the answer from inside, and pushed the door to get in.

       They hadn’t seen each other for more than half a month. Even though he had prepared himself mentally, Suo Yang was still shocked by Shen Huiming’s haggard appearance.

       A surgery, no matter how you put it, was very draining. Shen Huiming, who used to be very high-spirited every time he met before, was currently sitting on the bed in a hospital gown. Although he seemed to be in good spirits, his face was pale, and he had lost a lot of weight.

       Suo Yang frowned subconsciously, but Shen Huiming smiled first, “What? Seeing my appearance, do you regret coming here?”

       Suo Yang smiled helplessly and put the paper bag he was holding on the table beside Shen Huiming after entering.

       “A gift?”

       “Yes,” Suo Yang said with a smile, “a gift that can take you around the world while you are resting.”

       Shen Huiming was curious and brought the paper bag over to him, it was quite heavy, and he looked down to see that inside were a few thick books.

       He took the books out of the bag and found that they were all about travelling.

       “I don’t know if you have been to these places,” Suo Yang said. “The first international flight I ever took was to Berlin.”

       He pointed to the Berlin travel guide.

       “I also fly to several other places,” Suo Yang smiled at Shen Huiming. “You should be quite bored in the hospital, so consider it as me inviting you on a trip abroad.”



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