As long as it exists, is it perfect?

       Suo Yang had never thought about this question, but when Shen Hui Ming said this point of view, he suddenly felt that it was not unreasonable.

       It had always been in his mind that the world was full of cracks, irrespective of people or things, but where there was a crack, there was naturally a flaw. And a flaw was a far cry from perfection.

       He regretted this flaw, but Shen Huiming looked at this issue from another angle and regarded the flaw as an irreplaceable perfection.

       This concept made Suo Yang feel fresh, and his breathing suddenly became easier.

       Suo Yang was a person with a strong sense of self. He would listen to other people’s opinions, but seldom agree with them and accept them, and very often he could understand that they had a point, but he was still willing to stick to his own side of the world.

       But as it turned out, always sticking to one side of the world solidified thoughts and perspective, and this was where all his confusion comes from.

       By looking at things from a different perspective, many problems could be solved accordingly.

       He envied Shen Huiming’s positive thinking, which was probably the opposite of his—the world of optimists.

       What would happen between them as a pessimist met an optimist?

       Shen Huiming raised his hand and looked out of the window through the wine glass, “Actually, I said too much, what it boils down to is that I want to tell you…”

       He turned around and looked at Suo Yang through the glass. The man in his vision became distorted in shape, even a little comical.

       Shen Huiming said with a smile, “No matter how many layers of surfaces I look at you, what you are distorted into, we all know that you are you, because you are Suo Yang himself, so you are unique and perfect enough.”

       People would not change their minds just because of someone else’s words, let alone become confident enough to really believe how much more perfect they are.

       This was something that both of them knew very well.

       Shen Huiming said these things just to let Suo Yang know that he understood him and was willing to get closer to ‘every single one of him’.

       In any relationship, ‘understanding’ was far more heartwarming than ‘love’, and the bonding of the soul is more valuable than the bonding of the body.

       After hearing Shen Huiming’s words, what he cared about was not whether he was perfect in the eyes of the other person, but whether this person was looking at him attentively.

       Suo Yang raised his hand, clinked glasses with Shen Huiming lightly, and said with a smile, “Thank you for the bedroom philosopher’s enlightenment.”

       “I’m not just a philosopher in the bedroom.” Shen Huiming and Suo Yang looked at each other with a smile and took a sip of wine.

       Suo Yang chuckled lightly, “Does Mr. Shen have a side that I don’t know about?”

       “A lot, you can understand it slowly.” Shen Huiming said, “But before we get to understand each other, can we have a discussion first?”


       “Change the way you call me,” Shen Huiming said, “You always call me Mr. Shen, which makes me feel like I’m on the same level as Jiang Tongyan in your heart.”

       When Jiang Tongyan was mentioned, Suo Yang was taken aback. He had almost forgotten about this person.

       He smiled, “How is Mr Jiang doing these days? Very busy?”

       “Busy, busy defending against me.” Shen Huiming beat around the bush to try to let Suo Yang know that Jiang Tongyan was already having a story with someone else, “He’s so busy that he’s bruised and battered.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “It’s pretty good.”

       “I’m to blame,” Shen Huiming said, “I shouldn’t mention him. How can we give him a part in the conversation when we are alone?”

       Suo Yang shook the red wine in his hand, raised his hand and drank the rest in one go, then asked, “What would you like me to call you?”

       “It’s hard for me to say when you ask that.” Shen Huiming said as he pretended to put some act, “I’m also quite bashful.”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “Since we are all bashful people, I’d better call you Mr. Shen.”

       “…Don’t be ridiculous, when did you learn to joke around.”

       Suo Yang sat beside him and smiled, and said after a while, “Huiming?”

       This was already a very close term of endearment for Suo Yang.

       He had always kept a safe and secure distance from others. He was polite and courteous to anyone, never overstepping his bounds, even with his close colleagues and friends, and always maintaining his poise.

       He was somewhat afraid of intimacy. He always felt that when two people fall into an intimate relationship,it would expose many unseemly flaws. He was terrified that people would be disillusioned with him.

       Getting him to start an intimate relationship was harder than getting him to fly for a month without a break.

       But ever since he met Shen Huiming, he always seemed to be hooked forward and couldn’t help but follow.

       He suddenly remembered about ‘reinforce and conquer each other’ that the two of them had talked about before, and was afraid that he might really have to be superstitious for once.

       Shen Huiming understood the principle of when to stop as soon as he saw a deal, the name ‘Huiming’ was probably already the limit for Suo Yang, and he would be embarrassed to say more.

       What’s more, there’s no need to be so nasty, like Zhou Mo who used to say ‘hubby’ every day. Not to mention that he and Suo Yang hadn’t reached that point yet, even if they really did, they probably wouldn’t be able to say it.

       People have different ways of getting along with each other, Suo Yang was slow to warm up, and now this was already a rapid progress.

       Shen Huiming poured some more wine for the two of them, and Suo Yang, who had originally said he would only drink one glass, went on to drink a second.

       Afterwards, the two of them didn’t talk about those ambiguous topics anymore. They just sat there looking out of the window, saying some innocuous words one after another.

       At some point, Suo Yang’s voice became softer and his response frequency became lower and lower. Shen Huiming turned around and found that the other party was sitting there holding an empty wine glass with one hand and one hand just resting on the arm of the chair, surprisingly asleep.

       It was probably because he was really too tired and had drunk some red wine to relax his nerves.

       Shen Huiming quietly looked at the person leaning there and fell asleep. He looked at Suo Yang’s slightly flushed face from drinking, and he felt extremely at ease in his heart.

       When he was giving a ‘lesson’ to Suo Yang, he was very eloquent and logical, but in fact, he wasn’t that open-minded either.

       He knew that Suo Yang definitely didn’t have expectations for love, and which adult who had been shattered by reality wouldn’t be like that?

       Love was there just to balance their lives. Of course, it was good to have it, but no one was going to force it.

       You couldn’t ask for it. True love was always something that could be found but not sought.

       Before meeting Suo Yang, Shen Huiming always thought that his love would never come. Love could be written in books, painted in paintings, made into sculptures and placed in cathedrals, but it would never come to him.

       They were all just a mediocre, a boy or girl next door1used to describe someone who is completely ordinary, not rich, famous, etc. kind of people. They were not so lucky.

       But the Gods were kind, and Yue lao2is one of the gods of Taoism, in charge of men and women of marriage god did not forget him when he tied the red thread.

       Suo Yang was the kind of person that someone would fall in love with at first sight, after all, who wouldn’t like someone who was good-looking?

       However, he was also too good at turning people away. A man who always felt that when he was understood, he would be abandoned.

       Dull? Bland?

       Shen Huiming looked at the sleeping Suo Yang and remembered what the other man had told him before.

       That’s not true.

       Suo Yang had been hurt by love before, right? Shen Huiming laughed bitterly in his heart. Had this person experienced some failed relationship and was that why he thought like that?

       He didn’t know what others think of Suo Yang, but to him, Suo Yang was not indifferent at all, and the more he spent time with him, the more he wanted to embrace him.

       In the early morning when the wind and rain gradually subsided, there was his beloved sleeping beside him.

       It was so romantic that Shen Huiming felt that his heart had returned to his early twenties, full of expectation and enthusiasm.

       Suo Yang had become his oasis. It was a place where he could rest and adjust when he was tired of fighting in the adult world with its many thoughts, and be reminded that life really was a very gentle thing.

       As Shen Huiming watched the sky grow brighter, he secretly reached out his hand and carefully took hold of the other man’s hand.

       Suo Yang’s hand was warm and soft, like a magnolia flower floating on the surface of hot spring water.

       Do you know what it means to have your heart beats in excitement?

       When Shen Huiming gently held Suo Yang’s hand, he felt that he couldn’t help but feel his heart pounding for this person.

       Actually, Suo Yang woke up the moment his hand was held, his heart tightened, and he subconsciously wanted to open his eyes but restrained himself.

       He didn’t move and continued to pretend to be asleep, forcing himself to calm down, for fear that the sudden violent beating of his heart would wake up this still sleeping morning and that the heartbeat would reveal his mood.

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