Chapter 34


As the night took charge on the scene, the overall situation quickly fell into place. On one side, they relied on their advantage in the rear to restrain the scattered interstellar pirate warships. Meanwhile, they coordinated with their own personnel to wait for the military’s support fleet to arrive. With swift and decisive actions, the battlefield was cleared. The temporary ambush by the interstellar pirates, facilitated by the space signal gate teleportation, ended in failure with some surprises but ultimately without danger.


When everything settled down, the interstellar mothership landed on the flat ground amidst the attention of the masses. At this moment, a group led by Principal Bing Cang was already standing at the entrance of the building.


As the hatch opened, Wen Ye led a group of Omega individuals to walk down one after another. In preparation, the medical team members had already been on standby and hurriedly came forward. They swiftly treated the unconscious Omega students and provided simple wound care for the slightly injured ones before sending them to the nearest medical center.


“Principal!” Wen Ye immediately spotted Bing Cang and quickly walked up to him, respectfully saluting with military courtesy.


Bing Cang’s gaze swept over him, then fell on the massive mothership behind. His expression turned complex as he asked, “What about that kid you mentioned?”


Mentioning Lu Jingning, Wen Ye’s expression couldn’t help but show a hint of unease. Remembering the disastrous scene on the mothership, he hesitated before replying, “Xingchen is handling it; there shouldn’t be any major issues.”


Bing Cang didn’t inquire further about the details. He just sighed softly, turning to look at the devastated Imperial Navy University campus, and said with emotion, “These people from the Lu family are all material for heroes, indeed!”


In this interstellar pirate attack, disregarding the destruction of buildings and equipment, there were 20 casualties among the faculty and hundreds of student deaths. This was an incredibly tragic figure, no matter the era. However, if it weren’t for Lu Jingning successfully stopping the pirates’ mothership self-destruction, the casualties would likely have exceeded a thousand.


In this battle, Lu Jingning was destined to become a hero of the Imperial Navy University. When the military honors were bestowed, he would undoubtedly receive at least a third-class merit.


Wen Ye’s eyes flickered with emotion. He couldn’t help but lower his gaze, his tone sinking as he said, “I’m sorry. If we hadn’t been overly careless during the mission, those interstellar pirates wouldn’t have had the chance…”


Bing Cang gently raised his crutch, interrupting his self-reproach. He spoke in a calm tone, “It’s not your fault. Even if it wasn’t now, the Imperial Navy University would have faced such a disaster sooner or later.”


Wen Ye didn’t quite understand the meaning behind his words and was about to ask when he saw the principal walking away with a leisurely pace, saying from a distance, “The rest is up to you young people.”


The battle might have ended, but the reconstruction of this wreckage and the even more daunting challenges ahead were only just beginning.



Inside a certain resting room of the pirate mothership, the scent of pheromones filled the space with ambiguity and sensuality. Lu Jingning felt somewhat dazed and could sense that the commotion outside had quietly subsided.


Still feeling aching all over, he just wanted to lie there without moving a muscle. Amidst the previous chaos, he had some level of awareness. Now, he gazed fixedly at the ceiling, slowly recollecting the details.


Perhaps still basking in the afterglow of desire, his face still felt hot. At that time, he hadn’t thought much, simply hoping that the overwhelming sensation of heat all over his body could be thoroughly suppressed. Additionally, Wen Xingchen’s captivating face was simply too alluring, and under the influence of the drug, he had the overwhelming desire to ravish him.


Tossing and turning, unsatisfied desires ran rampant. Omega pheromones had a mutual inducement effect on Alphas, and their compatibility was exceptionally high. Once a certain emotion was ignited, it became unstoppable.


Even at certain moments, he had completely lost his rationality.


Thinking back to his own appearance at that time, Lu Jingning repeatedly recalled the madness of absorbing Wen Xingchen’s pheromones. Now, when he looked down at his body, he could see mottled marks, evidence of that madness. This served as a testament to the extent of his craziness.


But what made him even more touched was Wen Xingchen. He hadn’t expected that, on the verge of losing control, Wen Xingchen could still restrain himself and not complete the final bonding.


Regarding this, he had to admit that he was indeed a bit too beastly.


Originally, he was such a promising new student, but because of him, this happened again and again.


He felt that he should take some responsibility for this matter, but when he thought about Wen Xingchen’s efforts to hold back, it seemed like he didn’t want to be completely bound by this incident. After pondering for a while, he felt that he could only find another way to express his gratitude.


As a person, one should always repay kindness.


As Lu Jingning was deeply contemplating how to express his sincerity, he turned around and happened to meet a pair of deep and dark eyes. He couldn’t help but startle, “When did you wake up?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t answer directly but stared at him fixedly for a while before his dry voice sounded, “As long as you pondered about your life, that’s how long I’ve been awake.”


“You woke up just to tease me. It looks like you haven’t been fully drained yet.” Lu Jingning quipped, rubbing his aching waist as he sat up.


Picking up the scattered clothes on the floor, he put on one of them and tossed the other to Wen Xingchen.


Wen Xingchen took the clothes and quickly dressed himself, his gaze lingering on Lu Jingning for a long while before he spoke, “About what happened just now…”


Lu Jingning had already figured out all the details after waking up, and without even looking up, he reassured, “Don’t worry, I won’t pester you to take responsibility.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Lu Jingning didn’t notice his change in expression, completely immersed in his plans for expressing gratitude, “I’m not an unreasonable person. I know you helped me as a bro. I certainly won’t take advantage of you, right? What happened just now, only you and I know. As for the Omegas in the main cabin, I saved their lives. As long as I talk to them, I believe they won’t go around spreading rumors. So, rest assured, your reputation won’t be affected.”


As he said this, his words suddenly came to a halt, and he remembered that there seemed to be another person present during the incident. He turned around to face Wen Xingchen, “Lao Wen, the person who came with you, is it Wen Ye? What’s your relationship with him? Please tell him…”


Wen Xingchen said expressionlessly, “He won’t say anything about this.”


Lu Jingning finally broke into a brilliant smile, “That’s great, then everything is settled!”


Wen Xingchen gazed at the bright face before him and, for the first time, felt an impulse to tear it apart.


Without looking at him any longer, he turned and left.


While Lu Jingning was putting on his clothes, he saw the figure had already gone far. Looking at the imposing aura of his departing figure, he couldn’t help but sigh deeply.


Actually, it’s not surprising that Wen Xingchen was upset. If it were him, being temporarily pressed into helping with such troublesome affairs, he would feel aggrieved too.


Sigh, but if it weren’t for Wen Xingchen suddenly appearing, he could have resisted the advances of any other Alpha. After all, it was all due to their high compatibility. So, he couldn’t completely blame Wen Xingchen!


However, in the end, he was the one who enjoyed it, and there was no way to shirk the responsibility. Lu Jingning thought about it and couldn’t help feeling annoyed and restless. He ruffled his hair and grabbed his coat, striding away.



The medical team was still busy coming and going. By chance, they looked up and saw another Omega descending from the mothership. They rushed over with concern. Lu Jingning was taken aback by their imposing momentum and waved his hands, “No need, I don’t need to be hospitalized!”


The medical team members didn’t know the detailed events on the mothership. They could tell that this Omega’s condition was not good. They inquired with concern, “Are you feeling unwell somewhere? Do you need some energy supplements? Do you have any external injuries? I suggest you don’t be too strong-headed. Come with us for a thorough check-up; it’s more important to make sure there are no issues.”


Lu Jingning felt overwhelmed by their questioning and immediately denied, “I’m not injured, I don’t need energy supplements, and I don’t need a full-body check-up!”


Goodness, his whole body felt incredibly heavy now, and his only thought was to find a place to rest comfortably. He didn’t want to be bothered by anything else!


Seeing his firm attitude, the medical team exchanged glances and could only make way for him.


As they watched Lu Jingning’s figure leave, one of the Beta medical team members showed an admiring expression, “Truly an Omega from the Imperial Navy University, such strong willpower.”


The others nodded in agreement.


With his exhausted appearance, combined with the clearly visible marks on his neck, who couldn’t guess what he had experienced on the mothership?


But this Omega didn’t show any signs of humiliation. On the contrary, he remained nonchalant. He was not just strong-willed; he was like a legendary figure with an iron will, one that would make people weep in admiration.


Having disappeared from everyone’s sight, Lu Jingning had no idea that he seemed to have been misunderstood. Suddenly, he let out a loud sneeze, looking up at the now-clear blue sky and muttering to himself in a low voice, “Strange, do I have a cold?”


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