Chapter 86


Lu Jingning enjoyed this chaotic battle mode because it meant he could skip the hassle of attracting monsters and focus on indiscriminate attacks. As the chaos settled, almost all the participants, except for those who had left the starting area at the beginning, were killed.


After casually tossing away the guy he had used as a weapon, Lu Jingning felt extremely satisfied with the points he had earned. As he patted the dust off his clothes, he set off towards the next base.


The audience finally reacted and quickly checked the list of eliminated players to make sure they didn’t find the blue-haired celebrity’s name. They all heaved a sigh of relief. 


He’s safe!


They knew their husband couldn’t be easily defeated!


The blue-haired celebrity’s name was Lan Yuanzhou, a well-known bounty hunter in the industry. As the camera followed him, it was evident that he was moving incredibly fast. In a blink of an eye, he reached the first base and swiftly tagged in, earning himself 10 points. However, the leaderboard numbers continuously updated, and one person jumped to 30 points, taking the top position with an absolute advantage.


Lan Yuanzhou realized something had happened and looked interested as he glanced at the person’s name on the leaderboard—Lu Jingning. He didn’t recognize the name; it must be a newcomer.


In just a short period, more than 20 people were eliminated, leaving some who had managed to gain a few points from killing others, giving them a chance to advance if the remaining participants failed to score.


Lan Yuanzhou calculated in his mind and knew he had secured his qualification. He whistled lightly and continued to the next base, preferring to earn more points by capturing bases rather than fighting.


As the camera followed Lan Yuanzhou, the barrage exploded with messages:


“Ah ah ah, my husband is so handsome! I want to have his babies!”


“The way my husband runs is like a romance novel.”


“In such a brutal and bloody scene, my Zhouzhou is like a clear stream.”


“Wow, he can participate in this bounty competition so elegantly. He truly lives up to the Alpha I chose!”


“Zhouzhou is mine! Others, put away your knives!”



Although such barrage messages seemed out of place in a bounty competition, the live broadcast staff didn’t underestimate the man on the screen. Lan Yuanzhou might have an extravagant and flamboyant appearance, but those who knew him well understood that he was a naturally S-class pheromone holder and had undertaken countless bounty missions. If he decided to fight seriously, he would be an absolute menace.


The broadcast staff then noticed something interesting in other areas and quickly switched the camera to another participant.


Just when the audience was enjoying Lan Yuanzhou’s performance, a head of dazzling blond hair flashed across the screen. They immediately recognized the violent Omega from earlier.


If it were any other person occupying Lan Yuanzhou’s screen time, they might have complained, but Lu Jingning had built up their curiosity so much that they could temporarily endure not seeing their husband.


Indeed, their husbands were still the priority, so they would climb over walls just for a few seconds!


Like Lan Yuanzhou, Lu Jingning’s background rapidly retreated. Surprisingly, the changes in his surroundings didn’t seem any slower than Lan Yuanzhou’s. It even felt faster.


Could it be that this Omega’s speed was comparable to Lan Yuanzhou’s? That’s impossible, right?!


As the absurd thought flashed through their minds, the audience instinctively wanted to dismiss it. However, some keen observers noticed that the vegetation behind the two participants seemed unnaturally similar.


Although the preliminary competition map was just a simple wilderness, the vegetation was distributed according to different bases. In this case, there was only one possibility—the two of them had arrived near the same base at the same time.


As expected, at a crossroad closest to the base, the two of them met face to face.


At the same time, the barrage was completely overwhelmed by colorful exclamation marks. To add more fun for the audience, the league organizers allowed viewers to choose from seven colors of exclamation marks depending on their level of appreciation for the content.


At this moment, a big spender launched a hundred deep-sea torpedoes, along with a series of rainbow-colored exclamation marks, which stood out among the barrage.


Lu Jingning had previously seen that one of the bases had already been claimed by another contestant, so he chose to abandon it and head to another base where no one had attacked yet. To his surprise, someone else made the same choice.


Even more surprisingly, it was the blue-haired celebrity from before.


Lu Jingning’s gaze swept over the guy’s eye-catching eyeshadow and stayed there for a while, but he didn’t say anything.


Wen Ge, I’m sorry.


It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be low-key. It’s just that the Alpha in front of him had a somewhat, uh, aggressive appearance, to the point where it made him feel like his self-esteem was threatened.


Damn, he’s even more flamboyant than me. Can’t he show a bit more of an Alpha vibe?!


Lu Jingning grumbled in his mind and took a few more glances at that face.


Forget it, no need to use pheromones. Let’s not draw too much attention this early in the competition. And who knows, this Alpha might be even more intrigued if I remain low-key.


What Lu Jingning didn’t know was that at the same time, Lan Yuanzhou had a similar thought.


This was an Omega, and a pretty good-looking one at that.


Let’s skip using pheromones; he didn’t want his fans to think he was bullying others. So, both of them halted their steps, and the next second, they faced each other directly.


In the bounty competition, where interests were paramount, they had no prior relationship, so there was nothing to say or greet each other about. It was better to communicate with their fists.


Lu Jingning soon discovered that this blue-haired celebrity wasn’t the soft cushion he had imagined. After a few collisions, his eyes gradually lit up.


Wow, so this is the skill of a star player? Indeed, quite interesting!


On the other hand, Lan Yuanzhou seemed surprised too. Initially, he didn’t consider this newcomer Omega much of a threat. He even held back slightly during the attack, thinking that 60-70% of his strength would be enough to eliminate his opponent easily.


However, after several attempts, he couldn’t find an appropriate opening. Every time it seemed like he was about to hit the other person, they would casually evade, leaving him unable to use his full strength.


This situation indicated one thing: the Omega on the other side was even faster than him?


This was completely unexpected for Lan Yuanzhou. The casual expression on his face slowly faded away as he became more focused.


Meanwhile, in the live broadcast, the audience was left in shock. No one expected this Omega to face Lan Yuanzhou head-on rather than running away. Moreover, they seemed evenly matched in strength?!


If some people thought Lu Jingning’s actions were reckless due to overconfidence, their jaws were now wide open, ready to swallow a whole egg. This Omega was extraordinary!


Since the virtual map in the preliminary competition didn’t provide any weapons, the two relied solely on their bare hands. Lan Yuanzhou was more accustomed to using soft weapons like beam whips, and close combat wasn’t his forte. Yet, he found himself continuously forced to retreat by Lu Jingning’s relentless attacks.


Lan Yuanzhou’s forehead slightly creased. At this point, he couldn’t accept the excuse of being “not good at close combat.” Hand-to-hand combat primarily depended on the body’s strength, and he was being outmatched by an Omega. Although he didn’t know the other’s background, it was hard for him to accept this fact.


As Lu Jingning prepared to strike again, Lan Yuanzhou decided to strengthen his defense and endure the attack this time. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, adopting the most effective position to withstand the force. With his strength, he could almost endure a head-on blow from a heavy mech.


However, even in this stance, when Lu Jingning’s fist swung toward him, he was still sent flying several meters back. He came to a stop only after his feet sank deep into the ground.


Lan Yuanzhou felt a slight tingling sensation in his arms. He hadn’t expected the opponent’s strength to be so powerful, and his surprise was evident in his expression.


But in the blink of an eye, a rare trace of battle intent appeared in Lan Yuanzhou’s eyes. He abandoned any thought of underestimating his opponent and prepared to go all out in the fight. However, just as he raised his head to respond…


He saw neither the opponent’s victorious expression after landing the hit nor their figure. All that remained in his field of vision was the back of someone who was dashing gleefully towards the base, like a flash of lightning, disappearing in an instant.


For the first time, Lan Yuanzhou, fully aware of the live broadcast, failed to maintain his idol image and muttered with a heavy tone, “Damn?!”


After the tentative attack, Lu Jingning had grasped the opponent’s strength well. Considering this man’s formidable defense, although it wasn’t impossible to eliminate him, it would require expending much more pheromone energy than was worth it. Just 2 points… it was a waste of effort. Choosing to occupy the first base for 10 points was a much better option.


Lan Yuanzhou concluded that playing with him was no longer worthwhile. They would meet again if fate allowed it.


Author’s Note: Lan Yuanzhou, are you surprised? Unexpected, isn’t it?


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