Chapter 137: Extra Story Eight 


“Did you hear? The number of Omega recruits has increased again this year!”


“Oh? It’s been steadily rising in recent years, hasn’t it?”


“But, doesn’t this make it easier for us single Alphas to get into relationships?”


“However, ever since Marshal Lu took over the joint forces, the proportion of Omegas entering the army has noticeably increased.”


“Speaking of which, isn’t that Marshal a true legend? Just thinking that such a figure came from our Imperial Navy makes me excited!”


“Yeah, and there’s Marshal Wen too! The heroes of the Imperial Navy! I applied to the Imperial Navy just for them; after all, they’re both my seniors, haha!”


“Look at you boasting, as if anyone isn’t a disciple of those heroes.”


At the beginning of the new academic year at the Imperial Naval Academy, several senior Alphas gathered at the school gates to welcome the new students. During a lull, they chatted casually, some remarks drifting in and out.


Such scenes unfolded every year at the start of the school year, yet each year seemed to carry a slightly different sensation.


This change occurred subtly and imperceptibly.


The massive insectoid army had been completely blocked by the joint forces at the outskirts of remote star systems, restless but restrained by deterrence for over a year. This situation temporarily returned human life to a relatively peaceful state.


Everyone hoped for this peace to endure for as long as possible.


Among the seniors, a male student with chestnut curly hair happened to glance up and saw two figures walking shoulder to shoulder from outside the school.


His gaze paused involuntarily, surprised, “Are those two our instructors? How come I’ve never seen them before?”


Others followed his gaze, all fixating on the same spot.


Someone couldn’t help muttering softly, “Are you kidding?”


Indeed, they hadn’t been seen before, yet their faces seemed oddly familiar, seen frequently on the front page of information reports.


The two figures didn’t perform any special actions, merely walked naturally. However, the aura exuding from their entire beings carried an inexplicable sense of natural intimidation, causing the students to feel a dryness in their throats.


Golden strands of hair reflected the warm glow of stars. Despite the passing years, the hardships of prolonged battles hadn’t worn away too much of their striking features.


Having not returned to the Imperial Naval Academy for many years and with the campus having undergone several renovations, Lu Jingning momentarily paused upon entering the campus, taking note of the students around before walking over.


As they looked at him in a daze, he generously flashed a bright smile, aiming to ease their tension, “Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the principal’s office?”


From a distance, they hadn’t seen clearly, but now, facing this distinctive face up close, the senior students didn’t respond. Instead, they felt more bewildered.


So, were they dreaming?


The person they had just been discussing suddenly appeared right in front of them!


Someone was the first to react but couldn’t think straight; their minds were filled with just one thought: If this truly was Marshal Lu, then the person beside him should be…


Wen Xingchen noticed the gazes directed at them, his eyelashes drooping slightly as he calmly reminded, “So, does anyone know?”


His calm tone fell upon everyone’s ears. The vibrant atmosphere, previously lit up by Lu Jingning’s smile, suddenly vanished. In its place, a strong sense of intimidation, not born of anger but authority, swept through.


Unlike Lu Jingning, because of the inherent sensitivity among Alphas, coupled with Wen Xingchen’s long-term battlefield dominance through pheromones, his words made everyone reflexively stand at attention in a neat row, “Yes, sir!”


Lu Jingning found it somewhat amusing and lightly nudged Wen Xingchen with his elbow, “Brother Wen, you scared the kids.”


Wen Xingchen remained silent for a moment before stepping back.


Within a short time, some seniors felt a thin layer of sweat covering their bodies. Only then did they sense the pressure ease a bit, allowing their befuddled minds to start functioning.


One of them wiped off a bead of sweat, pointing to a nearby tall building, “If you’re heading to the principal’s office, it’s that building over there. Top floor.”


“Thank you.”


Lu Jingning finished speaking and was about to walk away with Wen Xingchen when someone suddenly called out, “Excuse me, please wait?”


He turned back in confusion, “Is there something else?”


The person, upon being looked at, blushed profoundly. After stammering for a while, they finally managed to say, “Excuse me… you’re Marshal Lu Jingning, right?”


Lu Jingning wasn’t surprised to be recognized, “Hmm? That’s me.”


The person’s face flushed even more like it was on fire. Finally, summoning courage, they blurted out, “I… I’m your devoted supporter! May I have your autograph, please?”


Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes widened.


Damn, this kid’s usually silent, why so cheeky now?


They all wanted that too, aaaaah!


Lu Jingning, being gracious, replied, “Of course.”


Seeing their companion actually getting an autograph, envy erupted among the others. Unable to contain themselves, they followed suit, asking for autographs as well.


Lu Jingning was genuinely accommodating, swiftly signing on the back of their clothes with ornate and eye-catching strokes.


Noticing their hesitant expressions, he understood and turned to Wen Xingchen with a smile, “Brother Wen, want to join me in signing?”


Initially indifferent, Wen Xingchen casually agreed, taking the pen and adding his signature.


As they departed, the expressions directed at Lu Jingning were filled with unabashed admiration.


He was the person they admired, a perfect Omega, beautiful, kind-hearted, and incredibly powerful!


The thought lingered in their minds for a long time, so much so that it wasn’t until the two walked far away that they slowly snapped out of it, exchanging glances with one another.


“Hey, I heard earlier that there would be alumni gathering at the school today.”


“And they’ll be giving speeches at the freshman welcome ceremony.”




“Damn, this batch is so lucky!”


“I’m starting to get excited. If these two are here, maybe other big shots…”


As their conversation tapered off, an eerie silence enveloped them. They all looked towards the school gates, eyes brimming with anticipation and eagerness.



Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen continued towards the principal’s office. Lu Jingning noticed the curve of Wen Xingchen’s lips and couldn’t help but glance at him, “What’s so funny?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “I was thinking, you’re always so popular wherever you go.”


Lu Jingning grinned at him, “Aren’t you the same, Marshal Wen?”


Just as Wen Xingchen was about to respond, Lu Jingning’s communicator rang. He tilted his head, signaling Wen Xingchen to answer.


Glancing at the caller ID, Lu Jingning showed it to Wen Xingchen before calmly accepting the call. “Alright, alright, we’re already inside the school gates. You’re all grown-ups, why so impatient?”


The voice on the other end, clearly from Yu Qingcang, stuttered for a moment before grumpily saying, “Isn’t it because you two are too slow? Everyone’s waiting at the principal’s office, and it’s just you two missing.”


Lu Jingning nonchalantly acknowledged and suddenly remembered something, “Is Jinjin also here?”


The communicator crackled with confusion for a moment before Ren Jin’s soft voice came through, sounding excited, “Lu-ge, I’m here! Waiting for you!”


Lu Jingning replied, “Okay, downstairs, we’ll be right there.”


As Yu Qingcang took over the communicator again, it seemed he finally realized something and gritted his teeth, emphasizing, “What do you mean ‘your Jinjin’? Ah Jin obviously belongs to me!”


Oh my, possessiveness at its peak!


Lu Jingning couldn’t resist teasing him, “Yours? Ask Ren Jin if the Lu Supporters Club is still active.”


Yu Qingcang almost wanted to smack the communicator against that smug face but controlled himself, taking a deep breath and gritting his teeth, “Just get here already!”


Lu Jingning moved the communicator away from his ear for a moment, then calmly responded, “Fine, fine, we’re downstairs, we’ll be there soon.”


After ending the call, he noticed Wen Xingchen’s amused expression and mockingly scolded him, “You’re slow too, why are you laughing?”


Wen Xingchen pressed the elevator button and gestured, “Heard that. So please enter, Marshal Lu.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t hold back, finally laughing out loud, “Alright, you’re the same, my Marshal Wen.”

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