Chapter 28


“Don’t go.” Shu Yi’s voice carried a hint of exhaustion and weakness. How could he bear to refuse him?


Qu Di held his hand in return. “I’m not leaving.”


He sat in the chair where Tang Xiyan had just been sitting and poured a glass of water for Shu Yi. “Is it still painful?”


Shu Yi took a sip and put it down. He hooked a finger, signaling Qu Di to come closer. “Come here, I’ll tell you something.”


“What is it?”


Qu Di obediently leaned in, but Shu Yi seized the opportunity to hold his head and kissed him. Qu Di was initially startled and instinctively tried to push him away. Hospitals were unpredictable, and someone might enter without knocking.


But Shu Yi held his head firmly, deepening the kiss until he was satisfied. Qu Di’s eyes were slightly red, tears welling up in his eyes due to the urgency, but the person in front of him showed no fear. He smiled and used his thumb to wipe the glistening sheen from Qu Di’s lower lip.


“Don’t do this next time; if someone sees us…”


“Dummy, this is a private hospital, and this is a private suite ward. They always knock before entering. If we’re discovered, we might as well go public.”


Upon hearing this, Qu Di felt a warm rush in his heart, but he still said, “No, I’m just an assistant, and a beta…”


Shu Yi interrupted him, “Assistant is an assistant. No one said I had to find someone to be the breadwinner to support me as a partner. Moreover, I believe that I don’t need to maintain the image of a single man to stay popular now, what do you think?”


Shu Yi was speaking the truth, but Qu Di didn’t want to affect him in any way, not even a bit. With Shu Yi’s talent, he would surely climb another step steadily. He knew that Liu Meng was currently helping Shu Yi connect with the well-known film producer Xu Tu to expand into the film industry. He didn’t want any complications at this point.


As long as he knew that Shu Yi truly cared about him, it was enough. They could both settle down in the future and live their lives in peace.


“When I reach a position where I can stand shoulder to shoulder with you, we’ll go public. By then, I won’t be afraid of anything.”


Shu Yi looked at him and smiled slowly. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


Qu Di stood up, intending to help him arrange the bouquet that had been set aside. Shu Yi watched his busy figure, and his smile gradually faded.


During this period, Shu Yi had to admit that Qu Di was a perfect partner. Gentle and capable, considerate and kind, with a touch of humility that could stir a protective instinct in his partner. If he could, spending a lifetime with such a person didn’t seem too objectionable.


But… you can show kindness to stray cats on the street, why couldn’t you lend her a hand back then?


If you were just an ordinary person, if you weren’t Qu Di, how nice would that be?


Two months later, the filming of the Tangyi annual drama “Shanhe” was completed, followed by an overwhelming wave of promotion, with stills and behind-the-scenes footage continuously released.


The most discussed topic was Tang Xiyan, a singer who had never acted in a TV drama before. In fact, aside from his fans, most people were not very optimistic. However, an animated gif posted by the official account instantly raised everyone’s expectations and generated a significant amount of discussion.


In the gif, Tang Xiyan stood under the fiery sunset, holding a red tassel spear in his hand, stepping on numerous bodies. Blood splattered on his cheeks as he gazed up at the emperor standing on the city wall. His dark, expressive eyes contained countless emotions, but he couldn’t express them. He just smiled slightly, then gradually closed his eyes and lowered his head. Even in death, he continued to protect this beautiful land.


Little Pig Nose: OMG, I, a passerby, got charmed by this! Just a gif, and I feel like crying! It seems Xiyu’s acting is pretty good!


Curly Fur: Sob, I was prepared for disappointment, but our kid turned out to be so awesome! I can’t believe it! #Shanhe Premieres on 12/26#


My Darling: Why do I sense some love between two Alphas? It’s kind of emotional if you think about it. #Shanhe Premieres on 12/26#


Pricey but Worth It: What can you discern from just one gif? Maybe they spent days looking for this decent gif, and you fans are all gushing over it.


Save Me from the AC: Normally, Xiyu looks like a little child, but playing a general, he really brings out that experienced and mature vibe. I’m looking forward to it. #Shanhe Premieres on 12/26#


Barbie Pickachu: I’m going to cry! Go, Xiyu! #Shanhe Premieres on 12/26#


My Rat Is Fierce: That one look, I’m dead; that smile, I’m alive again! So, does that mean Xiyu won’t make it in the end? I’m about to cry! #Shanhe Premieres on 12/26#


Tang Xiyan had been busy for a few months, and the company finally gave him a week off to rest. He was lying on the couch at home, legs crossed, watching videos on his tablet, with a bowl of shrimp chips he hadn’t touched for a long time on the side.


Qu Di came out of the kitchen, placed a glass of dark herbal tea on the table, and cleared away items that might cause heatiness. “Don’t eat those. Remember to drink the herbal tea later.”


Tang Xiyan couldn’t resist and reached out to grab it. “We agreed on this. I only had two packs, and I haven’t even touched my cucumber-flavored chips yet! You can’t change your mind!”


Qu Di was very helpless. He regretted agreeing to this in the first place. That night, they all had dinner together, and everyone was happy. Qu Di had a couple of drinks as well. Tang Xiyan took this opportunity to ask if he could take a break for a while. Qu Di agreed in a moment of warmth.


“I told you to eat, but you can’t eat chips all day! You’re a singer; don’t you need your voice?”


“…” Tang Xiyan touched a sore spot. He knew it was not good for him, but he couldn’t help it. He needed someone to watch him.


He slowly released his grip, looking at Qu Di with puppy eyes as he locked his unopened cucumber-flavored chips and the new spicy strips in the cabinet.


Even though it was his favorite flavor, he wanted to enjoy them while watching a variety show later. Qu Di’s locking them away made him feel like the chips would never see the light of day again.


“Sigh…” He reluctantly withdrew his gaze and continued to surf the internet, feeling a bit unsatisfied.


After Qu Di had secured everything, he put the keys away and was about to leave when he nervously walked over to Tang Xiyan. In as calm a tone as possible, he said, “I’m planning to resign next week.”


Tang Xiyan stopped scrolling through his Weibo feed, slowly raised his head to look at Qu Di, furrowing his brow slightly. His voice quivered as he asked, “You… what did you say?”




“I won’t allow it!” Tang Xiyan suddenly sat up, and his tablet fell to the floor. He didn’t pick it up. He turned away from Qu Di, feeling bewildered, not knowing what to say to make him stay. He realized how clumsy his words were; besides “can’t,” “not allowed,” and “no,” he couldn’t say anything else.


“Don’t be like this…” Qu Di reached out, but before he could touch him, Tang Xiyan stood up abruptly and went upstairs without saying a word.


Qu Di didn’t see the slight redness in his eyes.


On the TV, the variety show he had been waiting for started, with a cheerful and humorous opening. Qu Di sighed, picked up the tablet from the floor, relieved to find that the protective screen had only a slight scratch. However, Tang Xiyan probably needed a new one. He couldn’t tolerate anything that wasn’t perfect.


After some thought, Qu Di decided not to disturb him. He turned off the TV, put the freshly brewed herbal tea in the fridge, and sent a text to remind him to drink it. He would come to check on him tomorrow.


Tang Xiyan buried himself under the covers until his anger dissipated. Then he sat up and took out his phone, noticing Qu Di’s message. Instantly, his anger flared up again.


You’re leaving, so why do you still care about me? In frustration, he threw the pillow on the bed across the room, and then reached for the pig-shaped pillow Qu Di had given him during a shopping trip, which he casually handed to him. He had kept it until now.


From a certain perspective, this was the only gift Qu Di had ever given him. With one hand, he hugged the shabbily made pillow, and with the other, he held his phone while browsing through his own photo album.


There was a locked album within, and he entered the password. Inside, he found all the candid photos he had taken of Qu Di – him daydreaming, fanning himself, eating, even talking with Shu Yi. He had taken pictures of everything.


He scrolled to the middle and found one photo: Qu Di, exhausted, sleeping under a sunshade. It was a hot day, and there was sweat on his forehead. It was the only clear close-up picture he had.


His thumb gently touched the spot where Qu Di’s lips were. Back when he saw the meteor shower and witnessed Shu Yi kiss Qu Di, he had wondered about the texture of Qu Di’s lips and whether they felt as soft as they looked.


Now, Qu Di was leaving. Their relationship hinged on an employment contract. With no means of contact, even meeting seemed like a luxury.


Would they become strangers from now on…


Qu Di returned home, made himself a bowl of noodles, and after eating, he intended to wash up and go to bed. He sat at the table, using a hairdryer to dry his hair while looking at the script he had already completed to some extent.


This was the first draft, just a short stage play. But if it could be staged, he would have a piece of work to his name. It would give him a bit more confidence when looking for a job.


He made some rough adjustments to the lines, and there would be more revisions to come. Although Shu Yi had been asking about his progress, he wanted to present the most perfect work. He would send it to him once he was satisfied.


He dried his hair, and just then, he received a call from Shu Yi. When they were on the set, they would talk on the phone every evening, discussing small matters but always enjoying the conversation.


Qu Di picked up his phone and crawled under the covers. “I just told Xiyu about my resignation.”


“How did he react?”


“He’s definitely not happy, but it’s just a moment of petulance. He’ll get over it in a few days. When I first started there, he wasn’t satisfied with me and wanted to find my faults to get rid of me, but now we get along quite well.”


“What if he doesn’t let you go?”


Qu Di pondered for a moment. He wanted a cordial parting. They had got along quite well during the job.


“Fei-ge has already approved my resignation application. If he disagrees, there’s nothing I can do.”


“Let’s not talk about him. By the way, I’ll have an interview that day. Wait for me at home.”


“Sure, I know.”


A couple of days ago, Shu Yi had suggested that Qu Di move in with him. Qu Di had hesitated, but when Shu Yi mentioned the word “home,” he didn’t know how to refuse. He really, really wanted a home. Yang Ji had shattered that dream, and Shu Yi was helping him piece it back together.


Everything was getting better, whether it was his life, his job, or his love life.

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