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It’s Hard to Escape From the Omegaverse Trope!

Chapter 30 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 30


Qi Shan suddenly came to Y City. Early in the morning, she called Qu Di, and the two of them arranged to meet at a bubble tea shop in the center of Y City. Qi Shan liked bubble tea very much and had a fondness for beautiful cakes, which could be considered her only somewhat Omega-like hobby.


When Qu Di entered, she stood up. They exchanged smiles, and as he approached, Qi Shan gave him a big hug.


Qu Di sat down and remarked, “It’s been a long time since we last met.”


Qi Shan pushed a cup of kumquat lemon tea that she had ordered towards him, saying, “Here, it’s for you.”


He took a sip and indeed, it was from a popular shop with a great taste.


“Do you still remember that I like this one?”


“Of course, I remember. Every time I took you to the little food street behind the university to have bubble tea, no matter how cold it was, you insisted on having it, and even cold.”


Qu Di also enjoyed the taste of kumquat lemon tea, which had a fresh and refreshing flavor. Throughout their four years in college, this was her favorite.


Qi Shan stirred her signature pearl milk tea and got straight to the point, “I came this time not only to see you and relax but also to talk to you about something.”


With a smile, she continued, “You see, I used to work in an entertainment production crew. Later, my dad introduced me to a director who had appeared on our show. We had a meal together, and then… I showed him your previous works from college.”


“Guess what happened?”


Qi Shan didn’t say anything, but by her expression, Qu Di could tell it was good news. He had some guesses about what it might be from what Qi Shan had said.


“I don’t even need to guess, your face says it all.”


Qi Shan playfully nudged him, “Not fun at all. So, when will you work on a new script? I’d like to show it to him. If it really works out, it’s an opportunity, isn’t it?”


Qu Di shook his head, “Thank you, but I’ve already found someone to help me. Right now, I’m focused on writing a script for a stage play. Once it’s done, he’ll help me submit it. I already promised them over there. Sorry for not telling you earlier. As for your side… well, I’ll just have to thank you in advance if I’m not able to find another way.”


Qi Shan didn’t feel disappointed that her good intentions were declined. There was no need for her and Qu Di to discuss these matters. She thought it was best if Qu Di could find his own path.


“Why are we even talking about this? If you need my help later, just ask. That director is quite good, and if he needs my assistance, feel free to let me know. I can talk to him.”


“What about you? How have you been lately?” Both of them had gotten busy after starting their jobs, and except for the incident with Yang Ji that made the news, Qi Shan had only called him the next day, so their communication had been scarce.


Qi Shan chuckled, “Just about the same. It’s common for fresh graduates to be mistreated and bullied. Initially, I used to get upset, but now I’ve come to terms with it. I plan to apply for a transfer once this show is over.”


Qu Di rarely saw Qi Shan so dejected. She looked tired, and even though she had just celebrated her 22nd birthday, she spoke as if she was already thinking about retirement.


Qi Shan used to be one of the more active students in their school, and although not one of the top few, she was enthusiastic about participating in various activities. She used to lead the group in class gatherings and activities, always looking lively and full of energy, as if she didn’t even know the word “tired.”


Suddenly, he realized how lucky he was. He got a job at Tang Yi, a big company, right after graduating. Although being an assistant involved early mornings and late nights, at least Tang Xiyan was a reasonable artist. She was picky but didn’t intentionally make things difficult for him. After that, he met Shu Yi, and he always felt that he had to do better to prove that Shu Yi made the right choice.


He had always been concerned about the opinions of the outside world. Living in his stepfather’s house, he always felt like a dependent. Even if they didn’t pay much attention to him, he still tried to do his best with everything.


Qu Di noticed that Qi Shan didn’t want to talk about these matters, so he didn’t ask further questions. Qi Shan was returning to work the next day, so Qu Di took her to some famous tourist spots. Since Shu Yi had work and wouldn’t be coming home for dinner that night, they decided to go to a well-known Cantonese restaurant in Y City together.


Qu Di hadn’t reserved a private room, so they got a table by the window in the main dining area.


When it came to ordering, Qi Shan was the expert in the duo, so she took on the task. Qu Di didn’t protest.


“White-cut chicken, steamed fresh fish, sweet and sour pork, roasted squab, stir-fried vegetables…”


Qi Shan was about to order more, but Qu Di quickly stopped her. It wasn’t about the cost; it was just that she used to order a lot when they ate out, and it was wasteful for just the two of them.


“Enough, why do you still have this bad habit? Don’t order so much; we can’t finish it all.”


“Ah, I rarely come to Y City, and I don’t know when we’ll meet again…” She gradually adopted a melancholic look and sighed, using her usual trick, which always worked on Qu Di.


“Alright, you can order. If we can’t finish it, I’ll take the leftovers home.”


Hearing the answer she wanted, she smiled brightly, “Hehe, I told you, Little Di, you’re the best. Let’s have some preserved pork with preserved vegetables and a lotus root and spare rib soup as well. That’s it.”


Tang Chaobai had been having a headache recently because his silly little brother had suddenly become sentimental. He constantly talked about relationship problems but refused to disclose any details. He just sighed all the time, looking completely dispirited, and even mentioned wanting to take a leave to go on a trip.


Of course, Tang Chaobai couldn’t agree to that. He considered it a temporary emotional outbreak and insisted on making him continue with his work. Luckily, Tang Xiyan had a good sense of priorities, and his work had been going well, so today, Tang Chaobai planned to take him to a Cantonese restaurant he liked.


Tang Chaobai had been waiting at the entrance for almost an hour when Tang Xiyan, who had just finished a magazine photoshoot, finally arrived. He was bundled up tightly.


Tang Chaobai got out of the car. “Hurry inside; don’t let anyone see you.”


Tang Xiyan seemed to have caught a cold, his voice slightly hoarse. “There’s no one following us on the way here,” he said as he sniffled.


“You’ve had a cold for a week


 now; why isn’t it getting better?”


Tang Xiyan adjusted his collar and suppressed the urge to cough. He didn’t want to hear his brother nagging. “I’ve been busy lately, five shoots in a day. I don’t have time to see a doctor. Colds get better on their own.”


He certainly didn’t want to see Yu Zhiyuan, that fish-faced doctor.


Tang Chaobai, of course, knew what kind of person Yu Zhiyuan was. Tang Xiyan was simply too lazy to go to the hospital. “Don’t make excuses. It’s just laziness. Can’t you postpone your shoots for a day? How much time would it take to treat a cold? I’ll have Yu Zhiyuan come over tonight.”


Tang Xiyan sneaked a glance at him and didn’t dare to argue. He only spoke softly, so only he could hear, “Why don’t you respect my opinions? I’m an adult…”


Tang Chaobai suddenly stopped and said in a condescending tone, “The day you don’t cause trouble and don’t need me to solve it is the day you can talk to me about respecting your opinions.”




Is there no humanity left…?


The two of them had reserved a room, and the dishes had been ordered in advance. They had frequently dined here in the past, so Tang Chaobai knew what his little brother liked to eat.


The server handed Tang Xiyan a pre-written menu, and Tang Xiyan briefly glanced at it before handing it back, saying, “Just these.”


Then he stood up and told Tang Chaobai, “I’m going to the restroom.”




While the Tang brothers had just sat down, on the other side, Qu Di had finished most of his meal and found there were still plenty of leftovers. He planned to take them home for dinner and supper the next day since Shu Yi hadn’t been coming home lately. It was a way to make do, and it saved him from having to buy groceries.


He requested a few takeaway containers, stood up to pack the leftovers, and that’s when a child ran past, bumping into him and causing him to spill soy sauce from a steamed fish dish all over his clothes. Unfortunately, he was wearing a white T-shirt today, and the spill left a stain and the scent of soy sauce and green onions.


The child immediately disappeared, not even looking back. Qi Shan wanted to chase after and see which child was so inattentive, but Qu Di stopped her.


“Don’t go, kids will be kids. It’s not a big deal.”


Compared to the mild-mannered Qu Di, Qi Shan couldn’t stand such children. It was indeed a minor incident, and an apology would suffice, but these kids who didn’t even look back made her wish she could give them a stern lesson in manners and make them kneel down to apologize.


She frowned and handed him a couple of napkins, saying, “Why do you put up with this? It’s clearly his fault. And your clothes, I don’t know if they can be cleaned.”


Some soy sauce had splashed onto his pants, and he felt his thighs were damp, as if the liquid had run down to his ankles. He quickly headed to the restroom to clean up.


Tang Xiyan sat inside the private room, staring at his phone absentmindedly. The last message left by Qu Di was still the farewell message, and he had read it countless times but still couldn’t muster the courage to contact him first.


He put away his phone and opened the door slowly. To his surprise, he saw a familiar figure, and if it weren’t for the reflection in the mirror, he would have thought he was seeing things. Everyone seemed like Qu Di compared to him.


Qu Di hadn’t noticed the person behind him; he was focused on trying to clean his soiled clothes. He rolled up his pant legs and found that the stains couldn’t be removed, so he intended to go back to the private room to deal with it.


As he turned around, he met Tang Xiyan’s eyes. Tang Xiyan was eating out secretly, like he used to do before. He was wearing layers of clothing, a hat, and had taken off his sunglasses.


Tang Xiyan had been holding back for quite some time, and finally, he managed to say, “Long time no see.”


Qu Di, only then realizing, smiled and asked, “Are you eating out?”


“Yeah.” Tang Xiyan instinctively tugged at his clothes, wondering if he looked okay today… if his hair was too messy.


Thinking like this, Qu Di suddenly approached, reached out to touch his head, and Tang Xiyan’s heart raced. He was almost holding his breath, but Qu Di just lightly patted his hair and withdrew his hand.


“You’ve got some white dust here.”


Tang Xiyan embarrassedly raised his head and patted the spot where Qu Di had touched. “It might be from the photoshoot… There was dust on the set.”


“Last time I went to see you, you weren’t at home. I was planning to treat you to dinner. Thanks for taking care of me during that time.”


Tang Xiyan’s voice was low, “Yeah… I was out, and I got your message later.” In fact, he was at home, hiding and watching Qu Di come and go. He didn’t want to say goodbye to him.


“Why didn’t you reply to me? I thought you were mad at me.”


He was indeed angry, so angry that he couldn’t sleep for several nights, so angry that even a milk tea with whipped cream on top couldn’t cheer him up, and he was always distracted at work.


“I wasn’t. I’m not that petty. It’s just that I was busy with work. The new assistant I hired is doing well, more careful than you, and she handles things properly.”


But I still want to drink the herbal tea and sweet soup you make for me, and the potato chips you locked away in the cabinet, which I didn’t dare eat later, as well as your disciplined daily routine and diet.


Tang Xiyan tried to act like an old friend and said, “Why don’t we meet up another day…”


“Tang Xiyan!”


Tang Chaobai had waited for a long time, and all the food had been served, but Tang Xiyan still hadn’t returned. He was worried that his brother had been stopped by fans or reporters. He went out to look for him but found Tang Xiyan standing near the restroom and talking to someone.

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Chapter 29 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 29


Two days before the premiere of “Mountains and Rivers,” Tang Xiyan’s talent show, “One-Tenth,” also premiered its first episode. Although Fang Yingying and Tang Xiyan’s interaction wasn’t part of the main broadcast, it was included in the behind-the-scenes footage, instantly making it the number one trending topic.


Some people thought it was just an attempt to gain attention, but most believed that Fang Yingying was just helping out subconsciously. To avoid more contact, she had only lightly touched Tang Xiyan’s waist with two fingers, which looked rather cute. Moreover, despite not being a great dancer, she surprisingly had a contagious singing voice.


On the second day of the premiere, a fan page was created for her, complete with an official Weibo account, and even the fan club’s official colors and slogans were chosen.


Fang Yingying’s Weibo gained tens of thousands of followers overnight, which, while not a huge number, was quite impressive compared to other contestants.


After the premiere of “Mountains and Rivers,” Qu Di officially left his job with Tang Xiyan and immersed himself in scriptwriting. He had initially planned to bid farewell to Tang Xiyan when he left that day, but when he arrived at her home, he found it empty and had to send her a message before leaving.


“I’m back,” Shu Yi would always inform Qu Di if he was coming home for dinner.


As soon as he entered, the aroma of food greeted him. After changing his shoes, he went into the kitchen to find Qu Di busy cooking.


Qu Di turned around. “You can change into something comfortable. You’ve come back just in time for dinner.”


Shu Yi didn’t move. He walked over to check and asked, “Is there any need to change? I’ve been in the studio all day. Is there something delicious tonight?”


Qu Di gestured for him to take the soup to the dining table. Shu Yi washed his hands and came to help. He glanced at the dishes, all of which he liked. However, he remembered mentioning wanting to eat “mouth-watering chicken” last night. Qu Di had claimed he didn’t know how to make it, but tonight it appeared on the dinner table.


“I smell mouth-watering chicken,” Shu Yi remarked.


Qu Di felt a little guilty. Truthfully, he hadn’t made it himself. He had attempted to cook it, but failed because he didn’t want to waste the entire chicken he’d eaten for lunch. So, he had bought ready-made food from the supermarket for dinner.


“You wanted to eat it… I tried making it,” but he trailed off, swallowing the rest of the sentence. He would make it perfectly next time.


After they sat down to eat, Shu Yi automatically served the rice. He took a piece of mouth-watering chicken for himself. After savoring it, he asked, “This tastes familiar.”


Qu Di had no choice but to confess, “Actually, this is from the supermarket’s prepared foods section.”


Shu Yi paused for a moment, then chuckled. “I thought so. I often eat from there. No need to feel embarrassed. I don’t have to eat what you cook.”


Qu Di served him a piece of lotus root. “I’m learning to make it. I’ll get it right next time.”


Although he had been in the kitchen many times from childhood to university and had often cooked for Yang Ji, the truth was that his culinary skills were only passable. He could make simple, everyday dishes, but for anything slightly more challenging, he had to consult cooking tutorials. Fortunately, he had more free time now. Besides concentrating on writing the script, he had plenty of time for other things. They did household cleaning only when they had spare time, and Shu Yi helped. The house was a bit messy, but it was still relatively clean.


After dinner, Qu Di pushed Shu Yi to take a shower while he cleared up. They had a dishwasher, so there was no issue of who would do the dishes.


Once Shu Yi returned to his room, he received a call from his brother-in-law, Lu Huayan. His smile vanished instantly. It was the first time he didn’t want to answer Lu Huayan’s call, but he eventually picked up.


Lu Huayan said, “We’ve found the person, and everything is arranged. We’re just waiting for the status on your end of things.”


Shu Yi remained silent for a moment before saying, “I understand.”


Lu Huayan sensed that Shu Yi seemed emotionally distant, as they hadn’t contacted each other for two weeks due to their busy schedules.


He cautiously asked, “Is it…?”


Shu Yi quickly interrupted him, “No.”


“I just need a bit more time; he hasn’t given me the finished product yet.”


In truth, Shu Yi hadn’t inquired about it during this time. He had pushed the matter aside, letting himself get immersed in it temporarily.


“…If you don’t want to do it, just let me know at any time. Shu Yi, I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret.”


He hung up the phone and sat on the bed, lost in thought. Suddenly, he noticed a book on the table: “A Thousand Words of Love: Guide to Romantic Phrases.” He picked it up and flipped through it, finding some notes inside.


The first page: “Why are you so impulsive, suddenly crashing into my heart.”


He thought this phrase was good and had even marked it in red.


He had bought this book on a whim back then, rushing through it to say a few words on the night of the meteor shower. He had forgotten it all afterward. Although TV dramas had sets of romantic lines, in reality, Shu Yi couldn’t say a single one.


He had only read this book a few times. After realizing it was of no use, he had abandoned it. Since being together, they hadn’t needed any special effort. Just being together quietly, even if they were leaning against each other to watch an old movie, made time pass by sufficiently.


Lu Huayan probably guessed. Shu Yi was hesitating. The determination he had back then had disappeared, and lately, he had often dreamt that Qu Di was as he had expected, oppressed by him and looking at him in despair before turning and leaving.


He woke up with a racing heart, feeling like he had lost something important. Even in the middle of the night, he went to Qu Di’s room, sitting on the floor and silently watching the person on the bed, hoping to find a sense of security and reassure himself that it was just a dream. Qu Di was still with him. He returned to his own room only as dawn approached.


He had considered giving up, but every time he thought of Shu Man, he felt that his kindness toward Qu Di was shameless. He had easily fallen into that useless love, becoming cowardly and uncertain.


“Why haven’t you gone to shower yet?”


Qu Di appeared at the door, holding sliced fruit and a cup of floral tea. Shu Yi quickly hid the book under the pillow.


“I was thinking about something, got a little distracted. I’ll go now.”


“Then, have some fruit first. The apples today are good; I bought a few.”


After they both showered, they watched a movie together. Shu Yi sat behind Qu Di, and they sat on the couch with the air conditioner on


They could be considered respectful to each other, but the emotions seemed to come so suddenly, just a movie could make them lose control, and the pheromones in the air grew stronger.


Alpha’s voice was magnetic, “If you were an Omega, you would definitely smell my pheromones out of control.”


Qu Di lowered his head and dared not move, “Actually… actually, I can smell it a bit.”


Shu Yi first paused, then smiled and asked, “What does my pheromone smell like?”


Qu Di raised his head, and his eyes turned slightly red due to shyness.


“Peppermint, it’s a very fresh peppermint scent.”


“You… really can feel it?”


In principle, Betas in the world shouldn’t be able to sense pheromones, but research shows that some more advanced Beta individuals can slightly sense them, although they are not affected by them. Such Betas account for only 0.5% of Betas. He didn’t expect to have one right in front of him.


Qu Di nodded.


“I didn’t expect to pick up a treasure.”


He kissed Qu Di’s soft cheek, pushed him away, and Qu Di hurriedly picked up the small blanket that had fallen to the ground.


He looked at Alpha, who was about to go upstairs, and asked, “Where are you going?”


Shu Yi helplessly looked at himself, “I’m going to take a shower.”


“I can help you…” For some reason, this sentence just blurted out without thinking, and he was also surprised after saying it, but he didn’t deny it, just stood there waiting for Alpha’s response.


“I don’t want to inconvenience you.”


By the time Qu Di came to his senses, the movie’s plot had already progressed to the next day, and the male and female leads woke up in the sunlight.


In the living room, there was only him left, but he couldn’t help but smile, with no embarrassment of being rejected.


In the bathroom, Shu Yi was lost in thought. He suddenly wanted to know what Qu Di’s scent was like, whether it was as soft and sweet as it looked.

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Chapter 28 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 28


“Don’t go.” Shu Yi’s voice carried a hint of exhaustion and weakness. How could he bear to refuse him?


Qu Di held his hand in return. “I’m not leaving.”


He sat in the chair where Tang Xiyan had just been sitting and poured a glass of water for Shu Yi. “Is it still painful?”


Shu Yi took a sip and put it down. He hooked a finger, signaling Qu Di to come closer. “Come here, I’ll tell you something.”


“What is it?”


Qu Di obediently leaned in, but Shu Yi seized the opportunity to hold his head and kissed him. Qu Di was initially startled and instinctively tried to push him away. Hospitals were unpredictable, and someone might enter without knocking.


But Shu Yi held his head firmly, deepening the kiss until he was satisfied. Qu Di’s eyes were slightly red, tears welling up in his eyes due to the urgency, but the person in front of him showed no fear. He smiled and used his thumb to wipe the glistening sheen from Qu Di’s lower lip.


“Don’t do this next time; if someone sees us…”


“Dummy, this is a private hospital, and this is a private suite ward. They always knock before entering. If we’re discovered, we might as well go public.”


Upon hearing this, Qu Di felt a warm rush in his heart, but he still said, “No, I’m just an assistant, and a beta…”


Shu Yi interrupted him, “Assistant is an assistant. No one said I had to find someone to be the breadwinner to support me as a partner. Moreover, I believe that I don’t need to maintain the image of a single man to stay popular now, what do you think?”


Shu Yi was speaking the truth, but Qu Di didn’t want to affect him in any way, not even a bit. With Shu Yi’s talent, he would surely climb another step steadily. He knew that Liu Meng was currently helping Shu Yi connect with the well-known film producer Xu Tu to expand into the film industry. He didn’t want any complications at this point.


As long as he knew that Shu Yi truly cared about him, it was enough. They could both settle down in the future and live their lives in peace.


“When I reach a position where I can stand shoulder to shoulder with you, we’ll go public. By then, I won’t be afraid of anything.”


Shu Yi looked at him and smiled slowly. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


Qu Di stood up, intending to help him arrange the bouquet that had been set aside. Shu Yi watched his busy figure, and his smile gradually faded.


During this period, Shu Yi had to admit that Qu Di was a perfect partner. Gentle and capable, considerate and kind, with a touch of humility that could stir a protective instinct in his partner. If he could, spending a lifetime with such a person didn’t seem too objectionable.


But… you can show kindness to stray cats on the street, why couldn’t you lend her a hand back then?


If you were just an ordinary person, if you weren’t Qu Di, how nice would that be?


Two months later, the filming of the Tangyi annual drama “Shanhe” was completed, followed by an overwhelming wave of promotion, with stills and behind-the-scenes footage continuously released.


The most discussed topic was Tang Xiyan, a singer who had never acted in a TV drama before. In fact, aside from his fans, most people were not very optimistic. However, an animated gif posted by the official account instantly raised everyone’s expectations and generated a significant amount of discussion.


In the gif, Tang Xiyan stood under the fiery sunset, holding a red tassel spear in his hand, stepping on numerous bodies. Blood splattered on his cheeks as he gazed up at the emperor standing on the city wall. His dark, expressive eyes contained countless emotions, but he couldn’t express them. He just smiled slightly, then gradually closed his eyes and lowered his head. Even in death, he continued to protect this beautiful land.


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My Rat Is Fierce: That one look, I’m dead; that smile, I’m alive again! So, does that mean Xiyu won’t make it in the end? I’m about to cry! #Shanhe Premieres on 12/26#


Tang Xiyan had been busy for a few months, and the company finally gave him a week off to rest. He was lying on the couch at home, legs crossed, watching videos on his tablet, with a bowl of shrimp chips he hadn’t touched for a long time on the side.


Qu Di came out of the kitchen, placed a glass of dark herbal tea on the table, and cleared away items that might cause heatiness. “Don’t eat those. Remember to drink the herbal tea later.”


Tang Xiyan couldn’t resist and reached out to grab it. “We agreed on this. I only had two packs, and I haven’t even touched my cucumber-flavored chips yet! You can’t change your mind!”


Qu Di was very helpless. He regretted agreeing to this in the first place. That night, they all had dinner together, and everyone was happy. Qu Di had a couple of drinks as well. Tang Xiyan took this opportunity to ask if he could take a break for a while. Qu Di agreed in a moment of warmth.


“I told you to eat, but you can’t eat chips all day! You’re a singer; don’t you need your voice?”


“…” Tang Xiyan touched a sore spot. He knew it was not good for him, but he couldn’t help it. He needed someone to watch him.


He slowly released his grip, looking at Qu Di with puppy eyes as he locked his unopened cucumber-flavored chips and the new spicy strips in the cabinet.


Even though it was his favorite flavor, he wanted to enjoy them while watching a variety show later. Qu Di’s locking them away made him feel like the chips would never see the light of day again.


“Sigh…” He reluctantly withdrew his gaze and continued to surf the internet, feeling a bit unsatisfied.


After Qu Di had secured everything, he put the keys away and was about to leave when he nervously walked over to Tang Xiyan. In as calm a tone as possible, he said, “I’m planning to resign next week.”


Tang Xiyan stopped scrolling through his Weibo feed, slowly raised his head to look at Qu Di, furrowing his brow slightly. His voice quivered as he asked, “You… what did you say?”




“I won’t allow it!” Tang Xiyan suddenly sat up, and his tablet fell to the floor. He didn’t pick it up. He turned away from Qu Di, feeling bewildered, not knowing what to say to make him stay. He realized how clumsy his words were; besides “can’t,” “not allowed,” and “no,” he couldn’t say anything else.


“Don’t be like this…” Qu Di reached out, but before he could touch him, Tang Xiyan stood up abruptly and went upstairs without saying a word.


Qu Di didn’t see the slight redness in his eyes.


On the TV, the variety show he had been waiting for started, with a cheerful and humorous opening. Qu Di sighed, picked up the tablet from the floor, relieved to find that the protective screen had only a slight scratch. However, Tang Xiyan probably needed a new one. He couldn’t tolerate anything that wasn’t perfect.


After some thought, Qu Di decided not to disturb him. He turned off the TV, put the freshly brewed herbal tea in the fridge, and sent a text to remind him to drink it. He would come to check on him tomorrow.


Tang Xiyan buried himself under the covers until his anger dissipated. Then he sat up and took out his phone, noticing Qu Di’s message. Instantly, his anger flared up again.


You’re leaving, so why do you still care about me? In frustration, he threw the pillow on the bed across the room, and then reached for the pig-shaped pillow Qu Di had given him during a shopping trip, which he casually handed to him. He had kept it until now.


From a certain perspective, this was the only gift Qu Di had ever given him. With one hand, he hugged the shabbily made pillow, and with the other, he held his phone while browsing through his own photo album.


There was a locked album within, and he entered the password. Inside, he found all the candid photos he had taken of Qu Di – him daydreaming, fanning himself, eating, even talking with Shu Yi. He had taken pictures of everything.


He scrolled to the middle and found one photo: Qu Di, exhausted, sleeping under a sunshade. It was a hot day, and there was sweat on his forehead. It was the only clear close-up picture he had.


His thumb gently touched the spot where Qu Di’s lips were. Back when he saw the meteor shower and witnessed Shu Yi kiss Qu Di, he had wondered about the texture of Qu Di’s lips and whether they felt as soft as they looked.


Now, Qu Di was leaving. Their relationship hinged on an employment contract. With no means of contact, even meeting seemed like a luxury.


Would they become strangers from now on…


Qu Di returned home, made himself a bowl of noodles, and after eating, he intended to wash up and go to bed. He sat at the table, using a hairdryer to dry his hair while looking at the script he had already completed to some extent.


This was the first draft, just a short stage play. But if it could be staged, he would have a piece of work to his name. It would give him a bit more confidence when looking for a job.


He made some rough adjustments to the lines, and there would be more revisions to come. Although Shu Yi had been asking about his progress, he wanted to present the most perfect work. He would send it to him once he was satisfied.


He dried his hair, and just then, he received a call from Shu Yi. When they were on the set, they would talk on the phone every evening, discussing small matters but always enjoying the conversation.


Qu Di picked up his phone and crawled under the covers. “I just told Xiyu about my resignation.”


“How did he react?”


“He’s definitely not happy, but it’s just a moment of petulance. He’ll get over it in a few days. When I first started there, he wasn’t satisfied with me and wanted to find my faults to get rid of me, but now we get along quite well.”


“What if he doesn’t let you go?”


Qu Di pondered for a moment. He wanted a cordial parting. They had got along quite well during the job.


“Fei-ge has already approved my resignation application. If he disagrees, there’s nothing I can do.”


“Let’s not talk about him. By the way, I’ll have an interview that day. Wait for me at home.”


“Sure, I know.”


A couple of days ago, Shu Yi had suggested that Qu Di move in with him. Qu Di had hesitated, but when Shu Yi mentioned the word “home,” he didn’t know how to refuse. He really, really wanted a home. Yang Ji had shattered that dream, and Shu Yi was helping him piece it back together.


Everything was getting better, whether it was his life, his job, or his love life.

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Chapter 27 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 27


Ever since Tang Xiyan found out about the relationship between Shu Yi and Qu Di, he couldn’t help but notice their subtle interactions when they thought no one was watching. He wasn’t sure if it was because he was preoccupied with the situation or if Shu Yi was intentionally doing it for his benefit.


In public, the two of them always maintained a certain distance, but Tang Xiyan had seen Shu Yi sneakily hold Qu Di’s hand under the cover of his costume’s large sleeves on more than one occasion. Qu Di would raise his head to glance at Shu Yi, but he wouldn’t pull away.


“Xi Yan, what are you thinking about?” Qu Di waved his hand in front of him, wondering why he suddenly zoned out.


Thinking about you.


“No, it’s nothing. Is everything set up?” He tugged at his equipment, seemingly secure. It was his first time doing rock climbing, about four meters high, and he was somewhat worried.


“The props master said everything is ready. We’ll slowly hoist you up shortly. This is just a trial run, so we won’t shoot any scenes. He’ll be there to guide you from below.”


“I know, you don’t need to keep repeating it. It’s annoying.”


Qu Di brought over the responsible person again to check for safety. After receiving assurance that it was absolutely safe, he ran off to the side. He kept furrowing his brows, and his gaze never left Tang Xiyan, even though there were safety mats below. He was still concerned about any possible accidents.


When Tang Xiyan’s feet left the ground, he found it somewhat amusing at first. However, as he reached a height of three meters, he began to feel nervous. His muscles tensed involuntarily, and he concentrated intensely.


“Start by trying to move a little. If it’s fine, we’ll continue to raise you higher.” The master responsible for this area shouted at him through a megaphone, as if he was worried that Tang Xiyan couldn’t hear.


Tang Xiyan cautiously moved his limbs. It was manageable, but he couldn’t make overly large movements. Being up there, swaying back and forth, made him feel quite insecure.


“Very good. Now, we’ll raise you to four meters, and that will be the height for the scenes where you fight with the enemies, which will be between three and four meters.”


They continued to lift Tang Xiyan, and a person beside him handed over the weapon. Initially, he thought it was manageable, but now it felt as heavy as a thousand pounds. He tried to relax a bit and swung it around. His movements were somewhat stiff, but it wasn’t a significant issue. Editing and stunt doubles could fix that. He was mainly shooting close-up scenes.


“Alright, we’ll lower you now.”


The weather was fine that day, although it looked like rain might be coming. While it was still a bit stifling, the breeze that occasionally blew helped alleviate the heat. However, when Tang Xiyan came down, he realized his entire back was soaked with sweat, even his forehead was covered in beads of perspiration.


Qu Di rushed over. “Are you okay?”


He glanced at Qu Di. Whenever Qu Di showed concern for him, he couldn’t help but feel a bit delighted, but he had to pretend to stay composed. “I’m fine.”


In the afternoon, it started to rain heavily, so the director decided to shoot a scene that required rain. There were no lines for the actors; it was just a distant shot of two people walking together in the rain.


The next day, the action scenes officially began, consisting of two sequences. The first involved Tang Xiyan facing a group of enemies, and the second had Shu Yi and Tang Xiyan.


Under the guidance of the martial arts instructor, Tang Xiyan quickly completed the first scene, retaking it only twice. The director was quite pleased with it, so he let everyone take a break before moving on to the next scene.


Shu Yi sat under a sunshade, reading the script, while Tang Xiyan, drenched in sweat, sat beside him. He took a towel from Qu Di and wiped his face. “Why didn’t I see you yesterday?”


Shu Yi replied without much interest, “I was watching Alpha rock climbing. I wasn’t interested. Besides, I was afraid you’d scream, and I’d be embarrassed if I were there.”


Tang Xiyan was momentarily speechless, but when he looked, he saw Qu Di trying to suppress a smile. This provoked his anger. “Don’t you dare laugh!”


Qu Di quickly stepped in to defuse the situation. “Actually, Tang Xiyan did quite well yesterday. Even the martial arts instructor praised his balance and adaptability.”


They didn’t speak much after that and immersed themselves in their scripts. Over the past few days, it seemed like Shu Yi and Tang Xiyan had reconciled. They occasionally joked and exchanged a few words, but there was an underlying tension. He had asked both Shu Yi and Tang Xiyan, and both claimed there was nothing wrong. Gradually, he began to think he might be overthinking it.


An hour later, the props department and martial arts instructor were ready. They touched up their makeup, and then they went on set. After the first scene, the director was satisfied, and the martial arts instructor provided guidance. They prepared for another take.


Originally, Shu Yi was supposed to jump down from the roof with a sword to attack Tang Xiyan, who would defend with a fan. Then, they would engage in a fight on the street, including acrobatic moves.


At first, everything went smoothly. However, when Shu Yi jumped up, Tang Xiyan suddenly lost control and bumped into him. Then, the ropes carrying both of them became entangled, and they crashed into the side of a building before coming to a stop.


Qu Di was nearly frightened to death the moment they collided. People around him began running toward them, and he snapped back to reality. He felt like he could barely stand, and he stumbled a few steps.


When they were lowered to the ground, both of them were conscious. Shu Yi was pale and drenched in cold sweat. He gritted his teeth and didn’t say a word. People dared not touch him and laid him down on a soft mat on the ground. The director quickly called for an ambulance.


Compared to Shu Yi, Tang Xiyan was in much better condition. He didn’t seem to be injured, just a bit dazed from the collision. He touched his head and found a bump. Worried, he glanced at Shu Yi and asked, “I’m fine… but he…”


“That’s good,” he said in a distracted manner. Tang Xiyan saw that Qu Di had sneakily glanced at Shu Yi several times but hadn’t said anything. His hands were tightly clenched together, clearly worried about Shu Yi but not daring to show it. His thoughts were obviously not on Tang Xiyan.


Tang Xiyan’s eyes darkened. Well, considering their current relationship, it was natural for Qu Di to prioritize Shu Yi. He couldn’t blame him.


Director Zheng asked everyone to step aside and began fanning Shu Yi. “Shu Yi, where does it hurt?”


“My… My waist,” Shu Yi replied, sounding like he was in a lot of pain. His back had collided with Tang Xiyan, and although the distance wasn’t too great, the impact was significant.


Shu Yi was taken to the hospital, and Tang Xiyan followed. After an examination, it turned out that there were no serious injuries, only some bruises. To avoid the press, Qu Di planned to leave through a back door. However, Tang Xiyan stopped him. “Why don’t we go check on Shu Yi?”


“If we don’t leave soon, we might not be able to leave later. I


‘ve already called Feige. Let’s go now.”


“No, you come with me to see him,” Tang Xiyan ordered.


Qu Di reluctantly complied and followed Tang Xiyan to the elevator. As they waited for it to arrive, Qu Di watched Tang Xiyan but couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. When the elevator arrived, they entered and stood side by side. As the doors closed, Qu Di finally spoke. “Do you know?”


Tang Xiyan was too easy to read. Upon seeing him remain silent, Shu Yi had guessed that Tang Xiyan knew about their relationship, and now he was probably desperately trying to come up with excuses to deny it.


As expected, after about half a minute, Tang Xiyan stuttered, “What could I possibly know? How could I know… You… Don’t talk nonsense.”


Indeed, the words sounded unconvincing, but Tang Xiyan was probably racking his brain to come up with various excuses to deny the truth.


He clearly didn’t say anything, yet he’s so eager to deny it. Qu Di hasn’t even confirmed that he knows everything, and isn’t it normal to ask before making assumptions?


“When did you find out?” Qu Di was somewhat startled. He thought he had hidden it well. How did Tang Xiyan know, and what about the others?


“I told you, I don’t know!” Tang Xiyan kicked the elevator, not too forcefully, as he was filled with anger. He had sacrificed his personal feelings for the greater good and brought Qu Di to see Shu Yi. Could he please just be quiet and stop asking!


The elevator fell silent, and with a “ding,” they arrived. Tang Xiyan was the first to step out. In that moment, he heard Qu Di say, “Thank you.”


I don’t want your thanks. What I want is you… but you don’t want me.


He quickened his pace toward Shu Yi’s hospital room. He had heard that the bump on Shu Yi’s waist was quite severe and caused a lot of pain. Luckily, there were no fractures, which was the only silver lining. Shu Yi would have to stay in the hospital for some time before being discharged.


The hospital room wasn’t crowded, with only Zheng Siyi, Shu Yi’s manager, Li Meng, and Shu Yi. The director had apparently gone to deal with the journalists outside, as this situation required his public response; otherwise, rumors would spread like wildfire.


Upon seeing the newcomer, Li Meng greeted Tang Xiyan and left to handle the public relations aspect, as well as to console the fans.


Tang Xiyan pulled a chair over and sat by the bedside. He observed Shu Yi and said, “You look like you’re not about to die.”


“Siyi, would you mind going to buy some fruits?” Shu Yi suddenly spoke.


Though Zheng Siyi was a bit puzzled, she left the room. Soon, it was just the three of them in the room.


Tang Xiyan glanced at Qu Di, who remained silent behind him. Frustrated, he stood up and left the chair that hadn’t even warmed up yet. He loudly exclaimed, “I’m going to check on Yu Zhiyuan. Qu Di, you stay here and comfort Emperor Shu Yi.”


Qu Di hesitated but wanted to follow Tang Xiyan. However, Shu Yi grabbed his hand. As Tang Xiyan walked out, he witnessed this scene, and a few steps later, he closed the door behind him.

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Chapter 26 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 26


Tang Xiyan felt like he had spent centuries standing there, longing to step forward and separate the two of them. He wanted to pull Qu Di into his arms, even if Qu Di told him it wasn’t voluntary, he would believe it.


But he was afraid. He was afraid of being mercilessly mocked, afraid that if he compared himself to Shu Yi, he would be nothing in Qu Di’s eyes.


He felt like a joke, thinking he was the irreplaceable one in his heart, tossing and turning over it.


In reality, he was just an ordinary passerby, and someone had already taken residence in Qu Di’s heart when he wasn’t looking.


He suddenly remembered a saying: “When a talented man and a beautiful woman fall in love, what right does a monster like you have to object!”


For the first time in his life, he felt inferior. He took a step back and concealed himself in the darkness, staring at his own toes, lost in thought.


The three of them were like a meteor shower, with Tang Xiyan being the insignificant night, just a background in their passionate love, known to no one.


Qu Di’s legs went weak from the kisses, and Shu Yi held him in his arms, letting him lean on his shoulder. Together, they quietly enjoyed the splendid finale. Tang Xiyan stood there for a while, feeling a sense of loneliness, and then turned and walked away.


They didn’t even notice him.


He walked away as if fleeing, as if escaping from everything as long as he left this place. He hurried down the mountain, taking two steps for every one. But he wasn’t paying attention, and he stepped on empty air, his first instinct was to protect his head. In fact, there was a small platform just ahead, so he fell directly into the muddy grass.


There were no external injuries, but his clothes were stained with mud. He struggled to get up, and a cricket hopped onto his head and then jumped away.


Now even a small bug is picking on me! Tang Xiyan angrily stomped on the gloating cricket a few times.


After that, he stared at the bug’s lifeless body and said, “Jerk!”


His voice was hoarse, with a hint of crying and grievances, but he stubbornly didn’t cry. He was just a Beta, wasn’t he? He didn’t even lack an Omega. Why would he need you, a Beta? I don’t like you at all. I used to worry a lot because I thought you liked me. Now it’s better. My worries are gone.


From now on, they would just be boss and subordinate, assistant and artist…


With his hands in his pockets, he walked down the mountain slowly. This time, he wouldn’t fall again. He would leave everything behind here. He was still Tang Xiyan, fearless and unburdened Tang Xiyan.


He sniffed, realizing that love and such things would only slow down his ascent. Sooner or later, Shu Yi would be under his feet.


This meteor shower lasted longer than expected, and even after it ended, Shu Yi and Qu Di still felt reluctant to part. They didn’t know if they were reluctant to leave each other or reluctant to leave this meteor shower.


Qu Di reminded, “Let’s go back. It’s getting late.”




Shu Yi seemed to sense Shu Yi’s lack of enthusiasm and thought he was still not satisfied. So he perked up and said, “Thank you. I had a great time tonight. It was the happiest day of my life.”


Qu Di didn’t lie. Since he came to his mother’s side, even though others said he was fortunate to have such a good stepfather and that his stepfather treated him well, he never felt a sense of belonging to that family. After starting school, he became quiet and had few friends, especially after he started dating Yang Ji, he spent a lot of time taking care of Yang Ji and working part-time. But Yang Ji had never cared about him.


He no longer hoped to receive love from others. Therefore, Shu Yi’s love was like an unexpected gift to him.


Qu Di only needed a little care and concern to nurture a beautiful flower in his heart. He would water and nurture this flower, ensuring it bloomed forever in his heart. Shu Yi was kind to him, and a garden of flowers had already grown in his heart for Shu Yi.


They swayed in the wind, emitting a delicate fragrance that intoxicated Qu Di.


Shu Yi patted his head, and there was something clearly deep in his eyes. “You’re too easily satisfied. You could… have more.”


Qu Di shook his head. “It’s enough for me. Some things aren’t better with more. Even if you give me a grain of sand, I’ll be happy.”


Shu Yi fell silent for a while, his face not looking great. He reached out and patted Qu Di’s head. “Let’s go back.”


Qu Di didn’t notice his off mood and followed him. He gently held Shu Yi’s hand. Shu Yi hesitated for a moment but eventually let Qu Di hold his hand.


The next day’s shooting was scheduled for the afternoon. It was said that the director had stayed up late to watch the meteor shower with his wife, so he didn’t wake up until noon. After having lunch, they officially started shooting. The first scene was the confrontation between Shu Yi and Tang Xiyan.


But Tang Xiyan seemed off, and they had to retake the scene four or five times, still not meeting the director’s expectations.


This scene depicted the longstanding enmity between an emperor and a general who had been friends since childhood but had drifted apart due to the emperor’s rise to power. The general, loyal to the country, had to embark on a dangerous mission to delay the enemy’s advance. The director wanted to see determination and trust in this scene, but Tang Xiyan couldn’t quite deliver.




“Xiyan, I needed the determination and trust in entrusting the nation to the emperor, not the ruthlessness and sorrow of wanting to kill.”


 The director sighed, not angry, as if he could tell that Tang Xiyan wasn’t in good shape. He waved his hand, letting Tang Xiyan take a break, and they continued shooting another scene.


Tang Xiyan didn’t say anything and left the scene. Qu Di frowned and approached him. This was the first time in many days that Tang Xiyan had a problem, and he had to comfort him.


Qu Di was about to say a few words of comfort, but Shu Yi stopped him. “Let him think for a while. He might find the key to getting into character better if he has some time alone. If you go over, you might disturb him.”


“Is that so?” But Tang Xiyan really didn’t seem okay.


“Sometimes I feel the same way. Give him some time alone to think about his role. It might be better.”


Tang Xiyan didn’t say anything, but Qu Di was sure he had noticed the true nature of his relationship with Shu Yi.


Several days later, Tang Xiyan found an opportunity to send Qu Di to buy bubble tea. Qu Di had noticed that even though Tang Xiyan’s performance had improved in recent days, he still seemed unenthusiastic. He decided to give Tang Xiyan some time to relax.


Once Qu Di was gone, Tang Xiyan approached Shu Yi, his face cold, and spoke to him in a voice only they could hear. “Come with me.”


Shu Yi looked at him with amusement. He had thought that Tang Xiyan would lose his temper, but when he heard the last sentence, he quietly took a deep breath. It’s okay. They hadn’t gone all the way yet. He had to stay calm.


Shu Yi was a bit surprised. He thought Tang Xiyan wouldn’t be able to control his temper, but he gave a faint smile and said, “Well, that’s fine. You can break up even if you’re together, and you can divorce even if you’re married. Shu Yi, don’t think you’ve won!”


“At least for now, I stand before you as the winner.”


“I didn’t want to compete with you. He likes you now. I’m not stupid enough to be a third party.” Tang Xiyan said with mixed feelings, “But… if you mistreat him, even just a little…”


He didn’t finish the sentence, but both of them understood.


As an Alpha, Tang Xiyan’s love interest was coveted by him, and it seemed to arouse his long-lost competitive spirit. He coldly chuckled, “We’ll see.”


“At least now I’m standing before you as the victor.”

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Chapter 25 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 25


Fang Yingying spoke a few words, and the people on the other side called her to join them. They waved goodbye, and Qu Di watched as Fang Yingying hurried over. She indeed seemed happier than before.


Not long after, Tang Chaobai came out from inside. Qu Di stood up straight, standing respectfully to the side and softly said, “General Tang.”


Tang Chaobai didn’t even look at him, and he didn’t respond. He simply walked past him. Qu Di also breathed a sigh of relief. Tang Chaobai was too serious, and his expressionless face created an invisible pressure that made people nervous around him.


“Qu Di?”


He heard Tang Xiyan calling him and brought his thoughts back to the dressing room.


The program began with the contestants drawing lots for their seating order. There were a total of one hundred seats, and the contestants sat where they drew. Fang Yingying had someone to handle this for her. After sitting down, the contestants started chatting. They understood the importance of this part, as the later editing would select the more heated and interesting segments for broadcast.


While it was called fair competition, in reality, complete fairness was impossible to achieve. What they could do was to present their valuable aspects as best as possible to gain more screen time.


After some chit-chat, the mentors made their entrance. The program had invited four mentors, all of them veteran figures from the music industry or famous groups. They would provide guidance and evaluations in the middle of the show. There was even the powerhouse singer Jian Wenxuan, who had debuted at the age of 18 and had been in the industry for ten years, maintaining his popularity.


Finally, there was a performance by the guest, Tang Xiyan, and her words of encouragement before the competition officially began, followed by the initial classification of the contestants based on their abilities.


After finishing her scripted lines, Tang Xiyan went directly into her opening performance and smoothly approached Fang Yingying in the latter part of the show. She pretended to slip and fall, and Fang Yingying was standing very close. At first, she looked surprised, then quickly extended her fingers to touch Tang Xiyan’s waist, seeming hesitant to make direct contact with her. Tang Xiyan then regained her balance.


The contact was moderate, not enough to upset the fans, and the action was even somewhat cute.


Tang Xiyan turned to her and smiled as a sign of gratitude. Fang Yingying simply smiled and nodded, and although they didn’t exchange words, it was likely to be highlighted in the final edit.


Tang Chaobai stood at the recording site, watching closely. He was stationed near the production team, and after the performance, he nodded slightly. Although he didn’t say anything, the production team understood that he was satisfied.


The production team now realized that Fang Yingying was likely the pre-selected candidate for this competition. Such backstage arrangements were not unusual in talent shows, as long as they weren’t too blatant. Selecting five or six candidates in advance generally wouldn’t cause major issues.


Tang Xiyan had been singing and dancing all day and was exhausted. Therefore, she returned to her room to rest. Qu Di texted her, saying he had something to attend to and would be back on time. Tang Xiyan read the message and murmured, “It’s not early at 7 o’clock. What could it be?” As far as he knew, Qu Di didn’t have friends or family in this city, so he had been with him since he joined the industry and had never taken a day off.


Tang Xiyan was curious about what Qu Di was up to, and he worried that he might be tricked. He thought about following him to ensure his assistant’s safety. After all, if a scandal emerged later, such as “Famous singer Xiyu’s personal assistant tricked into a financial or romantic affair,” it wouldn’t look good.


To him, it wasn’t stalking but showing concern for an artist’s well-being.


He quickly left his room and happened to encounter Qu Di heading out. Qu Di was on the phone, not realizing Tang Xiyan was there because his back was turned.


“I’m setting off now. It’s Deer Horn Mountain, right?… Xiyu? Are you going somewhere?” Qu Di’s tone carried a hint of unease, but Tang Xiyan, who was equally uneasy, didn’t pick up on it.


“I… I’m going to pick up some takeout.”


“I… I’m meeting a friend. I won’t be long.”


Tang Xiyan immediately thought that Qu Di might have a friend, but he was puzzled. Why would he go out to dinner so late with someone? Didn’t Qu Di live quite far from the city center?


With these thoughts, he lost his appetite and tried to gather more information subtly, not wanting to appear abrupt or intrusive. After all, this was Qu Di’s private matter.


Qu Di: “I’m going out now. I’ll talk to you later.”


Tang Xiyan was left thinking. Was this a friend with benefits? Or perhaps someone who liked his personal assistant? Why else would Qu Di go to dinner with them late at night, especially considering he didn’t seem to have many friends or family in this city?


He sent another text to Qu Di: “Is there something going on? Do you need any help?”


Qu Di: “No, it’s just that a friend is coming to meet me. I’ll entertain them for dinner, and I’ll be back on time.”


Tang Xiyan couldn’t help but think about it. Was this friend a boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone else? Why would they be so busy that they could only meet for dinner one night? Did they not realize that Qu Di lived far from the city center?


With all these thoughts in mind, Tang Xiyan couldn’t eat dinner. He was trying to gather more information, but he didn’t know how to ask without seeming intrusive. After all, they were currently work partners, and in a stricter sense, he was Qu Di’s boss.


Qu Di: “I’m heading out now. Let’s not talk for now.”


Tang Xiyan felt conflicted and decided that he needed to ensure Qu Di’s safety. After all, what if his assistant was being deceived? He couldn’t allow that to happen. Therefore, he immediately went out, planning to follow Qu Di to Deer Horn Mountain to find out what was going on.


Tang Xiyan was certain that Qu Di had lied about going out for dinner. There was nothing on Deer Horn Mountain, and it was dark at night. He couldn’t help but wonder why they would go there. Did they plan to buy souvenirs from the roadside vendors? He was becoming angrier the more he thought about it. If Qu Di were genuinely going out to eat with a friend, why was he in such a hurry to end the call? There had to be something suspicious.


Tang Xiyan huffed, thinking, “You, fickle man, are thinking about someone else even when you’re with me? Going out with someone late at night and not considering that they might have ulterior motives? Not everyone is as honest as I am.”


Both of them were hiding something, and they continued in silence until they waved goodbye. Qu Di let out a sigh of relief and quickened his pace to


 leave. Tang Xiyan stood there like a grumbling child, watching Qu Di escape as if his life depended on it, gradually disappearing into the night, without even turning back once.


Tang Xiyan quickly turned back and returned to his room. He changed into a different set of clothes, put on sunglasses and a hat to disguise himself, and prepared to follow Qu Di to Deer Horn Mountain to uncover the truth.


Tang Xiyan had been told they were going to dinner, but he was certain that Qu Di had lied. There was nothing at Deer Horn Mountain, and it was dark at night. This made him even angrier. He couldn’t believe that his assistant might be seeing someone else while they were working together. He couldn’t let that happen.


They say following someone is stalking, but in this case, it was about showing concern for an artist’s well-being.


Tang Xiyan quickly left his room and ran into Qu Di, who was on the phone and hadn’t noticed him due to his back being turned.


“I’m heading out now. It’s Deer Horn Mountain, right?… Xiyu? Are you going somewhere?” Qu Di sounded slightly uneasy, but Tang Xiyan, who was feeling the same way, didn’t pick up on it.


“I… I’m going to pick up some takeout.”


“I… I’m meeting a friend. I won’t be long.”


Tang Xiyan followed up, “But it’s almost midnight.”


Qu Di pulled him along, saying, “We’re not here to watch the meteor shower. I’m just happy to be with you.” He paused and added, his voice tinged with shyness, “Tonight, you’re my shooting star.”


They say that a brilliant meteor shower is fleeting, each star has its own path, and they won’t stop for anyone. However, Qu Di believed that he had found his own star. It had come down from the unreachable sky, torn through the darkness, and gently landed in his hands.


Suddenly, a streak of light flashed across the sky. Excited, Qu Di grabbed him and exclaimed, “It’s a shooting star!”


Before long, the shooting stars fell like raindrops, one after another, illuminating the entire sky, more awe-inspiring than a sky full of fireworks.


The streaks of light broke into his watery eyes, like fire falling into water, causing no ripples but captivating Shu Yi’s heart.


At that moment, Shu Yi found himself sinking into that pool of clear water. He didn’t struggle; he allowed himself to fall. In the dark night, there were only the two of them, and the background music of insects filled the air. Suddenly, Shu Yi grabbed Qu Di’s hand and kissed it passionately. Qu Di was surprised and looked at him with confusion.


But Shu Yi saw the hidden struggle in Shu Yi’s eyes, and his eyes were filled with tears. Why? He didn’t have time to ponder this as Shu Yi took the lead, pulling Qu Di closer. The two clung tightly to each other, their breaths mingling, and the temperature suddenly rising.


The subtle scent of mint drifted through the air, tinged with the fresh greenness of grass. Shu Yi was moved to the point that he couldn’t control the release of his pheromones.


Even though Qu Di was a Beta unaffected by pheromones, Shu Yi’s emotions made his waist feel weak, and he could hardly stand. He lightly parted his vermilion lips, closed his eyes, and let Shu Yi conquer him.


The two of them kissed as if lost in themselves, completely unaware of Tang Xiyan standing not far away behind a tree. His hands were tightly gripping the tree trunk, his face filled with disbelief, watching them in a state of entangled passion. He observed Qu Di, whose eyes were tightly closed, cheeks flushed, and even an uncontrollable soft moan escaping, as if a knife had pierced his heart.

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Chapter 24 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 24


Due to filming, Tang Xiyan hadn’t appeared in public for a long time. Fans had been struggling as they could only watch his Weibo posts from a few months ago. This time, when they received news that he was going to participate in a talent show recording, his fans went crazy. Groups of people gathered online to watch the show, one wave after another.


Even though they couldn’t actually enter to watch, their enthusiasm didn’t wane. They had prepared banners and signs, and they even booked all the nearby hotel rooms.


Because of this overwhelming fan response, Tang Xiyan was invited to be the first guest of the show.


To avoid being late the next day, Qu Di took Tang Xiyan home the night before since the recording studio was relatively close.


Tang Xiyan hadn’t been home for a long time, but a housekeeper came regularly to keep it clean. The entire house was very neat and tidy, and there were even some fresh fruits in the fridge.


As soon as Tang Xiyan returned, he collapsed onto his custom-made sofa. This sofa was designed so that two people could comfortably lie down. It was made for him to relax and play games or listen to music.


“My sofa, I’ve missed you so much,” he rubbed his face against it. The soft, large hotel beds couldn’t compare to his sofa.


Qu Di took out a few pears, planning to make some pear syrup to soothe Tang Xiyan’s throat for the show the next day.


Tang Xiyan heard him busy in the kitchen and asked, “What are you doing?”


He was slicing pears, “I’m making some syrup for you. Go take a shower and come down to have some before you sleep.”


Tang Xiyan propped himself up and rested his chin on the back of the sofa, gazing at the busy figure in the kitchen.


The soft light fell on him, making him look like he was wearing a suit of sunshine. For a moment, Tang Xiyan felt like he understood the meaning of “accompanying a beauty in a peaceful life.”


In the future, he should quit his job and just stay at home to take care of him. He shouldn’t have to endure the outside world’s challenges. Even if he had to eat vegetable salad and drink freshly squeezed carrot juice every day, he’d accept it.


He didn’t move for a while, and Qu Di turned to see him gazing at him with a silly smile. It seemed like he was lost in thought again. He put down the knife, walked over to him, and leaned in so that their faces were almost touching before Tang Xiyan snapped out of it.


“What were you thinking about so deeply?”


Qu Di’s warm breath hit his face, warming his skin.


“N-Nothing,” Tang Xiyan was startled by him and nearly fell backward. He hurriedly put on his shoes and ran upstairs, saying, “I’m going to take a shower.”




Am I that scary? Although Fei-ge said he had to be tough in front of Tang Xiyan, scaring his own artist like this seemed a bit excessive.


Tang Xiyan returned to his room and slammed the door shut. If he had been a moment slower, Qu Di would have seen his red ears and sensed the bold pheromones emanating from his body. This Alpha was definitely experiencing emotions.


He used his hand to fan himself, trying to cool down. Qu Di always liked to get so close, and he was not resisting at all. Every time, he got embarrassed and flushed, which wasn’t good.


Although Qu Di was a Beta, he shouldn’t have any pheromones, but he acted as if he could smell Omega pheromones when he got close, causing his brain to malfunction.


“Could he have secretly sprayed some artificial Omega pheromones…?”


He thought awkwardly. Actually, if he wanted to attract him, he didn’t need such a thing.


His eyes gradually lost focus, and he fell back into his fantasies, not knowing what he was thinking. The room’s pheromone concentration continued to rise, and he swallowed hard, feeling dry in the mouth. Then, he rushed into the bathroom.


Qu Di made some syrup and planned to take a shower in his room as well. As he passed by Tang Xiyan’s room, the pheromones leaked from under the door, faint but still noticeable. This meant that the room was filled with pheromones.


He shook his head and quickly walked away. This young man was so full of energy.


That night, Tang Xiyan, who had opened the door to a new world, had a night full of dreams. In his dreams, Betas with alluring eyes and revealing outfits begged for his help, or they simply threw themselves at him.


When he woke up, he looked outside, and the sky was just beginning to brighten. He felt like he had been reborn, not wanting to move, but he had to admit that he felt incredibly comfortable.


The sensation under the sheets didn’t need to be mentioned; he was sure the place was a mess. However, he licked his lips, savoring the experience, and after a while, he reluctantly sat up.


He needed to change his clothes first; he might as well throw away his underwear. It was too embarrassing.


At eight in the morning, both of them arrived at the venue on time. As soon as they got out of the car, fans outside were spirited, chanting slogans. They seemed well-organized, standing not too far away, separated by security and metal barriers. They handed over gifts, which Tang Xiyan accepted and then passed to Qu Di.


Tang Xiyan waved at them and said, “Thank you for your support, but it’s hot today, so you should head back to avoid heatstroke.”


“Ah ah ah! Look at my baby! Work hard on the show, we’ll always be behind you!”


“Yanyan, take good care of yourself, you’ve lost weight!”


Tang Xiyan just smiled. It wasn’t up to him; it was his assistant who wanted him to lose weight.


“Yanyan, you’re my little puppy!”


“Yanyan, even when you’re busy filming, remember to post on Weibo!”


Tang Xiyan only smiled and followed the staff inside. They had to pass through a long corridor with pictures of artists and groups who had debuted with Tangyi Records.


Naturally, there was a picture of Tang Xiyan, placed in a prominent position. At that time, he still looked quite young, with some unconventional hair highlights, which caught Qu Di’s attention.


“How old were you at that time?”




“You participated in a concert at such a young age?”


“It wasn’t a concert; it was a small-scale performance. The scale was not large; a few hundred of my fans came.” He downplayed it, but he was secretly proud. He expected Qu Di to admire him.


But he didn’t.


It seemed like he didn’t want to inquire further and turned his attention to other photos. He didn’t ask anything until they finished. Tang Xiyan was nearly bursting with the desire to brag about his fan concert, which was followed by his own solo concert, where the tickets sold out instantly, and he won the Best New Artist award!




Tang Xiyan’s thoughts were interrupted. He looked and saw his older brother. He respectfully  approached him and said, “Supervisor Tang.”


Outside, they had this kind of relationship, a harmonious boss-subordinate relationship, which didn’t reveal their true relationship. Tang Xiyan was seen as a successful singer who could earn money for the company and was therefore appreciated by Supervisor Tang.


Qu Di saw the man in the suit, impeccably groomed and stern-faced, and was momentarily frozen in place.


This man… Wasn’t he the one who was unconscious at the flower shop before? The Alpha who Tang Zhaobai didn’t seem to pay any attention to, and directly walked alongside Tang Xiyan to the dressing room.


Qu Di pursed his lips. It seemed like he didn’t recognize him. This person turned out to be the CEO of Tangyi Records… If he didn’t remember, it was fine. It would seem like he was seeking credit if he introduced himself now.


As long as the person was okay, he didn’t expect anything in return.


He followed them after taking a few steps to the door of the dressing room. Tang Xiyan sat down, propped his feet on the table, and didn’t sit properly.


Tang Zhaobai couldn’t stand his behavior and kicked his foot. Tang Xiyan obediently put his feet down. Tang Zhaobai sat across from him and began to explain his request: “I need you to help me with something.”


“What!?” Tang Xiyan perked up, exaggerating his surprise to the fullest: “What did you say? I didn’t hear! Speak louder, maybe?”


Tang Zhaobai wasn’t indulging him; he slapped his head with his palm, saying, “Did you hear that now?” He raised his hand again, saying, “Or do you need me to open your ears for you?”


Tang Xiyan quickly dodged, “I heard, I heard, very clearly. Why are you still so violent? At least I’m a top-tier star now… So, what do you want me to do?”


He was curious, as this was the first time his big brother had asked him to do something. He knew that Tang Zhaobai’s sudden appearance in a situation where he shouldn’t be meant something was up.


“This time, there’s a girl named Fang Yingying, this is her,” he showed a photo, “We’re going to arrange for her to sit in the front row of the stage. When you’re performing, pretend to slip, and she’ll help you up.”


“…” Tang Xiyan was silent for a moment, then said, “Brother, are you asking me to boost her popularity?”


Tang Zhaobai didn’t hide it, “Exactly, just make it look natural.”


Tang Xiyan moved closer to him and whispered, “Who is she? A relative of ours or some wealthy heiress? Why not just arrange her for a debut directly?”


Back in the day, when he debuted, he had to work his way up step by step. This girl was making his big brother come to him, and even making someone of his stature a prop. Even if she was a relative of the Tang family, it shouldn’t be possible.


“She doesn’t have a fan base, and the chances of flopping after debut are too high.”


It seemed that they had actually considered arranging her debut directly…


Tang Xiyan was suspicious, “Is your visit this time all about this Fang-whatever?”


Tang Zhaobai gave him a look, “Do you think I came here just to chat with you?”


“It’s been almost two months since I last saw you, and you haven’t even called me. I thought you missed me.”


“That’s you thinking too much. There’s so much work at the company; I really don’t have time to miss you.”




But that wasn’t the main point. He was more interested in that girl, so he didn’t mind his brother hurting his feelings like this.


“To be honest, who is that girl? What’s her background to make you personally come to find me?”


Tang Zhaobai moved away his gossiping head, “Don’t worry about that. Just remember to follow instructions.”


Tang Zhaobai stood up, adjusted his suit jacket, and straightened his tie. He had the appearance of a successful person, and with a stern face, he said, “Remember to maintain the right balance, don’t overdo it, but don’t be too fake either.”




His brother was really ruthless, unkind, and unreasonable, and always causing trouble. Poor toolman Tang Xiyan.


If you didn’t say, I wouldn’t have gone and asked, right? I’m not that clueless.


Qu Di had been waiting outside the door the whole time. Shortly after they entered, he saw the people who had formed groups entering the venue. One of them was clearly Fang Yingying.


He was a bit surprised, but seeing so many people, he had no intention of bothering her. However, Fang Yingying saw him and said something to the people around her before hurrying over to him.


“Di-di1cutesy way of saying his name?”


“Manager, what are you doing here?”


Fang Yingying was dressed very simply today, wearing a mint green pleated skirt that complemented her already fair skin. Her outfit was not overly adorned, giving her a fresh and clean appearance. She looked like a young, carefree girl who had just graduated from college.


She smiled, appearing to be in a very good mood. “I’m here to participate in the show.”

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Chapter 23 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 23


Ever since Tang Xiyan felt that Qu Di liked him, he couldn’t help but feel that Qu Di cared about him all the time. Even in his basic assistant duties, he could see infinite affection.


For example, right now, as he sat under the sunshade, watching Shu Yi and Wengu act not too far away, Qu Di sat beside him as usual, fanning him with a fan.


Even though he already had the little fan that she prepared, he still fanned himself. What else could this be if not love!?


Tang Xiyan sneakily glanced at Qu Di and saw him drenched in sweat. Even though he had a hat on, his face was still a bit red from the sun. In contrast to his snowy forehead, it was quite eye-catching. His eyes were fixed on the actors in the distance, and from time to time, he’d use his other hand to adjust his collar for cooling.


As the collar opened and closed, Qu Di bent over with his elbow resting on his thigh. Since Tang Xiyan was already a head taller than him, it was effortless for him to see that small piece of reddish skin. The perspiration was flowing down his neck, leaving shallow marks.


Unconsciously, Tang Xiyan straightened his posture. His throat moved, and Qu Di turned his head, asking, “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable sitting? Should I go get that reclining chair?”


As he spoke, he was about to stand up, catching Tang Xiyan off guard. Feeling a bit embarrassed, he coughed and said, “Ahem… It’s nothing. You don’t need to go. Just sit, I’ve been sitting for a while and wanted to move a bit.”




Zheng Siyi was sick and resting at the hotel. Even though Shu Yi claimed that she could manage alone, Zheng Siyi asked Qu Di for help. Naturally, he was willing.


As soon as the director called “cut,” Qu Di, just like when he took care of Tang Xiyan, approached with water and a small fan. Tang Xiyan hadn’t even reacted yet, and his assistant had gone over to be attentive to someone else.


Shu Yi took the water from him, took a sip, and said, “Siyi asked you to help, right?”


Qu Di handed him a pack of tissues to wipe his sweat and replied, “She’s worried, and helping out a bit won’t hurt. Besides, I was originally here to look after Xiyan.”


Finally, Qu Di whispered, “I also want to take care of you.”


Shu Yi took a tissue, reached out, and wiped the sweat from Qu Di’s forehead. He looked both pleased and afraid that someone might see. He quickly took the tissue from Shu Yi and softly said, “I can do it myself.”


“It’s just helping out; no one will make a fuss about it. It’s too hot outside. Remember to drink more water.”


Tang Xiyan squinted at the interactions between the two of them in the distance. He wanted to rush over and separate them for no apparent reason. Why wipe sweat for others? Why stand so close for no reason? His butt had even left the chair, but he still held onto its armrest and didn’t stand up.


He couldn’t hear what they were talking about clearly, but an unnamed anger surged within him. It continued until they separated. When Qu Di returned to his side, his expression was dark, clearly showing his anger.


Qu Di had been around Tang Xiyan for a while, so he easily sensed that Tang Xiyan wasn’t happy. He thought it was because of the heat, so he fanned him a few more times and asked, “Is it too hot? Should I fan you some more?”


“Keep your distance.” With a scowl, Tang Xiyan pushed away Qu Di’s fan and turned his back, leaving only the small fan still blowing. Originally, he wanted to return the small fan to Qu Di, but it felt too petty.


Qu Di was puzzled by his actions. He sat there for a while and then carefully placed his fan down. He didn’t pay any attention to Tang Xiyan, got up, and walked away.




Now Tang Xiyan was even more angry. Didn’t he notice that Tang Xiyan didn’t like him getting too close to other Alphas? Why didn’t he explain? What if I misunderstood and started crying? Can’t he see that I’m upset? What’s the meaning of not comforting me?


He didn’t show any signs of secretly admiring someone.


He felt awkward by himself for quite a while, waiting for Qu Di to return, and he started worrying that maybe he had been too harsh, scaring Qu Di away. He turned his head to look around, but Qu Di was nowhere to be found. He became anxious and quickly stood up, asking several people if they had seen Qu Di. But no one had noticed.


Could he have left?


Was it just because of that one harsh comment? But… was he too harsh? Qu Di was just helping to take care of an artist, why throw a tantrum?


Just as he was about to make a phone call, Qu Di came back with two cups of milk tea. His face was even redder, and his hair was all wet, and the back of his shirt was soaked with sweat. He even seemed a bit out of breath, as if he had run back.


He came to Tang Xiyan’s side with the two cups of milk tea, his voice hoarse, like he was coaxing a child, and said, “Don’t be unhappy. I bought you some milk tea. Try it.”


Tang Xiyan looked at Qu Di, whose originally fair skin was now sunburned, and he even had sweat on his nose. He felt a twinge of pain. On such a hot day, he felt like he was melting after just a few steps. Yet, he had run quite a distance to buy two cups of milk tea just to cheer him up.


I’m really awful.


He reached into his pocket, found a crumpled tissue, and wiped Qu Di’s forehead with a sour expression. “Are you stupid? Why didn’t you take a cab when it’s so far?”


“It’s not that far. It only took about twenty minutes for the round trip. No need to take a cab.” He handed one of the milk teas to Tang Xiyan. “Drink it. It’s your favorite.”


Tang Xiyan took a sip, the familiar slightly sweet taste, without any cream on top. But this time, it tasted sweeter than any other milk tea he had ever had.


But before he could say anything, Shu Yi walked over. Tang Xiyan watched as Qu Di naturally handed the other milk tea to Shu Yi and said, “This is for you.”


Shu Yi seemed a bit surprised. “Why did you buy this?!”


“You mentioned that you wanted to drink it before, so I bought it for Xiyan and just happened to get one for you.”


Tang Xiyan looked at the milk tea in his hand, seriously doubting that this cup was the one bought “just in case.”


Shu Yi asked, “What about yourself? Why aren’t you drinking it?”


“I don’t like this. Only Xiyan likes it.”


Then Shu Yi glanced at Tang Xiyan. “Is that so? A few days ago, I mentioned that I liked it. I didn’t expect you to remember.”


Tang Xiyan noticed a hint of a smile in Shu Yi’s eyes. It was a smug smile with a hint of provocation. It flashed by, but he still caught it. Suddenly, the usually clueless Tang Xiyan’s mind seemed to light up. His love radar was blaring loudly. 1PFt what a narc… -.-


When did these two meet privately? Does Qu Di still have any feelings for me, the god-like man that I am?


“This caramel latte is pretty good.”


“That’s right!” Qu Di smiled and said, “It’s their signature drink, and it seemed good, so I bought it for you.”


Upon hearing this, Tang Xiyan became displeased and tried to regain Qu Di’s attention, saying, “Hey! Why can he have caramel latte while I can only have regular milk tea?” and it was without cream, just slightly sweet.


Before Qu Di could say anything, Shu Yi spoke up, “Because I’m not afraid of gaining weight.”


“…” Tang Xiyan felt like he had been hit in the knees.


Just then, the director called Shu Yi over. After thanking Qu Di, Shu Yi left, leaving Qu Di and Tang Xiyan. Tang Xiyan stared at him, asking, “So, who’s your artist, after all!?”


Qu Di couldn’t understand why he was angry again. He could only say, “Isn’t it Siyi who asked me to take care of Shu Yi? When someone asks for help, I should do it properly.”


This made it sound like Shu Yi was an outsider, and when guests came to your home, you should treat them well so as not to give a bad impression. Tang Xiyan thought he made a lot of sense and instantly felt relieved. He put his arm around Qu Di’s shoulder and told him to sit and rest for a while.


Qu Di took out his phone and received a message from Chou Fei. He read it and said, “Fei-ge reminds you not to forget the program the day after tomorrow.”


Tangyi was hosting a talent show, where they would select the top ten from a hundred girls for a debut group, which was the hottest talent show format at the moment. Tangyi naturally wanted a piece of the pie.


However, Tangyi was a large company with a large business. All the artists participating in the show were unsigned, having been selected through open auditions. If they succeeded, they could sign directly with Tangyi and gain access to the best resources.


The day after tomorrow was the recording of the first episode of the program, and they had invited Tang Xiyan, who was also from Tangyi, to be a guest. His role was to offer words of encouragement, sing a song, and then leave. This would not only increase the show’s visibility but also promote Tang Xiyan’s new song.


Tang Xiyan leaned over to look at the program schedule. He was the last to appear after entering, and after singing a few words, he could leave. He took a sip of milk tea and said, “I understand. Such small programs can end quickly. Don’t be so nervous.”


“I’m just reminding you. Don’t stay up too late. After you finish recording the program, you have to come back here to continue filming. And…”


“Okay, okay! You don’t have to nag.”


After their break, it was Tang Xiyan’s scene. Shu Yi didn’t know when he had returned to Tang Xiyan’s side, still holding the caramel latte, which should have cooled down, as the outer surface of the cup was covered in droplets of water.


“It’s really good.”


“Mmm…” Now when Shu Yi got close to him, Tang Xiyan didn’t automatically try to avoid him. He was just a little nervous. After all, this was all happening in front of an audience, and Shu Yi often did bold things. Tang Xiyan felt that he couldn’t let this go any further.


He pushed Shu Yi’s hand away, looking around cautiously. Fortunately, no one had noticed them. When he looked up, Shu Yi’s eyes were filled with tenderness, quietly gazing at him.


Qu Di blushed again, succumbing once more to his tenderness. He quickly took a sip from the cup Tang Xiyan was offering. It was indeed very sweet, sweet to the heart.


In fact, they had confirmed their relationship a long time ago, just a week after that night when they kissed. Shu Yi had come to his room again, solemnly asking if he would be willing to be with him. Qu Di knew this was a difficult path, but he still nodded.


The feeling of being cared for and cherished, he didn’t want to miss it.


Shu Yi and Yang Ji were different, he knew.


Given their identities, they even had to be careful when chatting in front of others, afraid that someone might catch on. Only at night, Shu Yi would occasionally come over to have dinner with him, and that was their private time.


Shu Yi no longer teased him. He wiped the water stain from the corner of his mouth and asked, “Is your script finished?”


“Not so fast. I’ve only written the beginning for now. Many things need to be carefully verified. And… I don’t have much time right now, so I can only write a little bit when I have the chance.”


“No rush. Just focus on writing it well. Leave the arrangements to me. I believe in your ability.”


“When Xi Yan’s work here is done, I should be able to finish it. But I’ll still need some time to polish it. However, Shu Yi told me that he would help me show it to some drama production teams, and if it fits, we’ll make some revisions and polish it up.”


Shu Yi fell silent for a moment and suddenly said, “Can you come out the day after tomorrow evening?”




“I heard there will be a meteor shower that night…” The meaning behind this was clear.


The two of them had been staying in the drama set, and even if they went out, it was usually just to nearby stores to buy something. They hadn’t had the chance to go far.


Qu Di was moved, but he still had reservations. “But… the work on the set. This side usually doesn’t finish until the evening, and we don’t have time to go out.”


Shu Yi gently held his hand and then let go. “I’ll arrange it.”

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Chapter 22 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 22


Tang Xiyan saw Qu Di standing in the distance and called him over to share the joy. “Qu Di, what are you doing over there? Come and take a look at this picture, it’s really funny!”


Of course, this kind of thing is more enjoyable when a group of people laughs together.


Wen Gu couldn’t stand it, so he exchanged a glance with Qu Di and made an excuse to leave. Tang Xiyan didn’t stop him, just waved for Qu Di to come over quickly.


“Take a look at this, quickly, is it funny? Hahaha.”


Qu Di glanced at it, laughed perfunctorily a couple of times, and then fell silent for a while before quietly asking, “What do you think of Wen Gu?”


Tang Xiyan continued to look at his phone without lifting his head. “What do you mean? He’s a pretty good guy.”




Qu Di patted Tang Xiyan’s shoulder and continued, “Let’s change the question. What do you think of an Omega like Wen Gu?”


“What?” This question finally caught his attention.


“I mean, an Omega like Wen Gu is not bad, right?!” Qu Di praised Wen Gu, “I’ve always admired Omegas like him. They don’t rely on Alphas, are self-reliant, have high acting skills, and have made it this far step by step on their own.”


“He also looks docile, speaks gently, and has an impeccable personality… Why are you looking at me like that?”


Tang Xiyan didn’t hide anything and asked him directly, “You… aren’t you starting to like Wen Gu, are you!?”


Both of them fell silent instantly, confirming Tang Xiyan’s suspicions. Qu Di must have developed feelings for Wen Gu.


Tang Xiyan didn’t know why, but he felt anything but happy, and even a little irritated. Normally, he loved such lively scenes, and he might have been eager to help with advice. But now, he had no intention of helping at all, and he found fault with Qu Di in every way.


He pursed his lips and said, “Is Wen Gu only good-looking? Is that what’s captivated you? Can’t you have some principles and self-respect?”


He seemed indifferent, but in fact, he had been closely watching Qu Di’s expression.


One question followed another, leaving no time for Qu Di to respond. After Tang Xiyan finished speaking, he even gave Qu Di a disdainful look.


“…” Qu Di wondered if his words were so misleading. He was afraid that Tang Xiyan would really misunderstand, and this kind of conversation might leave a bad impression on Wen Gu. He quickly explained, “Don’t make random assumptions, I was just… just chatting casually. Weren’t you having a good time talking to Wen Gu just now?”


“Really?” Tang Xiyan was somewhat skeptical.


Seeing Qu Di nod eagerly, he said, “I’m a Beta; I wouldn’t fantasize about an Omega like Wen Gu.”


Suddenly, he felt better… He continued watching silly videos with Qu Di.


Qu Di felt a bit helpless, deciding to ask another time. It seemed the indirect approach wasn’t working. Either his artist was completely oblivious, or he was distorting Qu Di’s intentions beyond recognition.


This matter was put on hold. Over the next month, the film crew was swamped, often shooting late into the night and returning early the next morning for more work. There was hardly time for personal questions, even casual chatting was limited to mealtimes.


Wen Gu, however, treated the crew to afternoon tea a few times, asking Qu Di to deliver his handpicked pastries, pretending they were for him to choose.


“You have a good taste. Each time, you pick the one with the unique flavor,” Shu Yi commented as he approached with a glass of lemonade.


Eating cake and drinking lemonade felt like calorie-free indulgence, a method of self-deception for all actors and celebrities.


“Is it?” Tang Xiyan took a bite and found it as delicious as ever.


Qu Di noticed Shu Yi’s expression, which seemed somewhat annoyed. He chuckled and quickly changed the topic, keeping Wen Gu’s secret safe.


But the film was already over half done, progressing faster than expected, and it might not be long before it was completed. Then, how would they, an actor and a singer from different companies, find a chance to meet?


The three of them chatted for a while, but Shu Yi was called away by the director for something urgent. Qu Di observed Tang Xiyan, who had eaten many pieces of the cake but still seemed unaware of Wen Gu’s feelings. Qu Di felt a little frustrated, wondering how to address this. It seemed the indirect approach was not working with Tang Xiyan.


He pulled a chair and sat down next to him, asking, “Is the cake good?”


Tang Xiyan grinned and replied, “It’s delicious.”


He was enjoying the cake. Qu Di usually kept a close eye on his diet, but during these moments, he let loose and might even share his portion with Qu Di.


“You’ve had so many cakes courtesy of Wen Gu. Shouldn’t you do something in return?” Tang Xiyan pointed out.


Qu Di was about to suggest something when he realized that Tang Xiyan might not want high-calorie fried food, so he tactfully changed his suggestion, “How about Chinese desserts? Like sweet soup or fruit c0cktail. It’s hot these days; I’m sure everyone would like that.”


Tang Xiyan didn’t seem very pleased with that idea, but Qu Di thought it was a reasonable suggestion. After all, it wasn’t very considerate to plan a meal that Tang Xiyan might not enjoy. He wanted to make sure everyone was happy.


However, Tang Xiyan’s response puzzled him. “Why do you only know about eating, eating, and eating?”


Qu Di couldn’t figure out why Tang Xiyan was suddenly upset. It was Tang Xiyan who had asked if he should reciprocate.


Qu Di sighed and thought, “How can Wen Gu be so foolish to like him?” Tang Xiyan’s reaction left him baffled.


Tang Xiyan couldn’t understand why Qu Di had become suddenly angry. It was Qu Di who had asked about reciprocation.


Nonetheless, Tang Xiyan reached out and pulled at Qu Di’s sleeve, speaking apologetically, “You don’t like this? How about you choose next time?” Then, he realized that Qu Di might suggest a salad for everyone, which he really didn’t want. So, he added hesitantly, “But if it’s a salad, it might not be a good idea…”


Qu Di decided to let it go this time, sighing, “Forget it…”


Lately, Tang Xiyan had been dealing with a recurring problem. His assistant had been moody and frequently sighed. No matter what Tang Xiyan asked, the response was always, “It’s nothing.” Tang Xiyan even felt like his assistant was looking at him with a peculiar expression, a mix of sadness and reluctance.


He couldn’t fathom his Beta assistant’s thoughts and wasn’t sure who to ask for advice, so he turned to the almighty internet.


On his smaller account, where he mainly retweeted giveaway contests, he had won a signed photo of himself once. He had immediately discarded it in a corner since it was clearly not his signature. He didn’t want to confront the issue in case someone recognized it.


Tang Xiyan spent two hours browsing through social media, reading netizens’ accounts and experiences. He reached a conclusion: Qu Di liked him.


At first, when he read someone’s claim that Qu Di liked him, he was skeptical. But as he continued scrolling through the person’s personal experience, he felt more and more convinced that his judgment was correct.


Asking for opinions about others was often a way to test your partner’s preferences and indirectly confirm their feelings. Frequent surreptitious glances indicated shyness and reluctance to disrupt the status quo in your relationship. Saving the best for you at gatherings…


Tang Xiyan took time to go through it all. His heart raced faster and faster. Strangely, the realization that “Qu Di likes me” didn’t trouble him; it made him smile uncontrollably.


He wanted to run to a crowded place and shout, “Qu Di likes me!” but he held back. Instead, he rolled over in his dimly lit room, hugging his blanket and wiggling his legs, laughing under the covers, which seemed eerie in the darkness.


This led to him oversleeping the next morning and rushing to the set without having breakfast. Qu Di lectured him the entire way, and he didn’t argue. He even promised not to be late again.


He was so obedient that Qu Di had nothing more to say. This was the first time Tang Xiyan had been late in two months, and it was also the first time he had given up his breakfast to Qu Di. He handed Qu Di his own untouched bread and hurried to the set.


After finishing two small bites of the bread, Qu Di said, “I brought chocolates with me; I won’t faint. Last time wasn’t intentional.”


His voice was soft, and Tang Xiyan felt like he had been punched in the heart. Why did he say that? Tang Xiyan, you really need to watch what you say. He wanted to say something, but Qu Di seemed uninterested in conversation, so he stayed silent.


After finishing the bread in two large bites, Tang Xiyan noticed crumbs on his clothes and tried to pat them away. Qu Di handed him a wet wipe, saying, “Clean your hands; don’t get dirty.”


Then, he brushed away the crumbs from Tang Xiyan’s clothes and put them in the bread bag. He was going to throw them away later.


Qu Di was quite small, and his hands were petite with pink nails that looked clean and neat. The veins on the back of his hand were visible in a faint blue color. His skin was in the “cool tone,” as those people described it, but as he got closer, Tang Xiyan felt warmth radiating from him. His touch on Tang Xiyan as he brushed away the crumbs felt like a gentle breeze, brushing over his heart.


Tang Xiyan blushed discreetly and considered reaching out to hold those fidgety hands. He clenched his fist, keeping his hand by his side. Tang Xiyan, be a little more reserved. As an Alpha, you can’t be taken away so easily. At the very least, there should be a confession. If he’s too shy for that, a letter or a text message is also acceptable, but a face-to-face confession would be best. Seeing as he’s behaving himself, and he looks decent enough, he might as well agree to date him…


He had to maintain his aloof persona. If it was too easy, he wouldn’t cherish it. In fact, he had already thought of names for their potential children last night, but now he had conveniently forgotten them.

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Chapter 21 – It’s hard to escape the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 21


“Ah?” Qu Di couldn’t react for a moment. Was Wen Gu asking him?


Wen Gu seemed a bit embarrassed, leaning closer and repeating in a hushed tone, “Do you know what type of Omega Tang Xiyan likes?”


Qu Di looked at the inconspicuous blush that appeared on Wen Gu’s usually cool face and belatedly realized that Wen Gu might have taken an interest in their artist.


He was just a young assistant, utterly clueless about how to handle such a situation without making it awkward and stiff.


“Well… you shouldn’t be asking me. I’m just… just his assistant. When it comes to his personal life, perhaps you should ask him directly.”


“But… the only person close to him right now is you. You know, when one Omega asks another about this, it seems quite intentional. I’m afraid he won’t like it.” Qu Di didn’t expect that even the usually prestigious and respected Omega like Wen Gu would be equally cautious in Alpha-Omega relationships, even placing himself in a somewhat inferior position.


He seemed to see a reflection of his past when he was with Yang Ji, carefully trying to please him. It made him feel a twinge of sympathy.


“How did you come to like Xiyu Yan?” Even though he was their artist, the truth be told, in Qu Di’s eyes, Tang Xiyan was like a child who never grew up, always needing someone to take care of him. As an Alpha, he didn’t believe Tang Xiyan could take care of an Omega properly.


Wen Gu shyly smiled and asked, “Don’t you find him interesting?”




“In this industry, I’ve seen too much. Almost everyone here wears a mask and lives a fake life, and I’m no exception…” Wen Gu seemed lost in his own world, appearing to have many things to say, but in the end, he just smiled and said, “He’s interesting, and I think having him in my life would make it equally interesting. Trying something new is never a bad thing.”


“Is that so?” Qu Di wouldn’t interfere with someone else’s choice, so he agreed to help Wen Gu find out. 


Wen Gu’s eyes lit up, and he thanked him, saying, “Thank you.”


“But I can’t guarantee I’ll be successful. After all, I’m just his assistant. Whether the two of you become a couple or not is beyond my concern.”


“Cut! Great job, take a break and let’s shoot the next scene later.”


Qu Di heard the director’s voice and hurried over to Tang Xiyan. Tang Xiyan noticed the drink in his hand and took it from him, saying, “Hey! Where did this drink come from? Did you buy it secretly?”


“Well…” Qu Di glanced back at where Wen Gu had been standing just now, only to find that Wen Gu had left quite quickly. 


“It’s from Wen Gu. He asked his assistant to bring it to you.” This way, it should be fine. It conveyed Wen Gu’s goodwill, but it didn’t seem deliberate.


“Really? Well, please thank him for me.” Tang Xiyan didn’t seem to have any suspicions about why Wen Gu had given it to him and not others.


Watching the person in front of him down half a bottle of the drink in one go, Qu Di replied, “Thanks.”


The morning shoot quickly ended. Qu Di received a call from Qiu Fei, who said that some fans had come to visit the set with a lot of gifts, and he had already coordinated it. Qu Di was asked to go outside to collect them.


“Remember to buy some water for them,” Qiu Fei reminded.


“I know.” Fans had come a long way to this remote location, and they couldn’t leave empty-handed. At the very least, they should show Tang Xiyan’s care for them.


Qu Di told Tang Xiyan to have his meal and went to collect the gifts. However, when Tang Xiyan heard that fans had come, he expressed his desire to go with him.


“Fei-ge said it’s not good for you to go out casually. It might cause chaos, and there are probably paparazzi and stalkers out there,” Qu Di explained.


“It’s fine. It will help our show get more exposure!” Tang Xiyan called out to the director, “Right, Director?”


The director had apparently overheard their conversation and was pleased that the actors were promoting the show in this way. “Go ahead, but come back as soon as possible. You have another scene in the afternoon.”


“Sure!” Tang Xiyan put his arm around Qu Di’s shoulder and didn’t give him a chance to object as he pulled him away.


Red Pear Film and Television City was quite large, and the two of them took a caretaker’s car to the entrance. As expected, there were many people gathered, holding blue banners and support banners in Tang Xiyan’s support colors.


Some of them had professional cameras, apparently planning to take a few photos, but they were blocked at the entrance by security guards.


The sun was scorching, and they didn’t know how long they had been standing. Some people looked a bit lethargic, even though they had brought umbrellas and hats. Many people’s cheeks were still reddened from the sun.


In fact, Qiu Fei had not intended for Tang Xiyan to make an appearance during this event. When he handed over the arrangements, he had only mentioned that his assistant would receive the gifts. However, they came with cameras, and if Tang Xiyan hadn’t decided to come, they would have spent the whole morning with just Qu Di.


Tang Xiyan, who was usually carefree, seemed to be taking it more seriously this time. He adjusted his wig and asked, “Is it weird? Will they think I look ugly?”


He had just finished shooting and was still in his costume, wearing a wig on his head. He had changed into a pair of flip-flops, which didn’t make for an elegant look.


“It’s not weird at all. It’s cute. When you go down there, just don’t talk too much. Just say thank you. Got it?” Qu Di was really afraid that Tang Xiyan would say something outrageous and make it the headline news the next day.


This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. He had heard that once Tang Xiyan wanted to compliment a fan’s makeup, but when he got closer, he found out that the person was wearing double eyelid tape. He kindly tried to help them remove it, saying, “There’s something stuck on your eyes.”


Tang Xiyan just blushed and said with conviction, “I just wanted them to feel my care and tenderness, okay? My double eyelids are so big, who would have thought someone would need to stick them!”


“Okay, okay. You’ve said it hundreds of times already. I almost thought you were going to give me a whole speech.”


Fortunately, things went smoothly, and no major incidents occurred. They successfully received the gifts prepared by the fans. Tang Xiyan also expressed his gratitude and allowed them to take a few photos. Qu Di was on the side, nervous, hoping that no one would


 notice the flip-flops hidden under his clothes.


Everyone left satisfied.


Back at the film set, Wen Gu had changed into regular clothes and was holding a script, rehearsing a scene with Shu Yi.


The two of them returned with two bags of items. Tang Xiyan went through them, found two bottles of drinks with cute cartoon salted fish designs on them, and realized they were gifts from fans, intended for Shu Yi and Wen Gu.


“Here, fan gifts.”


Shu Yi politely declined, saying, “Thank you, but I’m not a big fan of these. You can keep them.”


Wen Gu, on the other hand, accepted the drink and said, “Thanks.”


“No problem. Thanks for the drink this morning.”


It turned out to be just a return gift. Qu Di had over thought it. But then, wasn’t that typical of Tang Xiyan? His words were straightforward and lacked any hidden meaning.


Qu Di looked on, beginning to worry. If Wen Gu did manage to win over Tang Xiyan in the future, those fans would go crazy…


He watched Tang Xiyan, who was sitting under the parasol, seemingly carefree, reading comments with no worries. Then, he observed Wen Gu, who was reading about their rumored relationship, and he also watched Tang Xiyan, who was reading comments and laughing. Qu Di felt a headache coming on.

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