Chapter 26


Tang Xiyan felt like he had spent centuries standing there, longing to step forward and separate the two of them. He wanted to pull Qu Di into his arms, even if Qu Di told him it wasn’t voluntary, he would believe it.


But he was afraid. He was afraid of being mercilessly mocked, afraid that if he compared himself to Shu Yi, he would be nothing in Qu Di’s eyes.


He felt like a joke, thinking he was the irreplaceable one in his heart, tossing and turning over it.


In reality, he was just an ordinary passerby, and someone had already taken residence in Qu Di’s heart when he wasn’t looking.


He suddenly remembered a saying: “When a talented man and a beautiful woman fall in love, what right does a monster like you have to object!”


For the first time in his life, he felt inferior. He took a step back and concealed himself in the darkness, staring at his own toes, lost in thought.


The three of them were like a meteor shower, with Tang Xiyan being the insignificant night, just a background in their passionate love, known to no one.


Qu Di’s legs went weak from the kisses, and Shu Yi held him in his arms, letting him lean on his shoulder. Together, they quietly enjoyed the splendid finale. Tang Xiyan stood there for a while, feeling a sense of loneliness, and then turned and walked away.


They didn’t even notice him.


He walked away as if fleeing, as if escaping from everything as long as he left this place. He hurried down the mountain, taking two steps for every one. But he wasn’t paying attention, and he stepped on empty air, his first instinct was to protect his head. In fact, there was a small platform just ahead, so he fell directly into the muddy grass.


There were no external injuries, but his clothes were stained with mud. He struggled to get up, and a cricket hopped onto his head and then jumped away.


Now even a small bug is picking on me! Tang Xiyan angrily stomped on the gloating cricket a few times.


After that, he stared at the bug’s lifeless body and said, “Jerk!”


His voice was hoarse, with a hint of crying and grievances, but he stubbornly didn’t cry. He was just a Beta, wasn’t he? He didn’t even lack an Omega. Why would he need you, a Beta? I don’t like you at all. I used to worry a lot because I thought you liked me. Now it’s better. My worries are gone.


From now on, they would just be boss and subordinate, assistant and artist…


With his hands in his pockets, he walked down the mountain slowly. This time, he wouldn’t fall again. He would leave everything behind here. He was still Tang Xiyan, fearless and unburdened Tang Xiyan.


He sniffed, realizing that love and such things would only slow down his ascent. Sooner or later, Shu Yi would be under his feet.


This meteor shower lasted longer than expected, and even after it ended, Shu Yi and Qu Di still felt reluctant to part. They didn’t know if they were reluctant to leave each other or reluctant to leave this meteor shower.


Qu Di reminded, “Let’s go back. It’s getting late.”




Shu Yi seemed to sense Shu Yi’s lack of enthusiasm and thought he was still not satisfied. So he perked up and said, “Thank you. I had a great time tonight. It was the happiest day of my life.”


Qu Di didn’t lie. Since he came to his mother’s side, even though others said he was fortunate to have such a good stepfather and that his stepfather treated him well, he never felt a sense of belonging to that family. After starting school, he became quiet and had few friends, especially after he started dating Yang Ji, he spent a lot of time taking care of Yang Ji and working part-time. But Yang Ji had never cared about him.


He no longer hoped to receive love from others. Therefore, Shu Yi’s love was like an unexpected gift to him.


Qu Di only needed a little care and concern to nurture a beautiful flower in his heart. He would water and nurture this flower, ensuring it bloomed forever in his heart. Shu Yi was kind to him, and a garden of flowers had already grown in his heart for Shu Yi.


They swayed in the wind, emitting a delicate fragrance that intoxicated Qu Di.


Shu Yi patted his head, and there was something clearly deep in his eyes. “You’re too easily satisfied. You could… have more.”


Qu Di shook his head. “It’s enough for me. Some things aren’t better with more. Even if you give me a grain of sand, I’ll be happy.”


Shu Yi fell silent for a while, his face not looking great. He reached out and patted Qu Di’s head. “Let’s go back.”


Qu Di didn’t notice his off mood and followed him. He gently held Shu Yi’s hand. Shu Yi hesitated for a moment but eventually let Qu Di hold his hand.


The next day’s shooting was scheduled for the afternoon. It was said that the director had stayed up late to watch the meteor shower with his wife, so he didn’t wake up until noon. After having lunch, they officially started shooting. The first scene was the confrontation between Shu Yi and Tang Xiyan.


But Tang Xiyan seemed off, and they had to retake the scene four or five times, still not meeting the director’s expectations.


This scene depicted the longstanding enmity between an emperor and a general who had been friends since childhood but had drifted apart due to the emperor’s rise to power. The general, loyal to the country, had to embark on a dangerous mission to delay the enemy’s advance. The director wanted to see determination and trust in this scene, but Tang Xiyan couldn’t quite deliver.




“Xiyan, I needed the determination and trust in entrusting the nation to the emperor, not the ruthlessness and sorrow of wanting to kill.”


 The director sighed, not angry, as if he could tell that Tang Xiyan wasn’t in good shape. He waved his hand, letting Tang Xiyan take a break, and they continued shooting another scene.


Tang Xiyan didn’t say anything and left the scene. Qu Di frowned and approached him. This was the first time in many days that Tang Xiyan had a problem, and he had to comfort him.


Qu Di was about to say a few words of comfort, but Shu Yi stopped him. “Let him think for a while. He might find the key to getting into character better if he has some time alone. If you go over, you might disturb him.”


“Is that so?” But Tang Xiyan really didn’t seem okay.


“Sometimes I feel the same way. Give him some time alone to think about his role. It might be better.”


Tang Xiyan didn’t say anything, but Qu Di was sure he had noticed the true nature of his relationship with Shu Yi.


Several days later, Tang Xiyan found an opportunity to send Qu Di to buy bubble tea. Qu Di had noticed that even though Tang Xiyan’s performance had improved in recent days, he still seemed unenthusiastic. He decided to give Tang Xiyan some time to relax.


Once Qu Di was gone, Tang Xiyan approached Shu Yi, his face cold, and spoke to him in a voice only they could hear. “Come with me.”


Shu Yi looked at him with amusement. He had thought that Tang Xiyan would lose his temper, but when he heard the last sentence, he quietly took a deep breath. It’s okay. They hadn’t gone all the way yet. He had to stay calm.


Shu Yi was a bit surprised. He thought Tang Xiyan wouldn’t be able to control his temper, but he gave a faint smile and said, “Well, that’s fine. You can break up even if you’re together, and you can divorce even if you’re married. Shu Yi, don’t think you’ve won!”


“At least for now, I stand before you as the winner.”


“I didn’t want to compete with you. He likes you now. I’m not stupid enough to be a third party.” Tang Xiyan said with mixed feelings, “But… if you mistreat him, even just a little…”


He didn’t finish the sentence, but both of them understood.


As an Alpha, Tang Xiyan’s love interest was coveted by him, and it seemed to arouse his long-lost competitive spirit. He coldly chuckled, “We’ll see.”


“At least now I’m standing before you as the victor.”

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