Chapter 48

       Lu Jinlang sent Wen Jianing to the private hospital he had contacted in advance.

       Wen Jianing still looked a little nervous. He was silent and didn’t say a word.

       Lu Jinlang said to him, “Don’t worry, I have already told the doctor about your condition.”

       Wen Jianing stared at him in bewilderment.

       Lu Jinlang reached over his head and said, “I only said you had a physical disability, I didn’t say anything specific, and he wasn’t curious. Don’t worry, he has no interest in the privacy of his patients.”

       The surname of the doctor who checked Wen Jianing was Xia, with a given name Yan. He looked somewhat cold and poker faced.

  Xia Yan didn’t show any curiosity about Wen Jianing’s body, and only because he had an injury on his leg, he asked him to roll up half of his trousers to check the injury on his knee. Then he asked Wen Jianing to take another X-ray, and saw there was no injury to the bone. He said that there should be some damage to the ligament.

       Wen Jianing did not drown. He was only worried about the impact of falling into the water and other physical injuries during the fight with the middle-aged man, as well as the cut in his scalp that was slashed by the middle-aged man with his mobile phone. Xia Yan helped him do some detailed examinations, and then said that Wen Jianing should stay in the hospital for observation for two days, and if there was nothing else, they could go back earlier.

       Afterwards, Xia Yan said directly to Lu Jinlang, “Mr. Ke may still be a little frightened, let’s inform his family.”

       Lu Jinlang thanked him.

  In fact, Xia Yan was right. Wen Jianing was more or less frightened at that time. The feeling of being held by others to die together was unimaginable. Moreover at that time, he had to bear the fear of being discovered by others. Aside from the urgency to look for Lu Jinlang, his head was completely empty at the time. It was a bit like an instinctive human stress response.

  As he lay down on the hospital bed, his emotions gradually calmed down.

  ”I’m sorry,” Wen Jianing said to Lu Jinlang who was sitting next to the bed, “I’ve caused you so much trouble.”

  Lu Jinlang reached out his hand and touched his face, and said, “Nonsense.”

  Wen Jianing was recuperating in the hospital for two days. At first, Xia Yan came every once in a while to ask about his health. Later, when he saw that there were no major problems, he left with a piece of mind.

   During this period, Cao Songquan rushed over to visit him. He sat on the chair beside the bed, and took his hand, “Little brother”. He said, “It’s all big brother’s fault. Big brother is sorry for you.”

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help but smile.

  Cao Songquan said, “I wouldn’t dare take you out next time.”

  Wen Jianing hurriedly said, “No, I’m still waiting for you to take me out to your next movie as well.”

  Cao Song patted his chest, “I will try to find a script adaptation specifically for you to play next. I promise you, rest assured.”

  Of course, Wen Jianing couldn’t easily believe his words, but he still looked happy and said, “You better keep your promise.”

  Cao Songquan then stood outside the ward talking with Lu Jinlang. He hurriedly apologized to Lu Jinlang, “I originally just wanted to take him out to have fun. It’s not usually this chaotic. How could one expect to encounter such a thing?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “It’s because of his bad luck, Director Cao doesn’t need to blame himself.”

  ”Tsk,” Cao Songquan suddenly sighed, “You didn’t see it at the time. Xiao Ke was really hell-bent to see you. At that moment, no one except you was allowed to touch him. To be honest, I was shocked. Before getting along with him better, I always thought he was a pretty strong and independent character.”

  Lu Jinlang stood quietly without giving a response.

  Not long after Cao Songquan left, Li Rong and Wei Lun both asked people to send a bunch of flowers to Wen Jianing, but they didn’t show up in person.

  In the afternoon, Wen Tinghuan rushed to the hospital in a hurry, and as soon as she entered the ward, she said angrily, “You didn’t inform me when something so big happened? Do you know I’m really caught unprepared today?”

  Wen Jianing quickly apologized. He really forgot about notifying Wen Tinghuan.

  Wen Tinghuan felt regretful after yelling. When she saw Wen Jianing’s pale face with injuries, she couldn’t help feeling worried. She sat down by the bed and didn’t know what to say for a while. This was an accident after all, and even though it seemed wrong that Wen Jianing was pulled out by Cao Songquan at night, even if she knew it in advance, she would encourage Wen Jianing to go out to play with Cao Songquan.

  Cao Songquan was a laid-back person. If he was fond of you, he could say anything to flatter you. Moreover, if he liked you enough, he would keep thinking about giving you a role in his future movies.

  Lu Jinlang was still in the ward at this time.

  As soon as Wen Tinghuan came in, she only cared about Wen Jianing. Only now did she remember to say hello to Lu Jinlang.

  Lu Jinlang was originally sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. At this time, he stood up and said, “I’m going to go out for a while while you guys talk.”

  Wen Jianing said, “No, I want to go for a walk.”

  Lu Jinlang walked to the bed, “How are you planning to go? Don’t you remember that Doctor Xia told you not to walk as much as possible?”

  Wen Jianing pointed to the wheelchair placed in the corner of the ward, “It’s okay, let Ting jie push me out.”

  As she heard the words, Wen Tinghuan hurriedly pushed the wheelchair over and said, “I’ll take him out for a change of air, it’s hard for people to lie in bed for a long time.”

  Wen Jianing lifted the quilt and wanted to move to the wheelchair by himself, but Lu Jinlang leaned forward and reached out to carry him. Then he put a blanket on his lap and handed him his coat, “Don’t let the wind blow it.”

  Wen Jianing nodded, “I know.”

  Thus, Wen Tinghuan pushed him out.

  This was a very high-end local private hospital. Wen Jianing stayed in the VIP ward on the top floor of the hospital. There was a corridor outside the ward, and at the end of the corridor, there was a roof garden across a door. The garden was surrounded and topped by a large panel of glass, which was very transparent to the sun and filled with various plants.

  At this time, there was no one in the small garden. The only one in the garden was Wen Tinghuan who came slowly with Wen Jianing.

  Wen Tinghuan complained in a low voice that Wen Jianing didn’t notify her in time, “How can I not be the first one you notify when this kind of thing happened?”

  Wen Jianing explained, “I was distracted at that time, I really didn’t expect that to happen.”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “But you thought of telling Lu Jinlang.”

  Wen Jianing could not refute.

  Wen Tinghuan sighed and said, “I heard the man was the owner of a small business along the coast. His factory went bankrupt, so he took the money to gamble. As a result, he owed millions to the casino. He couldn’t figure out how to pay it back so jumped into the sea. The man was dead, and they couldn’t save him.”

  Wen Jianing couldn’t sympathize with a man who tried to pull him to die together for no reason. When he heard that he was dead, he just said, “It’s better to die.”

  Wen Tinghuan continued, “As for you, the ship gambling side has the responsibility after all. The ship gambling boss has already suppressed it. The media will not hear the news, and they wouldn’t dare to report it if they get the news, and they will give you a certain amount of compensation. I didn’t let them come to you, but let the company directly handle it, so you just have a good rest.”

  ”I’m fine,” Wen Jianing said. “The doctor said that it’s mainly caused by the injury in the knee’s ligament, and the rest is not serious. It’s better to rest for a period of time and reduce activities.”

  Wen Tinghuan nodded, “It just so happens that the filming here has also ended. Go back and rest for a month, and I won’t arrange work for you.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Thank you.”

  ”Xinhang,” Wen Tinghuan suddenly called his name, “Actually, I didn’t expect Lu Jinlang to treat you so well.”

  Wen Jianing did not say anything.

  Wen Tinghuan seemed to be a little emotional, “I have been in the industry for a long time and I have seen everything. But it’s the first time I’ve seen someone as nice and genuine as he is to you.”

  Wen Jianing raised his head and looked at the blue sky outside the glass wall. He was a little confused, “How do you know if he is genuine?”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “I don’t know. I have lived for 30 years and had two relationships, but they have not had any good results. But if I meet someone like Lu Jinlang, I would probably be reluctant to let go.”

  Wen Jianing felt that he shouldn’t be listening to Wen Tinghuan’s words anymore. He was not sober enough at this moment, as if something was pulling him down, he stretched out his hand and tried to hold the shore to prevent himself from completely falling into the swamp.

  Wen Tinghuan said again, “Actually, I always wanted to ask you, what exactly did you plan to do? Have you ever thought about finding a woman for a lifetime?”

   “Ting jie,” Wen Jianing said softly, “I can’t do it with women.”

   Wen Tinghuan was startled, and after a moment of silence, she said, “Then you might as well consider your relationship with Lu Jinlang.” After that, Wen Tinghuan seemed to feel that it was inappropriate to say this. She added, “But you are still young, so you don’t need to rush. Just take your time to see and think clearly.”

   Wen Jianing said, “Thank you, Ting jie.”

  The two of them talked for a bit more, and Wen Tinghuan pushed Wen Jianing back to the ward.

  The corridor of the top floor ward was covered with thick carpet. The two of them were walking on it, and the sound of footsteps and the sound of the wheelchair rubbing the ground were almost inaudible. When he reached the door of the ward, Wen Jianing noticed that the door was not closed tightly. He raised his hand to push the door, and suddenly heard the sound of someone talking inside.

  The other voice of the person who was talking seemed to be Lu Jinxin. He said, “Did you know that Ke Xinhang requested that he must see you when he was rescued from the sea?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “I heard Director Cao mentioned it.”

  Lu Jinxin snorted coldly, “So you’re still trying to say you guys were just having fun and nothing more.”

   “What do you think?” Lu Jinlang asked.

  Lu Jinxin’s tone was a little unhappy, “Stop saying ridiculous things to me.”

  Lu Jinlang asked, “Was he frightened then?”

  Lu Jinxin said, “He was scared, scared silly. He is crying and yelling that he must see you.”

  Lu Jinlang did not speak.

  ”Jinlang,” Lu Jinxin said, “You are already in your thirties, and you can only have fun for a few years more. Think about it for yourself. When that time comes, Ke Xinhang is not going to give a fvck, and cause you trouble.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “He won’t do that.”

  Wen Jianing froze, he still maintained his palm against the door, not moving to listen to Lu Jinlang’s words.

  Lu Jinlang went on to say, “He sees clearly better than anyone else, and sees better than me.”

  ”What do you mean?” Lu Jinxin asked him.

  Lu Jinlang’s tone was very calm, “We both know what we want. There is no sincerity between us.”

  Wen Jianing’s eyes widened in confusion, and he suddenly couldn’t remember when he had heard this phrase before.

  Lu Jinxin was silent for a while, “Are both of you just putting on an act? Until this far?”

  Lu Jinlang neither admitted nor denied it, but said, “So you don’t have to worry about it.”

  Lu Jinxin said to him, “In that case, you should find a woman and get married.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “So I could be like you, just to give birth to a child and then divorce? Second brother, the kind of marriage without love, haven’t you tasted enough of the bitter fruit yourself?”

  The two people in the ward were speechless for a while.

  Wen Jianing raised his head and looked at Wen Tinghuan behind him. Wen Tinghuan didn’t expect to hear these words immediately after saying those good things about Lu Jinlang just now. She felt embarrassed and didn’t know how to react at this time.

  Taking advantage of the quiet atmosphere inside, Wen Jianing made a knocking motion and showed it to Wen Tinghuan, then turned his wheelchair to back away.

  Wen Tinghuan came forward and knocked on the door. The door was not closed tightly and opened with a light push. She pretended to have just come back, turned around and pushed Wen Jianing in.

  Lu Jinlang stood up, “You’re back?”

  Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinxin, “Mr. Lu is here?”

  Lu Jinxin also stood up, still polite, and asked, “Are you all right?”

  Wen Jianing smiled, “It’s nothing. Thank you Mr. Lu for your concern.”

   At this time Wen Tinghuan said to Wen Jianing, “Then I will go back to the hotel first, and then we will go back together.”

  Wen Jianing nodded, “Take care, Ting jie.”

  As soon as Wen Tinghuan left, Lu Jinxin also prepared to leave. But he officially came to visit Wen Jianing, and he couldn’t leave immediately. So he stayed and sat on the sofa again.

  Lu Jinlang reached out and carried Wen Jianing back to the bed.

  Lu Jinxin watched coldly.

  Wen Jianing rushed to Lu Jin and smiled, “When are we going back?”

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “Do you want to go back?”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  Lu Jinlang said, “Let’s go back tomorrow. Doctor Xia will follow us.”

  Lu Jinxin felt that he might lose his temper if he stayed any longer, so he stood up and said goodbye.

  Wen Jianing nodded, and said again, “Thank you, Mr. Lu.”

  They went back by plane the next afternoon. Lu Jinlang didn’t take the same plane as Wen Jianing.

  Wen Tinghuan accompanied him all the way, and couldn’t help but pay attention to Wen Jianing’s expression. He didn’t seem to be any different from how he usually was, just a little quieter. However, this silence was probably caused by physical discomfort, and he still looked very calm emotionally.

  Wen Jianing said, “Ting jie, you’ve been glancing at me all the way. Are you falling in love with me?”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “Who is brave enough to love you?” After she finished speaking, she put her face on one hand and whispered, “I don’t know what else to say, moreover you guys have put an act up until this point. Since both of you know you are not serious, then who is this act for?”

  Wen Jianing didn’t speak.

  Wen Tinghuan continued, “It would be better to trace back a little. Put away all the acts and hypocrisy and show some honest feelings.”

  Wen Jianing felt a little funny at Wen Tinghuan’s exasperation. He asked, “What actually is the honest feeling?”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “The Lu family is so rich that they can throw tens of millions out to create a blockbuster for you to promote you to the position of a leading actor.

  Wen Jianing smiled and said, “Go ask Lu Jinxin if I’m worth the Lu family’s tens of millions.”

  Wen Tinghuan heard his words and couldn’t say what she wanted to say for a while. She reached out and patted Wen Jianing on the shoulder and said, “Forget it. Let’s work hard together.”

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    • hoenimochi

      It’s a mix of both; because of his body, he believed he might not be able to get it hard to be intimate with a woman(also the fact that woman might not want to be with him), and also he felt like only Jinlang could make him hard and the fact he thought that he was gay that he just couldn’t get it hard with women.

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