In the evening, Wen Jianing still went to Su Shan’s bar to sing a few songs.

       He sat on a high stool, holding the microphone stand. His voice was a bit lazy and inattentive. A beam of light above his head hit his side face, making his face look clean and pure.

       After he sang the song and stepped down, someone ordered him a drink. Wen Jianing thanked the person, but did not drink the wine, and pushed it aside slightly. His psychological trauma over alcohol had not passed, and he didn’t intend to touch it again in the near time.

       Su Shan asked him, “How’re the preparations?”

       Wen Jianing didn’t answer, he didn’t even decide whether he should go or not.

       In fact, before this accident, Wen Jianing once jokingly told his friends if he had a chance to have a new life, he would still choose to become an actor and continue acting because he loves this job.

       But when he really faced this day, he hesitated. The reason for his hesitation was because of his body’s condition. He was not Ke Xinhang in his naive and fearless age. He understood the horror of this circle, so he would be more cautious.

       Su Shan thought he was chickening out, and said, “It doesn’t matter. Go and try it. Don’t mind it too much, you’re only 20 years old and still very young.”

       Twenty years old. Wen Jianing suddenly felt a little dazed. He was only twenty years old. He still had a very long time ahead, and his life had just begun.

       After that, Su Shan lit himself a cigarette.

       Wen Jianing wanted to ask him for one. “Can you give me one?” He was not addicted to smoking, but occasionally he smokes one when he was upset.

       Su Shan looked at him and said, “You shouldn’t smoke. You should cherish your voice.”

       Wen Jianing smiled but did not insist.

       Su Shan then said, “I’ve contacted my friend and said that he’ll let you go to the TV station to find a director surnamed Chen for an interview the day after tomorrow. I’ll give you his number and then you can go by yourself.”

       With that, Su Shan asked Wen Jianing to take out his mobile phone and write down a phone number. Then he said, “The director’s surname is Chen. Remember clearly.”

       Wen Jianing nodded. He looked at the phone number on his mobile phone and said, “I know.”

       When the time arranged by Su Shan to help him came, Wen Jianing chose to go to the TV station.

       In addition to his strength and luck, Wen Jianing was also a person who knew how to seize opportunities. Before he really made up his mind, he felt that he should not miss any opportunity to block a possible future.

       Starlight was now the most influential TV station in China, mainly focusing on entertainment and variety shows. Almost all stars’ new albums and new films promote promotions will appear in Starlight’s entertainment programs. Wen Jianing naturally came here more than once in order to cooperate with the promotion of the film.

       When he got out of the taxi, he saw a lot of media reporters guarding the door of the TV station. Subconsciously, he wanted to avoid them. However, at the same time, he remembered that these people no longer recognized him now. He was just an ordinary young man.

       As he placed the backpack on one of his shoulders, Wen Jianing walked toward the TV station. When he entered the gate, he was stopped by a security guard who questioned him about who he was looking for.

       Wen Jianing didn’t know Director Chen’s full name, so he had to take his mobile phone from his bag and called Director Chen.

       Just then, a car stopped in front of the TV station.

       Wen Jianing saw all the reporters crowded up in an instant, completely blocking the door of the entire TV station, and he himself was pushed aside forcibly.

       Then he saw Lu Jinlang come down from the car’s back door. The security guard rushed up to help him stop the reporters and reminded them to be in order. He walked towards the TV station without expression.

       A reporter asked loudly, “Mr. Lu, may I ask if it is true that you are rumoured to have taken the role of ‘October Fireworks’?”

       Lu Jinlang didn’t answer. He had already walked through the door of the TV station, and all the reporters were stopped outside.

       Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinlang’s back and was stunned. ‘October Fireworks’ was the last movie he was going to shoot before his accident. It was planned to officially start after the Academy Award ceremony, but it was put on hold because of his accident.

       Wen Jianing liked the script of ‘October Fireworks’ very much and was confident that he could perfectly perform the role of the main character, but he didn’t expect that it would be like this now.

       Wen Jianing just stood there for a long time, until the security started to urge him to call Director Chen again. Only then did he call director Chen again and let the security guards take the call and let him in.

       After he entered the TV station building, Wen Jianing learned from the comments of the surrounding employees that Lu Jinlang came today to shoot the last promotional video for the “Voice of The Soul.”

       Wen Jianing was called by Director Chen to a small recording studio on the seventh floor.

       Director Chen’s full name was Chen Kong. He was just an assistant director of the program. He might have accepted a friend’s recommendation and promised to let people try, but he was not very optimistic about this young man named Ke Xinhang. After all, there were too many young people dreaming of stardom.

       But when Wen Jianing pushed the door in, Chen Kong was surprised.

       It was a singing competition, but people with excellent appearance were more popular wherever they go.

       Chen Kong asked someone to set up a camera to shoot Wen Jianing and let him sing two songs.

       Wen Jianing was not very good at singing. His voice and pitch were good, but he was not a professional singer after all. He inevitably lacked in skills.

       However, Director Chen seemed to think that these could be substituted by his appearance. After he asked Wen Jianing to sing two songs, he said that after communicating with the director team, he would call Wen Jianing.

       Wen Jianing thanked him and left with his bag on his back.

       He didn’t care too much about the result now. What he cares about was the fact that Lu Jinlang took over the filming of ‘October Fireworks.’ Somehow, a feeling of sadness arose in his heart.

       If Wen Jianing really died, he would no longer exist in this world. Now it was too cruel to let him see all this with his own eyes.

       When he came down from the upper floor, Wen Jianing did not leave immediately, but walked around the television station’s studio on the first floor.

       At this time, Lu Jinlang was shooting a promotional video there.

       There were many staff members around the scene, so Wen Jianing didn’t get too close. He didn’t want to attract other people’s attention, so he stood at the corner of the door and watched Lu Jinlang’s filming.

       The shooting of this small promotional video was very simple for Lu Jinlang. Basically, it could be done at one time, and the director didn’t dare criticize him too much.

       Wen Jianing’s heart was in turmoil and all he could think of was ‘October Fireworks’.

       ‘October Fireworks’ was a literary romance film set in the 1990s. The hero and the heroine fell in love with each other but missed each other because they were young. It was a twist of fate to meet again 20 years later.

       The script was very meticulous, and the Director Fang Wei is also a famous director who was good at shooting literary and artistic films.

       After Wen Jianing got the script, he communicated with the screenwriter and director in detail. He had a lot of views on how to play this role and made sufficient preparations, but now he lost this opportunity.

       It felt really bad, especially after hearing that Lu Jinlang took over the role, it seemed that his precious things have been robbed by Lu Jinlang again.

       He felt it was a little difficult to accept.

       Perhaps it was the successive defeats that made him care too much about Lu Jinlang. Even if he won against Lu Jinlang this time and got the Film Emperor title, it did not completely quell the resentment in his heart.

       When he came back to his senses, Wen Jianing found that the shooting was over.

       Lu Jinlang put on the coat handed by his assistant and walked outside the studio while drinking water.

       Wen Jianing stood in the corner and wanted to wait until Lu Jinlang left. As a result, when Lu Jinlang passed him, he turned his head and looked at him.

       “Mr. Lu,” Wen Jianing didn’t hold back and called out. He couldn’t help but regret his irrationality.

       Unexpectedly, Lu Jinlang stopped and stood there waiting for Wen Jianing to speak.

       Wen Jianing politely asked, “Are you going to replace Wen Jianing in ‘October Fireworks’?”

       “Are you a reporter?” Lu Jinlang asked. He was followed by a large group of people, including his assistant, agent, and the chief director of the program group. They respectfully waited for Lu Jinlang to talk to this unidentified young man.

       Wen Jianing shook his head and found a suitable identity for himself, “No, I am a fan of Wen Jianing.”

       Lu Jinlang heard the words and said solemnly, “Yes, I will be in the movie.”

       Wen Jianing refrained from asking why. He was not qualified to ask Lu Jinlang why.

       But he did not expect Lu Jinlang to say, “I will create a Jiang Zixin who is completely different from Wen Jianing’s. I think you can look forward to it.”

       Jiang Zixin is the name of the main character in ‘October Fireworks’.

       When Lu Jinlang said these words, everyone was a little stunned. They didn’t understand why he would say such things to someone he didn’t know. However, Lu Jinlang didn’t give them time to be stunned. He already walked outside, and the others hurriedly followed.

       Wen Jianing was the only one left to digest his words. He suddenly thought, does Lu Jinlang feel a little unwilling to lose to himself this time?

       In the evening, Wen Jianing stood on the balcony in his pyjamas to feel the wind blows.

       The wind was strong, and his pyjamas were tightly attached to his body, showing a thin outline. He propped his head with one hand and looked out. Although the floors where he stayed were very high, there were all high-rise buildings around. He was blocked from seeing anything.

       He missed his garden villa. There was a big balcony on the second floor. He would sit on the balcony at night, listening to music and reading scripts. It’s a pity that can never go back to that kind of enjoyable life.

       The TV in the living room was on and it was broadcasting entertainment news. He heard the news that Lu Jinlang took over the movie ‘October Fireworks’ again.

       However, this time the program host commented in a gossipy tone that Fang Wei’s literary and artistic films had always earned a good reputation for actors. Wen Jianing took the role in “October Fireworks”, and aim for his second Film Emperor title with the movie. Now Wen Jianing could only hand it over to Lu Jinlang to see if he could get his third Film Emperor title.

       The host said so confidently, as if he was Wen Jianing himself.

       Wen Jianing lowered his head and smiled bitterly. Then he looked up and took a deep breath. There was still an embarrassment that was said to be on his mind. Yes, he was unwilling.


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