Chapter 69

  After he took Wen Lin out for a small gathering that day, Wen Jianing was busy with filming for a short time and never saw Wen Lin again. He once called and asked. Wen Lin said that everything’s fine and told Wen Jianing not to worry about him.

  At this time, Ke Xinfan was also discharged from the hospital.

  On the day he was discharged from the hospital, Wen Jianing drove to pick him up.

  Ke Xinfan took out his cigarette and started smoking as soon as he got in the car.

  Wen Jianing opened the window and silently expressed his unwelcome attitude toward him smoking.

  But Ke Xinfan looked indifferent  and asked him, “When will we go back?”

  Wen Jianing said, “Anytime.”

  Ke Xinfan was silent for a moment, and said, “Then let’s go as soon as possible, can we go back tomorrow?”

  Wen Jianing glanced at him, “I’ll arrange it.”

  In ‘Bitter Summer’, Wen Jianing’s scene in the studio was almost ready to be wrapped up, and the next step was to prepare for the shooting of the outdoor scenes. Recently, Lu Jinlang had slowed down his progress, and he was more often studying shooting techniques and constantly making comparisons and self-improvements.

  If Ke Xinfan wanted to go back at this time, Wen Jianing could spare time. But when he asked Lu Jinlang for a leave, Lu Jinlang offered to accompany him back.

  Wen Jianing was a little surprised, “You are free?”

  Lu Jinlang was originally looking at the computer, and raised his head to look at him, “You don’t want me to go?”

  Wen Jianing walked to him and stretched out his hand, put his hands on his shoulders, and smiled, “Why do you think so?”

  Lu Jinlang reached out and took off his glasses, “I can feel it from your tone and expression.”

  Wen Jianing lowered his head, pressed his face against his cheek, and said softly, “You weren’t looking at me just now, yet you can feel it from my expression?”

        Lu Jinlang raised his hand to touch his face, and said, “Don’t you know that there is something called telepathy?”

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help but smile.

  Lu Jinlang took him by the hand and pulled him in front of him. Wen Jianing sat on his side and was held in his arms.

  Wen Jianing put his hands around his shoulders, and turned his head to look at the web page Lu Jinlang was browsing. He thought he was watching entertainment news, but found out that he was reading a filming diary of a well-known director.

  Wen Jianing pulled the mouse, and asked, “Is there anything you can learn?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “You can always learn something if you look and read more.”

  Wen Jianing turned back to look at him for a moment, leaned over and kissed his lips. He had just taken a shower himself, but Lu Jinlang had not yet had time to take a shower. After a deep and emotional kiss, Wen Jianing said to him, “Would you like to take a bath first?”

  “Yes,” Lu Jinlang said, retracting the hand that had been inserted into Wen Jianing’s pajamas, and while standing up, he carried Wen Jianing directly.

  Wen Jianing quickly grabbed his shoulders, “What are you doing?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Let’s take shower together.”

  Wen Jianing said, “I have already taken a shower.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “It doesn’t matter, you can shower again with me.”

  He took Wen Jianing into the bathroom, sat on the edge of the bathtub, reached out to turn on the faucet, and poured water into the bathtub.

  ”You are going to take a bath?” Wen Jianing asked him.

  Lu Jinlang said, “It’s rare to have you with me. I’m going to enjoy it slowly.”

  Wen Jianing leaned his head on the bathroom tile and looked at him with a smile.

  While waiting for the water to fill the tub, Lu Jinlang put one hand on his back and asked, “It seems that I rarely hear what you say about your family in advance.”

  Wen Jianing sighed, “My parents are actually very good to me, but the memories of the past are unhappy memories.”

  Ke Xinhang’s diary rarely records happy things.

  If Wen Jianing himself had grown up in that environment, he would certainly not have his current character. If he hadn’t met Lu Jinlang, perhaps over time, he would have been gradually influenced by Ke Xinhang’s sensitivity and helplessness and moved towards another extreme.

  Until now, no one knew what happened to Ke Xinhang that night that Wen Jianing could enter his body. Wen Jianing sometimes wondered if he could not bear the pressure and chose to commit suicide.

  Lu Jinlang moved the palm of his hand to his shoulder, squeezed it hard, and asked him, “What are you thinking about?”

  Wen Jianing suddenly came back to his senses, shook his head, and then noticed that the water in the bathtub was almost filled up, and said to Lu Jinlang, “You can go in.”

  Lu Jinlang began to take off his clothes unhurriedly.

  His figure was very good, his muscles were firm and tight without exaggeration, and he looked slender and well-proportioned.

  Wen Jianing leaned his head against the wall and looked at him, and recalled when he began to feel the attraction of the man’s body to him.

  Lu Jinlang stepped into the bathtub and sat down.

  The water in the bathtub overflowed all of a sudden. Wen Jianing had originally rolled up his trousers and sat beside the bathtub. At this time, the water overflowed and wet the trousers.

  Lu Jinlang said to him, “Take off your pants.”

  Wen Jianing hesitated for a moment, but he took out his legs and took off his pyjamas before turning around and putting his legs into the bathtub.

  Since Lu Jinlang replaced his boxer briefs in the past, he no longer insisted on covering up. In fact, he was very grateful to Lu Jinlang. It was precisely because of Lu Jinlang’s attitude that now he gradually forgot his physical condition and felt that he was no different from ordinary people.

  Lu Jinlang leaned back comfortably. He leaned back on the side of the bathtub, and said, “Unfortunately, it is not very convenient to go out. Otherwise, I can follow you to see the place where you lived before and the school where you studied.”

  Wen Jianing looked at him and said, “No, I don’t have much memory.”

  ”No memory?” Lu Jinlang felt a little strange about his words.

  Sometimes the older people were, the more they would miss things from their childhood. Maybe not everything and every scene were memorable, but there shouldn’t be nothing to remember.

  Wen Jianing said, “Really, I have very few memories of Ke Xinhang.”

  Lu Jinlang looked at him silently.

  Wen Jianing took a deep breath and said, “I have committed suicide, but I haven’t died. Since I woke up that day, I have selectively forgotten a lot of things to let myself—” He said this, and suddenly stopped. Originally, he wanted to say that he wanted to separate the past memory from the present. But somehow, he suddenly had a strange and terrible idea at one point, which made him confused for a short time.

  In Lu Jinlang’s view, Wen Jianing’s face turned pale for an instant. He sat up, reached out to hold his calf, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  The touch of Lu Jinlang’s palm called back Wen Jianing’s to the present. He shook his head. He wanted to say nothing, but in the end he couldn’t help asking, “Does Wen Jianing really exist in this world?”

  When Lu Jinlang heard him mentioning Wen Jianing, Lu Jinlang was actually unhappy, but seeing Wen Jianing’s dreadful face, he didn’t want to irritate him, he calmly replied, “Yes, I know him, and I have seen him.”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  At that moment, he just suddenly wondered whether he was just a split personality from Ke Xinhang himself. The perception of his identity was actually given to him by Ke Xinhang, and he was not Wen Jianing, but he was Ke Xinhang. He just split himself and imprisoned a personality.

  This thought made him a little horrified for a moment, as if all the unexplainable parts were explained. But the only thing he could rest assured of was that the memory of Wen Jianing he had was something that Ke Xinhang didn’t know, and couldn’t be given to him.

  Wen Jianing was the real person in the world, and it was not the fantasy and split personality of Ke Xinhang.

  ”Xinhang?” Lu Jinlang still felt that he didn’t look very good.

  Wen Jianing swallowed the name, and suddenly wanted Lu Jinlang to call him Wen Jianing. He didn’t know what had happened. After spending so much time together, it was the first time he had this idea.

  Lu Jinlang got up and stood in front of Wen Jianing, stretched out his hand to pinch his chin to let him look at him, and said again, “Xinhang, what’s wrong with you?”

  Wen Jianing suddenly reached out and hugged his shoulders, and covered Lu Jinlang’s mouth with his own lips.

  There were some things he couldn’t say, and things he didn’t want to listen to at this time. He kissed Lu Jinlang hard, his pyjamas were all soaked and were all wet.

  Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand to hold him, turned and leaned him against the wall. His head tilted back to slightly distance from him.

  Wen Jianing tried to get over and kiss him again, but Lu Jinlang still stayed behind.

  Lu Jinlang said, “What’s the matter with you? You were fine just now.”

  Wen Jianing pursed his lips and said, “I’m fvck deprived.”

  Lu Jinlang was startled and suddenly felt a little bit dumbfounded. Of course, he knew that the person in front of him was deliberately saying this to tease him, and he had to admit that this sentence was very powerful.

  Wen Jianing raised his legs around Lu Jinlang’s waist, deliberately stuck them on, and said, “How do you want it?”

  Lu Jinlang was a little helpless, so he could only kiss him as he approached and said, “It’s up to you, you can tell me when you want to.”

  As soon as he kissed him, Wen Jianing immediately deepened the kiss.

  Both of them had no room to think, and fell into a passionate love making. The bathroom was filled with mist, and the water in the bathtub was churn and splashed out a lot.

  Until sometime later, Lu Jinlang refilled the hot water in the bathtub again and soaked in with Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing fell asleep in the bathtub because he was too exhausted, and he didn’t have time to think about the past.

  Lu Jinlang rearranged the work for the next two days that day. At dawn, he got up to make breakfast. When it was almost time, he called Wen Jianing up and said to him, “Let’s go and set off today.”

  Wen Jianing rubbed his sore forehead, stretched out his hand on the bedside to touch his mobile phone, and then called Ke Xinfan, “We will go back today.”

  Ke Xinhang’s hometown was actually in a nearby suburban county and only more than an hour’s drive from the city. They could go back and forth on the same day.

  At first, Lu Jinlang planned to let Lu Yunan drive his nanny car, but Wen Jianing said that it was unnecessary. They could just drive in his car, and it would not be troublesome for Yunan.

  Before departure, Wen Jianing specially searched the cemetery address in the north of the county where Ke Xinhang’s parents were buried.

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Why is it all BL? Li Rong is a bisexual. If he likes Wen Jianing, it seems that everyone thinks it’s normal. Why is it abnormal to like Wen Lin?

And the others inside are BG, but I won’t write about BG in detail. Whether there is a second CP or not, it won’t take up a lot of space

Not in good shape today, QAQ

Hoeni chap number but no detailed hoeni scenes… I’m disappointed….
It seems there are some discussion of Li Rong’s attraction to Wen Lin…

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