Chapter 71

  As soon as Ke Xinfan came into the private room, he sat down on the chair next to the dinner table. He grimaced and seemed to be in some pain. It was not because of the injury on his face, but because the wound from the surgery on his body had not yet healed but he had been kicked again.

  Wen Jianing asked softly, “Are you okay?”

  Ke Xinfan did not answer him but looked at Boss Yuan coldly, then laughed and said, “What a big show, huh?”

  Boss Yuan Yuan smiled very kindly, “Your brother came forward and said he wanted to help you pay back.”

  Ke Xinfan sneered, “You didn’t tell him why I owe you money?”

  The accident at the construction site of Ke Xinfan was originally an accident, and it was supposed to be over after it was dealt with. However, after the incident, Boss Yuan was inciting workers to cause trouble. It was nothing more than some personal feasts between the two people.

  Lu Jinlang had already investigated the cause and effect of the incident, but they had no better way other than helping to settle Ke Xinfan’s problem with money.

  So at this time, Lu Jinlang said, “What happened and the reason to cause it are no longer important. Now we should just sit down just to solve this matter completely.”

  Ke Xinfan reached out and pressed his forehead.

  Boss Yuan smiled and said to Lu Jinlang, “The experience of a big star is really different.”

  As the intermediary, Li Rong also said at this time, “Boss Yuan, we won’t talk nonsense. This person is the Film Emperor, can we still ask for your help?”

  Boss Yuan heard the words, pretending to be surprised and said, “Indeed, I almost forgot, he is the Film Emperor. I will have to ask my wife for an autograph later.”

  Lu Jinlang responded calmly, “No problem, Boss Yuan, don’t worry.”

  Boss Yuan took a cigarette and said, “According to the amount and compensation in the contract, it was originally seven million. But the compensation for delaying the payment until today, and the fact that I spent a lot of money hiring people to look for him everywhere. Well, for Boss Li’s sake, it will only be eight million in total, and the rest is free. “

  Ke Xinfan looked like he was about to flip out when Wen Jianing kicked him from below.

  Lu Jinlang said, “No problem.”

  Boss Yuan clapped his hands and said, “Splendid! I like dealing with straightforward people the most!”

  Ke Xinfan wanted to speak again, but Wen Jianing kicked him again, and at the same time he said loudly, “Boss Yuan, we will pay you the money, but since the debt between you and Ke Xinfan has been written off. You can’t trouble him in the future.”

  Boss Yuan said, “Of course, we are businessmen, the most important thing is integrity.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “There is no rush, I will let my lawyer talk to Boss Yuan in detail, including the post-processing of the breach of contract. What does Boss Yuan think?”

  After all, it was a matter of millions. Lu Jinlang couldn’t be so casual. Boss Yuan also nodded, “Of course, it’s better to be careful.”

  Li Rong said, “Boss Yuan, I’ll be his guarantee, please don’t worry.”

  Boss Yuan smiled and patted Li Rong on the shoulder, “Brother, you are the one who said it, what can I worry about.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Then if Ke Xinfan stays here temporarily, will Boss Yuan be okay?”

  Boss Yuan said, “No problem, as long as he doesn’t provoke me in the future, I promise not to touch him.”

  Lu Jinlang nodded, “Thank you, Boss Yuan.”

  Boss Yuan raised his wine glass and said, “What are you saying thanks for? It must be fate for everyone to sit at a table and eat together. Come and have a drink. Later, I can ask King Lu to give me an autograph, right?”

  That being said, Boss Yuan didn’t ask for Lu Jinlang’s signature until he left.

  After he took the people away, Ke Xinfan cursed, “Old bastard!”

  Wen Jianing looked at him quietly.

  Ke Xinfan said, “Do you know how he screwed me?”

  Wen Jianing said to him, “I know, I also know how you injured his son.”

  Ke Xinfan heard this and did not speak anymore.

  Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand to hold Wen Jianing’s back, “Forget it, let’s not talk about it once the matter is resolved.”

  The atmosphere was a bit awkward. There were Lu Jinxin and Li Rong here and it wasn’t good for Wen Jianing since he had something to say to Ke Xinfan.

  Lu Jinxin checked the time, stood up and said, “Since it’s solved, it’s fine. I should pick up Tongtong when it’s almost time.”

  Wen Jianing said to Lu Jinxin, “Thank you, second brother.”

  Lu Jinxin had a ghostly expression on his face, “What do you call me?”

  ”Second brother,” Wen Jianing said, “Or should I still call you Mr. Lu?”

  Lu Jinxin glanced at Lu Jinlang. When he saw that Lu Jinlang was smiling at Wen Jianing, he waved his hand and said, “Whatever you want.”

  When Li Rong stood up, he said, “What movie is Wen Lin making recently?”

  Wen Jianing looked at him and suddenly looked wary.

  Li Rong smiled, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

  Wen Jianing asked him, “Why are you asking about Wen Lin?”

  Li Rong said, “I’m just asking. Why do you need to be so agitated?”

  Wen Jianing said, “Yongfei jie must be upset that you asked about another man or woman.”

  ”Even men?” Li Rong asked, but it seemed to be just a casual question. Wen Jianing didn’t say anything, and Li Rong didn’t continue to ask questions and left with Lu Jinxin.

  When only Wen Jianing, Lu Jinlang and Ke Xinfan were left in the private room, Wen Jianing said to Ke Xinfan, “You’re already a few decades old, can’t you do things with a bit of discretion?”

  Ke Xinfan leaned back and leaned on the back of the chair, “I said you don’t have to worry about it.”

  ”And watch you die?” Wen Jianing asked.

  Ke Xinfan sneered, “That person named Yuan is not so bold yet.”

  ”Then what if he is?” Wen Jianing made the most terrible assumption.

  Ke Xinfan looked at him, “So what if I die?”

  Wen Jianing stood up all of a sudden. He felt that he couldn’t tell whether he was serious or acting. At this moment, he completely substituted himself into Ke Xinhang’s emotions. He yelled and asked, “Did you think about how it is for others? Have you thought about it for those who worry about you? Have you thought about how it is for your brother?”

  Ke Xinfan tilted his head to look at him without speaking.

  At this time, Lu Jinlang’s cell phone rang. It was from Lu Yunan saying that he would park the car in the parking lot at the side entrance and wait for them.

  So Lu Jinlang stood up, gently pulled Wen Jianing’s wrist, and said, “If you still have something to say, let’s go back and talk about it.”

  Wen Jianing turned to look at him and nodded.

  After they got in the car, Lu Jinlang deliberately sat in the front row and gave up the space in the back seat to the two brothers.

  Ke Xinfan took out a cigarette and wanted to smoke, but Wen Jianing said, “Could you please stop smoking? Can’t you even consider such small things for others?”

  Ke Xinfan twisted the cigarette with his fingers, and then put it away. He suddenly said, “Do you remember when you were in junior high school?”

  Wen Jianing said coldly, “I don’t remember.”

  Ke Xinfan said on his own, “You have a bad temper since you were young, and your energy has been kind of sinister—”

  ”Isn’t you who is sinister?” Wen Jianing interrupted him coldly.

  Lu Jinlang, who was sitting in the front row, laughed. He said to Wen Jianing, “Let your big brother continue”

  Wen Jianing stopped talking, so Ke Xinfan continued, “At the start of junior high school, you were not getting along with the people in your class and I went to help you settle some things. I would go out to play with my friends, and you would follow me behind. You wouldn’t leave no matter how much I yell at you …”

  ”What you said was unpleasant to hear, wasn’t it?” Wen Jianing said.

  Ke Xinfan did not deny it. At that time he was also just an adolescent, at the most rebellious age. It was later that he began to understand how difficult his brother’s disability was to talk about, and he couldn’t even be a complete man. In addition, Ke Xinhang’s personality was not likeable, and Ke Xinfan also began to dislike this younger brother at that time. If Ke Xinhang wanted to follow him when he went out with his friends, he would privately say some nasty things to Ke Xinhang, or even some insulting words, and when he saw Ke Xinhang hating him with tears in his eyes, he couldn’t help feeling guilty.

  The relationship between the two brothers was very complex, and they were not without affection, but there are also a lot of hurt feelings between them. Even now, Ke Xinfan still hadn’t changed the habit of being nasty. It was just that his younger brother would no longer look at him with that kind of grievance and hatred. He found that his younger brother didn’t care about his malicious words anymore.

  In fact, this might be a good thing. It indicated that his younger brother had grown up, his heart was stronger, there were other people to rely on, and he no longer needed him.

  The atmosphere in the car was quiet for a while.

  Then Ke Xinfan raised his hand and touched Wen’s hand, which he dodged. Ke Xinfan stretched out his hand again, grabbed his arm, and then pulled Wen Jianing in his arms.

  Wen Jianing struggled at first, but Ke Xinfan held him tightly. He couldn’t break away, so he relaxed and let him hold him.

  Ke Xinfan said, “I’m sorry.”

  Lu Jinlang turned his head and glanced at them.

  Wen Jianing was a little dazed.

  Ke Xinfan still hugged him tightly, “Seeing that you are living well now, your big brother is relieved. I will definitely pay you back the money, don’t worry.”

  Wen Jianing took a deep breath and said, “You don’t need to pay back the money.” After a while, he reached out and hugged Ke Xinfan and called “Big Brother”.

  It was not the first time that he called Ke Xinfan big brother, but only this time, he seemed to really feel that the man in front of him was his brother. He always felt that he could not distinguish between delusion and reality.

  That night, Ke Xinfan stayed in Wen Jianing’s villa for the night.

  Wen Jianing helped him arrange a guest room on the first floor, and Ke Xinfan lay in bed early to rest.

  Early the next morning, Wen Jianing hadn’t woken up yet. Lu Jinlang went downstairs and saw Ke Xinfan squatting in the doorway to smoke, with his small travel bag beside him. This bag was taken away by the group when Ke Xinfan was taken away, and now it was sent back with him.

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “Are you leaving?”

  Ke Xinfan turned his head and glanced at Lu Jinlang, “My little brother hasn’t gotten up yet?”

  Lu Jinlang responded, “He’s still sleeping.”

  Ke Xinfan smiled when he heard the words, “Look how spoiled he is with you.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Sleeping means that he is in a relaxed mood and there is no pressure. It is a good thing.”

  Ke Xinfan finished smoking a cigarette. He originally wanted to press it out on the door, but he hesitated to put it out, stood up and threw it into the trash can in the living room. He clapped his hands and said to Lu Jinlang, “I’m leaving.”

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “Where are you going?”

  Ke Xinfan replied, “I’m going to correct my wrong. I will ask him to give back the eight million.”

  Lu Jinlang disagreed. “Have you thought about the possible consequences of provoking him again?”

  Ke Xinfan glanced at him, “I won’t be so impulsive, this time I will take my time and have fun with him.”

  Lu Jinlang did not speak.

  Ke Xinfan said to him, “You don’t have to care about me. Even if I die this time, it’s not your business.”

  Lu Jinlang was silent for a while, and said to him, “I won’t interfere with you anymore, take care of your own affairs.”

  Ke Xinfan nodded, and said to Lu Jinlang, “Thank you, little brother.” After that, he smiled to himself, “I shouldn’t call you little brother. What should I call you?” He seemed to find it interesting, and he kept smiling. Ke Xinfan reached out and opened the door and walked outside.

  Standing at the door, Ke Xinfan waved to Lu Jinlang, then raised his hand and closed the door.

  Lu Jinlang turned around and saw Wen Jianing standing on the stairs wearing pyjamas and slippers, looking in the direction of the door.

  ”He’s gone,” Lu Jinlang said as he walked up the stairs.

  Wen Jianing nodded, “I heard what he said.”

  Lu Jinlang walked up to the stairs in front of him before he stopped, and said, “You said those things to him last night. To be honest, I was quite nervous. You weren’t afraid of angering him and him using your affairs as a threat?”

  Wen Jianing asked, “Do you think he will?”

  Lu Jinlang answered him seriously, “I don’t think he would.”

  Wen Jianing gave a soft “um”, “I don’t think so too.”

  In fact, Ke Xinfan had come back for so long and said a lot of ugly things, but he really never threatened him with this incident. Probably he didn’t intend to involve him from the beginning.

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “He went back to find trouble with Boss Yuan, aren’t you worried?”

  ”He is a grown-up. He will take the consequences for what he does. I won’t care about him anymore.”

  ”That’s what I told him,” Lu Jinlang said, stretching out his hands to Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing hugged him.

  Lu Jinlang hugged Wen Jianing’s waist with both hands. He picked him up and walked towards the second floor. At the same time, he said, “I remember something that I almost forgot to tell you.”

  Wen Jianing hugged his head and asked, “What is it?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “I told you about the psychologist I introduced to Wen Lin last time. Yesterday, Yunan made a call to ask about the situation. He said that Wen Lin had never seen him at all and that no one had called and contacted him for Wen Lin.

  ”Huh?” Wen Jianing struggled to let him put himself down, “No contact at all?”

  Lu Jinlang nodded, “Who did you tell to call? Ask again.”

  Wen Jianing frowned, “Zhu Zexin said that he contacted him, and he didn’t make an appointment?”

  Lu Jinlang put his hands in his pockets, “Then you better ask him again.”

  Wen Jianing suddenly became a little angry, and said, “No need to ask, I’ll go to Zheng Xin.”

  On the same day, Wen Jianing took the time to go to the company. He was now busy acting outside and seldom had time to come back to the company. In the past two years, Lei Xing had developed very well and recruited many young artists after them.

  Among them, there were some newly recruited in the past two days, and they didn’t even think they would meet Wen Jianing. At this time, they hid from a distance and watched Wen Jianing secretly.

  Wen Jianing went directly to Zheng Xin’s office and told Zheng Xin about the matter.

  Zheng Xin was quite calm. He deliberately defended Zhu Zexin and said, “Maybe Wen Lin’s situation is not as serious as you thought, or xiao Zhu is too busy and forgot about this matter.”

  Wen Jianing suddenly became a little unhappy, and asked Zheng Xin, “Have you seen Wen Lin recently?”

  Like Wen Jianing, Wen Lin was busy filming outside, and Zheng Xin naturally hadn’t seen him for a long time, so Zheng Xin didn’t say anything.

  Wen Jianing was still very polite to Zheng Xin. He said, “Wen Lin is really in a bad state. I’m afraid he will have depression.”

  Zheng Xin frowned slightly.

  Wen Jianing said, “Zhu Zexin is too late. I can do things like contacting a psychologist, but I can’t accompany Wen Lin and supervise him to see a doctor at all times.”

  Zheng Xin nodded, “I understand.”

  Later, Wen Tinghuan called Wen Jianing that afternoon, saying that she had heard that Zheng Xin called Zhu Zexin back and scolded him, and then changed someone on Wen Lin’s side.

  Wen Jianing was a little surprised that Zheng Xin acted so decisively.

  Wen Tinghuan hesitated a little on the other end of the phone as if she had something to say.

  Wen Jianing said to her, “Just say what you want.”

  Wen Tinghuan was still Zheng Xin’s student, and so was Zhu Zexin. To put it bluntly, they were all of the same faction. There were some things that Zheng Xin would tell them in private, but not necessarily to Wen Jianing and Wen Lin.

  After hesitating, Wen Tinghuan said directly to Wen Jianing, “Zheng laoshi once said that you have a backup, even stronger than Yi Nan. He told us not to offend anyone, especially you.”

  Wen Jianing heard Wen Tinghuan say this and glanced at Lu Jinlang who was watching TV next to him. Zheng Xin’s words were correct, at least in Lei Xing, his backup was the most powerful.

  Wen Tinghuan continued, “So when you go to him, he must do something to show you. It’s just…”

  Wen Jianing said, “You can just say what you want, and stop pretending to hesitate.”

  Wen Ting laughed happily, but also sighed, “Based on Zheng laoshi’s character, no matter how strict he is on the surface, he doesn’t want to offend Zhu Zexin in private. But he doesn’t want to offend you more.”

  Wen Jianing whispered, “It doesn’t matter, since I went to find him, he should bear these consequences.”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “I would rather offend a gentleman than offend a villain. What could I say about Zhu Zexin? Anyway, you should be careful about him in the future, be more polite on the surface, and don’t make too many problems.”

  Wen Jianing said to Wen Tinghuan, “I know, I have a backup, you don’t have to worry about me.”

  When he hung up, Lu Jinlang put his hand on his shoulder and asked, “What are you talking about?”

  Wen Jianing turned to look at him and smiled, “They said I have a backup at the company, so they better not mess with me.”

  Lu Jinlang raised his hand and pointed at himself.

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help but laugh.

  Lu Jinlang said, “I have provided you with such a solid and powerful backup, are you not going to thank me for it?”

  Wen Jianing stood up and straddled his lap, cupped his face, kissed his lips, and asked, “Is this enough?”

  Lu Jinlang did not respond, and said, “You blocked me from watching TV.”

  Wen Jianing immediately got up, but Lu Jinlang grabbed his arm and rolled over on the sofa, “But the TV is not as good as you.” Then he kissed him.

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