Chapter 77

  First love. This word was more suitable for those young boys and girls, in the school classroom, in the playground, with a red face and hazy emotion.

  But Wen Jianing hadn’t experienced that, he himself didn’t expect to experience it at this age. Moreover, to fall in love with a man which he never thought was possible.

  Lu Jinlang’s palm was pressed against his neck, and his fingers repeatedly rubbed his chin. The force was not light, and Wen Jianing even felt a little pain. He was not sure what Lu Jinlang was thinking, but now that he could be held tightly by him, Wen Jianing couldn’t help closing his eyes, burying his face on his shoulder, and took a deep breath.

  ”Have you always liked men?” Lu Jinlang asked in his ear.

  Wen Jianing shook his head. He had never liked anyone before, regardless of male or female, but he had never considered himself a homosexual.

  Desire was inevitable. Most of his channels to vent his desires were through women rather than men. But he also had to admit that women gave him far less excitement than Lu Jinlang, and even before he fell in love with Lu Jinlang, his body had already fallen first. He was not sure whether there was any influence from Ke Xinhang, but one thing he was certain of, he was not a pure heterosexual himself.

  Lu Jinlang felt complicated as he held Wen Jianing tight. In his heart, Wen Jianing and Ke Xinhang were gradually overlapping. He even began to wonder what kind of person Wen Jianing was, what kind of life he lived, and what was in his mind in the past.

  The summer was not over yet, but the night was a little cooler in the middle of the mountain. There seemed to be sounds of water and insects in the distance, and behind them was a place full of feast and pleasure seekers. This entertainment place, which was isolated from the outside world, puts on all kinds of adulterous activities every day. The truth was this was the place where hypocrisy comes and goes, and only in front of your true love, you would be able to make yourself feel warm and peaceful.

  Wen Jianing raised his hand and hugged Lu Jinlang’s back.

  Then he felt Lu Jinlang’s arms hug him harder.

  Wen Jianing asked him softly, “Don’t you dislike me?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “When did I dislike you?”

  Wen Jianing smiled bitterly, he felt a little embarrassed to say these words, “I am older than you, and I am not a 20-year-old newcomer.”

  Lu Jinlang seriously recalled the appearance of Jianing in the past, and said, “But you are still in good shape.”

  Wen Jianing laughed when he said that, although he thought it was nothing funny, “I spend at least three days in the gym every week. I know I am not young anymore and want to maintain the best state to continue acting…” He stopped suddenly when he said that, feeling a little uncomfortable. He was only two years older than Lu Jinlang. Lu Jinlang himself was not young anymore. How could he not know the hardships of this business?

  However, when Wen Jianing stopped talking, Lu Jinlang seemed to be interested and asked, “When was your first kiss?”

  Wen Jianing was taken aback when he heard the words. It wasn’t that he didn’t remember it, but that it was too long a memory. And now that he thought about it, there was nothing too worth recalling, so he didn’t want to mention it.

  Lu Jinlang continued, “What about your first night?”

  Wen Jianing recollected himself and looked up at Lu Jinlang, “Are you mocking me?” Because he just said that this was his first love, he was a little sensitive to Lu Jinlang’s reaction.

  Lu Jinlang didn’t laugh, he said, “I just want to ask.”

  Wen Jianing was silent for a moment, and said, “It’s all in the past.”

  Lu Jinlang asked, “With a man or with a woman?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I have never done anything with a man in the past. You are the first one.” He was also the only one. Needless to say, Lu Jinlang understood.

  Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and touched his face, “Am I your first man?”

  It was correct to say that.

  Wen Jianing acquiesced.

  Lu Jinlang suddenly felt something different in his heart. He was Ke Xinhang’s first and only man. He was certain, but that was largely due to Ke Xinhang’s physical limitations, which made him have to maintain the necessary distance from everyone. But Wen Jianing was different. In the eyes of many people, Wen Jianing could probably be regarded as an excellent to nearly perfect man. That kind of Wen Jianing was honest that he was attracted to a man for the first time and was pinned down by men for the first time, even Lu Jinlang couldn’t help but feel a little unspeakable excitement. This may be due to the natural desire of all men to conquer.

  In fact, there seemed to be nothing wrong. Lu Jinlang suddenly felt that compared with Ke Xinhang, who always seemed to be incomplete in the past, this person in front of him has become more complete and could bring him more surprises.

  At this time, Wen Jianing suddenly stretched out his hand and pushed him away, “In any case,” he said, “Whether you think you can accept it or not, I hope you will give me a definite answer.”

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “If I can’t accept it, what are your plans?”

  Wen Jianing was slightly bewildered, and then said, “You once said that everyone is an adult and we just can’t simply be together. But no one can live alone for so long.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “You’re right. No one can’t live without someone. But once you get separated, it’s hard for me to imagine what life will be like in the future. It’s not easy to find someone for a lifetime.”

  Wen Jianing looked at him in confusion, and didn’t seem to understand what he meant.

  ”I’m sorry,” Lu Jinlang suddenly took his hand, “I should tell you that I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable these days.”

  Wen Jianing did not speak.

  Lu Jinlang once again opened his arms and hugged him, “Now I can’t say anything to defend myself. I can only ask if you can forgive my previous willfulness?”

  He was very grateful to Li Rong for calling him over today. Perhaps what they need at first was to have a face-to-face conversation instead of closing themselves up and thinking about it individually.

  Whether it was Ke Xinhang or Wen Jianing, he was sure that he liked the person in front of him. He would feel sad when he saw him sad, and he would be happy when he laughed with him.

  Wen Jianing felt the warmth of Lu Jinlang’s body, and he said again, “I am Wen Jianing. That Wen Jianing you used to know.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Okay, I get it.”

  Wen Jianing looked up at him.

  Lu Jinlang gently pushed the hair from his forehead, lowered his head and kissed his lips.

  Wen Jianing did not avoid him, but welcomed his kiss, opened his mouth to deepen the kiss.

  Lu Jinlang held him tightly and stroked his face and back neck with one hand. Then with a little force, he carried him to sit on the outer balcony railing.

  Wen Jianing kept staring at him. A light came out of the window in the corridor next to him, shining on his eyes with a crystal glow.  He felt that he was quite powerless, and he just felt a little wronged. When he saw Lu Jinlang watching him, he couldn’t help but look away.

  Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and cupped his chin across his face, and then kissed his lips again. This time the kiss seemed more intense, as if he was going to swallow him down alive here.

  It wasn’t until Wen Jianing pushed back a little bit that Lu Jinlang realized that the environment and location were inappropriate.

  He asked Wen Jianing, “Did you open a room?”

  Wen Jianing’s room hasn’t been checked out, and he replied, “I stayed in that room last time.”

  Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and carried him directly.

  Wen Jianing was taken aback, struggling to let Lu Jinlang let him down. He always felt a little embarrassed, and it was a very strange feeling. In the past, when Lu Jinlang thought he was the 20 years old Ke Xinhang, he didn’t care about any actions he made, but now he had returned to the 36 years old Wen Jianing, and in front of Lu Jinlang, he felt that it was not appropriate to be carried by him.

  Lu Jinlang needed time to adapt to this fact. He’s not at fault.

  After all the restlessness and struggle, he also needed some time to calm his mood slowly until he found the balance between the two of them.

  Lu Jinlang didn’t insist. He put him down and took his hand and walked towards the small yard.

  As soon as they entered the room, Lu Jinlang pressed him behind the door, kissed him fiercely, and reached out to stroke his cheek and neck.

  Wen Jianing responded to him silently.

  Lu Jinlang kissed his ear, gasped suddenly, and said, “Have you ever thought that if you haven’t experienced this, we might never get together.”

  Wen Jianing was taken aback for a moment, he also understood that if he hadn’t been drunk that day, hadn’t lie in bed and couldn’t wake up, or hadn’t been reborn into Ke Xinhang’s body, he and Lu Jinlang would miss one another forever.

  Maybe there would still be a competition that allowed Lu Jinlang to meet Ke Xinhang, but the real Ke Xinhang would never be close to Lu Jinlang, so it was impossible for them to be together. And if he was still alive in his original identity, even if he had the opportunity to cooperate with Lu Jinlang again, they would always maintain a polite distance with no more interaction.

  If Lu Jinlang asked him and gave him a chance to choose again, whether he would continue to be Wen Jianing or become Ke Xinhang, then he really couldn’t answer. In fact, he still missed his past self, otherwise he would not insist on telling Lu Jinlang his identity, but since he had become Ke Xinhang, then those thoughts were meaningless, and he would live better and happily with this identity.

  Fortunately, Lu Jinlang did not intend to ask him these meaningless questions.

  Because there was no doubt on how difficult the question was for Wen Jianing. Lu Jinlang was very grateful to God for sending such a Wen Jianing to his side. Not to covet after this young body, but to create the possibility for them to be together, otherwise, they would only miss one another forever.

  It was really a close call and very lucky.

  Wen Jianing was lying on the big bed in the room, feeling the weight of Lu Jinlang pressing down on him. He reached out and grabbed the sheets under him, panting heavily to bear the passion…

  After that, no one had any sleep.

  Lu Jinlang put his arm around Wen Jianing and stroked his smooth back repeatedly.

  Wen Jianing opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. In fact, he was still a little in daze. There were too many changes the whole night, and he didn’t have time to digest.

  He stretched out a hand, spread his five fingers, and watched the light coming in from the window through his fingers.

  Lu Jinlang suddenly stretched out his hand from behind and clasped his five fingers, kissed his ear and asked, “What are you thinking?”

  Wen Jianing shook his head. After he devoted himself to love making, he felt a little empty, or perhaps he hadn’t fully recovered from Lu Jinlang’s previous actions.

  Lu Jinlang thought of the question Wen Jianing asked him if he disliked him before, but he didn’t answer it carefully at that time. Now he decided to answer it again, “I never disliked you. Age and appearance, these are not the reasons for my consideration, do you understand?”

  Wen Jianing turned his head slightly to look at him.

  Lu Jinlang said bluntly, “I couldn’t accept it at first, because your two identities would give me the illusion of being two different people. The sense of dislocation was too strong, and it was a little hard to accept it.”

  Wen Jianing remained silent.

  Lu Jinlang hugged him and said, “Jianing, do you think I can call you that way?”

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help but shiver.

  Lu Jinlang hugged tighter, “It may be inconvenient in public, but you can hear me call you any way you want when we are alone.”

  Wen Jianing was silent for a moment, and said, “Call me husband.”

  Lu Jinlang propped up his body with one hand, looked down at him from above, then couldn’t help but smile, lowered his head and whispered in his ear.

  Wen Jianing also smiled and squeezed his hand tightly.

The author has something to say:
I wanted to abuse a few more chapters, but for the sake of busybody lady’s consideration, let’s just let them make up quickly
Life has been so difficult, so don’t bully Wen xiaoshou…

Wen Jianing wanted to be called “Husband” coz he wanted to assert dominance (☆Θ艸Θ)
He might be the one who is fvcked but who says he can’t be the husband?

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