Chapter 20

       When Wen Jianing was standing outside the Lei Xing building waiting for Lu Jinlang, he noticed that someone across the street was secretly taking pictures of him. Since he became Ke Xinhang, he had spent some time adapting to the life of not being noticed or chased by others, but now he had to adapt himself again to the life of standing on the street and being photographed.

       He called Lu Jinlang and walked toward the building, and asked Lu Jinlang to drive the car directly to the underground parking lot to avoid being photographed by interested people.

       When he got in Lu Jinlang’s car, Wen Jianing heard Lu Jinlang ask him, “What do you want to eat?”

       Wen Jianing said, “I don’t want to eat anything. I want to go home.”

       Lu Jinlang burst into laughter when he heard the words, and stepped on the brake. “Do you think of me as a taxi driver?” Since last night’s incident, Lu Jinlang felt as if Wen Jianing had simply torn off his mask in front of him. He didn’t even bother to pretend to show his basic politeness.

       Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinlang and asked, “How much is the fare?”

       Lu Jinlang smiled and said, “I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

       Having said that, Wen Jianing did not ask to go home again after all.

       Lu Jinlang asked him as he drove, “Are you in a bad mood?”

       Wen Jianing propped his head with one hand and said nothing.

       Lu Jinlang said, “I heard that you quarrelled with Yi Nan?”

       Wen Jianing casually said, “I didn’t know Mr. Lu cares so much about me?”

       Lu Jinlang said with a gentle smile, “I try to restrain myself from asking news about you.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help looking at him and found it difficult to tell whether Lu Jinlang was telling a lie or not. The other party’s acting skills were so perfect that he could say every word as if it’s the most beautiful love words.

       But then, Wen Jianing remembered one thing. He asked, “Who knows about what happened last night?”

       Lu Jinlang seemed surprised. “Who do you think I will let know? Of course, I’m the only one who knows.”

       “It’s not that,” Wen Jianing found that his words were ambiguous, so he corrected, “I was asking something about you taking me away last night.”

       Lu Jinlang said, “Your agent, I think his last name is He?”

       “He Chaoshu,” Wen Jianing said, frowning slightly. Since only He Chaoshu knows about it, then he must be the one to say it on Yi Nan.

       Lu Jinlang drove the car all the way, and instead of stopping to find a place to eat, he drove directly back home.

       Wen Jianing knows that he is a little grumpy today, but now his mood is gradually recovering, and he is also seriously considering how to deal with his relationship with Lu Jinlang in the future. Compared with the panic last night and the anger when he woke up in the morning, he no longer gets angry with Lu Jinlang about this matter.

       After parking the car, Lu Jinlang said to him, “Go inside first, and then consider to eat something when you are hungry.”

       In the living room on the first floor of Lu Jinlang’s house, Wen Jianing found a stack of DVD discs stored under the TV cabinet. He flipped through them. They were all films starring Lu Jinlang, and the second one was made by the two of them. ‘Duel’.

       Lu Jinlang went to the kitchen to pour him a glass of warm water. He came back and handed him the glass. He sat down on the floor beside him, and asked, “Are you interested?”

       Wen Jianing held the glass in one hand and drew the disc out with the other. “Duel,” he said.

       Lu Jinlang said, “Yeah, I co-produced it with your idol. Haven’t you seen it?”

       Wen Jianing didn’t answer the question directly, but said to him, “Let’s have a look.”

       Lu Jinlang readily agreed, “Okay.”

       Lu Jinlang put the disc in the DVD player, turned off the overhead light in the living room, sat on the sofa with Wen Jianing and watched the only movie they co-starred in. It was just a pity that Lu Jinlang didn’t know that the person beside him was Wen Jianing.

       However, Wen Jianing had some unspeakable excitement for no reason.

       The movie ‘Duel’ was about a confrontation between a young policeman who had just entered the police station and a terrible criminal. Wen Jianing played the policeman in the play, and the criminal was played by Lu Jinlang.

       At the beginning of this drama, Wen Jianing’s agent advised him not to take it, because the one who played the bad guy was always more likely to shine than the one who played the good guy, especially since the other party was Lu Jinlang. However, precisely because the other party was Lu Jinlang, Wen Jianing resolutely took over the role regardless of the opposition. Whether it was a policeman or a criminal, he was confident that he can play this role well.

       He still remembered that after filming this drama, Wen Jianing did not dare to look back at this drama for a long time, especially when he learned that both of them were nominated for the Academy Award. He had no reason to be unconfident about competing with Lu Jinlang.

       But now, he was in a completely different state of mind. He was willing to sit down and watched this movie with Lu Jinlang. He knew that he was better than Lu Jinlang here, and he hoped to hear comments about him from Lu Jinlang.

       The large LCD TV and sound system of Lu Jinlang’s home were very good as if they were in a private theatre.

       When he saw his own name appear on the LCD screen, Wen Jianing felt a bit sentimental. It was too painful to stop at the peak of his life and lose all his ambition.

       The film began with a bizarre shopping mall theft. Xie An, a fledgling policeman, followed the senior policeman to see the scene. The close-up shot was focused on Wen Jianing’s face. He slowly turned his head, carefully and cautiously checking every detail of the scene.

       But they didn’t find any clues. They finished work and went out to eat noodles at a roadside stall. They met the suspect Yu Fenglin played by Lu Jinlang. He looked very ordinary wearing glasses and an old-style jacket.

       That night, Xie An received a text message from the senior policeman saying a clue was discovered and the details will be discussed tomorrow. In the end, Xie An heard the news that the senior policeman was killed when he went to work the next day. Through investigation, Xie Yu found that there was a person who had been in contact with the old policeman before his death. He wanted to find that person, but that person was missing. After that, there were a series of cases. As soon as the clues were found, someone would be one step ahead of him to destroy the clues.

       After a repeated confrontation between Xie An and Yu Fenglin, Xie An set up a trap and made all the clues pointed at himself, luring Yu Fenglin to kill him. But Xie An did not expect Yu Fenglin to find his pregnant girlfriend. The story ended with Xie An shooting Yu Fenglin and killing him. However, Yu Fenglin also killed Xie An’s girlfriend and his unborn child.

       A duel that caused loss for both sides.

       In fact, this was a suspense thriller movie. There were many exquisite outlines in the middle, in addition to the acting skills of Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang, the movie was very interesting to watch.

       However, when Wen Jianing re-watched the movie, the focus was naturally on the performance of him and Lu Jinlang. The most impressive scene in the whole play was the scene in which Yu Fenglin killed Xie An’s girlfriend at the end. Lu Jinlang looked very cold at that time, but his expression also showed some morbid pleasure. Wen Jianing’s assistant who was watching them on the site told him that his goosebumps were all up, and he was really frightened by Lu Jinlang.

       At this moment, he turned his head and asked Lu Jinlang, “Which is the most impressive scene of the whole movie for you?”

       Lu Jinlang rubbed his lips with his right thumb and said, “The part where Xie An looked at the scene where his woman was killed.”

       This scene was actually very classic. At the Academy Awards ceremony, on the big screen when Wen Jianing was announced as the award winner also repeatedly played this scene. In the end, he still used his own strength to bring the character alive, perfectly performing this originally infamous role.

       When he heard Lu Jinlang’s words, Wen Jianing couldn’t help but ask, “Do you also acknowledge Wen Jianing’s performance?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “Wen Jianing is a very good actor, but it’s a pity.”

       This sentence sounds very much like an official phrase for external use, but Wen Jianing felt that Lu Jinlang should be sincere in what he said at this time.

       Lu Jinlang suddenly reached out and placed his hand on the back of Wen Jianing’s neck as he said, “Is my acknowledgement of Wen Jianing important to you?”

       Instead of answering him, Wen Jianing changed the subject and said, “I’m hungry.”

       Lu Jinlang then got up from the sofa and said, “Let’s eat, go see what you want to eat.”

       Wen Jianing followed Lu Jinlang and opened the refrigerator in his house. When he saw that it was full of food, he couldn’t help saying, “There is so much food, can you eat it all by yourself?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “Aren’t you going to accompany me to eat? See what you want to eat. But it’s so late, you’d better eat a light meal.”

       Finally, Lu Jinlang took bread, ham and lettuce to make sandwiches.

       Wen Jianing stood by the kitchen door watching him while he was preparing food.

       While cutting the ham, Lu Jinlang said, “I was actually quite worried about you this morning, but you recovered faster than I thought.”

       Wen Jianing leaned his head against the door frame and said, “Or else? Should I be desperate? Or kill you and shut you up forever?”

       Lu Jinlang smiled upon hearing this.

       Wen Jianing said, “It’s no big deal, you saw it too, it’s just that way.”

       “Actually, I think it’s fine,” Lu Jinlang said.

       Wen Jianing gave a soft “Um”.

       “I’m serious,” Lu Jinlang said. “You see, you’re still standing here healthily. You can perform on the stage and have many fans who like you. You still can enjoy happiness like all men.”

       Finally, Wen Jianing reacted a little after understanding what he meant. Although he was more or less angry when he thought about what happened last night, Lu Jinlang was right. Wen Jianing found that he could still react, which made him less desperate.

       If he didn’t have such high expectations for himself, he could live a happier life.

       Lu Jinlang walked out of the door with a plate. When passing by Wen Jianing, he pinched a piece of ham with his fingers and brought it to his mouth, saying, “Open your mouth.”

       Wen Jianing opened his mouth obediently, but instead of delivering the ham, Lu Jinlang kissed his lips.

       His body was pressed against the door. After the fierce kiss ended, Lu Jinlang put the ham into his mouth and said, “Keep it.”

       Wen Jianing bit off a small piece and reached out to take the remaining half away from his mouth.

       Lu Jinlang smiled and stroked his face with his fingers, and said, “Good boy.”

The author has something to say:
I suddenly found Jinjiang* will swallow comments. I couldn’t find the comments I saw in the afternoon, but I remember it have some greetings. Thank you very much. I also hope that everyone can have a happy life, read stories to relax and just watch anything you like.
I’m not sure if I can add more during the holidays, but I will work hard to save the manuscript, and prepare for the third change on the day of entering V

*it might refer to jjwxc(?)

Notes: As always I don’t really understand what the author means, but sometimes the author makes funny comments about the story that’s why I still try to include the author’s note.


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