Wen Jianing’s singing was full of emotion. His singing and emotions were exactly the same as his past performance in the movies. The difference was only in his voice.

       The live camera cut to a female audience in the stands. She was already in tears halfway through listening. They were not sure if she was actually a fan of Wen Jianing.

       Xu Rujing whispered in Lu Jinlang’s ear, “If this boy finds a way to develop well, he will have a bright future.”

       Lu Jinlang didn’t say anything. He held a signing pen in his hand and gently pressed it against his lips.

       When Wen Jianing finished singing, the response in the studio was very enthusiastic, but even so, he still failed to win the game. Of course, he felt it didn’t matter.

       When it was finally announced that Yi Nan was the champion, he couldn’t feel so excited. He even faked his excitement because he at least couldn’t make himself look depressed in front of the camera.

       Wen Jianing was the first runner up and Wen Lin was the second runner up. Both of them were not surprised by the result and waved to the audience with a smile.

       The atmosphere now was very warm, with cold fireworks* and balloon ribbons, but the three winner’s mood was too calm, they were relying on the excited roar of the host.

       The game lasted for nearly two months. Since Wen Jianing accidentally heard the inside story of who was the champion by default, he continued with the mentality of showing all the things he wanted to show. Now surprisingly, he was a runner up, which was beyond his expectation. He felt very satisfied.

       After the competition, the dressing room in the backstage area was very lively. All the eliminated players came back. Those who had a good relationship gathered in one place to talk, and others were congratulating Yi Nan.

       The producer of the show walked in, clapped his hands and said, “Everyone has worked so hard for so long. Let’s have dinner together tonight to celebrate.”

       Everyone responded enthusiastically.

       Wen Jianing found that Lu Jinlang had called him. After the call got through, he couldn’t hear what Lu Jinlang was saying because the surrounding environment was too noisy. He shouted to Lu Jinlang, “I’m off to dinner! Talk to you later!” and then hung up the phone.

       That night was very lively, and everyone temporarily let go of any past grievances, and even Yi Nan came over with a wine glass to have a drink with Wen Jianing.

       Later, when he returned to the small house rented by Ke Xinhang, Wen Jianing fell onto the bed and slept until dawn, without even having a dream.

       After he got up in the morning, he went to the bathroom to take a bath. After taking a bath, he stood in front of the mirror without clothes.

       He had never tried this before. He knew that the body was incomplete, but looking at it from that angle with his head down was nowhere near as strong as the visual impact of standing in front of a mirror and looking at a whole body.

       His body was tall and thin, with no obvious muscles, and without a trace of fat. A deformed body was absolutely ugly from the perspective of normal people, but his body should not be called ugly, because he almost had no hair, the skin was fair, and the shape was not that bad either.

       This was probably what Lu Jinlang saw from his perspective.

       In the mirror, Ke Xinhang’s face was very beautiful. His cheeks were ruddy because he had just taken a bath. The fog in the bathroom had not dispersed, and the oxygen was a little thin. He opened his lips slightly and was slightly breathless.

       Wen Jianing suddenly discovered that if he had seen such a beautiful young man in the past, he would probably found him very attractive. It was no wonder that Lu Jinlang had been attracted to him from the beginning.

       He put on his clothes. Wen Jianing tidied himself up and went out to take a taxi to the company.

       He was now a contracted artist of Lei Xing, and he wasn’t famous yet to have an agent attending to his needs. He needed to make himself look more diligent.

       Since he tactfully refused the request to post to Weibo to show his closeness with Yi Nan last time, He Chaoshu and the others didn’t push him to get along anymore.

       He Chaoshu’s emotions towards Wen Jianing were somewhat complicated. Wen Jianing himself had found that He Chaoshu was probably worried about his relationship with Lu Jinlang. However, the two of them never made their relationship clear, so He Chaoshu didn’t know what attitude he should show in front of Wen Jianing.

       But it was true that he was a lot more polite.

       When Wen Jianing went back today, he was going to ask again about the combination of Wen Lin and him mentioned by the company before. However, as soon as he arrived at the company, He Chaoshu hurriedly met him and said that he had an audition to prepare and to set out immediately.

       Wen Jianing was taken aback. He saw He Chaoshu was very anxious, so he didn’t ask any questions until he was sitting in the car, he asked, “Which movie?”

       He Chaoshu said, “October Fireworks.”

       Wen Jianing was a little surprised, and subconsciously asked, “The male lead?”

       He Chaoshu gave him a dumbfounded look and said, “How is that possible? It’s just a small character, no need to be too nervous.”

       In fact, when he asked, Wen Jianing knew that he had asked a silly thing. Lu Jinlang clearly said that they would start filming soon. How could he really give him the opportunity at this time.

       However, even if it was just a chance to play a small role, Wen Jianing felt very happy.

       He Chaoshu said, “Although it’s a little sudden, it’s not easy to have this opportunity. You have to know that the director of October Fireworks is Fang Wei, who is notoriously picky. You should perform well when the time comes.”

       Wen Jianing was no longer thinking about the audition. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and found Lu Jinlang’s number in the address book. He put his finger on the call button and hesitated, but he finally didn’t dial out. He held his phone and turned it in a circle a few times, and placed it back into his pocket.

       The audition was arranged at an entertainment company, which also served as the agency that did the cast for ‘October Fireworks’.

       After He Chaoshu took Wen Jianing into the audition room, he met Fang Wei’s old partner Li Jiazhen. Li Jiazhen had always been Fang Wei’s assistant, serving as the assistant director in many of Fang Wei’s movies, and was very familiar with Fang Wei’s style and character.

       In addition to Li Jiazhen, there were also several crew members that Wen Jianing was not very familiar with.

       He Chaoshu obviously knew Li Jiazhen. He approached Li Jiazhen with a smile on his face and introduced Wen Jianing to the other party.

       Li Jiazhen looked at Wen Jianing. As soon as he wanted to speak, Director Fang opened the door and came in. He sat down in a nearby chair and said plainly, “Let’s get started.”

       He Chaoshu didn’t dare to speak at once.

       Wen Jianing didn’t expect Fang Wei to appear in person, but he knew that Fang Wei had an almost morbid obsession with his film works. It was not very strange for him to appear here.

       Li Jiazhen asked Wen Jianing to give the script to Wen Jianing and was about to point him out for the role he was auditioning for, but Fang Wei suddenly said, “No need for a script, you try to play an introverted and silent high school student confessing his love to a girl he likes.”

       There was no script, no lines, and no one to act with him.

       He Chaoshu felt that Fang Wei probably didn’t like Wen Jianing. He couldn’t help being nervous and secretly turned his head to see Fang Wei’s face.

       Unfortunately for them, Wen Jianing had read the script of ‘October Fireworks’. Fang Wei said it so casually that he immediately knew which role he was auditioning for. It was the boy who was in the same class as the heroine who was immersed in studying. Because he had a crush on the heroine, he mustered up the courage to confess to her but was rejected by the heroine on the grounds that she wanted to study hard for the college entrance examination.

       It was indeed a small role, but it was not an insignificant role.

       In the script, this confession was made after the evening self-study. The boy asked the heroine to wait for him to go home together. He said it nervously as they walked. At this time, Wen Jianing did not intend to be affected by the script, nor did he want Fang Wei to know that he had read the script, and he wanted to express it in another way.

       So Wen Jianing stood in place, straightened his body, raised one hand, clenched his fist next to his shoulder, and his fingers kept moving, looking restless.

       Fang Wei originally leaned on the back of the chair, tilted one leg up and watched him expressionlessly. At this time, he sat up slightly and took a closer look, because he could see that this action was an act of a student unconsciously grasping the strap of a school bag.

       Wen Jianing began to constantly look sideways, then shrunk back and stood in place with his head leaning back.

       Everyone could see that he was leaning against a wall. From time to time, he looked from the corner of the wall, as if he was waiting for someone. He then saw someone from far, opened his mouth and wanted to shout. Before he shouted, he stopped and retracted his head because it was not the person he had been waiting for.

       He appeared introverted and timid.

       Then the person he had been waiting for finally appeared. He still suppressed his voice and shouted, “Xiao Ting!” He made up the heroine’s name casually. He called her name twice before the other party seemed to hear her.

       He leaned over, and after hearing the other person’s question, he said, “I have something to tell you.”

       The non-existent heroine expressed her hesitation.

       His gaze swept across the other party’s face from time to time, but he didn’t dare to stare for a long time. He lowered his head and asked in a very soft voice, “Which school entrance examination are you going to take?”


       “Oh” he said, “I want to try too. Shall we take the same school?”


       He tried to take a deep breath, and then his face turned red, and the look of helplessness made the people around him feel embarrassed for him. He said, “I like you. When we graduate from high school, shall we be together?”

       At this time, he would have been rejected by the heroine, but Fang Wei didn’t tell him how to develop after confession, so he imagined a scene in which he was vaguely accepted by the other party.

       He suddenly raised his head, his eyes gleamed, and he was still a little at a loss, but his joy prevailed. He said, “I will also be admitted to the school, as long as you like it, I can do anything!”

       Fang Wei interrupted him, “The other party rejected you. Continue from there just now.”

       Wen Jianing immediately changed his joyful expression. He stared at the non-existent person in front of him with wide eyes, not surprised but embarrassed. In just a short moment, he withdrew his gaze and began to say incoherently, “Oh, I also think so, I get it. I’m sorry I was in a bit of a hurry. I will wait until after the entrance exams are over, okay okay.”

       The other party seems to have said something.

       He raised his hand to look at his watch, “I have to go back. My mother will rush me, you should go back early too.”

       With that, he turned and ran and stopped in the corner of the room.

       Li Jiazhen sat up straight and said nothing. Because Fang Wei didn’t say anything, he looked at Fang Wei and asked, “Director Fang?”

       Fang Wei lowered his head and glanced at the script, then at Wen Jianing, and finally said, “Wait for the result.”

       He Chaoshu then stood up quickly, thanked Fang Wei and Li Jiazhen, and called Wen Jianing to leave.

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