Chapter 25

       The next day, after Wen Jianing returned to the company, He Chaoshu looked for him excitedly and told him that he had received the news from the crew of ‘October Fireworks’, and that he was scheduled to play the role, so he should finalize his schedule and signed a contract with the cast as soon as possible

  Being able to be in Fang Wei’s play, even if it was an insignificant small role, was a very rare opportunity for newcomers like him.

       For this reason, the original plan to let him and Wen Lin make their debut together was postponed. The company planned to wait until Wen Jianing’s ‘October Fireworks’ filming was over before formally planning the next step for him and Wen Lin.

  But in this way, they would have to postpone Wen Lin’s activities. This was also something that Wen Jianing couldn’t help.

  It was a matter of patience to shoot Fang Wei’s scenes because Fang Wei was very strict about his movies, and every shot has to be mulled over for a long time. There had even been cases where a scene was not finished even after a whole day.

  Despite this, there were still countless actors who had sharpened their heads and wanted to squeeze in. It was purely because of Fang Wei’s fame and reputation. Even big name actors like Lu Jinlang, and Wen Jianing, also cherished the opportunity to cooperate with Fang Wei.

  Wen Jianing had no other work on his hands and quickly finalized the time for joining the group. However, it was not certain when the shooting would end.

       The story of ‘October Fireworks’ began in the early 1990s. Jiang Zixin was the male lead from a wealthy family in a big city, and he accidentally injured someone into a coma in a fight. He was afraid of being targeted, so he escaped and came to a remote town.

  The shooting site was chosen in a remote and poor town on the mainland. In an attempt to restore the atmosphere of the early 1990s. Most of the location filming of the play would be completed here.

       The airline ticket was given by the company, but Wen Jianing didn’t have an assistant around him, and his agent wouldn’t come here with him, so he could only come alone with a suitcase. Fortunately, the crew sent a car to pick him up and settled him in a four-star hotel in a county-level city closest to the town.

  After he settled down, Wen Jianing inquired about the crew and learned that Lu Jinlang and the others also stayed in this hotel. However, they were filming in the town now, and it was not certain if the scene would be finished today, and they would come back to the hotel only after it was over.

       Although he had already joined the group, according to the arrangement, there might not necessarily be Wen Jianing’s scene tomorrow.

  He had read the script of ‘October Fireworks’ many times, and the character he played this time is called Ma Jianguo, who was a high school classmate of the heroine Qin Ruo. These two people were in the same class. He was a good student who was serious about studying hard but secretly loved the clever Qin Ruo.

       There were actually only very few scenes, and of course, there was no need for complex emotional expressions. For Wen Jianing, this was a very easy thing.

  Wen Jianing’s room was a standard room. Before he moved in, one bed was already occupied by someone. According to the crew, he was also a supporting actor.

  After dinner in the evening, the crew returned one after another.

  In the same room with Wen Jianing was a young actor. Wen Jianing didn’t know him, but he had seen the talent show that Wen Jianing participated in before.

  “Ke Xinhang?” The young man named Zhang Chu was a little excited, “My sister watched your talent show before and has always liked you.”

       Wen Jianing smiled politely, “Thank you.”

       Zhang Chu had been running outside all day, so at this time, he was sweating all over. He stood by the bed very freely and began to take off his clothes, and then planned to take a shower.

  Zhang Chu taking off his clothes in front of Wen Jianing was of course nothing to Wen Jianing. But Wen Jianing felt it was a little difficult to stay with Zhang Chu.

  Of course, he wouldn’t take off only a pair of underwear and walk around in front of Zhang Chu without it, but he was also a man. If he had to go in and close the bathroom even to change his pants, he would look a little obnoxious.

  At this moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door outside.

  Wen Jianing went to open the door and saw that it was Lu Yunan.

  Zhang Chu looked up and was surprised to see Lu Yunan because everyone in the crew knew that Lu Yunan was Lu Jinlang’s assistant.

  Lu Yunan smiled politely at Wen Jianing, and said, “I heard that you are here, and I am afraid that you are not used to living with strangers, so I come and invite you to stay in my room.”

       Wen Jianing immediately understood that this was not Lu Yunan’s invitation, but Lu Jinlang’s invitation. He just let Lu Yunan do this under the guise. Perhaps Lu Jinlang also knew that it was inconvenient for him to live with others.

       Just like this, Wen Jianing accepted his kindness, explained to Zhang Chu, carried his suitcase and moved out with Lu Yunan.

  Lu Jinlang lived in the suite on the top floor of the restaurant. There was a second bedroom in it, which should have been Lu Yunan’s room.

  But now Lu Yunan gave the room to Wen Jianing and went to reopen a room by himself.

  After he entered the room, Lu Yunan helped him take his luggage to the room. He walked towards the master bedroom and saw Lu Jinlang fall asleep on the bed without changing his clothes.

  Lu Yunan came over to help Lu Jinlang take off his shoes, but Wen Jianing said, “I’ll do it.”

  So Lu Yunan nodded and said softly, “Mr. Ke, I’m going out first. Call me if you need something.”

  Wen Jianing stopped him and said, “Call me Xinhang.”

  Lu Yunan smiled and nodded.

  After Lu Yunan went out, Wen Jianing helped Lu Jinlang take off his shoes. He then carried his legs to the bed and pulled the quilt over him.

  Lu Jinlang was probably too tired. Wen Jianing himself had shot some scenes with Fang Wei and knew the feeling of extreme fatigue.

  But no matter what, Wen Jianing now felt a lot more secure with Lu Jinlang. For example, he could finally relax and change into pyjamas without considering whether he needed to go into the bathroom and changed with the door closed.

  Lu Jinlang slept for more than two hours before he woke up. He came out of the room and saw Wen Jianing sitting on the sofa in his pyjamas playing on his mobile phone.

  ”Moving here?” Lu Jinlang asked.

  Wen Jianing replied, “It’s been a while, you were asleep.”

  Lu Jinlang walked to the sofa and sat down, “Sorry, I’m a little tired.”

  ”Yunan said he’s giving me the room. Is it okay?” Wen Jianing asked.

  ”It’s okay. If your scenes finish fast, it won’t take long.”

  Later, Lu Jinlang called the restaurant to bring dinner. After dinner, he went back to his room to have a rest.

  Wen Jianing remembered the last time the two of them parted somewhat unhappily. In fact, when Lu Jinlang asked him that question, his answer was not satisfying.

       He once put forward a condition to Lu Jinlang that he thought the other party could not do. In fact, to put it bluntly, he was unwilling to carry out the agreement. Although he continued to accept the benefits given to him by Lu Jinlang, he still insisted on this condition. Wen Jianing himself felt that it was somewhat hypocritical, but that was what he thought.

  He didn’t think he and Lu Jinlang couldn’t take the last step, but he hoped that at least it would come naturally and willingly. Even if it did not involve any exchange of affection and was purely to relieve desire, it didn’t matter as long as each other was willing.

  But Lu Jinlang might see it that way.

  The first night was spent in this quiet atmosphere of silence. The next morning, Wen Jianing followed the crew’s car to the small town where the shooting took place.

       Lu Jinlang had his own rental car, hired a local driver, and Lu Yunan followed along.

  Wen Jianing couldn’t get in Lu Jinlang’s car. Instead, he sat in the car of the crew.

  The assistant director in charge of personnel’s scheduling told him that there was his scene this afternoon, which was filmed in the local middle school. However, the filming of the heroine’s personal scenes started in the morning, but the filming was not successfully completed until the afternoon.

       Fang Wei used a new actress this time, which was selected from the film school because his request was only two words: fresh and pure.

  ‘October Fireworks’ was the story of Jiang Zixin, who came to the town and rented an old house. It was an old-fashioned four-story building with a staircase at the end and a passage up to an open balcony on one side and seven or eight families living side by side on the other.

       Next door to Jiang Zixin’s rented house, there lived a family of three. The parents were teachers at the middle school in the town, and the daughter’s name was Qin Ruo, a senior in high school.

  On the first day Jiang Zixin moved, he met Qin Ruo squatting on the balcony to wash clothes. He passed behind Qin Ruo, and Qin Ruo turned to look at him. When she saw that he was an unfamiliar young man, she immediately turned back in embarrassment.

  Lu Jinlang played Jiang Zixin in his twenties at the time. Although his actual age was a few years different, Lu Jinlang, who was wearing a tank top and shorts and had his hair cut short, did not look very different from the character’s age.

  Today’s whole day’s scenes were shot in the town middle school. They especially chose Sunday to borrow the venue from the school. At the same time, the school asked the school to organize some middle school students as extras.

  Jin Zhenzhen, who played Qin Ruo, was indeed pure enough in appearance and character but she was a little inexperienced and her acting skills were green.

  Perhaps what Fang Wei wanted was this kind of freshness.

  In the morning scene, Qin Ruo met her mother who was teaching at school in the corridor outside the classroom. She was a little distracted and did not even notice when she brushed past her mother. As a result, she was stopped by her mother and scolded. She cried directly in the corridor outside the classroom.

  Jin Zhenzhen’s emotions were not brewing well, and Fang Wei felt dissatisfied with that crying scene many times.

  Fang Wei didn’t swear, but his style of directing didn’t give people a detailed explanation of how to move and how to speak the lines. He would only ask you to stop, told you that it was wrong and told you to start over.

  At this time, Lu Jinlang was resting in his own car, while Wen Jianing was waiting not far away.

  After shooting more than ten times in a row without success, Jin Zhenzhen was a little anxious. She couldn’t help but flushed with embarrassment. Wen Jianing looked at her and shook his head.

  As a result, Wen Jianing’s scenes couldn’t be filmed until it was dark, so they jumped directly to the scene where he confessed to Qin Ruo at the school gate at night.

  This scene was the most important scene of the good student Ma Jianguo played by Wen Jianing.

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