Before Wen Jianing finished his part in the movie, Lu Jinlang took him to eat the legendary roast beef.

  It was late when they arrived, and there was only an old woman guarding the stall, saying that it was the last one, so she scooped it for them and cleaned up the stall.

  There was no one in the secluded street. Lu Jinlang parked the car aside and sat at a low table with Wen Jianing to share a portion of roast beef.

       “How is it?” Lu Jinlang asked him.

  Wen Jianing tried it, and commented, “It’s pretty good, but is it really worth going so far and so late to eat?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “It’s worth it if you think it’s good.”

  Wen Jianing smiled. He felt that he could understand Lu Jinlang’s pursuit of good food, but he would definitely not do this himself.

  Soon, his part was completely over.

  Lu Jinlang told him that he should not expect to gain popularity and fame with this movie. This experience was more to accumulate experience and contacts for him. Just like now, he managed to make Fang Wei remember his name. If Fang Wei could remember him when making movies in the future, it would be a success.

  Wen Jianing understood what Lu Jinlang meant. The night before he left, when he felt the weight and temperature of Lu Jinlang on his body, he suddenly felt reluctant to be separated.

  When he went back, Wen Jianing still took the plane alone. No one even picked him up at the airport. The agent informed him to go to the company the next day to discuss the next step.

  In the days when Wen Jianing left, Wen Lin had been receiving training, mainly about acting.

  Lei Xing cooperated with Starlight and planned to shoot a romance idol drama adapted from a popular online novel. The heroine in the novel had an emotional entanglement with two men. Lei Xing intended to make Wen Jianing and Wen Lin took the role, and at the same time, the two would sing the theme song of the TV series and release a single on the Internet.

  The company obviously paid more attention to Yi Nan. So they invited well-known songwriters to make a song for him and Jiang Yongfei. Together they sang to vigorously build momentum on the internet and media and launch Yi Nan’s first single.

  The entire TV series was still in the preparatory stage. After Wen Jianing went to the company, he first met Wu Dongqin and after that, he also followed Wen Lin to class.

       When he saw Wen Lin again, Wen Jianing found that Wen Lin was in a very good state, and he even concentrated on following the teacher in the acting class.

  That night, the two of them had dinner together.

  Wen Lin said to Wen Jianing, “Thank you for your enlightenment at that time, otherwise I might not have figured it out even now.”

  “Have you figured it out?” Wen Jianing asked with a smile.

  Wen Lin nodded, “Since there is no shortcut to take, I will do it step by step, and strive for the ability to do what I really want to do in the future.”

  Wen Jianing patted him on the shoulder.

  The next day Wen Jianing met Yi Nan in the corridor of the company.

  Yi Nan was talking and laughing with the people around him, but his smile faded when he saw Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing nodded to him. When passing by, Yi Nan suddenly grabbed his wrist.

       Wen Jianing was slightly surprised, and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

  Yi Nan released his hand and said to him, “I heard you took part in Fang Wei’s movie?”

  Wen Jianing said, “It’s just a minor role.”

  Yi Nan couldn’t help but say, “Lu Jinlang asked you to do a minor role for him, huh?”

  Wen Jianing knew that Yi Nan was used to picking on him again, so he smiled and said, “Jiang Yongfei asked you to sing with her, right? It’s a good deal.”

  Yi Nan looked around at the company employees coming and going, but finally relented and watched Wen Jianing walk away.

  There was no news from ‘October Fireworks’ because Fang’s crew declined all reporters to visit the shooting. This was Fang Wei’s habit, and the general media were unwilling to provoke Fang Wei and make him unhappy.

       Wen Jianing took advantage of his free time to find out the original novels of the idol drama they would join in the filming on the Internet.

  It was a novel with a Chinese historical setting. It was called ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’. It was a love triangle story between the heroine who went into the palace by mistake and the young emperor and his brother.

       Although they had not obtained the script, Wen Jianing knew that his and Wen Lin’s roles should be the two brothers.

  He just looked through the storyline, but after reading it, he searched a lot of related comments on the Internet and found that the popularity of the two male protagonists was quite high. There was even a quarrel between the fans of the two roles in the forum about who the heroine should be with.

  Later, Wen Jianing noticed that someone posted a post saying that Starlight TV station was going to shoot a TV series ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’. The people who responded to the following posts were talking about it. Some people mentioned the ideal actor in their hearts, and some people were still desperately opposing it. They were afraid it will ruin the image in their hearts.

       Wen Jianing looked and turned off the browser. He planned to wait until he got the script.

  Unknowingly, it was already late autumn. More than half a year had passed since his accidental death. After the new year, it was another year for the Academy Awards ceremony. Time seemed to pass quickly, and Wen Jianing was a little in trance. He always felt that he was gradually blurring the perception of himself.

  The preparatory work for the TV series had ended, and the script had been sent to them.

  The roles of Wen Jianing and Wen Lin had been finalized respectively. Wen Lin played the young emperor Xiao Zongyi, Wen Jianing plays his brother Xiao Zongyan, and the heroine was played by a famous TV series actress in the country named Yuan Qian.

       After the script roles were finalized, Wen Jianing conducted a modelling trial.

  This was the first time he tried costume modelling as Ke Xinhang. Because of his thin body, the stylist couldn’t help but give him more clothes to support the clothes.

  In the final styling, Wen Jianing wore a set of white dark pattern deep clothes, with natural and unrestrained form and picturesque appearance.

       As soon as Wen Jianing’s photo appeared on the Internet as the first official makeup photo, it was forwarded one after another. Most of them praised for the beautiful appearance and good-looking appearance. Of course, some picky people felt dissatisfied anyway.

  But either way, the crew put a fixed makeup photo of a character that day, which quickly aroused a large-scale discussion on the Internet. The TV series had not yet started filming, but it had already attracted a lot of attention.

  Part of the attention comes from the readers of the novel, part from the fans of the heroine, and the rest from the audience who had been following Wen Lin and Wen Jianing since they entered the competition.

       These days, Wen Jianing was very busy.

  Before the TV series was officially launched, the company held a large birthday party for Jiang Yongfei on her 24th birthday.

  Jiang Yongfei had always been Lei Xing’s first sister and enjoyed the best resources. Even Yi Nan was far behind her.

  Wen Jianing and Wen Lin felt a little tired recently, but how dare they miss Jiang Yongfei’s birthday party? They still need to be back to the company early in the morning to change clothes and do modeling.

  The birthday party was held in the yard of a high-end hotel in the city. Jiang Yongfei’s favourite colour was white. That day, the whole place was filled with pure white balloons and lilies. She wore a white dress and looked like a beautiful princess in a fairy tale.

  Wen Jianing was originally just served as a casual sidekick, but he didn’t expect to see Lu Jinlang at the banquet.

  It had been almost a month since he separated from Lu Jinlang. Lu Jinlang called him once in the meantime. They talked for more than ten minutes and ended the call. They didn’t contact each other at other times.

       They were two adult men. Wen Jianing was not used to that kind of intimate and intense communication.

       After Lu Jinlang arrived, he hugged Jiang Yongfei and gave her a birthday present.

       Jiang Yongfei smiled and took Lu Jinlang’s arm and talked to him for a long time.

       Wen Jianing stood on the other side of the yard and watched. Behind him, Wen Lin was wearing a suit and a bow tie, and he was chatting enthusiastically with the band’s cellist nearby.

       After a while, He Chaoshu rushed over and told Wen Lin and Wen Jianing not to stand stupidly, and to chat with the guests.

  The guest he mentioned was a well-known businessman. This time, he was the main investor in the TV series “The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix”, and he was invited to Jiang Yongfei’s birthday party.

  When Wen Jianing and Wen Lin were called over, he turned around and saw Lu Jinlang looking at him.

  He smiled silently at Lu Jinlang.

  When the big boss saw Wen Jianing and Wen Lin, he first praised them for their beautiful makeup photos and then asked a lot of questions about the filming.

  Some of the questions sounded a little dumb to Wen Jianing, but he had to try his best to accompany him.

  After a while, Jiang Yongfei’s birthday party officially began. While the band was playing cheerful tunes, the hotel staff pushed out the big cake filled with candles.

  When Jiang Yongfei blew out the candles, a burst of warm applause broke out at the scene.

  The next course was the western buffet dinner.

  Wen Jianing was already feeling hungry. He just picked up a steak on the plate when he heard someone next to him say, “That steak is too tough.”

       He turned his head to see Lu Jinlang.

  Lu Jinlang said, “There is a chef in this hotel who makes steak very well, but they obviously don’t care too much about this kind of buffet.”

  Wen Jianing asked softly, “When did you come back?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “On the plane this morning, but I will be back tomorrow morning.”

  Wen Jianing said, “It sounds hard.”

  Lu Jinlang complained a little bit, “It is. That’s why, at this time, I just want to hold you for a good night’s sleep.”

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help turning his head to look at him.

  Lu Jinlang tilted his head and smiled slightly.

       When he turned his head back, Wen Jianing found Yi Nan staring at him in the distance, as if he wanted to take a photo of him and Lu Jinlang together, and then framed it and hung it at the door of the company to let everyone know that he and Lu Jinlang were in an ambiguous relationship.

  Wen Jianing suddenly thought of teasing him, took out his hand and said to Lu Jinlang, “Let’s take a picture.”

  Lu Jinlang was puzzled, but still leaned close to him, and asked, “What are you taking?”

       Wen Jianing took a selfie of the two of them with his mobile phone, then waved it at Yi Nan and put the mobile phone in his pocket.

  Yi Nan cursed “crazy” in a low voice and looked away.

  Wen Jianing smiled.

  And at this moment, there was a commotion in the two-story building next to the yard.

       Many guests looked in that direction. Wen Jianing noticed that someone wanted to go inside, which was blocked by Lei Xing’s employees, and their agent, He Chaoshu hurried in.

       Somehow, Wen Jianing felt something was wrong with his intuition. He glanced at the yard but did not see Wen Lin.

  Wen Jianing said to Lu Jinlang, “I’ll go over and take a look.” Then he also walked over there.

  The staff at the door didn’t stop him. When Wen Jianing went up the stairs to the second floor, he saw Yi Nan also come in. The two looked at each other and heard He Chaoshu’s angry roar upstairs.

  The object of his anger was Wen Lin.

  Just now in the yard below, the big boss said that he drank too much, and He Chaoshu asked Wen Lin to help him upstairs to rest. As a result, as they walked into the lounge, the boss touched Wenlin’s ass.

       Wen Lin couldn’t hold back his anger and punched him in the face, which led to the quarrel.

       When Wen Jianing rushed to the second floor, He Chaoshu was shouting at Wen Lin and ordered Wen Lin to apologize to the boss. While at the same time he was constantly apologizing.

       Wen Lin’s face turned pale, but he still looked very adamant.

       The big boss stood up and said he wanted to call the police, and the corners of his mouth were broken.

       Wen Jianing said, “It is better not to call the police, it’s not something that is easy to explain when the police ask.”

  His tone was very polite, but his words sounded ironic to the other party. The man said, “It’s not hard to explain. I just accidentally touched him and he beat me like this!”

  Wen Jianing still wanted to talk, but heard He Chaoshu angrily, “Shut your mouth.”

  Then Wu Dongqin hurried up, took the boss’s hand and apologized loudly, saying, “Boss Liu, young people are not sensible. Don’t worry about it.”

  When he saw someone come to persuade him, the Boss Liu seemed to be even angrier. He stood there and talked about Lei Xing conspiring against him, as well as Manager Huang who hadn’t shown up at all.

  Wu Dongqin had been kindly persuading him, and only after a long time did he finally dispel the idea of calling the police on the spot, and then asked him to go out first.

  When a few of them were left, He Chaoshu began to reprimand Wen Lin for being ignorant.

  Wen Lin frowned and said nothing.

  Yi Nan frowned, and couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

  Wen Jianing was silent for a while, and finally, he couldn’t just listen anymore, and said to He Chaoshu, “Are you an agent or a pimp?”

       He Chaoshu’s face changed, and he said angrily, “What did you say?”

  Wen Jianing said, “You are his agent. You don’t want to help him solve this problem. Instead, you blame him for refusing to be touched. Do you think you are qualified to be an agent?”

  When Yi Nan heard Wen Jianing’s merciless accusation against He Chaoshu, he couldn’t help pulling Wen Jianing’s hand and told him to stop talking.

  Wen Jianing had always had a good temper, but this time he was really angry. He was worried that Wen Lin would be destroyed by people like He Chaoshu.

       He Chaoshu retorted, “Am I not doing it for your own good? Am I not humbling myself to apologize for your good? Have you thought about what happens if the other party withdraws his funding? Will the TV series be filmed or not? If you don’t have any drama to shoot, will you just do commercial shoots? Try to do that and we’ll see who will remember you in two years?”

  Wen Lin said suddenly, “Then I will not act anymore.”

  “You are not going to act anymore?” He Chaoshu sneered, “You will drag Ke Xinhang if you don’t act. Everyone doesn’t have to act. Can you compensate for so much investment in the early stage?

  As soon as he said that, his cell phone suddenly rang. Wu Dongqin called and hung up after saying a few words.

  He Chaoshu said to Wen Lin, “Kaibin Hotel 1508, Boss Chen is waiting for you to apologize to him. If you go and apologize, this matter will be written off, otherwise, everything is going to fall apart!”

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