Chapter 25: Joyous Reunion


Xu Huaiming gently embraced Tan Xilu and helped him adjust the pillow to a comfortable position. He asked, “Is this okay?”


Tan Xilu felt a bit uncertain, his emotions in turmoil. This didn’t align with the script at all.


He gazed at Xu Huaiming, his expression sincere, and asked, “Are we just going to sleep?”


Xu Huaiming was taken aback for a moment and then said, “Oh? Do you want to do something else?”


Tan Xilu hesitated, then shook his head, saying, “Never mind, I must have been overthinking it.”


Xu Huaiming replied with a simple, “Okay.”


With only one page left in the bedtime magazine he had been reading, Xu Huaiming turned off the bedside lamp on Tan Xilu’s side and adjusted his own reading light to the lowest setting. He continued reading the magazine in the faint glow.


Tan Xilu turned his back and bit his finger. He couldn’t help but doubt himself. Was he pent up? Why was he so sure that Xu Huaiming would surely sleep with him today? But thinking about it, it seems that after returning, Xu Huaiming no longer enjoyed sleeping with him as much as before.


In fact, not long before Xu Huaiming lost contact, even when they were giving each other the silent treatment, they were still sleeping together. At that time, he thought it was easy for young couples to get frisky when they were in love, but what about now? Don’t they all say that a long separation is a better catalyst than being newlyweds? Why does Xu Huaiming not like sleeping with him as much anymore?


Was he tired of him?


The room was very quiet, with only the sound of Xu Huaiming turning the pages of the magazine, accompanied by his shallow breathing. After a while, Xu Huaiming finished reading, he closed the magazine and put it on the bedside table before turning off the bedside lamp.


As soon as his fingertips touched the lamp switch, a pair of hands suddenly covered his waist and abdomen. At the same time, he heard Tan Xilu’s voice, and he said, “Let’s do it.”


As if he was afraid that Xu Huaiming wouldn’t want to, his voice was a little aggrieved, “I want to coax you.”


Tan Xilu finally confessed everything to Xu Huaiming. He held Xu Huaiming close, his emotions laid bare as he spoke, “Li Zhao, he’s not just an ordinary friend of mine.”


He paused, fearing Xu Huaiming’s reaction, and tightened his grip on him. “He’s someone my mother introduced to me as a potential partner for arranged marriage.”


Xu Huaiming acknowledged that he had harbored some concerns about Li Zhao’s presence in the past. He believed that two people in love should trust each other completely without any secrets. However, he quickly adjusted his emotions. After all, he was merely a replica.


His existence was meant to provide Tan Xilu with a lifetime of love or gracefully exit if Tan Xilu found someone else.


Subjectively, he existed for Tan Xilu. If Tan Xilu no longer needed him, then he should disappear.


But now that Tan Xilu had confessed everything, Xu Huaiming looked into his earnest eyes and felt his heart soften. It was no wonder that Code no. 7 was so fond of Tan Xilu. Who could resist a person like him?


Tan Xilu tilted his head and kissed Xu Huaiming’s chin. Xu Huaiming’s chin was always smooth and clean, never sporting a trace of stubble. Tan Xilu sometimes wondered if he used some high-tech product, but the lack of roughness was not a bad thing.


He continued, “In the seven years you were gone, my mother has always been worried about me and afraid I couldn’t move on, so she kept pushing me to go on arranged dates. I admit that I had a new relationship, the person who brought me home the day you returned. But you already knew we had broken up because I couldn’t forget you. So that relationship ended in failure.”


“Li Zhao was introduced to me by my mother’s friend because my mother was present at the time. I was forced to meet him once. Later, to please my mother, I met him again. But I made it clear to him at the time that I already had you.”


Tan Xilu gently touched Xu Huaiming’s face as he explained, “Because you used to be unwilling to meet my parents, my mother didn’t have a favorable impression of you. So, I didn’t dare to tell her when you came back. I know you must have been jealous of Li Zhao, but there really was nothing between him and me. I truly only love you.”


Xu Huaiming grasped Tan Xilu’s hand as he touched his own face. Tan Xilu’s hands were used to holding chalk and writing lesson plans, but they were surprisingly free of calluses, smooth and delicate. Xu Huaiming couldn’t help but kiss his hand, and he did just that.


He didn’t need any vows of fidelity from Tan Xilu. As a replica, he wasn’t deserving of such promises. However, hearing Tan Xilu’s words filled him with joy. At least Tan Xilu truly cared for him in his heart, even if he saw him as Code no. 7. But for now, he was still his, and he hadn’t fallen for anyone else.


Xu Huaiming said, “Thank you for telling me.”


It gave him a temporary sense of security.


Tan Xilu narrowed his eyes and asked, “So, when will you be willing to meet my parents? That way, my mom won’t set me up on blind dates anymore, and you won’t have to worry about getting jealous. You’ll be the only one for me.”


Having watched his fair share of family dramas, Xu Huaiming understood the significance of meeting the parents. It meant that Tan Xilu was serious about their relationship, and typically, the next step after meeting the parents would be marriage. Xu Huaiming took a deep breath, finding it hard to believe what Tan Xilu had just said.


As Xu Huaiming remained silent, Tan Xilu furrowed his brows and asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to?”


He couldn’t figure out what Xu Huaiming was thinking. Did he still not want to meet his parents, just like before?


Tan Xilu was getting a bit frustrated. He couldn’t understand why Xu Huaiming always resisted meeting his parents. This time, he needed a clear answer.


But to his surprise, Xu Huaiming suddenly hugged him tightly, as if on the verge of tears, and said, “Okay, let’s meet your parents.”


As long as you ask, I’ll agree.


This time, it was Tan Xilu’s turn to be stunned. However, he quickly got undressed amidst this pleasantly surprised mood.


Xu Huaiming’s favorite place to kiss was Tan Xilu’s ear. He loved that small mole and would gently kiss it before lightly nibbling, making Tan Xilu ticklish and numb. Unable to contain himself, Tan Xilu said, “Hurry up.”


At this point, Xu Huaiming would start changing the course of action.


But it seemed like nothing was going smoothly today. Just as Xu Huaiming was about to remove Tan Xilu’s pants, Tan Xilu’s phone on the bedside table vibrated.


Getting interrupted during such a moment was truly frustrating. Tan Xilu had no intention of answering the call and said to Xu Huaiming, “Ignore it, let’s continue.”


Xu Huaiming responded with a faint “Hmm” and his cool lips pressed against Tan Xilu’s waist.


However, the persistent caller kept dialing, the phone constantly buzzing. In the end, it was Xu Huaiming who stopped first. He said to Tan Xilu, “Maybe you should answer the call, just in case it’s something important.”


At this point, Tan Xilu reluctantly agreed.


He reached for his phone and saw that it was Li Zhao calling. He hesitated for a moment. After their last meeting at the restaurant, he hadn’t planned on having any further contact with Li Zhao. Their encounter today had been by chance, and now Li Zhao was calling him unexpectedly. Tan Xilu didn’t really want to answer, but he had a bad feeling about it.


Xu Huaiming also noticed Li Zhao’s name on the screen. He looked at Tan Xilu and said, “I’ll go make you a cup of warm milk.”


Tan Xilu replied with a quick “Ah,” but before he could react, Xu Huaiming had already left the room.


Tan Xilu bit his lip, pondered for a moment, and ultimately pressed the answer button.


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