Chapter 24: I Want


They had dinner with their own thoughts, and the planned date didn’t feel as comfortable with Li Zhao’s presence.


Tan Xilu could sense an inexplicable hostility from Xu Huaiming toward Li Zhao. However, he didn’t know if it was because Xu Huaiming had already realized that Li Zhao was more than just a friend or if he was simply jealous, considering they had experienced similar situations in the past.


Before getting together with Xu Huaiming, Tan Xilu was clueless about dating. In the early stages of their relationship, they were more like regular bedmates. When one of them had the urge, they would call the other, meet up, and then part ways afterward.


If one of them had noticed that this arrangement was unusual, they might have opened up to each other sooner. But at the time, Xu Huaiming was still in the early stages of understanding human emotions as an AI, and Tan Xilu didn’t know what it meant to be in love.


The data program had given Xu Huaiming human-like emotions, but he was clumsy and couldn’t control or understand his emotions like a human. By the time he truly understood, his time was running out.


Tan Xilu, on the other hand, was inexperienced in relationships because he had never dated before. Moreover, same-sex marriage was not yet legal, so most same-sex couples tried to keep a low profile. Tan Xilu’s first relationship was with a man, and he was somewhat rebellious given his history as a well-behaved child.


After they officially became a couple, things didn’t change much from before. If there was any difference, it was that Tan Xilu could openly change his relationship status on his social media accounts from “single” to “in a relationship.”


Their new relationship status led to gossip among some of their acquaintances. Tan Xilu knew that Xu Huaiming didn’t like interacting with strangers, and given the sensitivity of their same-sex relationship, he often declined invitations from friends who wanted to meet him. Some friends were displeased, thinking he was being arrogant and distant, but others didn’t mind and even teased Tan Xilu, asking him to treat them to a meal for finally finding a partner.


In such situations, Xu Huaiming felt a pang of jealousy.


It all started with a “single and ready to mingle” party that included a senior student. Xu Huaiming had minimal interaction


 with Tan Xilu and the senior, and Tan Xilu couldn’t remember inviting the senior, but he didn’t turn him away when he arrived.


Tan Xilu had informed Xu Huaiming in advance that they would be returning late due to the gathering, so when it reached 10 PM and Xu Huaiming still hadn’t received a call, he became worried. Meanwhile, Tan Xilu was starting to feel a little tipsy.


He usually didn’t socialize much, but he had some friends who were outgoing and loved to have a good time. Tan Xilu was a kind-hearted person and found it hard to refuse, so he ended up with a flushed face after a few drinks.


Someone handed him another drink, and Tan Xilu shook his head, saying, “I really can’t drink anymore.”


He didn’t want Xu Huaiming to be upset.


But as the glass was pushed into his hand, Tan Xilu couldn’t bring himself to refuse again, so he reluctantly downed the drink.


Just after finishing the drink, Tan Xilu felt his vision blur, and he began to lose his balance. He swayed on the spot for a moment, feeling the room spin. A few seconds later, his body involuntarily leaned backward.


The expected pain didn’t come. Instead, when Tan Xilu opened his eyes, he found that a senior student had caught him.


Tan Xilu immediately regained his senses, stood up, but his legs felt weak, and he couldn’t maintain his balance. The senior student supported him and told him to be careful.


Tan Xilu nodded and thanked the senior politely. He was about to say something when his phone, which he had taken out earlier, rang. He answered the call, speaking hurriedly. Worried that he might fall, the senior followed him.


Tan Xilu reached the doorway, adjusted his clothes, and then ran outside in a hurry. He didn’t want to keep Xu Huaiming waiting and was afraid he might fall again. The senior followed him.


When Tan Xilu reached the entrance of the hall, he finally spotted Xu Huaiming. He jumped into the arms of the man and was instantly kissed.


Seeing them kiss, the senior suddenly realized that this man was probably Tan Xilu’s partner. What he hadn’t expected was that it was a man.


He couldn’t help but wonder if he should have made a move earlier if he had known that Tan Xilu liked men too.


The other man seemed to notice his presence and looked in his direction. The senior felt a shiver down his spine as he saw those eyes – eyes that didn’t belong to a human, eyes like a thousand icy knives gathering in the pupils, stabbing at him.


Painful and cold.


After their kiss, Tan Xilu finally realized that the senior had been watching. Feeling a bit embarrassed, he introduced the senior to his partner. “Senior, this is my boyfriend.”


The senior glanced at him and then at Xu Huaiming. He smiled and said, “That’s great. I wish you both happiness.”


That night, when Tan Xilu returned home, he received a regretful confession message from the senior. The message read:


“I once had deep affection for you, but unfortunately, I wasn’t brave enough to confess earlier. I wish you happiness, and may everything be well.”


After reading the message, Tan Xilu felt a pang of jealousy for several nights. During those days, he could barely focus on his classes. He couldn’t believe that he had to go through this kind of situation again because of Li Zhao.


Now, with Li Zhao’s presence, Tan Xilu was starting to worry about his backside.


However, when they finally returned home and Tan Xilu lay down on the bed, Xu Huaiming showed no signs of being upset. Instead, he worried that Tan Xilu might not have eaten properly and heated up some dumplings Lin Changyu had sent earlier in the day.


While eating dumplings, Tan Xilu deliberately made sure he was full, just in case Xu Huaiming had some devious plan. He even informed a teacher with whom he had a good relationship that if he didn’t receive a message by 8 AM the next day, he would be taking a week off.


A week should be enough, Tan Xilu thought. He didn’t want to die so young because of this.


However, when he lay in bed for half an hour, Xu Huaiming hadn’t done anything unusual. He was just reading a magazine as he usually did. That didn’t seem right, and Tan Xilu turned on his side to look at Xu Huaiming.


At first, Xu Huaiming didn’t notice Tan Xilu’s gaze. But when he did, he thought Tan Xilu wanted a goodnight kiss. So, he put down his magazine and leaned in to kiss him.


Tan Xilu thought that finally, things were getting started, closed his eyes, and hugged Xu Huaiming’s shoulder. They kissed for a while, but then Xu Huaiming kissed his cheek and said, “Goodnight, let’s go to sleep.”


Tan Xilu: “…”


My pants are already off, and you’re telling me this?



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