This Sly Dragon’s Getting a Little Too Close For Comfort Chapter 1

While he was still spaced out, the doctor and Wenyi approached him again. Wenyi had begrudgingly allowed him to return to his room after bickering a few with the doctor, who was named ‘Jueqing’. He found this out while they were obviously flirting with one another while disguising it to be an argument between simple colleagues with no s-xual tension going on behind at all. None whatsoever.


Zhennan wanted to curse out loud, but only did it in his heart in fear of what the two Jiejies might do to him as they tossed innuendoes after innuendos at each other (well, mostly Jueqing at Wenyi) while occasionally remembering to discuss about his mysterious amnesia. Not to mention Wenyi’s violent behavior and retorts that she often resorted to after she turned pink as Jueqing’s silver tongue outwitted her own. 


Jueqing herself was not far off from turning pink either. If anything, she was dripping red herself, and from her temple, down to her neck. There was literal blood coming out of her from various places where Wenyi had struck her out of embarrassment. In fact, the garden path where the 3 of them were standing at was about to be fully repainted with the doctor’s own lifeblood.


“Just leave at once, if you’re going to be a nuisance!” Wenyi had shouted, her face was red and she seemed more out-of-breath trying to converse with Jueqing than she would’ve, fighting the legendary phoenix. She shoved Jueqing aside shyly.


Zhennan was the one who really wanted to leave. As a normal human being from the modern world, these two were far too dangerous to be around.


Jueqing was slammed into a pillar, which made a Jueqing-shaped dent at contact. But the doctor only nonchalantly smiled as she flicked the blood off her face before slithering an arm around Wenyi’s petite waist. She was about to soothe (tease) the other when she realized that there was an audience to their farce-argument (flirting).


“What are you still doing here? Didn’t your aunt let you leave? You should do so before she changes her mind again~” 


Wait. Wasn’t she referring to you earlier?! Zhennan averted his eyes shamefully at the scene. Just a few hours into his life in this magical world, but the only magical thing he’s witnessed was really how the others walking past them acted as if there was nothing wrong with what was happening. In fact, as they passed by Zhennan, they seemed to whisper and sigh among themselves.


Poor Wenyi, being bullied by Jueqing again…


“I was referring to you! Stupid!” Wenyi shouted back, “but yes, Zhennan. You should go back to rest in your room. Tomorrow, we’ll continue where we left off…”


She trailed off after Jueqing sent her a wink and gave her waist a squeeze, her blush deepening, determined to not lose her composure in front of her nephew, and much more, in front of her disciple.


“How about we continue where we left off last night-” Jueqing was cut off from completing her sentence with an endearment when she was sent flying into the tiles. Though this time, probably for good Zhennan thinks.


With Jueqing unresponsive, Wenyi locked eyes with Zhennan. 


“Go back to your room then. Auntie will allow it for tonight. Jueqing is right sometimes too…”


Zhennan would gladly oblige. In fact, he would’ve done so half an hour ago, if only it weren’t for…


“I don’t know where my room is…”




Zhennan slowly waved away at Wenyi’s disappearing back as it became smaller and smaller before closing the door, as soon as he made sure she was far away and definitely not coming back in the meantime.


After he opened his mouth to ask where his room was, Wenyi’s eyes went as wide as saucers before a light blush tinted her cheeks. It seems she’s already forgotten about the reason why she and Jueqing were bickering in the first place. Of course, Zhennan flinched away as soon as he saw her lift her hands.


Thankfully the final destination of those robust paws were towards her own face, else his own final destination would probably be to God himself. She slapped her hands on her head before nodding to Zhennan, as though she suddenly remembered something important.


“We might really need to take a break from training like Jueqing said…” She trailed off as she grabbed Zhennan’s hand and led him to his room.


Which brings us to right now. He was now finally left alone to reorganize his thoughts. Up till now, it still seemed unreal to him that he’s died. 


What exactly did he die of anyway? 


Thinking about it, he did have a lot to drink after his boss invited him to join him. However, it wasn’t to the point of death by alcohol poisoning. He remembered that while they were talking, his boss did mention something about a persistent migraine of his. His boss even used this reason to order himself a glass of orange juice. Even so, that Linghua still insisted that Zhennan drink on his behalf. 


Now that he was sober, thinking of it made his insides boil. Why did he have to drink?! When they bumped into each other, he probably picked up his boss’ painkillers instead of his candy. They were both in similar containers after all, one that they both bought together as a 2-in-1 deal during a company trip. No wonder the candy he chewed was tasteless. Paracetamol pills were a terrible combination with alcohol. 


To have passed on just like that… What terrible luck.


A part of him still held out hope that if he went to sleep, he would wake up from this weird dream.


Dream or not, he should probably sleep it off. After all, today’s strange turn of events should’ve left him feeling tired too, with that, he slipped into the rather large but archaic bed that was enough for two in the room and closed his eyes. 


If it were any other day, he’d be fast asleep by now.


Except today, he couldn’t quite sleep.


Kicking off the sheets, he raced towards a vanity desk at the corner of the room. He knew he didn’t see wrongly! When he came inside this room, he thought he had seen a stranger walk past the silver reflection. Who would’ve known that it was really his own image behind the mirror.


Patting and tracing the curves of his face, he had to admit that this new look was… not too bad. Before he could inspect his new self any further, there were suddenly two of him in the mirror.


To his shock, the other ‘him’ was carrying a bamboo scroll in their hands as they walked past, behind him.


When he turned around, the same person stood directly behind him. The doppelganger smiled and buried him in their arms before he could react.


“Big brother!”


Zhennan felt himself choking in that vice-like hold. Was everyone or everything here freaking strong? Or was he just freaking weak? As he was hugged, he could feel that the person before him had something he did not. An additional two mounds of flesh on her chest. Was this person not his brother… But his sister?


He was about to pass out when the other finally let go of him.


“Come on! Let’s go wash up together!” His sister had said, wrapping her hands around his’.


Well, he did need a bath after being licked by that stinky firebird earlier.


Quietly, he let himself be led away by the mysterious person. She seemed familiar and friendly enough, unlike the other strange women he’s met so far. Before this, they had told him not to let too many people know that he had ‘lost his memory’ since it’ll all come back soon. Though he himself didn’t dare tell them that perhaps, their nephew didn’t lose his memory, but was actually possessed by another soul instead. Perhaps the real Zhennan’s soul ascended to heaven after the tough ordeal he went through…


If he told them, they would probably exorcist him, wouldn’t they? 


“Is there something wrong? Did Auntie Wenyi bully you too much?” The other person had asked, “You’re awfully quiet today. Usually, you’d complain about how hard training was.”


Before he knew it, they had arrived at someplace secluded. Around them were trees with plenty of vines hanging down. There were dimly-lit lamps hung upon them, brightening up the place so it wasn’t too dark even though it was night-time. 


Suddenly, the girl unraveled her sash which was holding together her robes. Zhennan panicked internally as the robes slipped off her shoulders and landed on the grass. They might be siblings, but siblings don’t usually bathe together even if they’re close, do they? At first, she had her back turned towards him, but soon turned around when she didn’t hear the ruffling sound of clothes being taken off.


“Hey, what are you doing? It’s chilly tonight so we better quickly get into the pool.”


When she turned around, Zhennan received the shock of his life. After arriving at this place, full of beautiful but rufian-like women, he had correctly deduced that this place was indeed the Secret Vermillion Forest City inhabited by a rare race who had unparallelled magical power…


But this was not mentioned in the novel!


It was natural for a man’s eyes to be drawn to ahem, certain parts of a woman but this was just… He wanted to look away but he couldn’t… He wanted to bleach his eyes so badly. God please forgive him for staring at his ‘sister’.


There was something scary hanging between his sister’s (?) legs. It looked heavy and too large for someone as elegant and gentle-looking as this person to have. In fact, there should’ve been nothing there at all! What the hell was this?! He didn’t read about this in the novel! Not that he managed to finish reading it but… 


Zhennan rubbed his eyes again, but the massive veiny thing did not disappear.


“Oh… so you lost your memories?” Rongtze nodded understandingly as she scrubbed her hair in the clear cavern pool.


Zhennan hummed out a ‘mhmm’ as he hugged his legs at the opposite corner where the waters were shallower, facing away from Rongtze. His face was red and he was thankful that the steam rising from the waters hid everything from his view. If he had to look at that monster one more time, he’d probably faint. 


Looking downwards, he internally sobbed. His pride as a man was trampled half to death, by his own sister nonetheless. The novel he read hasn’t ended but if he had to guess, the author seemed pretty intent on having the main character end up with the Herma female lead… He’ll be in for a surprise on their wedding night, Zhennan chuckled darkly.


Most of the Hermas he’d seen earlier were pretty. He hasn’t seen a single ugly or even plain-looking one since coming here, but his sister was on a whole other level. Her beauty was ethereal, and if the others were to stand beside her, they’d all look like squids in comparison. It was just too bad that, well… she had something a little extra that would probably scare most men away.


However, that wasn’t the only surprise he was hit with today. Hiding his face into his knees, he used his right hand to reach down in between his legs. 


Seemed like he himself had something a little extra too. Just between his p/nis and butt was a tiny opening that wasn’t there before. Brushing his fingers against its sensitive, wet folds, he could feel himself heating up. Seems like the biology classes from his previous world were useless here. After all, how can a man like him have a v/gina?!

A/N: ASDF… I know I said that I was gonna finish this by Feb, but well… life happened and I was suddenly busy, so I had to prioritize translating over writing this, but hopefully the next chapter will be up next week 🙂 Hope you like the update. There’s still a lot of world-building to do…

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