Chapter 19 – I’m thanking you, young madam Qi

Chapter 19 – I’m thanking you, young madam Qi


After getting off the highway, Qi Yun showed Xing Zhongwan the way and Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but say, “Are you actually not blind at all. I almost thought there was a map laid in front of your eyes.”


Qi Yun said, “I am familiar with this place.”


Xing Zhongwan casually asked: “What place?”


Qi Yun’s woeful eyebrows flashed with a faint sadness, “My grandma’s burial grounds.”


Xing Zhongwan placed Qi Yun in a wheelchair and looked around. This was the place where the f/cking appointment was, the wilderness. Qi Yun closed his eyes quietly, naturally putting his hands on his legs.


A black car came by and stopped in front of the two. A man in a suit got out of the car. He was in his forties, had a hook nose, sported a pair of rimless glasses and was very tall. He respectfully walked in front of Qi Yun and bowed down. “Master Yun.”


But his eyes were looking at Xing Zhongwan, who was standing next to him. Seeing the bracelet on his wrist, his eyes flashed with surprise but he quickly returned to his calm demeanor.


“Book a hospital for me.”


Qi Yun’s words made the man’s face flash with joy, “Master Yun is finally willing to receive treatment? I’ll make the arrangements, Master Yun. Please follow me to the car.”


Qi Yun stretched out his hand and tugged at Xing Zhongwan, “Follow him.”


Xing Zhongwan replied with an ‘en’ but saw the man with a hooked-nosed man smile at him. “How should I address you?” Just as Xing Zhongwan was about to speak, Qi Yun spoke, “How you should do it, you don’t know?”


Chen Ying was startled and couldn’t help but take multiple glances at the bracelet on Xing Zhongwan’s wrist. Xing Zhongwan was embarrassed and wanted to pull his arm away, but Qi Yun was pulling his hand so he couldn’t break free.


Chen Ying suddenly bowed to Xing Zhongwan respectfully, “Young madam.”


Xing Zhongwan: …


All of you from the Qi family are all good at talking nonsense with your eyes open!


It wasn’t only the Qi family, but also the Shen family who were good at speaking nonsense. Chen Ying was Shen Qinghong’s personal secretary. Qi Yun was bound to take over the Shen family so he went to the Shen family’s hospital. However, this hospital was special and not open to outsiders. It is a private nursing home for the Shen family with the best medical team.


Qi Yun was pushed forward for an inspection and asked Xing Zhongwan to wait outside before going inside, instructing Chen Ying to take good care of him with that rigid tone not leaving his voice for even a moment.


After Qi Yun entered, Xing Zhongwan stared at the entrance of the examination room with Chen Ying. Xing Zhongwan grinned, “Hey bro, let’s go out for a smoke.”


Chen Ying looked down at the suddenly raised eyebrows and coughed twice before raising his head and regaining his composure. “Please, young madam.” 


Chen Ying received news from the bank that someone had come with a bank card and Chen Ying immediately notified the bank deputy to go meet them. When he learned that the person was a man, Chen Ying couldn’t come back to his senses for the whole day. Shen Qinghong hadn’t come back from official business and was still abroad, plus the matter had not been confirmed yet so he didn’t dare to report it to him casually. That was, until today when he saw the actual person and the bracelet, only did Chen Ying believe it himself that the young madam of their Shen family was really a man.


Xing Zhongwan took the cigarette that Chen Ying handed him and held it in his mouth but didn’t light it. Chen Ying smiled at Xing Zhongwan and Xing Zhongwan said, “You can’t light it, if you light it, the one in there will kill me.”


He could guess what Qi Yun would say.


He would say, Wanwan, it’s not good for a girl to smoke…


Xing Zhongwan felt a deep sense of powerlessness, “you have nothing you want to ask me?” Xing Zhongwan held the dangling cigarette in his mouth and leaned against the wall of the corridor. His medium-length hair was casually tied with an elastic band. He had a dark gray jacket over his white shirt and dark blue jeans over a pair of straight and slender legs.


Chen Ying shook her head, “Master said that you are the young madam, so you are the young madam. Other than that, it’s not up to me.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted. The open-mindedness of the Shen family was really eye-opening.


“You knew from the start that Qi Yun’s legs can be cured?”


Xing Zhongwan was not curious, he just felt that it was strange. The Shen family should have been aware of Qi Yun’s situation but left him alone, waiting for Qi Yun to find a way out on his own. What was their plan?


“You should know that the young master still had some feeling in his leg. The master had diagnostic examinations done by our own doctors to prove this.”


Chen Ying smiled at Xing Zhongwan. Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud, “You really did have good intentions.”


Chen Ying bowed down. “Young madam is wise.”


The door of the examination room opened, Xing Zhongwan turned around, lowered his face, crushed the cigarette in his hand and threw it into the trash bin by the side. There was nothing else good to add to this.


Upon entering, Qi Yun was slowly buttoning his shirt. He heard the door open and said, “Wanwan, come and button me up.”


Xing Zhongwan rolled his eyes in his heart. Am I your babysitter!?


He went over and fastened the button for him.


The doctor saw Qi Yun’s attitude towards Xing Zhongwan and was a little bit stunned. Xing Zhongwan noticed the look he gave and smiled at him. The younger doctor next to the old professor blushed immediately.


The old professor glanced sideways at the apprentice beside him. 


“What are you looking at? Is the young madam just someone you can look at casually?” Qi Yun said blankly.


The old professor hurriedly rectified his apprentice, “Master Yun, he is still young and ignorant, you…”


Qi Yun flicked his hand, “Can my legs get better?” The old professor hurriedly got up, “I will send a few people to go back with you. With their assistance, as long as you continue to rehabilitate, there is still hope for your legs to recover.”


“My eyes.” Qi Yun had been calm all this time. The old professor was silent for a while and glanced at Chen Ying on the side.


Chen Ying said indifferently, “Just tell the truth.”


“There is a professor abroad who is a professional in this area. If she can be invited, maybe young master Yun will have hope in regaining your eyesight.”


“What’s the rate of success?” Qi Yun pulled on Xing Zhongwan’s hands, his hands were cold. Xing Zhongwan glanced at him. Although his appearance was calm, Qi Yun was still nervous.


“That’s hard to say. We still have to run some tests before we can draw a conclusion.”


“Alright. Wanwan, let’s go back.” Xing Zhongwan said ‘oh’, bent down and carried Qi Yun to get him into the wheelchair. Chen Ying came up and wanted to help but Qi Yun slapped him away. With that amount of force, Xing Zhongwan saw that the back of Chen Ying’s hand was red.


“Master Yun, the chairman has been waiting for your call.”


Qi Yun snorted coldly, “Let’s go, Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan pushed Qi Yun’s wheelchair, thinking to himself, why are you pushing him away so harshly? I didn’t expect you to be so hostile towards him. This Qi Yun really wasn’t someone who could be pushed around.


After getting in the car, Qi Yun closed his eyes as he was a little tired and Chen Ying watched them as their car left. Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun, “You sleep for a bit first, I will wake you when we arrive.”


Qi Yun opened his eyes and rubbed his own forehead, “If you have any questions, just ask?”


Xing Zhongwan started the car. “I don’t have anything to ask.”


The corners of Qi Yun’s mouth twitched, “I can only protect you when I get better. My mother should be coming to bother you soon.”


Xing Zhongwan thought, I really don’t need your protection.


“But the Shen family’s intentions are indeed not sincere.”


Qi Yun faced Xing Zhongwan’s direction, “What do you mean?” Xing Zhongwan opened the car window, “Shen Jiaming knows that your legs are good, but deliberately concealed it. Your grandpa completely abandoned you. They want you to return to Shen’s house. This method is too roundabout.”


Qi Yun lowered his eyes and said lightly, “My grandfather is not necessarily unaware of all this. In fact, no one is clearer than that old man about those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes.”


“They treat you like an object.”


Xing Zhongwan was deeply affected. He’s seen this many times. Even after Qi Yun became disabled, he was still being used like a chess piece to the bitter end.


“Do you know why they treated you so respectfully? It’s not because of me.”


Xing Zhongwan blurted out, “Why? Is it because I’m visually appealing?”


Qi Yun raised his head, “Grandma made a will before she died and everything in her Shen family is to be handed over to the grandson and granddaughter-in-law. Chen Ying was someone who stayed by Shen Qinghong for his whole life before my grandmother was born, they only acknowledged the bracelet, not the person.”


Xing Zhongwan slammed the brakes, if Qi Yun did not have his seatbelt fastened, he would’ve flown out the car.


“What are you saying?”


Qi Yun looked at him calmly, “I said that they only agreed to treat me because of you, so I’m thanking you, young madam Qi.” 

The corner of Xing Zhongwan’s mouth gaped open, why is Laozi getting dug deeper and deeper into this pit!

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