Extra: Ze’an 1

       Ji Qin was called to the hospital on Valentine’s Day because that person had attempted suicide by cutting his wrists in the bathroom.


       He didn’t know what was going through the man’s mind, and he didn’t know why the person who replaced Ze’an looked silly every day, but he always seemed to have so many pessimistic emotions every day. Last time it was sleeping pills, this time it was wrist cutting, what was he going to do next time?


       He rushed to the hospital in a hurry, and it was not until the door of the hospital that he realized that his fingers had been holding the phone tightly, and the knuckles were white in pain.


       He loosened his fingers hesitantly.


       It was only an attempt.


       He thought that what he was worried about should be only Ze’an… No, it was rather his real love Ze’an’s body. Just his body.


       That person… just loved to commit a suicide attempt to gain his attention by hurting himself, thinking that he would accept him who occupied Ze’an’s body.


       He had liked Ze’an for a long time.


       The guy was shy and cute when he first met him. He noticed him the first time he came to the court—it felt like someone made that person look exactly like how he liked.


       The guy often came to the stadium with a girl he thought that the girl was his girlfriend. So he didn’t pay more attention but deep down he felt a little regretful in his heart. It wasn’t until a pass came his way and the girl nudged the guy and he jogged with his head down and handed the ball over.


       He took the ball and thanked the guy, and the guy hummed with red ears and ran off in a huff. He didn’t even get a good look at the guy’s expression.


       So lovely.


       He thought.


       Too bad he had a girlfriend.


       The guy and his girlfriend would come here often, and he wouldn’t have any conversations with that guy. However, he could often feel that guy’s gaze this way, and he couldn’t help but work harder when he played.


       The first time they officially met was at his graduation party. He noticed that the guy and his girlfriend had also infiltrated in, maybe there was someone the guy knew, but he was still quite happy—he was not very interested in this kind of group activity, but the presence of the guy made him be in a better mood.


       He wanted to leave early during the KTV, but the man was pushed and pulled, and actually ended up sitting opposite him, with only a small tabletop separating the two. When he looked up, he could see the other guy’s nervous appearance. He smiled secretly and felt that the guy was more and more lovely.


       It was the first time in his life that he played Truth or Dare. Finally, there was a round of Dare in which he and the guy were to kiss for 15 seconds. The man seemed to stay for a while, then stood up amid the roar, put his hand on the back of his head, and took the initiative to press his lips together.


       So soft.


       His heart was beating wildly, and if the man hadn’t held him down, he might not have been able to control himself—




       After it was over, they added each other on WeChat. In the corner of his eye, he saw that the girl had been silently cheering that guy up from a distance, and he realized that they might not be a couple.


       So that was that.


       Then, after the exchanges on summer vacation, they got together naturally.


       He always thought that guy was cute and fun, but after the first date, he realized that he was actually very sensible and humble, and he was very careful and caring for others, which was not exactly what he thought he was.


       But anyway, Ze’an…was the one he liked.


       They hadn’t been together for very long.


       In the past two years, he and Ze’an had almost never quarrelled. They had a very tacit understanding, and their relationship was like an old married couple. They respected and cherished each other, and just when he thought his whole life was going to go on like this, a new Ze’an came along.


       And his Ze’an, on Valentine’s Day, which he had prepared so carefully, suddenly disappeared.

In Youlan’s work, the most exciting part is the extras where we can cursed the partner and laughed at how stupid they are

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