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Youlan’s unabridged collection of short stories has been signed to Bibo Publishing House @Bibobooks_LLC


The collection includes five concluding works, “No One Can Save Me”, “No One Knows”, “Say Farewell to Him”, “His Present” and “The Third Man”. All of the new exclusive extras have been written. The total number of words in the new episodes is 1w811w = 10000, of which the number of words in the episode “No One Can Save Me” is 1w, and the word count of the remaining four extras of “The Third Man”, “His Present”, “Say Farewell to Him” and “No One Knows” varies.


The extras are mostly OE & BE, not explicit scenes. I declare in advance that some may be knives, and some may be sugar2some might be heartbreaking, some might be sweet. I hope that everyone who sees it in the future will like it! Blind sniping3this might refer to a FPS game about a sniper who shoot the enemy instantly after encountering them. In this case the blind sniping might refer to the people who instantly be enraged without reading the full article. is not recommended, everyone is welcome to follow my weibo @有猫的又蓝 to get more information about physical copy related stuff!


Have a nice day everyone and thank you so much for liking this story 🙂

Hi there! There are some, *cough* terms that I am not familiar with such as fans welfare in Weibo, 1w8 word count, or blind sniping. If anyone felt the translation is incorrect, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment to explain~
On the other note, please purchase the physical book if you are interested!
Here’s the facebook page of the publishing house : Bibobooks LLC

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  1. Anh Zhan

    Can you tell me where to read the other three novels that are ‘The third man’,”No one knows” and “Say farewell to him” as novelupdates seemed to not be working nowadays and if you can translate those like you did this one,I’ll be really really grateful.Thank you

    • hoenimochi

      You can try to make account and logged to click the links in NovelUpdates coz they just added new rules for only logged user to be able to see the links

      I only know No one knows and No one saved me were translated
      You can actually click the novel name there coz I linked it for both 2 novel
      As for the other Say Farewell and Third Man, I have no intention to tl it in near future
      I hope the TL in Second Life Translation do it since I got this recommendation from them~

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