Chapter 72 – Illegitimate child

Chapter 72 – Illegitimate child


Jian Luo was in intense pain. If he had the chance to start over, he would definitely choose to mind his own business and not get involved in so many things.


A group of children watched in astonishment. But it was Jian Sheng who reacted the fastest. He quickly crouched down and looked at Jian Luo with concern. “Brother, are you okay?”


Jian Luo was in so much pain that he couldn’t speak. He groaned twice and managed to say through gritted teeth, “Something’s wrong.”


Jian Sheng couldn’t smell anything unusual, so he didn’t know what had happened. He thought Jian Luo might have suddenly fallen ill and felt helpless. 


However, some of the children started asking questions:

“Are you okay?”

“What’s that smell?”

“It seems like the scent of a cub.”

“Where did the cub come from?”


The children might have been slow to react, but they understood one thing: someone in front of them seemed to be in great pain and needed help. Despite their somewhat disdainful remarks, they were not the kind to ignore the suffering of weaker beings.


Jian Sheng hastily said, “Call the hospital, brother is in urgent need. Contact the nearest hospital.”


Although he said so, Jian Sheng had never contacted a hospital before, so he didn’t know the quickest way to do it.


One of the children immediately said, “Let’s make the call.”

“Come on, let’s do it.”

“Is there a hospital nearby?”


The children all helped to contact the hospital. Meanwhile, in the distance, Xiu Liang had noticed the commotion. While she couldn’t be sure who was in trouble, she had a bad feeling. She quickly ran over and squatted beside Jian Luo. A single glance made her panic. Unlike the others, she knew the situation and was extremely worried. She asked urgently, “Luo Luo, are you okay?”


Jian Luo leaned on Xiu Liang for support and clutched his stomach. “My stomach hurts…”


Xiu Liang’s heart skipped a beat. She was bewildered, “What’s wrong? Why does your stomach hurt?”


Jian Luo couldn’t articulate his pain.


The children were busy dialing hospital numbers, but the outcome was becoming clear: the phone lines, which were not very active to begin with, were now all occupied and couldn’t be reached.


The scent covered a wide area, not just the flea market square but also the school’s administrative offices, which quickly noticed the unusual situation.


The school principal immediately stood up and asked, “Is it the smell? Has something happened to the children?”


Sitting next to him, the school director, who had been chatting, said, “The smell… it doesn’t seem to be from a child. It’s more like…”


He hesitated and stopped, his words trembling slightly. Both of them stared at each other, eyes widened in disbelief.


Finally, it was the school director who reacted first. “Oh no, if there are cubs involved, it’s a disaster!”


The principal shared the same thought as the director. The scent of a cub couldn’t be disguised, and the innate bond between Dark Stars and their cubs was strong. If a cub was in trouble on their territory, the consequences were unimaginable.


Inside the flea market, Jian Luo was in so much pain that he was on the verge of passing out. Sweat poured down his forehead, and his vision blurred. After a while, one of the children finally realized what was happening.


The children were around ten years old on average, but as replicas, they still possessed some basic qualities of staying calm in emergencies.


Quickly, the first child ran over, took out a small fan he had just bought, and saw Jian Luo sweating profusely. He squatted in front of Jian Luo and fanned him gently. The other children soon followed suit, each contributing in their own way.


Only the class monitor hesitated, saying, “I wonder if this is real or fake…”


Jian Luo was surrounded by the children, and the ambulance still hadn’t arrived. Xiu Liang couldn’t sit still any longer. “Luo Luo, send him a message. Ask him to come and pick you up.”


Jian Sheng was curious. “Mom, who are you sending a message to?”


Xiu Liang choked up and didn’t know whether to tell him or not.


Amid the chaos of the children arguing back and forth, the entire scene fell into disarray. Then suddenly, the entire place fell silent. It wasn’t just one person who noticed first; others quickly fell silent as well.


They automatically made way, and at the end of the path stood a man in a deep blue military uniform. His black military boots made a crisp and cold sound as he walked, and his expression was somewhat stern and icy, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.


An overpowering presence came with powerful beings, especially when they were in a bad mood, shrouding them with an aura of dominance that made weaker creatures tremble.


Jian Luo, still hunched over and clutching his stomach in pain, hadn’t had time to react when a coat suddenly descended from the sky. The familiar scent instantly enveloped him, rescuing him from the pain of consciousness.


Jian Luo lifted his head and met the blood-red eyes of Lu Shifeng. His lips quivered, and he bit his teeth, managing to say with difficulty, “You came… so quickly?”


Lu Shifeng carried Jian Luo bridal style, and although Jian Luo was considered an adult, for Lu Shifeng, picking him up felt as easy as holding a cat. 


The surrounding children all watched in amazement, their eyes fixed on Lu Shifeng, as if they were in a dream and dared not make a sound.


Lu Shifeng scanned the crowd and lightly parted his lips, saying, “Make way.”


Standing by Lu Shifeng’s leg was Jian Sheng, the child who was most shocked by the situation. He watched as Lu Shifeng held Jian Luo, thinking that Jian Luo was about to be bullied. After all, what did a marshal have to do with a child? Were they taking his brother away?


Although Lu Shifeng was his idol, Jian Sheng wasted no time and grabbed Lu Shifeng, saying, “Why are you taking my brother?”


Su Liang, taken aback, quickly pulled his unlucky son away and smiled at Lu Shifeng. “I’m sorry, the child doesn’t understand.”


Jian Sheng looked at his mother in astonishment.


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jian Sheng and then turned and walked away.


The series of events had happened too quickly, and they were too shocking. It wasn’t until Lu Shifeng’s figure was almost out of sight that the children began to react slowly.


“Oh my God, is that Lu Shifeng?”


“Is it him?”


“It’s really him?”


“But besides him, who else could have such a strong presence?”


The children exchanged puzzled glances, all stunned by what had just happened. But in no time, they all caught on. The first child to react rushed to Jian Sheng. “Jian Sheng! Is your brother in a relationship with the marshal?”


Jian Sheng was dumbfounded.


“Jian Sheng, why didn’t you say it earlier?” Another child grabbed Jian Sheng’s arm. “Can we take a photo with the marshal for the class?”


Slowly, more children gathered around.


Just as the scene was getting lively, someone suddenly shouted, “The principal is here!”


The entire place fell silent.


The elderly principal, following his instincts, arrived. He had prepared himself for anything, but he didn’t expect to find a group of onlookers.


The principal was about to speak when Su Liang hurried over. She smiled at him and said, “It seems it’s not too late. Can we all have a private conversation?”


Everyone exchanged glances and nodded.


Meanwhile, in another location, Jian Luo sat in the car with Lu Shifeng holding him in his lap. Jian Luo curled up in the embrace of the imposing marshal, who was naturally tall and sturdy. Holding Jian Luo felt like cradling a small chick.


Jian Luo endured the abdominal pain, unable to stop trembling.


Lu Shifeng gently patted his back and said, “Hang on a little longer.”


“Is it…?” Jian Luo gritted his teeth, his eyes welling up with tears. “Is it a miscarriage?”


Their eyes met. Jian Luo’s eyes were teary and full of misery, pure and genuine concern.


Lu Shifeng didn’t confirm or deny it. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Don’t you dislike it?”


“I don’t dislike it that much…” Jian Luo said pitifully. “It’s been four or five months, and even with a pet, there’s an emotional connection. It’s not like it has a heart of stone.”


It seemed like an honest confession, considering the circumstances. Lu Shifeng didn’t scare him and said calmly, “There’s a scent of soul stones on your body. Did you burn soul stones nearby?”


Jian Luo nodded.


“Hmm,” Lu Shifeng said, “that’s not a big deal. Soul stones are completely harmless to dragonkind. The pain you’re feeling is probably because it’s too excited.”




There was a moment of silence in the carriage.


Jian Luo’s face alternated between pale and flushed. He stared at Lu Shifeng in disbelief. “Just because of that?”


Lu Shifeng couldn’t help but smile faintly. He let Jian Luo lean against him and placed his hand on Jian Luo’s slightly rounded belly, teasing the baby inside. “You mischievous little one.”


Jian Luo felt thoroughly exasperated.


As time passed, he began to feel much better.


Just as he was thinking about this, his communication terminal beeped. Seeing that it was from Jiang Jiang, he hesitated for a moment before answering, “Hello?”


Jiang Jiang sounded somewhat excited. “Luoluo, are you at the academy? There are photos of you online, saying you have the scent of a dragon and that the marshal went to see you. He speculated…”


Jian Luo was curious. “What did he speculate?”


Oh no, had the situation been exposed?


He had planned to live honestly as a streamer after unloading his cargo.


Jiang Jiang took a deep breath. “He speculated that you might be the marshal’s illegitimate child!”



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