Chapter 95 – "Do you understand what I mean?"

Chapter 95 – “Do you understand what I mean?”


The barrage of viewers went into a frenzy.


The Dark Star people had been childless for so many years, and while they were powerful, no one dared to mock them for their deadly weakness. But that didn’t mean they wouldn’t feel difficult and sad about not having children.


Just like ordinary people walking down the street, seeing someone holding a child’s hand, seeing someone shopping for their child, seeing someone preparing for pregnancy, and someone struggling with the idea of having a child. Whether happy or sad, it was something that made people envious.


And now, a hologram made them feel the fetal movements!




“I’m crying.”


“Ah, little one, I love you.”


“Please, can the streamer start broadcasting?”


Almost everyone who had activated the hologram felt the happiness of the fetal movements, and such feelings were not common in everyone’s lives.


The Dark Star people were not short of money; on the contrary, they were very generous. As long as they were moved enough, they wouldn’t be stingy.


For a while, the gifts in the entire live stream room kept coming, densely packed. Jian Luo’s live stream room had climbed to the top of the Dark Star’s live broadcast ranking. It had always hovered around the fourth or fifth position, but this small event had quickly pushed it to the top.


“Brothers, it’s worth investing.”


“Amazing, I’ve experienced the feeling of fetal movements in my lifetime.”


“Streamer, I’m following you now!”


Jian Luo hadn’t expected this. He had wanted to do a cooking live stream, but the baby in his belly casually stretched and turned over, and suddenly, he became popular.


Is this an unfair world?


Jian Luo put his mask back on and said, “Alright, let’s continue cooking the boiled fish.”


The fire in the pot was almost ready, and he opened the lid while talking to the audience. “As I mentioned earlier, when preparing this fish, you should mix it with starch. This way, it won’t become too tender, and it will have a better texture.”


The soup in the pot was almost ready, bubbling with hot steam. The aroma of chili, which had always been a food that could touch the heartstrings of anyone just by its smell, filled the air. He put the fish into the pot and added the prepared side dishes.


Jian Luo explained, “I’ve chosen bean sprouts and potatoes for the side dishes, but you can use whatever you like, it doesn’t have to be the same as mine.”


The viewers expressed dissatisfaction with the fish:


“This fish has too many bones.”


“Ah, I hate it, it’s so fishy.”


“Meow? I think it’s okay.”


“Streamer, eat less, don’t hurt the baby with the bones.”


Jian Luo was shocked by the barrage of comments. In the eyes of the Dark Star people, what did a human look like, and how could bones harm the baby?


After some thought, Jian Luo said, “Don’t worry, I’ve chosen a fish with fewer bones, and it won’t be a problem. Moreover, for the fishy smell, I’ve done some preparation to remove it. Some people may not have done this step and cooked it directly, which is why it may be fishy.”


His secretary handed him a cup of Red Heart Dragon Fruit Juice.


Jian Luo accepted it and said, “Thank you.”


This cup of milk tea quickly caught the attention of many people. Dark Star people usually drank nutrient solutions, which were typically green. Who would have something so bright and eye-catching as red?


“What is the streamer drinking?”


“It looks really good.”


“Ah, why is it so sweet?”


According to the shared taste sensation of the hologram, the taste of the Red Heart Dragon Fruit was truly exceptional. It was sweet with a hint of sourness, which balanced out the sweetness. One sip made people want to take another, as if it would never get boring. The little soft pearls inside the Dragon Fruit were delightful to chew, and the flavor was unmatched.


Jian Luo took a few sips and explained, “This is Dragon Fruit juice.”


Dark Star people were stunned.


Before this, they were aware of Dragon Fruit, and the vast majority of them had eaten it. However, the taste had been very unsatisfactory, bitter and very sour. According to the Dragon Fruit’s lore, it should only taste sweet when consumed by the pregnant father. Everyone knew that pregnant fathers experienced sweetness, but they had never imagined it would be like this! This was completely different from the taste of their beverage!


“I’m crying.”

“It’s too good.”

“But maybe only he can taste this flavor.”


Jian Luo saw that many people were talking about this drink in the barrage and said, “No, actually, I tried to make a milk tea, and the taste for those who aren’t pregnant is not bad either. But the amount of Red Heart Dragon Fruit available for sale in bulk is limited. If you like it, I can use other fruits to make juice.”


After all, he was relatively poor now, and he needed to make money in any way he could.


The audience responded enthusiastically:


“Damn, this fruit is so sweet.”


“I’m in on this project!”


“Man, when will nutrient solutions taste this good? Is thos why am I so thin?”


Since Jian Luo started thinking about making money, he began paying attention to the barrage, the preferences of these wealthy patrons, and where the money was going.


It seemed that his general direction was correct. How could there be no Happy Fat Otaku Water without snacks?


Jian Luo said, “I’ll try to research it, and I’ll share it with everyone as soon as it’s available.”


The fish in the pot had started to emit a tantalizing aroma. Jian Luo took the opportunity to add the seasoning, and the fish in the pot was cooked to perfection, with tender meat and a delightful spicy flavor.


Jian Luo held up a piece of fish for the camera, making it clear for everyone. “When you’re eating, do be careful of the thorns. The finished product looks like this.”


Originally, some viewers were concerned that it might be fishy, but when the actual dish came out, most of them were completely satisfied.


“No fishy taste at all.”


“Darn, this is so good.”


“I can’t handle the spiciness, ahh.”


Jian Luo shared some with the secretary and took a few bites himself. He noticed that some viewers couldn’t handle the spiciness and fell into deep thought. Indeed, it would be better to consider everyone’s tastes. Now that he was pregnant, he naturally prioritized his own preferences, choosing to make dishes that were spicier and more flavorful. But since he was aiming to make money, he realized he needed to be more considerate of others.


After finishing the dish, Jian Luo continued to interact with the audience. Just as he was about to close the backstage window, he received a message from Jiang Jiang. He opened the message and found that most of them were about Da Yu.


Jiang Jiang: “Luo Luo, I heard about what happened with Da Yu. Don’t be angry, he didn’t mean to trouble you intentionally. It’s just that some viewers couldn’t understand the situation, and it caused an argument. Don’t be mad.”


Jian Luo replied: “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”


Jiang Jiang: “Luo Luo, most of our streamers have schedules. Usually, the bigger ones avoid each other. How about I give you the schedule so you can check and try to avoid streaming at the same time as someone else? It’s not that you’re afraid of them, but it might reduce the conflicts among your fans.”


Jian Luo, while peeling edamame with his secretary, replied through voice messages, “My schedule isn’t fixed. I stream when I have time, so I can’t specifically avoid someone.”


Jiang Jiang was in a bit of a dilemma.


Jian Luo felt a bit exhausted. He said, “I’ll post a statement on the Star Network to clarify the situation and ask everyone not to bring this up elsewhere.”


Jiang Jiang was relieved. “Thank you!”


Jian Luo felt like he had solved the issue, but he hadn’t expected that after chatting with Jiang Jiang, he received another private message. Without much thought, he opened the window.


Da Yu: “Are you there?”




Jian Luo remained silent for a while, then replied, “Yes, what’s up?”


“Sorry about today,” Da Yu messaged him. “Next time, if a situation like this arises, I’ll stop streaming.”


Jian Luo: “?”


Da Yu: “You don’t mind?”


Jian Luo: “There’s no need for that.”


Did this guy really think he was so petty? In fact, he didn’t take this kind of thing seriously at all. These fans of the Dark Star people were not as tough as the keyboard warriors of the 21st century.


Da Yu: “You’re not mad?”


Jian Luo typed, “Why would I be mad? You haven’t caused any impact on me, but I may have affected your popularity, right? You don’t need to apologize. Let’s both do our best!”


Da Yu wanted to say something more, but after showing “typing” for a while, he deleted it and didn’t say anything in the end.


Jian Luo wasn’t in the mood to comfort him. He quickly closed the window.


“Ding dong.”


The sound of knocking came from the door.


Jian Luo paused in his edamame-peeling, looking curiously at his secretary. “Is Long Ge back?”


The secretary stood up. “He shouldn’t be back. The Marshal has a meeting today, and he won’t return until the evening. How could he be back so soon?”


She went to open the door, and the person standing there surprised her.


The Queen smiled at her. “I hope I’m not disturbing you.”


The secretary stepped aside. “Your Majesty, what brings you here?”


“We met briefly during a banquet, and I’ve been wanting to visit Mr. Jian ever since. I hope I’m not causing any inconvenience.”


Jian Luo stood up when he saw her. “Not at all.”


The Queen had a delicate and gentle appearance, exuding the aura of a friendly neighbor. She smelled the delicious aroma in the room and sighed sincerely, “It smells so good.”


Jian Luo gestured towards the fish. “I made some home-cooked dishes. I hope you don’t mind.”


The Queen looked at the fish on the table, her eyes widened, but her politeness didn’t allow her to say anything. She said, “I’ve come at mealtime; I didn’t realize. I can come back another time.”


The secretary, exhausted in the background, understood too much.


Jian Luo smiled, “No problem, the food isn’t ready yet. If you don’t mind waiting, you can stay and eat together.”


“Would that be too much trouble?”


“Just one more pair of chopsticks.”


Perhaps deep down, there was always the warmth of the Chinese people. Humans were social animals, and gathering together was natural.


But for the Dark Star people, and even those from Industrial Star, it was quite an unusual occurrence.


Even the Queen had low expectations and didn’t think Jian Luo would agree.


The Queen was moved and said, “Thank you.”


Jian Luo replied, “You’re welcome.”


Since the dishes were not cooked yet and there was no rice steamed, Jian Luo asked the Queen to wait a bit. He continued peeling edamame beans and asked about the Queen’s health to prepare medication for her later.


The Queen asked, “Can I help out with anything?”


Jian Luo didn’t let her do anything. “No need.”


The Queen was very polite and said, “It’s no trouble; I’m not that delicate. Let me help.”


Jian Luo refused, “No, my concern is that you have asthma, and it might hinder more than help.”




Jian Luo was a stubborn man.


After peeling all the vegetables, Jian Luo began preparing the stir-fry. During this time, he finally understood one of the Queen’s peculiar symptoms.


The Queen’s condition was unique. She had been brought back by the King from the Strong Star, and her body was partially weak due to illness and partially due to the psychological stress she suffered, leading to depression. The reason the Queen felt close to him had a lot to do with the fact that she thought she was “stolen” back by him.




A strange logic.


Jian Luo tried to explain, “In fact, the Marshal didn’t force me to do anything.”


The Queen lowered her gaze and spoke with some difficulty, “I understand. In fact, he didn’t force me either.”


No, you don’t understand.


Jian Luo didn’t know how to comfort her and simply said, “I can try to help you manage your asthma, but you need to pull yourself together as well. Since things have come to this point, hurting your own body won’t help, right?”


The Queen’s eyelashes trembled, and she looked at the healthy and cheerful Jian Luo. “Your attitude is admirable.”




You’ve probably misunderstood something.


After all the dishes were stir-fried, Jian Luo served a portion to wait for Long Shi Feng to return after his meeting. Then he placed the remaining food on the table. “Let’s eat.”


The Queen sat down and picked up a piece of water-boiled fish, which she had been craving. She put it in her mouth and exclaimed, “Mmm!”


Jian Luo paused with his chopsticks. “What’s wrong?”


“It’s spicy.” The Queen’s eyes were watery. “It’s so good.”


Jian Luo said, “You can’t eat too much spice with your asthma. A couple of bites should satisfy your craving. Have some more vegetables.”




The Queen felt a bit downhearted. Her love for spicy food exceeded Jian Luo’s expectations. She said, “If you could leave this here, I could eat it for the rest of my life.”


Jian Luo said, “You can watch my live stream, and you’ll get the full holographic experience.”


The Queen asked, “The interstellar Live Stream?”


Jian Luo paused, suddenly realizing a question he had overlooked all this time. Why had he been streaming exclusively on Dark Star? Why not expand to the entire Interstellar network? It could potentially bring in more money, couldn’t it? He decided to discuss this with Jiang Jiang later.


Jian Luo said, “I’ll consider that. Additionally, if you ever want to eat physical food, I’ll check if there are delivery or frozen food services available.”


The Queen commented, “There are very few such services available in Interstellar now.”


Jian Luo’s chopsticks paused as he recognized another business opportunity. Selling services! It was amazing how his perspective had changed since he started thinking about making money. There were opportunities everywhere. These ideas seemed quite feasible, but it would require some effort.


Jian Luo said, “If we only cater to individual orders, it might not be cost-effective, and we might end up losing money.”


The Queen suggested, “We could bulk deliver. For example, this water-boiled fish dish, we can have people on our planet group together and place orders in bulk when we reach a certain quantity.”


An entrepreneurial genius! Jian Luo thought it made sense.


The Queen added, “Even for those who are not well-off, they can use resources as an exchange. For example, our Industrial Star produces energy stones. Could we arrange resource exchange?”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up. “Energy stones?”


The Queen asked, “You’re probably not familiar with them, right? People like us have nothing to do with things like energy stones that are used for planetary development. You humans should consider yourselves lucky to be associated with the Marshal and enjoy your blessings.”


Jian Luo said, “I’m sorry; I might need those.”




After finishing the meal, they went their separate ways.


Jian Luo was now brimming with enthusiasm, eager to put his plans into action one by one. He decided to take a shower before starting.


He rummaged through his closet, and he realized that the clothes he had taken from the military ship were all sealed in bags, and he had never opened them. He randomly picked one of the bags and headed to the bathroom.


After the shower, when he opened the bag to change clothes, he was dumbfounded. The clothes in the bag were tiger-striped and looked thick but were surprisingly lightweight. He was sure he hadn’t bought this outfit, and their wardrobe mostly consisted of military uniforms, with his being the only colorful one. This outfit seemed quite flashy and colorful, so it must be his.


Where did it come from?


Jian Luo wracked his brain, trying to remember. Finally, he recalled that it was a gift from Aya! What kind of clothes was it?


As soon as he put it on, he understood Aya’s intention. But it was beyond words:


The clothes had a little tail at the back, allowing it to wag playfully. The top was very loose and comfortable, with a hood that had two fuzzy little ears, giving it a cute and lively look.




Aya, what are you up to?

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